soryo fuyumi

Sorry guys, still on hiatus, but for those who are wondering how I am or are worried sick about me, please don’t worry, I’m ok, I’ve just been busy with things…..this must be the first time I’ve drawn anything since my last doodles and I’m pretty happy about it.

Anyway, here’s something I’ve made for my lovely followers. Been hooked and still on a high after reading Mars the manga by Fuyumi Soryo (yeah, her name isn’t lost on the drawing, hehe). Anyway, no spoilers about that lovely manga, but I was inspired to make my own version of Mars, this time using Soryu Oh and instead of doing a tribute, if anyone’s noticed, the flames are similar to the flames on Hades’s (Disney’s Hercules) head. Hence, I dub thee: Hades (although technically it should have been Pluto the Roman god but with it not-being-a-planet to being-a-planet to Lord knows what, I stuck with Hades instead coz it sounded cool compared to sounding like Mickey Mouse’s dog). I’ve also taken the liberty of using dragon symbols in kanji….and hehehe, I really had to go for the 3 headed dragon design for my love of GoT….

It just seemed to apt since Soryu is the leader of the Mafia and Hades/Pluto is the King of the Underworld. So here’s my cross-over tribute for Mars and KBTBB. Enjoy!!