soryo fuyumi


Illustration from “Mars” & “Eternal Sabbath”, by Fuyumi Soryo


i feel like if it’s gonna end, that’s ok. but i don’t think everything in the world’s messed up anymore. if the world’s gonna end… could you do me one favor?   kiss me before it ends.
                                    └  MARS by fuyumi soryo

irrelelephants  asked:

Whenever I would see your art around, I swore that it reminded me of a style that I really liked. Then I remembered what it is! Your style reminds me a lot of Kaoru Mori's~ I do mean this as a compliment as I love Mori's style and your style is very lovely~ I believe it is the line work, but I am not 100% sure. Whatever it is, I do love your style and just wanted to share~ Have a lovely day today!

Ahh thank you! Mori is just one of the many artist who inspire my style. I’d also wanna mention one of my other faves, I recommend, if you haven’t read it:

Vinland Saga is made my Makoto Yukimura. Story about VIKINGS, it has a really good progression. And you can see a whole lot of improvement in the art style!

It used to be released weekly until VS turned in to a monthly release and LOOK AT THAT. The couple dozen chapters look a lot like the image on the left but you can def. see the progression lead to the image on the right and Yukimura experiments more with his style. Inking and the shading, the highly detailed stuff are things I really like looking at and reference to when I draw things.

So if you’re okay with gore and violence, I totally recommend taking a read to Vinland Saga. Thorfinn, who is the main chara is probably my favorite character because he does SO MUCH growing in this tale.  

No matter how much you cry, you still have to sleep. People seem weak, but they’re strong. They seem strong, but they are weak. And you even get hungry. You suddenly realize you’re doing the same things you did yesterday. You say hi to your friends and smile just like you did yesterday. Life goes on as if nothing ever happened.
—  Fuyumi Soryo, Mars

Cesare fandom are you still there?

Is there someone willing to talk about the manga with me? I have just re-read the manga and I’m in serious need to talk to people about it. Please share with me your love of Cesare! We can talk about anything! It can be how you discovered the manga, who are you favourite characters, your favourite moments, is there a pairing you like, what would you think about Cesare being made into an anime, why do you like the manga, do you have some headcanons… Like I said: ANYTHING! (so PLEASE feel free to come and talk if you want to, haha I sound so desperate ^^;)


ThisthisTHISSSSS. This in conjunction with the ‘hang him and give you his corpse’ thing is what switched me on to the idea that something MORE than fraternity/two halves of one whole/besties was going on between these two. The 'corpse’ is basically a gift, a very macabre Cesare-esque gift, but a gift belying a very very intense level of devotion- and possibly a twisted form of courtship on some level.

Then THIS *points* I mean…Christ. There’s just TOO MANY romantic tropes. The 'defending honour’ theme, Cesare’s flamboyant theatrics, the way it’s set up like a scene from Romeo and Juliet…balconies and cloaks being flapped about…and within a courtyard that -looks- like a fucking stage, too. Mostly the BOW makes it, tho. Bros do not bow to bros like that. Sorry. Don’t get me wrong- it’s not simply romantic in the one-dimensional sense- if anything the underlying sentiment is more one of warrior/familial honour codes…BUT…

…the execution is so ridiculously…amorous?