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                      How I Do Hair: An Art Tutorial by loliroyal

Step 1: Draw the sketch of the hair using a darker version of the color you want it to be. Remeber to keep the flow of it. Don’t draw idividual strands, draw clumps at a time that dirrect the flow. Each clump of hair should have one focal point.

Step 2. Make a new layer and pull it under the sketch layer. On this layer, use a lighter version of the sketch color and fill in the hair area to make sort of a “base” color. Then go to your sketch layer and merge the layer down in to your color layer. 

Step 3: Using the eyedropper tool select the color of the original sketch. With this color, start suggestiong the apperace of hair. To do this, start your bush at the focal point of each clump and swish it down half way trough the clump. This part is all about pressure. As you reach the center, ease up on the pen in one swishing motion. Fallow the flow of the hair. 

Step 5. : Now find the highlight color. the easiest way to do this is select the original base  color and make it a bit lighter. Now with light pen pressure, swish this over the parts where the base color is still showing. Flick your pen upwards at the part where the highlight meets the shadow. 

5. Now it’s time to add the reflected light. Reflected light is usually pretty subtle unless the subject is standing dirrectly infront of a light source. The color of the reflected light depends on the color of the light source.  I like to use a light yellow if it’s sun light or a light bulb and aqua blue if it’s some kind of digital  tech. Remember the color you choose sets the mood of the painting, so choose carefully. To apply reflected light, use the tinest bit of pressure you can and run it over the edge of the side of the hair that the light is hitting. Then slowly run it over the edges of the highlights. At this point you can darken any shadows that are below the front of the hair. Remeber while hair is thin, clumps can cast shadows just as well as an apple can. 

6. This is your last chance to darken shadows so take a good look and darken anything not dark enough. Finally add some finishing touches. Open a new layer and using white or an ultra light vrsion of the reflected light color, add tiny lines that fallow the flow of the hair. make rows of thease lines occasionaly trough out the hair. this will give it that shiny ‘polished’ look. Finally fly away strands. I typcially do fly away strands in two colors. One set I do in the reflected light color on the side the light source is. Another set, I do in shadow colors on the side facing away from the hair. Now I know this part is really fun but don’t go too crazy or else the subject will look like they have bed head! 

And that’s my hair tutorial. Remember there are lots of diffrent ways to do things and this is just one of them! What works for me, may not work for you so explore your options! 

I see a lot of kid related stuff on my dashboard, but I’m too much of a potato today to really participate, here’s an oldish doodle of Estelle, the eldest Volkage daughter when she’s old enough to outrage 80% of Piltover’s Society.

Her rebellious phase mostly consists of saying ‘fuck no‘ to most everything the Piltover elite thinks prime and proper at the time, which means being very much like a toxin-free version of her father (and Marko, forever the Zaunite upstart enables the heck out of her and cheers from the sidelines).

Sofia is Not Impressed (who am I kidding she’s proud af).

a restful home.

@ymanimon happy birthday my love! I’m wishing you all the good things (which includes a lot of good sleep) and keep being the awesome sweet bun that you are!


Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha


ilvermorny houses + palettes

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So I want to help calm people down and stuff, so here’s a bird appreciation post.

Look how colorful this one is

This one is so pretty



Emus are so weird I love them 

Kiwi birds are adorable 


This one looks angry

Majestic as fuck

Just, BIRDS!