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The young wolf’s mouth peeled back in a scream, muffled by the strain in his throat, a tangle of tears that were left unshed and sticky in his mouth. Sweat clung to his form, the sheen catching the soft light from his computer in the corner, casting him in an eerie white light. Isaac lifted a hand and smeared it across his features, felt the slick give of the sweat and he trembled, kicking his legs out from the sheets and diving for the light. The moment it bathed his room he breathed a little easier, felt the strain in his chest give. It was still there, dull and aching, but it was better.

Nightmares had never been something he’d learned to overcome. There wasn’t any matter of wolf mojo or control that would ever bleach them from his thoughts.

Before he’d even realized it he’d plucked up his phone and swiped his fingers over the touch screen, the time hadn’t even registered until he’d already dialed Saska’s number, swallowing past the lump in his throat. He hardly thought she’d appreciate a call at four in the morning, but maybe she’d just not hear it. But Isaac had to reach, for someone, anyone.

When she did pick up he breathed out a little shaky, tried to hide the tears in his tone.

“H-hey,” dammit. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”

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                                                It seemed in this town she was incapable of having a moment alone. Even out in the woods, where children were warned to stay away, and someone had found her. Though the figure crunching leaves behind her was not one she recognized as she turned to face the raven haired girl. 

                                                      ❝I, uh, who are you?❞ Faye questioned, brows knitting together.

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          “Saska!” Rose smiled at her friend who was fishing food out of her fridge. Her tone turned to a small whine as she was getting pretty good at asking for things she wanted. “So I have an idea that maybe you won’t like but maybe you will and if not that’s totally okay.” She rambled on pretty fast trying to get to the point. “But hey so – I kind of wanna do something crazy. Be really human and yeah. I don’t know I’d like to do that with you. Besides I’ve been human a couple weeks now, and I’m so bored. I need to do something, anything as long as it doesn’t involve watching Star Wars.”

              [ By this point, Derek discovered there were many enchanted things around the manor and things were not always as they seemed. Grabbing for the journal given to him, Derek reached for the specialized quill and ink. She had the other and told him they could communicate that way since apparently she didn’t want to be in Derek’s presence longer than necessary. ]

                   ‘When can I go outside?’ Derek scribbled into the pages, spilled ink scattering along the parchment. It was curious and he couldn’t really figure out how it worked yet but he would. It would just take time.

                   [ he doesn’t usually stay in the woods in a night like this. it’s not like he wouldn’t be able to control himself, oh, please. he’s not one of those bloodthirsty puppies that end up killing a man or two somewhere in town. stiles stilinski is over that.

           (there is innocent blood on his hands, as dangerously red as the glow in his eyes that had replaced the icecold blue quite a while ago)

                   no, it’s another reason. something’s up. he can feel it in every fabric of his body, with the complete cycle of the moon increasing his senses

                                                    — every single one of them,

                                 there’s no doubt. he’s caught a scent, and it’s not letting him rest.

                  he’s been tracking it for a while now, and the longer it lingers in his nose, the more it bothers him, drives him to figure out who or what causes it.

                                          it’s familiar… 


                                                                not unpleasant,

                                                                        but irritating. most definitely, yes.

                                                      he’s smelled it before.


                     feet almost utterly quiet rushing over leaf-covered grounds as he gets closer and closer to the source.

     (almost there.)




                                       —stop. he freezes, senses tingling.

            (chest puffing up with heavy breaths, low growls escaping even though his face mirrors kind of a calm, eyes wide with attention)


              - —thump thump

                           - -—thump thump.

   —a sudden spark of recognition visible in his face.

                                                   of course. he should’ve known.

  his glare goes straight into the dark ahead of him, branchwood and leaves so thick they barely let any moonlight in. ]

          “Jeezus. Your heartbeat gets any louder, you’ll wake up the dead.

(a little smirk playing with the corner of his lips; she can’t be seriously scared of him, not if she’s that person he always expected her to be.)


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Unbind Me

Send me a drabble prompt from this list

Leave an “Unbind Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about your character freeing mine, or the other way around.

The wrath that stirred up in the depths of her frenzied gaze was something to behold. It went beyond just the anger that boiled there, made the depths of her gaze look like frothing pools of smelted gold, churning up and pooling at the edges and it looked soon enough her gaze would break and a surf of heated metal would leech from the corners of her eyes. And it was a welcome rage that broiled up in the pits of her chest and pressed against the edges of her humanity, and that separation was gladly breeched because Logan was a wrathful beast.

And she had never had any qualms about that.

From the day she was but a pup she had been trained to be ferocious and strong, not the best of warriors, but a pawn that would put up more of a fight than her enemies would expect. And though it has been years since she’s thought of home, this wicked teachings were just as strong as they’d always been. Stronger even when she had let herself get tangled up in the mess of Hale’s pack of misfits. She had never had any intentions of acknowledging any of them, let alone calling the group of bitten things family. But it had happened and she still was having a difficult time distinguishing whether or not that had been for her good after all.

But regardless she had a promise bound to them, to keep safe and protect and when those hunters had thought themselves so bold to steal one of their own out from her very home they had ignited something ancient and horrible in Logan’s belly. And from the ache of the burn sparking through her veins, it wouldn’t be smothered until their blood had been spilled in compensation for their foolishness.

They hadn’t seen her coming, had scarcely enough time to scream before the weight of her claws dipped into the soft flesh of their necks and dropped them to the floor. But she did not kill them, no matter how much she yearned to leave the bodies in heaps— it would only bring more to Beacon Hills and they had plenty of trouble to last the lifetimes.

Logan found Saska bloodied and bound by her wrists, the metal biting into the soft flesh of her arm and it made her snarl as she ripped the keys from the fallen body of one of her captors. If it could be true, the anger burned even brighter in her body until that first hand reached out and took the other Beta’s face into her hand. The touch was tender, her face softening, but those fangs and eyes still sharp as ever.

“Hey,” It was murmured warmly, to a pair of eyes that could scarcely look back up at her. “Don’t look so happy to see me.” The joke was met with a sigh and Logan smiled gently as she unbound her friend from the chains, taking the slump of her body into her arms. “Shh, I got you. Don’t worry.” She stooped down to get a better grip before she turned, tucking Saska’s head against her chest as she waded through her foes like parting waters.

They would think twice from crossing this pack again.

And if they didn’t learn from their first mistake— Logan would make sure they didn’t have a third time to be so stupid.

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sortofsassy [ooc: omg hi i am so nervous rn]

Opinion on;

Character in general: An OC and from what I have seen of you, a very well written one! Hailing from the Teen Wolf fandom, which I do so admire from afar - you’ve managed to weave a character into established lore without the dread Mary Sue effect - which is damn impressive in my eyes!

How they play them: Telly was certainly right to recommend you, honey - you’re got such an admirable way with words. The pacing of your sentences and the prose that you use is a joy to read. It really is! You should be bloody proud!

The Mun: Scarce interaction, but from what I have been able to glean from your blog and from this little message itself - you are a positive influence and an incredibly sweet individual! Trust me, honey - with you attitude, and your writing skills - there is no need to be nervous at all! 

Do I:

RP with them: Negative. 
Want to RP with them: I wouldn’t mind! In fact, I believe I would enjoy the opportunity. 

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Very very glad to follow this particular individual and exceedingly thankful to Telly for advising us to do so. I’m looking forward to following you into the golden, sunset honey! Thank you for dropping by!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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  • Fourteen: My muse ties up your muse

                       She wasn’t human. 

    Usually that was cause enough for the eldest Winchester to make that all-familiar death blow. But now? After Amelia? After angels, and friendly neighbourhood vampires that sacrificed themselves for the sake of brothers?

                                        Dean was having second thoughts.

         Perhaps the race had nothing to do with the track. Perhaps it had everything to do with who was running it. 

   After all, it wasn’t the shell that made the monster. Monsters were made when they embraced nothing but the shell. 

   That being said, he still didn’t trust her- whatever she was. He’d caught her snooping around his goddamn motel room after coming back early from the bar, having decided there were far better things he could be doing with his free time.

                                          Like catching up on sleep.

   A regular person might have called the cops. But Dean? He was a little bit more in sync with the supernatural rulebook. And ropes? Ropes were fair game. 

   The petite brunette sat tied to a chair in the centre of the room, hair falling around her face in a way that Dean might’ve considered attractive any other day. Provided that was a day she wasn’t breaking into his room.

   Crouching down in front of her like a tiger stalking its prey, Dean tucked a strand of hair behind the stranger’s ear, emerald eyes appraising her level of threat. She obviously wasn’t a demon, or she would’ve put up far more of a fight before finding herself in a situation such as this.

     "Usually I’d be all smiles if I found a hot chick alone in my room, but this isn’t daydream island, and you sure as hell ain’t my match made in heaven.“ 

    "So, mind telling me who you are, and what the hell you’re doing in my goddamn room?”