sos vzla


Let the world know:

At least three people have been killed and hundreds injured in Venezuela as street battles erupted alongside a mass anti-government demonstration that the opposition billed as “the mother of all marches”.

Unknown woman with country’s flag draped around her neck, steps out of the smoke and in front of one of the hulking National Guard trucks, stopping them in their tracks. Unfazed by a nearby explosion, she placed her hands on the vehicle’s front fender.

As the woman stood before the truck, a voice on a loudspeaker barked out. A man popped out of a turret atop the truck and tossed an object towards the woman, who stepped calmly out of its way. It skittered down the street.
Then the truck began backing up. Instead of walking away, the woman followed it.

Courage, bravery, not fear.

Photocred: Horacio Siciliano