sos please help there is nothing to draw

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hi guys.. sorry for dropping a post like this on you to what probably looks like out of nowhere. i didn’t want to have to turn to tumblr for help with my current situation, but unfortunately it’s come to that because it’s starting to become an emergency.

i’m opening emergency PWYW (pay what you want) commissions due to having to leave my current living situation as quickly as possible. unfortunately due to health reasons i can’t work properly at the moment, and i’ll soon be kicked out of my current apartment because of it.
i’m sure if you follow my blog then you know @jeh0vah, my fiance! my goal is to move in with him, but i can’t work other than doing art and i’ll have to sell a lot of my personal things to be able to try and afford the move.
it’s going to be a rough move and i’m really, really pressed for time. i don’t have any other options at the moment, as my only family i could move in with is extremely abusive and the reason that i moved out on my own in the first place.
i don’t really want to turn this post into a sob story or beg more than i need to, i just want to offer whatever art i can for anyone who would be able to help me.

if you want to commission me PLEASE contact me through tumblr! or, if you have my discord, you can use that as well. we can discuss pricing and such however. literally any amount helps.

alternatively i’ll be opening this paypal of mine for donations… i don’t really like accepting money for nothing so if you want to donate and you leave your tumblr url i’ll be happy to draw something for you? do you want a wormsona of your oc?? i’ll make anyone a worm since that’s my brand now.

here’s my link:

i would really appreciate if you spread this for me aa i’m sorry to drop this post on you all without warning, thank you so much for sticking around this blog with me.

how i cope with body dysphoria

- wear baggy clothes so you cant see much of your body

- have a hobby to distract yourself! i play music and draw, it really helps

- wearing mens deodorant

- have a friend call you male pronouns / name 

- if you’re bleeding, wear 2 pairs of underwear. have womens underwear underneath (to stick pads to if you use them) and boxers/mens underwear on top

- get a haircut (if you can) !! it always makes me more confident

- shave your face (even if theres nothing there!) 

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Fig chatter! (Q/A)
First off, i just wanna say thank you so much to everyone for all the super nice and encouraging notes! It always makes me to happy to see that my work is making people happy and your notes really help to motivate me to do my best at this comic!

Yep!!! That manga is one of my favorite things in the whole world so it really really influenced my comic.

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i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please

Please read

I didn’t want to do this unless I didn’t have a choice I….im unable to currently afford living in my apartment and I could really use any help anyone has to offer with paying my rent due by the 3rd of the month. Reasons I really didn’t want to get into but to put it simply I kicked out my last roommate from the past 7 months because of abuse. Mainly mental and verbal, I won’t name drop and I won’t say some of it wasn’t my own fault, but living with them was driving me to a place I couldn’t stand anymore and I’d rather struggle than be even more depressed than usual and deal with someone that made me very uncomfortable.

My rent is over $1,000 and I only get paid every two weeks and my checks are hardly $600 on a good week. I’m trying hard to find a better paying job, I have a degree and even that’s not helping. It’s tough. I also have my cat and honestly I’d rather starve before I let anything happen to her because she’s all I have. She’s taken care of just fine but I’m really stressed out about rent and upcoming bills. Honestly if everyone donated a dollar I’d actually have enough to cover the other half of rent for the next 2 months at least which would help tremendously. I can draw things to help with donations, I don’t believe my art work is amazing or anything and it’s traditional but I’d appreciate any help I can get so my cat and I don’t get evicted. My PayPal is I’m doing it this way instead of typing out a gofundme. Please please help if you can, thank you.


I love my cat more than anything else in the world and right now, he needs help!

Last week I noticed Jack-Cat was peeing blood, on 7/7 so I took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with a UTI. Despite the medicine Jack got even worse, by Thursday he was curled up in the corner and yowling in pain and he refused to move. The next morning we went to the vet again and she discovered that his bladder was hard and blocked. He needed immediate treatment so they got him hooked up to a catheter and now he is staying at the hospital for the weekend to be monitored and have his urine tested.

The weekend stay at the vet is going to cost me $1500-$1800 and that isn’t including the costs of medicine once they determine how to treat him. I’m working out a deal with my mom so that he will get returned to us but at the end of the day I am going to be owing somebody about $2000 and I don’t have that money kind of money.  I couldn’t bring myself to ask for money without giving something in return so that’s why I’m opening these emergency commissions!

Here’s how it works:

Donating any amount of money will get you a full bodied black and white sketch of a single character.

However, donations of $20 and up will get a full body full colored drawing of a single character instead.

(I will draw guro and nudity but nothing explicitly nsfw)

Every dollar I make from these commission will go to Jack-Cat’s medical bills 

I can accept payment through paypal only, If you are interested send me an email at and if not then please reblog! Any kind of help is deeply appreciated.

a postcard for kids!

Hey people! 

A friend of mine who’s a teacher decided to work on a nice little project for the upcoming school year for her kids. Here a message ;

Hi ! I’m a pre-school teacher in France and, this year we’re going on a world tour with our mascot, Gaston (a cute et brave teddy bear). We’d love to receive postcards from all around the word and, if you want to send us one send a private msg to my dear friend Emilie and she’ll give you our email adress to contact me. Don’t worry if you don’t speak french : you can write your text in english or in your first language. You can just say « Hi », and/or write a few words about your city / country and why you love it or even draw something to us (but nothing rude please). Thank you!

Voilà! I think it’s a very cool project (damn I would have loved to have her as a teacher lmao) so if you’re interested (and honest pls don’t be a dick or a creep) ask me and I’ll send you the email to contact my friend! 

If you can reblog that post, it would be cool too! Thank you, guys! 

anonymous asked:

How do you keep motivated drawing. I like drawing but whenever I do it I just want to be done and curl up somewhere and do nothing. And it's kind of weird because a lot of people seem to just be able to draw without a problem and I don't know where I should go to get help or whatever and I don't know who to ask either and you seem really nice so I'm just taking a little risk here and asking you. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, just delet this please and forget about it, if I do.

Am not good at suggesting but i’ll try to help.

Practically  you need to train yourself to stand up against it.  Don’t let that feeling get you, even if you feel like dropping it all, try to find a reason to keep it up.

Find something/ someone that inspires you for starters, in my case it was Undertale. (it threw me back to draw again)

You can take your time, draw as much as you can, then put it aside and continue again once you feel inspired again, but don’t leave it. (dropping drawings unfinished can bring you bad habits even if it’s a doodle or a sketch, and doesn’t train your patience)   

In my case taking requests/commission and doing trades/collaboration, makes me try to put in more effort and produce better quality work, as you feel responsible in front of another person. (gives you an excuse to try harder)  

What keeps me going on dark days also are the people/friends who enjoy the work, knowing that it cheers someone up is my drive to do it when feeling like dropping. (any ones art is precious)

If you train yourself to avoid that downfall in a long run you will be trained to draw constantly.

But make sure not to overwork and also know when to take a break.

Shiro, Please help me find my Dad”  

Shiro with a slightly younger Pidge (9). This is just a excuse to draw Shiro’s butt and make it cute. My head cannon is that in a AU, Shiro is protecting Pidge from criminals who kidnapped her Dad. Shiro become her legal guardian and protects her. Man, I really love Shiro as a protective Dad/Older brother.

i Colored it. I suck at coloring so bad but nothing to it but to do it. 

stormflare2296  asked:

How do you get so skilled in anatomy. I'm having such trouble with it. Any tips?

Well, the main tip I’m going to give you here is this:


Of course, that’s not just it. It would help you greatly to try and reproduce some drawings or photographs from other artists for pose reference (if you do post them, please credit the original source!), and also watch lots of tutorials and speedpaint videos!

If you want some extra info, right now I’m watching @rossdraws‘ stuff! It’s nothing like my style but it’s still amazing to watch and I hope to learn a lot from his use of color and compositions ♥

anonymous asked:

heey can I get some headcanon for the villains of what they are doing during their free time/when they have nothing to do please


  • Tomura enjoys playing video games and he usually is seen playing on his little device. Gets frustrated with it, so Kurogiri has to buy him another gaming device.
  • He likes a little creative leisures, it helps him come up with new ideas on ambushing the heroes too. But, Tomura likes drawing, whether it’s be planning a plan or just doodling in general. Plus, it’s easier since he doesn’t have to use all his fingers.
  • Spends his time talking to Kurogiri mostly than anyone else in the alliance. They play card games usually, so Kurogiri has to be careful around him… Tomura gets cocky playing games with him.
  • Spends his time at the arcades whenever he feels like it. He goes there with Toga sometimes and they both like challenging each other. He’s really good at DDR’s/dancing.
  • Dabi can be a prankster. He sets up pranks around the headquarter and is entertained by seeing reactions, especially Tomura’s. He doesn’t care if he’s getting scolded for it either.
  • Causing ruckus is part of his daily routine. Goes around the streets and scares people around, afterwards he just hides from them. It’s part of a game.
  • Enjoys calming leisures whenever he has some free time. Kurogiri snatches books from some libraries and takes them home to read ALLLL OF IT. He doesn’t get various books for nothing.
  • He likes learning new recipes. He will make a batch of cookies or various of dishes for the alliances, he is a good cook out of all of them.
  • People watching. Yes, he may look really suspicious but he does go out and sit on the benches just to observe nature and people. Not in a creepy way, just simply enjoying the nature.
  • A dressing up show is a must for her. She will nag and beg for Dabi, Twice, Magne and whoever to join her for a dressing-up show… with her choice of outfits. Magne and Twice don’t mind, but Dabi is out.
  • Stalks Izuku on her free time, yes, she’s hopelessly in love with him/ has a crush on him in a twisted way. It may be weird, but she doesn’t care. She takes photos of him and put them on her walls.
  • Goes shopping by herself or with Dabi. He doesn’t really mind it since he usually wonders off by himself too. Toga just wants some new outfits.
  • If he’s not concentrating on his goals at the moment, he just turns on the radio just for distracting background noises and reads some newspapers.
  • He might, MIGHT play/go places with Eri. Yes he knows that she’s afraid of him but… he secretly brings her to some amusement park, museums, zoos or where ever. Doesn’t tell anyone.
  • Distracts his mind by buying puzzles and putting the pieces together. He loves it when his mind is challenge and there’s 500+ pieces. He puts it off whenever he has work to do.
Worlds Apart (Jefferson x Reader)

Originally posted by divergente-en-llamas

Prompt: I haven’t seen a request for a Jefferson soulmate AU? I’ve no preference for how or when but I feel like he could have used a little love <3

A/N: You’re right anon, Jefferson deserves so much love because we all love him. LOOK AT THAT FACE, I MEAN COME ON. Thank you to the anon who requested this!

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Ignition Glove - Roy Mustang 

Slowly getting the hang of the new art program. The brushes are actually very helpful at letting my inner painter show off. Also using your own hand for reference is surprisingly easier than looking through the interner and the result looks far more realistic. Hence to why the glove is actually my favourite part of the painting. As far as the painting itself goes, there’s nothing really creative about it, just same ol’ Roy Mustang..

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source

childish | tommy shelby

tommy is in a funny mood and wont leave the reader alone

send requests here and prompts are here

Originally posted by mariebum

For the fifth time in the ten minutes, you found yourself rolling your eyes at Tommy’s childish antics. Tommy had moods where he would be an annoying little shit, purely because he knew how much it wound you up. Usually, you would keep your cool and not react to his behaviour but when you were stressed out, you couldn’t help but snap at him. However, shouting at Tommy did nothing. It just made him want to annoy you more.  

Usually he would start out by flicking parts of a rubber at you. His laugh would fill the room, amused at his own behaviour. Shouting at him did nothing, so you would simply tell him to stop it before going back to whatever work you were doing. By not reacting, it would fuel him to do more.  

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The Sirens’ Song

summary: it’s a pirate’s life for Washington and the crew, who run one of the most highly-feared pirate ships on the ocean. Struck by a recent tragedy and a new recruit they navigate the seas in an attempt to continue what they do best: pirating. When they are faced with the impossible task of choosing between loyalty to the crew and finding again what they once lost, will they make the right choice?  

words: 3,068

a/n: hey, everyone! I had this wild idea for a PIRATE/MERMAID AU so here I am because, of course, I have nothing better to do than start another series, right (yikes)?? Anyways, I am pretty happy with how chapter one turned out and I’m pretty pumped about it! Please let me know what you think, feedback would be greatly appreciated, and if you liked it, be sure to reblog so other people can read TSS too! :) 

tags: if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters, shoot me an ask!

dedication: @sinmineral for helping me write this at 4AM last night lmfao thx my dude

The wind roars as the waves whip across the ship and soak the deck in a freezing, salty spray. The crew slides into the masts, frantically pulling at riggings and trying to navigate the ship around the storm.

“Someone needs to tend to the port-side mast! NOW!”

“On it, Captain!”

The crew is like a well-oiled machine. We trust our captain and obey orders without question. There is hardly an opportunity to panic because we synchronize so well.

The water begins to calm as we sail forward, the boat rocking back and forth dangerously fast over the remaining waves.

“Ahh,” the captain sighs with a small smile, letting go of the rigging that controls the largest sail. “Well done, everyone. It seems we’ve seen the worst of it for now.”

The crew and I give a small cheer, but we do not get too hasty—we still are not completely free of the bumpy waters.

“Should be smooth sailing from here on out, Captain Washington,” the lookout calls from the crow’s nest, putting away a spyglass.

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“Delirious, It’s been an entire week. Why won’t you say anything? Even Luke is starting to worry about you.” Evan said with concerned expression written on his face. “I’m here to help you. Please tell me what is wrong and we will solve this problem together.”

Once again Evan got no response making him worry even more. For the next two weeks Evan tried to get the clown faced man to talk, but sadly nothing had worked. Everyone in the asylum was getting more and more concerned about the now mute man. 


I was going to fall apart, right there, right then—and they’d see precisely how ruined I was.
Help me, help me, help me, I begged someone, anyone. Begged Lucien, standing in the front row, his metal eye fixed on me. Begged Ianthe, face serene and patient and lovely within that hood. Save me—please, save me. Get me out. End this.
Good. I was not good. I was nothing, and my soul, my eternal soul, was damned—
I tried to get my traitorous lungs to draw air so I could voice the word. No—no.
But I didn’t have to say it.
Thunder cracked behind me, as if two boulders had been hurled against each other.
People screamed, falling back, a few vanishing outright as darkness erupted.
I whirled, and through the night drifting away like smoke on a wind, I found Rhysand straightening the lapels of his black jacket.
“Hello, Feyre darling,” he purred.

Harry Potter x Reader: Soulmate Au

    I’m sorry, but I found another one and couldn’t resist. Also, Harry is year three, you’re year two.

    I stared down at my arm debating whether or not to pick up my quill. I want so badly to draw right now, it helps me concentrate more. I should be taking notes for studying, especially since I’m in Ravenclaw, every one expects me to be in the top of the class and to take notes. To be the perfect student, but I don’t want to be the perfect student.

    “Miss (L/n), please pay attention.” Professor Flitwick said, turning around from whatever he had been writing on the board. I jumped and blushed at the sudden attention that was focused on me. “Yes, Sir.” I said embarrassed. I tried my best to pay attention as he started teaching again, but it was hard.

    With an inaudible sigh, I picked up the quill, dipping it in the black ink, and instead of bring the quill to the paper I brought it to the skin of my arm. I placed my arm down on my lap, to not get caught drawing, and started with one tiny straight line.

 Harry’s P.O.V

    When Snape turned his back I looked down my arm and slid up my sleeve. C'mon, it shouldn’t be too long now. I couldn’t help the small smile that grew on my face as a small black line appeared on my arm. Whoever my soulmate was, they sure were artistic. I don’t know who they are, or when we’ll meet, but I can tell already that I’ll like them just by the things they write and draw.

    “Mr. Potter, what could be so important about your arm that you aren’t paying attention in my class?” Snape’s monotonous voice sounded from above me. I quickly pulled back down my sleeve so the drawing that is turning out to be a small closed book wouldn’t be seen. “Nothing, Professor.” I answered. “Five points from Gryffindor for Potter’s lack of attention.” Snape announced.


 (Y/n)’s P.O.V

    “(Y/n)! (Y/n)! Wait up!” One of my friends, (F/n), called out from behind me. I stopped in my tracks and turned around, waiting for the clumsy girl to catch up. After catching her breath she quickly straightened up. “(Y/n), you have to help me study! I’ll never pass our test in Charms if you don’t help me! Please!” (F/n) pleaded, pressing her hands together. I sighed, of course she was running after me screaming my name just to ask to study with me. “Fine, meet me in the library after supper.” I instructed then turned back around and continued to my next class.

    I set down my books on my desk then immediately grabbed my quill, dipping it in the ink. I pushed back my sleeve while sitting down in my seat and brought the quill to my arm, avoiding the dried drawing. ‘Meet (F/n) in library after supper to study for Charms.’ I wrote down, knowing myself I would forget completely and leave poor (F/n) to study all on her own. I blew lightly on the ink to help it dry then pulled my sleeve back up carefully.


 Harry’s P.O.V

    As everyone was eating supper at the tables I pulled my sleeve back, finally having the time to look at what was drawn. I saw a beautiful drawing of three closed books stacked upon each other; there was another book stacked upon those flying open. Above the stack were books open and flying away until they just looked like the silhouettes of birds. It was truly an amazing drawing, at least I think so, and must have taken a long time to finish. Whoever my soulmate is even took the time and effort to put little details like shading, and tiny words written in the book flying open.

    Looking below the drawing, I noticed that there was a single sentence written out in neat print. Meet (F/n) in the library after supper to study for Charms. Charms? That means my soulmate goes to Hogwarts! This also means I can meet them today in the library! I got up from my seat with everyone else, but instead of following to the Gryffindor common room I departed for the library to wait for my soulmate’s appearance.

 (Y/n)’s P.O.V

    I trudged into the library seriously debating whether or not to turn around. I just don’t want to help (F/n) study right now. It’s not like I am tired or anything, I’m just really not in the mood. This isn’t a very good excuse, but I’m an introvert. I’m fine with being around people for a little while, even a whole school day. It’s just that people are emotionally and mentally exhausting, some more than others. Right now, I’m beyond emotionally and mentally exhausted, I need a break and some alone time.

    The library was empty for the most part, only a few tables had people at them, and most of them were empty. The majority of the people here that I’m seeing are fellow Ravenclaw. There was a lone Slytherin couple sitting together trying to study, at least the girl was, the male was teasing her. The famous Gryffindor, Harry Potter, was sitting at a table in a far corner engrossed in a book. Spotting (F/n), I quickly and quietly made my way over to the table, setting my books down across from her and sitting down.

    “You’re finally here, I thought you might have forgotten.” (F/n) said, her face showing  clear signs of relief. “Yeah, but to start things off, what does Arresto Momentum do?” I asked while opening my book to the desired page. “Oh, that’s easy. It slows down the movement of an object.” (F/n) said with a smile. “That’s right. Okay so what does-”


     "-I think you’re ready for the practice test I came up with.“ I said, pulling out the paper from my bag. "Okay.” (F/n) answered, reluctantly taking the paper from me. “Tell me when you’re done.” I instructed, taking out some notes from another class to go over them and fix any mistakes.

    Finding a mistake, I dipped my quill in the ink and went to fix it. I stopped though with my quill hovering over the paper, instead of actually fixing the mistake I rolled up my sleeve  and crossed out my note; even if it wasn’t necessary I like to mark things off when I get them done. As I was about to pull my sleeve back down I was surprised to see more ink appearing on my skin, without me drawing anything. 'I found you, Soulmate.’

    I looked around in astonishment, looking for the one who wrote that, on their arm of course. It wasn’t one of the Slytherins, they were in one of the aisles of books snogging, or any of the Ravenclaw. That only leaves one person. I turned around in my seat to look at the very last person in the room, Harry Potter. He was smiling with his arm up, showing his writing and my drawing, a quill held in his hand.

     I smiled back at Harry, then looked back at (F/n); she was still working hard on the test, and only half way through. Seeing that she wouldn’t be done soon, I got up from my spot and walked over to Harry. “Hello.” I said quietly, suddenly feeling timid. “Hello, what is your name?” Harry asked with a smile. “My name’s (Y/n), (Y/n) (L/n) that is.” I answered, managing a smile myself. He was about to say something, but (F/n) came over and told me she was done. “Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.” I said and with that she turned back around and made her way to the table. “Sorry, I wish we could talk more, but I need to help my friend.” I apologized. “Oh no, that’s okay. Before you go though, would you go with me to Hogsmeade?” Harry asked hopefully. I smiled and nodded. “Of course, did you really think you had to ask?”


    This took longer than it should have to write. I don’t even know why. -Rosa (Amestris)


uhh so hi? not many people actually follow my blog so i hope this works out okay.

Hi. I need money. My family is about to have a major drop in funds by the end of this month and we really need this shit. we are going to loose about $400 dollars in our usual monthly income and there are four kids and one single working mother. My older sister wants to go to collage (this summer) and we still need money for food on top of that.

So i am opening commissions! 

I will draw anything that i could find a reference photo for (character wise and or body positioning) so like nothing too hard??

also i apologize in advance, i am but a growing young artist! i know my stuff isn’t very good…

sketch: $5
(+ color $7)

flat color; 
bust up: $7
full body: $10
Icon: $5

Icon: $7
Bust up: $10
Full body: $13

Sketch page: $7

Extra characters: +$3

Background (im horrid at them): +$2