I believe sorcery is indicative of what is hidden in the Latin word, sortiarius, ‘someone who can influence the Fates by manipulating lots’. These lots are pieces of fortune, fragments of reality that can be worked in a great variety of ways. It also suggests that the sorcerer has access to spiritual powers that can thwart Fate.
—  Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold. Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary.

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Mercury and  Sulfur (Leviathan Cross) Rings

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Sortilège is sometimes venerated to ethereal heights by those who remember them, and first EP once shook the scene in Europe. To know why, you only have to listen. No one knew who they were; most couldn’t understand what they were saying. They disappeared almost as soon as they arrived, and no one knew where the giants went after that. What we do know is that they were truly awe-inspiring. They were not a great cult band, they were a great band, a true heavy metal colossus. They stood among the other giants of the French heavy metal scene – Blaspheme, High Power, ADX – with an almost godlike aura. They did no wrong throughout their first EP .

Jane Seymour’s Gift

    On April 1, 1536, Henry VIII signaled his serious interest in a maiden of the court by sending her a gift.

    The intended recipient was Jane Seymour and the gift was a purse full of coins.

  Henry had been sniffing around Jane for a few weeks now, and was being coached by the Machioness of Exeter, Gertrude Blount, and Nicholas Carew, a cousin of Anne Boleyn. Both of these conspirators had one goal: to get Princess Mary restored to the succession. Various plots had already failed, including Gertrude visiting Eustace Chapuys, the Imperial ambassador in disguise, and begging him to get the Emperor to invade England on Mary’s behalf.

    They now believed a regime change would accomplish their goal. They had seen jagged cracks in the marriage between Henry and Anne Boleyn. Henry had even said to Chapuys in January that he felt he’d been tricked into the marriage by “sortileges” - predictions by soothsayers that Anne Boleyn would give him a son.

    Henry’s interest in Jane Seymour might just be the wedge they needed to dislodge Anne from the throne. Nicholas and Gertrude coached Jane on what to say to Henry and how to behave in his presence to keep his interest engaged. They used their intimate knowledge of the king’s schedule to make sure Jane would always be where the king could see her.

    Though Jane has always been portrayed by historians as a sweet, passive creature, swept along by events like a log in a current, Chapuys makes it clear she was actively involved in efforts to engage the king’s interest and was “quite firm” in getting him to marry her.

    The king’s gift was somewhat of a test. It was improper for a married man to give a gift of cash to an unmarried girl. If Jane accepted it, she was signaling to the king that she might be willing to engage in further “improper” activities.

   Jane engaged in a nit of theatrics. She dropped to her knees in front of the messenger who’d brought the gift and kissed the letter the king had sent with it, though she did not open it to read it. She handed it back to the messenger and told him to return both to the king with a message. 

[She begged that the king ] consider that she was a well-born damsel, the daughter of good and honourable parents without blame or reproach of any kind; there was no treasure in this world that she valued as much as her honour, and on no account would she lose it, even if she were to die a thousand deaths. That if the King wished to make her a present of money, she requested him to reserve it for such a time as God would be pleased to send her some advantageous marriage.

    In one fell swoop, Jane had defended her honor and virtue, and had reminded the king that she could be given in marriage to another man at any moment. It was a masterful stroke, and it had the desired result.

    Henry, Chapuys wrote, was so pleased by her show of modesty that “his love for her was marvelously increased.” Henry sent Jane a message.

  In order to prove the sincerity of his love, and the honesty of his views towards her, he had resolved not to converse with her in future, except in the presence of one of her relatives,

    The implications of this were huge. If Henry’s intentions were “honest” towards Jane, that could mean only one thing: marriage. And if he intended to marry Jane, what was going to happen to Anne Boleyn?

    Some historians have tried to paint Henry as the innocent dupe of Cromwell’s engineered accusations against Anne, as if Henry may have truly believed Anne was an adulteress. But this proves Henry had resolved to rid himself of Anne long before any “accusations” against Anne had been made.

    Anne Boleyn’s days were numbered, and she didn’t even realize yet how serious the conspiracy against her had become. 


1984. Ecstacy And Danger

is the debut album by band Ostrogoth.

Calling these guys a cult band is a pretty big understatement. Even in the ‘80s very few people were paying attention to the metal scene in Belgium. Still, they put out some very solid metal.

Musically, Ostrogoth sounds about like you’d expect a European metal band to sound like in the early ‘80s. They were clearly influenced by (NWOBHM) movement.

This album is perfect for the die-hard collectors of classic heavy metal. Fans of the NWOBHM in particular ought to love it, but anyone into bands like Overdrive, Sortilege, and ‘80s metal in general ought to check Ostrogoth out.

Marnix van de Kauter    Mario Pauwels   Rudy Vercruysse    Marc de Brauwer   Hans van de Kerckhove

Joanna Newsom as Sortilege in Inherent Vice - Voice Overs

“ She came along the alley and up the back stairs the way she always used to. Doc hadn’t seen her for over a year. Nobody had. Back then it was always sandals, bottom half of a flower print bikini, faded Country Joe & the Fish Tshirt. Tonight, she was all in flatland gear, hair a lot shorter than he remembered, looking just like she swore she’d never look… “

“ When Doc came in that night, it wasn’t just the usual hungry-doper thing – it was something else – and with Neptune moving at last out of the Scorpio death-trip and rising into the Sagitarrian light of the higher mind – it was bound to be something love-related and I thought I knew what it was… “

“There was an ancient superstition at the beach, something like the surfer belief that burning your board will bring awesome waves, and it went like this: Take a ZigZag paper and write your dearest wish, and then use it to roll a joint of the best dope you can find and smoke it all up, and your wish would be granted. Doc’s wish was simple… (just that Shasta Fay be safe…) “

“ Long, sad history of L.A. land use – Mexican families bounced out of Chavez Ravine to build Dodger Stadium, American Indians swept out of Bunker Hill for the Music Center and now Tariq’s neighborhood bulldozed aside for Channel View Estates… “

“ These were perilous times, astrologically speaking, for dopers – especially those of high school age, who’d been born most of them, under a ninety-degree aspect, the unluckiest angle possible, between Neptune, the doper’s planet, and Uranus, the planet of rude surprises. Doc had known it to happen that those left behind would refuse to believe that people they loved or even took the same classes with were really dead. They came up with all kinds of alternate stories so it wouldn’t have to be true. “

“ Shasta had mentioned a possible laughing academy angle to Mickey Wolfmann’s matrimonial drama and Doc thought it might be interesting to see how society page superstar Mrs. Sloane Wolfmann would react when somebody brought up the topic… If Mickey was currently being held against his will in some private nuthouse, then Doc’s immediate chore would be to try and find out which one… “

“ As if things weren’t peculiar enough, Doc was managing to put himself on a full-scale paranoid trip about Shasta… “

  “ … and how she must have been using, all the time she and Doc were together, maybe since before they’d met, a devoted junkie taking every chance she could to slip out into the fine breezy nights and go someplace they’d’ve been looking after her outfit for her so she wouldn’t have to hide it at home from Doc… just to be back for a while among the junkie fellowship, to have a break from this hopeless stooge she was already planning to split on and so forth “

“  All this strange alternate cop history and cop politics – cop dynasties, cop heroes and evildoers, saintly cops and psycho cops, cops too stupid to live and cops too smart for their own good – insulated by secret loyalties and codes of silence from the world they’d all been given to control… “

“  This was not a moment he’d been either dreading or hoping for, though now and then somebody would remind him of the ancient American Indian belief that if you save somebody’s life, you are responsible for them from then on, forever, and he would wonder if any of that applied to his history with Japonica here…  “

“ Doc was visited by the creepy feeling that somewhere close by, in some weird indeterminate space whose residents weren’t sure where they were, inside or out of the frame, might indeed be some version of Mickey, not quite in the same way that the lady with the big check was a version of Sloane, but altered and – he shivered – maybe mentally or even physically compromised. If Sloane was endowing looney bins with Mickey’s money, why not take some credit? Why be anonymous? “  

“ It was occurring to Doc now something someone said once about vertical integration… that if the Golden Fang can get its customers strung out, why not turn around and sell them a program to help kick? Get them coming and going, twice as much revenue and no worries about new customers… as long as American life was something to be escaped from, the cartel could always be sure of a bottomless pool of new customers. “

“ So in the never-ending battle between the FBI and the Mafia for control over Las Vegas… score one for the FBI… Mickey Wolfmann’s money would be now spent a different way, opening the Kismet Hotel and Casino… no more acid-head philanthropist, no more Arrpentimiento… he was now back with Sloane and the kids and back to his greedy-ass ways… “ 

“ Could that be true? All this time, Doc assumed he’d been out busting his balls for folks who, if they paid him anything it’d be half a lid or a small favor down the line or maybe only just a quick smile, long as it was real. He began to run through the cash customers he could remember, starting with Crocker Fenway and going on through studio executives, stock market heroes of the go-go years, remittance men from far away who needed new pussy or dope connections, rich old guys with cute young wives and vice versa… It was sure a piss-poor record, not too different, after all, he guessed, from interests Coy had been working for. Forget who – what was he working for anymore? “

“ What Doc was seeing now was something that made his heart hurt… that Bigfoot’s pain was deep. That Adrian Prussia worked not only as a what seemed to be a personal loan shark for the LAPD but moon-lit as their own personal contract-killer – doing deeds for them that they couldn’t do themselves. Time after time, he was pulled in, questioned, arraigned, indicted, no matter – somehow the cases never quite got to trial, each being bargained down in the interests of justice, not to mention Adrian, who invariably walked. And one of those deeds appeared to be 108. (MORE) labeled ‘the justifiable homicide’ of one of the LAPD’S very own named Vincent Indelicato… Bigfoot’s partner. Lieutenant Detective Christian F. Bigfoot Bjornsen… This was mourning all right, and it was deep. Bigfoot’s air of possessed melancholy now made sense. “

“ Doc knew he had needed to see Adrian Prussia at some point… he’d really been avoiding it, mostly because Bigfoot was pushing him towards it – but here he is: looking for something he doesn’t want to find and seeing someone he doesn’t want to see – (and where’s the partner to watch Doc’s back?) (ALTERNATE) (wondering, ‘where’s the partner to watch my back?) “

“ So commencing a classic and memorable bummer… “

“ Doc fell into a car convoy, moving slowly, single lane through the fog. He figured if he missed the Gordita Beach exit, he’d take the first one whose sign he could read and work his way back on surface streets. He knew that at Rosecrans, the freeway began to dogleg east, and at some point, Hawthorne Boulevard or Artesia, he’d lose the fog, unless it was spreading tonight, and settled in region wide… Maybe then it would stay this way for days, maybe he’d have to just keep driving, down past Long Beach, down through Orange County, and San Diego and across a border where nobody could tell anymore in the fog who was Mexican, who was Anglo, who was anybody. Then again, he might run out of gas before that happened, and have to leave the caravan, and pull over on the shoulder, and wait. For whatever would happen. For a forgotten joint to materialize in his pocket. For the CHP to come by and choose not to hassle him. For a restless blonde in a Stingray to stop and offer him a ride. For the fog to burn off, and for something else this time, somehow, to be there instead. “

(All quotes according to the Inherent Vice official theatrical script)