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is it true that if a person could travel at light speed, she would age differently from a regular person on earth? If so, how/what would make that happen?

In essence, yes. What you’re describing is an important element of special relativity. I’ll explain below.

We know that the speed of light is constant in any reference frame - no matter what speed you travel at, you will always observe the speed of light to be 3.00x108 m/s. Period. Since any observer will always see light traveling at this speed, it is impossible to travel at or faster than light.

So knowing this, what happens if I’m traveling at 90% the speed of light in one direction, and you are stationary? I’m going to observe light moving at  3.00x108 m/s, but so are you! Now, if I’m going at 90% the speed of light and time flows the same for me as it does for you, won’t I observe light traveling at 190% the speed you observe? Based on what we know already, this cannot happen, since that would lead to two different measurements of the speed of light, and impossibility.

In order for both of our measurements to be the same, time and space have to be different - time has to slow down for me, and my length has to shrink relative to yours, since velocity is a measure of distance over time. So you would observe me being shorter, and time flowing slower for me (so I would be moving in slow motion). However, from my perspective I am not moving, and you are moving at 90% the speed of light in the opposite direction. I observe time flowing slower for you, and I observe your length as shorter. Both observations are equally accurate, and there’s no way to prove which one is accurate - if we were to take videos of each other passing by, my video would show time flowing slower for you, and your video would show time flowing slower for me, and both are equally accurate. So yeah, that’s the basics of special relativity for you. Pretty wild, right?

Here are some resources that should help out as well, along with providing some more in-depth details that weren’t covered here; I would DEFINITELY recommend watching the two videos below. I also included graphs of time dilation, which shows how time is impacted by speed, and length contraction, which shows how length changes based on velocity.

Another post I made

TL;DR time and length have to be relative in order for the speed of light to be constant in all frames of reference. Thanks for asking, and I hope this was informative. If I went too in depth // any of it went over anyone’s head, feel free to ask me questions about it! I love answering them. Sorry this is so long, but it was the only way to explain this well.

Other Admin: Do you ever figure we’ll get an actual answer as to how the heck Disney worlds work in KH? I can dig this time loop theory (I kinda figured something sorta like that myself tbh) but I’m also fine with hand-waving it as “Book Magic™” cause deep, well thought out lore is not why I play this series. Then there’s Mickey’s world were I’m pretty sure everybody’s just immortal cause we had Timeless River, we see them in BbS & beyond, all with relatively few changes all things considered

Me: Well it was said in Dream Drop that different worlds run on different times so I just assumed some worlds run at a slower time than others. So maybe Mickey’s world just runs on a very slow time flow and most worlds move faster timeline wise than Mickey’s. 

Though it does bring up the question of how does world traveling effect your aging. Heck maybe the reason Xehanort looks older than Eraqus is he traveled more…that would actually make sense holy shit

throwin’ shady advice at the signs lol

ARIES: ok you’re rly amazin and shit but you are not EVERYTHING!!! stop acting as if every little thing (like being first in line to get free donuts or getting smthn lame like that) is going to change the world—you don’t always have to be first to or for everything! slow the HELL down and take ur sweet ass time and maybe you’ll be able to yield the results you want and quit complaining all the time lolz. also, stop misinterpreting people’s behavior as an incentive to start shit with u because tbh no one has time for that ok lol

TAURUS: i’ll give it to ya, you’re right like 90% of the time, but you ain’t right ALL the time. learn how to apologize when then time is right, and try not to be so closed off to other people’s opinions—not everyone is as “””perfect””” as you. all friendships/relationships requires givin’ and takin’, so loosen up and stop being so damn stubborn all the time!!! the only time you will grow out of your immaturity is when you admit and accept what you’ve done as wrong and learn from it!! and also, stop feelin’ sorry for urself all the time—i know everyone has insecurities but u don’t have to amplify them by bashing on urself lol

GEMINI: you’re rly funny and all but jesus christ STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF ALL THE FRICKIN’ TIME!!! i get you have issues and stories that you wanna share and all, but that shit gets old real fast when you bring up the same exact topic 3523124 times. and pls respect your friends’ new love interests and stop flirting with everyone; you may have the looks and charm, but at the end of the day your fleeting personality is gon’ hurt you more than help you lmao. 

CANCER: ur so sweet and amazing, u know? what?? oh no, someone pointed out your wrongdoings—what are you gonna do? oh ya, play the victim card on them like you always do right? NO!!! if someone criticizes you or makes you unhappy, you find a JUSTIFIED way of solving it instead of asking for self-pity from your peers with the intention of turning them against your opponent—that is playin’ low and dirty! stop acting like other people are the only ones making mistakes, bc you’re not a perfect person either. figure out what you want before you foolishly jump into something you’ll regret—others should not be held responsible for your lack of judgment 

LEO: stop following all of these trends and set trends for yourself!!! you are an amazin individual, so why do you have to keep stickin to what the crowd does? you were born with a great brain of your own, so use it instead of letting other people make decisions for you!!! and pls, calm down with that ego of yours—no one cares about that new (but really tacky) dress you bought last weekend. btw, if u wanna really help others, do it with a genuine intention instead of expecting or anticipating for something back bc that makes you a lame friend rofl

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I'm so sad today. Could I maybe have some murder fluff to lift my spirits?

hmm, I don’t usually fill prompts right away and this is so ambiguous??? Like do you want Hannigram being fluffy, or do you actually want them murdering people in a fluffy way? IDEK…

But, I am all about helping to lift the spirits, so here ya go! I’m just going to start writing stuff, and hope it tends towards fluff!

It was late afternoon, sunlight dappled on the gravel path. Will sat beneath an ancient maple tree, carved deep with a century worth of initials. When the wind shifted through the leaves of the tree, his upturned face was kissed by the warmth of the sun. The pressing concerns of the outside world seemed so very far away here; time flowed slow and thick like honey.

Without opening his eyes, he knew the moment Hannibal joined him on the bench. There was no particular sound or scent or any other physical sensation that heralded his arrival. All the same, Will felt it, the very particles around him shifting.

Will laid his hand on the bench beside his thigh, and after a brief moment, Hannibal’s hand brushed against his, their little fingers overlapping and interlocking.

“Don’t be concerned,” Hannibal murmured.

A small smile tugged at Will’s lips, and a breeze ruffled through his hair, sunlight throbbed bright red and orange behind his eyelids. “I’m not,” he said, equally soft.

“I have a plan.”

Will opened his eyes then. It seemed only seconds before to have been the afternoon, with the sun high overhead, but now a blood-red sunset streaked across the sky. He rolled his head to the side to regard Hannibal. He grinned, wide, blessedly free of the familiar tug at the scar on his cheek. “So do I.”

Heels clicked on poured cement flooring and came to a stop nearby. “You’re sure this is them?” a woman’s voice asked.

“Prints came back a match,” another woman confirmed.

Hannibal’s eyes darted over his face, faint amusement in the lines around his eyes. His pinkie twitched around Will’s tightening. “I defer to you, my dear.”

Will licked his lips, drew a breath. “You just like watching,” he teased.

There was an unpleasant, metallic scent carried in on the next breeze–sweat and iron. The first woman muttered, “What the hell are they doing?”

“They’ve just been sitting there like that since we brought them in,” a man whispered. “They haven’t opened their mouths–not said a single goddamn word the entire time, just sitting there meditating or whatever. It’s freaking everyone out.”

Hannibal smiled and let out a contented sigh. “It’s true,” he said, and Will closed his eyes again when Hannibal reached out to tuck back an errant strand of curls. He cupped Will’s cheek. “I do so love how you look in red.”

“Should we question them?” the man asked.

“The guy with the FBI should be here within a couple of hours,” the second woman said, a nervous thread in her voice.

Heels clicked, coming closer. “We brought them in, we get first dibs,” the first woman said. “We’ll start with Graham. Take him into interrogation 2.”

Excitement and anticipation thrummed through Will’s chest, but his heart rate remained steady and slow, his breathing calm. “I’ll be back for you soon,” he promised.

Hannibal’s thumb dragged back and forth along his cheekbone before his hand fell away all together. “I shall patiently await your return.”

Metal clinked on metal, the sound of a lock disengaging and the door sliding open. “Mister Graham.” The first woman cleared her throat and snapped her fingers.

Will blinked his eyes open to regard her. Short, glossy brown hair back in a neat bun, grey suit–not cheap, but ill-fitting. She had her arms crossed, and he could see her shoulder holster exposed by the gap of her jacket. The gun wasn’t the most well taken care of–she probably didn’t get a lot of chance to practice at the range. Her mistake.

“If you’ll come with me?”

Will sat up straighter, unhooking his finger from Hannibal’s. On the other side of the metal bars that divided their cells, Hannibal‘s hand fell loose at his side. He remained far away in their mind-palace, eyes closed, face placid.

It was only too easy for Will to draw upon his own memories, wrapping the ghost of the man he’d once been around himself like a cloak. He rolled his shoulders forward, hunched in on himself, shuffled his feet as he followed her from the cell. Presented his wrists to have them cuffed without comment or hesitation.

A small man. Nonthreatening. Already he could see the woman’s guard dropping. Somewhere in Hannibal’s mind, an echo of them sat alongside one another on the park bench, and Will grinned, wicked and bright.

Time flows
like silk between your fingers
so soft
so slow

A blade meant for them
A mission to protect
Your body a shield
Your heart a weapon

Your own life
worth nothing
if it means
saving them

Voices around you
screaming, shouting-
It does not matter.

Darkness pulls you
like a friend
a warm embrace
a gentle kiss

Your last thought-
they are safe.
The orc is dead.
They are safe.

—  “If Dwalin could have changed the ending, then he would rather have died instead of Thorin, Fili and Kili”