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I am just going to put this out there. While I have had moments of anxiousness and been more critical lately, we have 10 episodes, and most likely 9 weeks left of Once Upon a Time this season, and I for one want spend it with joy and excitement. For me, I am treating this as the end. Best case scenario, we get another season with much of the cast back, and next best case we get Jen and Colin back and perhaps a few others. But we just don’t know yet. While there may be some grain of truths over those rumors on twitter, by their estimations , only Colin and Lana would return next season. And I’m sorry but that is laughable. I told my mom who is as GA as you get and she laughed and said “what even would they do together,” and I replied “exactly.” Emma and Killian are a package deal, and I truly believe ABC knows that and A&E, Jen and Colin do as well. Emma’s happy ending is what is most important and I do not believe any of the above would jeopardize that, especially because in what world would that gain favor with GA viewers they hope to retain. It wouldn’t. Plain and simple. I want to give a shout out to @lizacstuff @tlynnwords and @counttotwenty for answering questions like pros with positiviity and patience. You girls are rocks stars!!

So, as I said. We have quite possibly only 9 weeks left of this show and these characters. If this the end, then the only ones I am really disappointed in are ABC, who for all intents and purposes have treated the show very well these past 6 seasons and seem to be dropping the ball here at the end. But we’ll see. But most importantly, I do not want to spend these last few months nitpicking, complaining, worrying about plot points, whether this or that will happen, or contracts negotiations. If you want to that’s fine. You do you. You blog and handle this any way that works for you. But I want to enjoy what might be the last months for our beloved characters. Once Upon a Time, the fandom, and specifically the CS love story and CS fandom truly changed my life in ways I will never be able to fully express. It inspired me so much personally and creatively. It helped me grow as a writer and an artist. Believe it or not, It helped shape who I am as a person. I can honestly can I think I am a better person than I was when I started the show. And it brought me so many wonderful friends, who I hope remain as such long after the show is off the air. If you, like me, want to fully enjoying what has enriched our lives in immeasurable ways, please join me in celebrating this amazing story we all dearly love while we can. We will know what the future holds when they decide to tells us. In the meantime, I want to express my love and gratitude to the show and everyone here for bringing so much into my life. Whether the Captain Swan story and happy ending concludes this season or next, it will undoubtedly only be joyful and beautiful and something that will last forever on film and in our hearts.

i see a lot of fic/headcanons where fake ah crew geoff sort of opens his penthouse to the crew like, sure, stay here if you want, we’re all family, mi casa es su casa

but i also just immensely love the idea of, instead of that, the crew just relentlessly integrates themselves into his life whether he likes it or not

like one night they’re at the penthouse celebrating a heist well done and everybody’s grumbling about having to drive home late and most of them are drunk and geoff sighs like, well, okay, i’ve got some guest rooms

but then a couple weeks later michael shows up out of the blue to watch it’s always sunny and pushes past geoff into the penthouse as soon as the door is opened and geoff is like, um.

and then a week after that jack lets herself into his place (when??? did she get a key????) because according to her she has damn well earned a long, restful bath this week and your bathtub is the size of most family-sized jacuzzis so move the fuck over and let me use my new bath bomb, and geoff is like, um????

and then later he notices that there are like forty-seven cans of red bull in his fridge from gavin and geoff is all hold on a second here—

and then finally one morning he stumbles into his kitchen, exhausted and probably hungover, only for fucking ryan to hand him a mug of coffee, and he mumbles thanks automatically and then it’s like that one avengers post and geoff goes “HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE?”

“ray let me in.” (”’sup,” says ray from the living room.)


“dude, i’ve been living here for the past week and a half.”


Speed paint for the night. I decided to jump start the color pallet with green, which is a color I don’t usually use as a motif. I usually work pallets around blue, purple, or red.

I haven’t drawn Shera in her lab coat in a loooonnggg while. As a last thought, I bet they work pretty well together. Very hands on folks…

Gavin first meets Michael as he’s being thrown out of a bar after being caught pick-pocketing. Gavin made the rather stupid mistake of trying to take the wallet of a guy three times his size, with no backup, no weapon on him, and only his drunken impulses to guide his actions. The huge guy felt his sloppy hands, grabbed Gavin’s wrist, and threatened to beat him to death. Gavin would insist later that he was already making a plan to get out of it, already spinning the starts of lies in his head, the start of a flashy smile. But if he’s being honest he was scared. He was young, he’s been in this trash of a city for all of three months, and he has no way out of this.

“Hey!” A voice calls besides Gavin and he looks to find a short curly-haired man who couldn’t be much older than himself, freckles spattering his scowl. “The dude is like eighty pounds, leave him alone.”

The man gripping Gavin’s wrist turns to the other, his snarl getting deeper. “Fuck off, this is between me and the twink.”

The strange savior insists again he find someone his own size to pick on. The giant again tells him to fuck off. At some point a punch is thrown, the police are called, and Gavin and the stranger get shoved out the back entrance being told to never come back.

“Thanks for that,” Gavin chirps to the stranger, holding out his hand to shake. “I would’ve been ok, but thanks for the help anyway. The smegpot looked outright mean.”

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When the Vagabond meets his reckoning he is young, hungry, and covered in the blood of more soldiers than he had bothered to count. They invaded his home, yes, but the rest of his community had been willing to simply bow their heads, accept a new ruler whom they would never see at the cost of the old whom they had never met. It isn’t some grand sense of justice or pithy loyalty that spurns the sudden fight. It can hardly even be considered a personal affront that begins the confrontation.

But when the first blood is spilled it spurns something in him, like a bolt of lightning hitting water and spreading through his veins and suddenly he’s up to his knuckles in some soldier’s blood, an iron dagger jabbed deep in his gut and there’s suddenly no turning back from the fight.

The Vagabond loves to spin stories about how it started, what the catalyst was - The soldier insulted him, tried to steal from his home, tried to push him, kicked his dog. No one’s totally sure which is true, if any, but the fact of the matter is that the soldier died and more took his place and the Vagabond, hardly out of his teens in age, slaughtered every last one. The story is grotesque, it’s nonsensical, but far overshadowed by what always, inevitably steals the spotlight.

(Continue under the cut / on Ao3

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It looks like there’s another crew member, and she’s Asian! We haven’t yet been introduced to the black girl we saw in last weeks promo, but if she’s apart of the crew too, then that’ll be 3 POC, and 2 WOC on the crew which is…so great? Especially the WOC. Let us know your thoughts about this!


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My Gav headcanon is simple. No matter how golden he gets, how brightly he shines, he'll give it up in an instant and live a drab, poor life in a heartbeat to save the ones he loves. They started out as another treasure in his collection, lovers being just another jewel in his crown, but became the most priceless thing he has and the one object he'd give the world up to save.

What a precious thing, finding a love this strong. Finding people he cares so much for and care so much back. It’s such a shame really he found it in their way of life. Pretty soon your luck’s going to run out pretty boy. And no amount of gold is going to bring anyone back from the dead

// John is so physically affectionate though. Most of Moya’s crew sort of is, to some extent, but like… look at this nonsense:

This is from before they were a couple, look at them casually cuddling.

And playfighting??

He’s a hugger.

Kisses his sister on the forehead:

Kisses his dad on the cheek:

Platonic kissing between friends? No big deal.

He kisses Rygel, ffs

He’s so cuddly and he’s such a fuck you to toxic masculinity.

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you did it with Ryan, and kind of mentioned it with the one about them being kids on Los santos at the same time but could you consider team nice dynamite being a thing before the fahc?

What a horrifying catastrophe. Not so much terrifying rumour as neon warning sign; the epitome of collateral damage, less interested in taking over the world than they are burning it to the ground.

They met when they were almost painfully young, when Gavin comes all the way to America to work with a crew only to find that they’d misrepresented themselves. Had sold him on a single job, with the possibility of discussing more work, when in reality they had no intention off letting him go. It’s a big gang, nasty, and while they covert his talents they clearly think Gavin is otherwise more or less harmless; quick and clever but easily cowed. There’s an argument, some unfortunate unpleasantness, then a week or two of waiting for some violent action, some futile stand. When it doesn’t come they know they’ve got him, crew leaders more smarmy and self-satisfied than ever as Gavin slinks about the base with drooping shoulders and a permanent guard.

Michael had been working with the crew, not really a full member yet – they were stringing him along, making him prove himself over and over and he wasn’t exactly rushing the process along. He’d gotten involved without knowing enough about them, young and eager to make his mark, only realising his predicament when it was too late to just walk away. It’s not the way things are done with this kind of crew, and Michael resigns himself to hunting for someone bigger and badder to align with or risk catching a bullet to the back of the head.

Michael didn’t know what was happening with the British kid until the fallout, and honestly he didn’t really care. Made him respect the crew less, made him more eager than ever before to trade up and get gone, but he’s no one’s hero and anyone dumb enough to take an offer from Los Santos at face value, swallow the promise of some kind of utopian partnership from strangers across the sea, deserves what they get. The fact that Gavin seemed interesting, weird and bright and funny before the carpet was pulled out from under him definitely doesn’t haunt Michael’s thoughts. Doesn’t make him consider breaking them both out – he can’t go carrying deadweight after all, and anyone who crumbles this quickly will never be an asset. It’s just sad really, kind of pathetic, and Michael does his level best to stay away from him. Doesn’t want to watch Gavin shrink into an obedient shadow, or worse, make a friend only to abandon him in this hellhole when the opportunity to leave finally presents itself.

What he failed to anticipate was the fact that Gavin doesn’t fold like a house of cards, doesn’t resign himself to a new life or kill himself trying to get away. He doesn’t even make a quiet escape, slip out in the dead of night when even his guards are asleep, oh no. This, it turns out, would be America’s first taste of Gavin’s furious wrath, and they couldn’t have been less prepared.

Having kept himself apart Michael was the only one who noticed it happening, the only one who recognised the source of the slow destabilisation of the crew, the surprising origin of countless petty fights and ever growing tempers. He watches Gavin’s idle chatter seep out, tracks the path of poisonous rumours as they spread throughout the crew, and says nothing. Gavin turns harmless words into knives, bows his head to hide a vicious smirk as he talks the crew into gutting itself and Michael, who tried so hard not to look, suddenly can’t look away.

Bringing down the leaders doesn’t take all that much, in the end; when there’s nothing connecting them but violence and power there is no true loyalty, they’re each as paranoid and selfish as each other and all too willing to believe the others might plot against them. It was terrifying, morbidly beautiful, but not quite enough. Not when they’re armed and Gavin isn’t, free when Gavin isn’t, not when eventually they’re going to put two and two together and maybe Gavin is prepared to go down with this ship, die knowing they cannot recover from what he made them do, but Michael’s not done yet. More than ready to stop sitting on the bench, to exercise his itchy trigger finger, not quite prepared for the most interesting thing thats ever happened to him to end so soon.

It’s not even that difficult, really, not with the whole crew fractured and dwindling, when everyone’s too busy pointing fingers at each other to look for threat from the distant outsider. Michael’s let them think little of him for far too long for them to worry about him now, and it’s the last mistake they’ll ever make. What Gavin ruined Michael destroys, neatly foreshadowing the future of their partnership.

The two stay together even once they leave, recognise each other for what they are, kindred souls, matching violence in their smiles, chaos in their blood. The flame and the gasoline, inseparable once combined, delighting in devastation. The reckless carelessness of youth combined with near heartless violence results in a dangerous kind of confidence, flippant and self absorbed, interested in nothing outside their own amusement, refusing to accept the possibility of any line they shouldn’t cross, any difficulty they cannot overcome. What could stop them now that they’re together? What could anyone do but get out of their way? Gavin talks them into fortunes, Michael tears them out of trouble and they both revel in the mayhem they leave in their wake. Relish the ability to do whatever they like whenever they like with no unwanted master pulling their strings.

Not that no one is interested; their reputation precedes them and everyone from big crews to wanna-be somebodies have recognised their potential. Bar some serious behavioural issues they’re basically the dream team if anyone could keep them. Clever, violent, entirely amoral and quick on their feet, appealingly loyal and young enough that they should have been easy to manage if only they could be convinced to care about anything outside of each other, outside of playing and performing and planning the next wild adventure.

It almost shakes them apart, sometimes, that need to do something drastic. Something grand and unforgivable, cataclysmic. Chasing after any flashy thing that catches their attention, forever wanting bigger and more thrilling but lacking any real direction. It has them at each others throats as often as not but they always pull it together in the end, unshakable affection winning out over frustration every damn time, and woe to any who tried to capitalise on their momentary troubles. Who try to pull one away, encourage the rift, who think this priceless opportunity rather than a minor bump in the road.

The more harmless opportunists, the ones who just try to sell their own grandeur, to recruit Michael and Gavin, or worse, one or the other are merely jeered out of the room, left confused and humiliated but still whole. Those who try to contain them, restrain them, pull them back to some degree of responsibility for their actions and force them into deals they have no interest in complying with are simply torn apart. Left as warning, as promise, a reminder that for all their inexperience, their aimless wandering and lack of allies, Michael and Gavin are the furthest thing from harmless.

It’s not that they’d never work with another crew, theres something to be said for a steady home, for someone else to watch your back, to plan your attacks, its just that they have a hard time trusting anyone else. A hard time believing that joining a crew won’t land them right back where they started, that any boss would truly understand that loyalty can’t be taken by force, that allegiance needn’t look like subservience.

So when the infamous Ramsey comes along and offers them a job they turn up their noses, bare their teeth and laugh in his face. When he offers again they try to disappear, ghost away like they have countless times before. When he tracks them down regardless they take out one of his safe-houses in explosive retribution. He comes back and they taunt him, sharp words and defensive sneers. Still again he returns, to threats, to violence, to childish graffiti and a layer of furious distrust coating possessive fear. They push and shove and snap and snarl and do everything in their power to chase him away and every time they think they’ve managed he turns up again, unnervingly mild mannered and relentlessly insistent. He offers and is met with complete disbelief, offers and is met with a million and one questions, he offers and somehow winds up in a negotiation that costs him his car and all the cash in his wallet with nothing in return. Geoff offers more than a job, offers a home, a family, a surprising tolerance for their many quirks; he lays all his cards on the table and lets them try to shred him apart, faintly amused but never condescending. He offers and offers and offers but never takes, never forces, never even alludes to the fact that he could, the way his position of power is so disproportionately greater than theirs. Geoff offers, and in the end they say yes.

I like to imagine Rung’s segway going as fast as a small vehicle.


GTA AU | Meg & Ryan

This came about thanks to @qrowcinder who tweeted this and I ended up doing it. I’m trash for Turnwood and GTA AUs

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Think about Space Pirate!Alex crew sort of accidentally acquiring a baby and the chaos that would result because yes, many of the crew have had younglings of their own and yes, Alex had Kara as a younger sister but it's also been years and they have no idea how to raise this particular baby b/c it's a species they've never seen before/there isn't a whole lot of data on. Cue Alex being defensive and going 'Of course I don't know kids, my sister was a teenager when she showed up on earth!'

Just to make it even better, the baby basically ‘imprints’ on Alex.  Like, won’t leave Alex alone, at all.

Alex eventually warms up to the kid, but it’s rough.

Still, you get stuff like Alex fighting while holding the baby, falling asleep in the pilots seat while holding the baby, staying up all night because the baby’s sick, but nobody can figure out what’s wrong because it’s an unknown species, training the kid as they grow up, because maybe teaching a kid how to fight is not the best thing to do, but when you’re space pirates it may just be the safest.

Returning home, and stepping off the ship while giving a five-year-old alien a piggyback ride.

your bones have the tensile strength of iron
and you were forged in the heart of a star.
—  Being soft doesn’t make you fragile. It’s the brittle metals that break. – s.s.
(the ringing in my ears)

Post 3x07 missing scene / canon divergence for the following Neverland Renaissance 2.0 prompts:

  • “Do you ever get used to it ? To their cries ?” “You get used to everything.”
  • Emma tells Hook that Neal left her in prison pregnant
  • Hook tells Emma he’s glad Neal is alive

~1.8k Rated K. Just a little conversation where Emma has a bit of a rant. Not very pro-Neal, ftr.

Emma does her best to ignore the rustling of the leaves as somebody approaches her little clearing, wrapping her arms around herself protectively as she stares into the small fire she’s lit the old-fashioned way. The flames flicker higher and brighter as they get closer, and she recognises the solid footsteps of her father. Each one feels like a punch in the gut, the knowledge that he’ll die if he leaves this island twisting her stomach into knots.

“We wondered where you’d gone” he says from behind her, “thought you might want to celebrate.”

Emma stares at the flames, unblinking until their orange glow is imprinted on her retinas, and bites hard at the inside of her cheek. Clearly, her impending parental abandonment isn’t playing on his mind in quite the way it’s playing on hers. Maybe David’s just used to it. Letting her go.

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rampion crew x sorting

Cinder: the sorting hat has to deliberate for a while, longer that the others. because she’s so unique. finally it asks her what she wants, and shes so surprised that she just points to the sea of red- a gryffindor.

Kai: the hat considers slytherin, ravenclaw and hufflepuff at first, but hes too savvy to be a hufflepuff and too sweet and genuine to be slytherin, so the hat ends up sending him to sit with the ravenclaws. 

Iko: oh, the sorting hat is in a dither. shes smart, shes brave, shes ambitious and loyal. its taken nearly ten minutes, before the hat decides that loyalty is the prevailing characteristic and makes her hufflepuff. 

Scarlet: the first of the group to be sorted. the sorting hat practically shouts “gryffindor” the second it touches her head. she goes confidently to the table with no small amount of cheering, and proceeds to fit right in.

Wolf: he walks up and everyones intimidated, immediately pegging him for a slytherin, and so he and the others are very surprised when the hat proclaims him a hufflepuff. he blushes, embarrassed, but very pleased.

Cress: shed thought she was a hufflepuff, and at first, the hat did too. but it took a moment to look, and found the reason and capability shed developed as a young shell, and announced that shes a ravenclaw.

Thorne: the hat only takes a moment or two to make its decision- slytherin. at first he doesnt understand, is he not good enough? but its because of his ambition to do better and be better that slytherin fit him. 

Winter: she sits on the stool for a good while before the hat can make its final decision. it proclaims her a gryffindor, and she goes to sit with scar. the hat saw what many others hadnt been able to- inner courage.

Jacin: hes exasperated as he sits down, complaining to the hat, and its inclined to put him in slytherin for that alone. but it catches him watching winter across the room, seeing how much he cares, and hes put in hufflepuff.

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Have you guys sorted the characters in Agents of Shield?

The way we play this game, your “primary” house is WHY you do things and your “secondary” house is HOW. For a broader overview of our system, please go here!


MCU Coulson, who believed so solidly in the cause, and who transformed himself just slightly for each movie and Avenger, was a Gryffindor primary/Slytherin secondary. Throughout Agents of SHIELD, however, so many people tell Coulson or others that his personality has changed. The split between the MCU movies and the AoS canon is of course a break between writing teams/focus of the story, but in more canonical terms– between Avengers and the Agents of SHIELD pilot, T.A.H.I.T.I happens. Coulson’s brain is literally rewritten and, like several concerned characters, we believe we get back a different Coulson than the one that died. MCU Coulson was a Gryffindor/Slytherin, but this new “team Dad” Coulson is a team-building Hufflepuff Primary with a straightforward and leadership-focused Gryffindor Secondary.   

A lot of the internal struggle we’re seeing in him is of someone who is now a Hufflepuff/Gryffindor, but who used to genuinely be a Gryffindor/Slytherin. His original Primary and Secondary have been bumped to the status of being his models, and we see him use them with various levels of success– trying to put victory before people and trying to act with a shifty cunning that doesn’t quite sit right on him. Even his successes though, like keeping information from May with such effectiveness, do not serve him well in the long term. The place he built his relationships on and the way he built his team up in AOS is as a Huffledor– his strengths come from his abilities to build loyal teams and lead them.   

Coulson and his Hufflepuff Primary believe not only in the importance but also the strength of the individual. He will buck like a mule to save innocent lives, to save his team. When he uses Slytherin Secondary model’s tools to further his goals, he actually ends up losing track of those goals. In especially the second season, his Gryffindor Primary model is stagnant, clinging onto his memory of Nick Fury and the way he ran SHIELD, and not trusting in himself and the Hufflepuff morality that he values or the open honesty and integrity of his Gryffindor Secondary. A Coulson who acted according to the principles of his Huffledor sorting would probably be a lot better not only at keeping allies, but also at running SHIELD.   

His reduced ability to judge situations by his own moral system leads to decisions like the one that kicked off Season 2, risking what very few agents he had to recover some new materiel and losing Agent Hartley. He gets a lot of flack for this decision over the season, and it’s because it was a stereotypical but innaccurate Gryffindor/Slytherin decision: it was important to get the plane, so they would risk anything they had to to get it.   

But that type of strategy puts all of your agents at risk, and while Fury might have been able to afford that call, Coulson didn’t have enough agents to risk them in that type of operation. He was acting on an outdated (and inflexible) sense of Gryffindor “right,” and not valuing his agents like the Hufflepuff we’ve seen him to be. An actual Gryffindor Primary would have likely been able to assess the situation and make a different call, but Coulson is no longer a Gryffindor and he’s working off only rememberings of “what would I have done, before? what would Fury have done?” He is not truly consulting the intuitive and confident gut of a certain Gryffindor Primary, and so his decisions often not only fail to ring true, but fail in general.   

This type of wasteful ruthlessness is not indicative of an actual Gryffindor/Slytherin– Coulson is falling into it because he's pretending to be a Gryffindor/Slytherin. If you think of our two prominent MCU Gryffindor/Slytherins, Peggy Carter and Nick Fury, their stubborn, brave moralities are both more genuine and more based in reality. Think of Peggy crying over Colleen or Nick lowering his gun when Natasha was being held hostage; Peggy asking Jarvis “but is it worth it?” about her friends’ deaths and Nick “I recognize that the Council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision I’ve elected to ignore it” Fury refusing to nuke New York to save the world.    

Coulson’s model is a particularly heartless form of Gryffindor/Slytherin, and that’s why he gets quite so much flack; it wasn’t just that he risked the whole team, it was also his callous, unrepentant response to Hartley and Idaho’s deaths that upset people.He’s overcorrecting in his quest to be Gryffindor/Slytherin instead of Huffledor, and ends up undervaluing his people from both a moral and a strategic point of view.  Even from a completely cold, calculating perspective, it’s still dubious whether giving up two good agents (and risking several more) was worth getting the Quinjet.    

Coulson also screws himself over by mimicking Fury’s leadership style, not just his morality. Fury deliberately makes himself imposing and bigger than life; the directer of SHIELD wasn’t wearing full-length black leather coats because they were on sale.  To some extent this works better for Fury because he’s dealing with a much larger organization—there’s no end to the list of people ready to question him, so the imposing persona cuts down on the amount of irrelevant crap he has to deal with.    

It also works better because Fury knows when to set aside his mysterious, all-knowing, flaws-what-flaws persona; in CA:TWS he listens to Steve’s criticism even though he disagrees with it.  Coulson, on the other hand, does his utmost to shut down the conversation when faced with criticism. It’s like how large dogs are usually pretty chill when guests come over, while little dogs tend to yap ferociously.    

The other reason it works better for Fury than for Coulson is competence levels.  Fury really is every bit as badass as he pretends to be.  Coulson, on the other hand, has large, glaring weaknesses as director; if he were honest about his uncertainties and weaknesses, and shared information with his team, then his team could help compensate for his weaknesses and point out his blindspots.   

Melinda May is also a Hufflepuff Primary, but she “burned” because of what happened in Bahrain. After that trauma and those hard calls, Melinda’s faith in herself and her ability to help the world falters hard. She removed herself from the field and secluded herself in paperwork. Brave, gleeful prankster Melinda tries to stop caring, and pretends to herself that she had succeeded. This actual burning seems to have been accompanied by depression if not PTSD, and while she seems to have not entirely recovered, she is functional in current canon. While she remains “burned” in many ways, Melinda’s interactions with the Bus team and especially Skye, who in many ways is a younger, more hopeful version of May, have been grounding for her.   

Melinda’s secondary, like Coulson’s, is Gryffindor. She values bluntness and honesty, and she feels betrayal from both Ward and Coulson sharply and reacts strongly. With Coulson, it was the lying even more than whether or not she disagreed with his plans that upset her. This betrayal was especially damning because burned Puff Melinda had in many ways hung her morality and degrees of her ethical agency on Coulson’s tailcoats– she trusts Coulson, when it comes to morality, often more than herself.   

She also seems to have built herself a Hufflepuff Secondary model, working consistently on her fitness and emotional health, meditating regularly, and generally building herself a foundation that will help keep her functional despite her still coping with trauma (as we see in season one, when she’s able to hold the Berserker Staff without losing herself). This investment into skills of reliability, routine, and foundational strength seem to be one of the main coping mechanisms she’s built up to keep herself functional. This is perhaps particularly significant when you compare it to the intuitive, reactive strengths of the improvisational Gryffindor Secondary we saw in stories and flashbacks of a younger May.   

Skye houseshares with both Coulson and May (the writing staff appears to love Hufflepuffs), and through the seasons (especially 2) we see her Hufflepuff Primary start to burn. Her role in the Rising Tide was absolutely the work of an unburned Hufflepuff, possibly even with a Gryffindor Primary model (though that might just be her Secondary showing through). She believes in fairness, evenhandness of information, and goes after those goals with the charismatic and bullheaded charge of a Gryffindor Secondary.   

While the morality system with which Skye enters the show seems hinged around the fairness of Hufflepuff, she remains a Puff highly devoted to people– and moreover highly invested in finding a home and family to burrow into. However, family has been denied to this foster care bouncing ball for most of her life, and the focus on freedom of information, and her own stubborn search for her blood family, seem to have been what have kept her going, unburned, until the pilot.   

On the Bus, she finds that family in Coulson’s team and in SHIELD at large– this is why getting the badge is so meaningful for her and also why Ward’s betrayal hits so hard. It is Ward and the failure of SHIELD, not her lonely childhood or rejection from foster families, which finally causes Skye to begin to burn.   

She does not burn entirely, however, as we see in her growing willingness to accept and love her father (a dyed-in-the-wool Slytherin Primary), and to invest in her second family of the Inhumans. Skye in season two is more jaded. Though still willing to love her friends and to give new people some chances, she’s also satisfied with mindwiping her father and shooting Ward and other threats in cold blood.   

Jemma and Fitz both have Ravenclaw Secondaries, but where Jemma is also a Ravenclaw Primary, Fitz is a Slytherin Primary. Especially early on, neither of them seem aware in the differences in their sortings. They bond over a shared and delighted Ravenclaw Secondary and seem to have never encountered a place where they conflicted. Jemma was the one who signed up for SHIELD fieldwork, because it was something that mattered; and Fitz followed, because Jemma matters.   

In S1, Fitz clings harder and differently than Jemma. He loves their whole team (see: loyal, as-of-yet-untraumatized Fitz being the last willing to condemn Ward), and he loves Jemma most. While Jemma jumps off the plane in FZZT because it’s the right and responsible thing to do, and she’s decided to be right and responsible, Fitz sacrifices himself in the finale to save Jemma. These are things with the same moral weight to each of them. Fitz’s prioritization of Jemma makes her uncomfortable and is a factor in why she flees; Fitz expects Jemma to share his person-based Slytherin values and systems as much as she expects him to share her Ravenclaw ones, something that drives them both to confusion and Fitz to an even deeper disappointment when she doesn’t stay for him in S2.   

The importance Jemma places on doing things to make Fitz feel appreciated, like making him his favorite sandwich, show that even though she isn’t a Slytherin herself, she has learned something of how to make a Slytherin (or at least Fitz) feel loved, at least in peacetime. She knows it will be effective in a way that other things wouldn’t be, which is why she calls on it to gain his trust at the end of season 2. She uses a kindly Hufflepuff performance to do this, and S1 Fitz believed the tools she was using without understanding that her priorities were different than his– because up until S2 their primaries had never been in a situation that forced them to make hard calls. By the end of S2, they both have a better and stronger respect for each other’s primaries. After that period of disillusionment and betrayal, they may be able to construct a mutual understanding between themselves.   

This was also complicated by how Jemma’s Ravenclaw system changed mid-season 2. After Tripp dies, Jemma falls. Where once her dedication to curiosity, knowledge, and progress would have enchanted and driven her to study rather than eradicate the alien city and the Inhumans themselves, now she weighs that curiosity against the risk of failure and finds it wanting. She had promised herself that she would keep people safe and she failed. Tripp is dead. The science of the alien city is too dangerous, she decides– so just flood the whole place. We don’t need to learn about the aliens, we just need to protect ourselves from them.   

Jemma abandons not her curiosity but her belief that she should follow her curiosity. Her system goes from prioritizing science to prioritizing safety. With the same decisive uncompromising idealist drive she’s always had now set against aliens, and with some new ruthlessness attached, she becomes a threat to Skye. The only thing stopping her from killing Skye toward the end of the second season was a firm (but fragile) denial that Skye was dangerous. It wasn’t a matter of Skye being an important person and friend and therefore worth of mercy and protection (this was Fitz’s Slytherin rationale)– it was just a matter of Jemma trying stubbornly to add a loophole into her system so she didn’t have to kill her friend. But if that denial ever fell apart, there’s no guarantee that she wouldn't kill Skye– not unless she figures out a way to more permanently edit her system so that she doesn’t have to.  

Jemma also adds a formidable Slytherin Secondary model between the first and second seasons (potentially mirroring the one Skye entered the pilot with and has slowly put aside in favor of Gryffindor’s directness). Jemma wields her new secondary model with a skill that impresses and rivals even Slytherin/Slytherin Bobbi Morse. It’s what kept Jemma alive through her double agent days, which is where she built it, and it’s apparent in scenes like her easily tricking Bobbi during the taking of SHIELD’s base. It is a striking contrast to the freaked out Ravenclaw Secondary Jemma who compiled and anxiously spat out a whole complicated back-up backstory to Coulson on the train job episode in the first season.   

Ward as a very, very Burned Hufflepuff Primary was a pretty immediate intuitive call for us, but it took longer for us to check it with the evidence because at first glance he seems almost equally likely if not more likely to be a Petrified Slytherin. He was abused from a young age and was then adopted by someone who continued to abuse him, but in a way where he was specifically taught to kill the people he cared about to make himself stronger. Making him kill his dog as a final test is a poignant example of the headspace Ward was both forced into and chose to embrace.   

For the most part, he did a good job keeping in line with that headspace, feeling legitimately no guilt for betraying the Bus, and not having any issue with sleeping with May under false pretenses of his intentions and allegiances. His temporary bonding to the group and claims toward continued affection for them could just as easily be Hufflepuff as they are a Slytherin who likes them but doesn’t feel any loyalty to them. His pointed focus on Skye in particular seems especially Slytherin.   

The place we found evidence to distinguish between the two loyalist Primary houses was when he started bonding to people again. His attachment to Agent 33 is based in a kind of fellow feeling and sympathy that suggests Hufflepuff more than Slytherin– the world had hurt her, like it had hurt him, and he wants to offer her a chance for revenge. More conclusive was his longing to be back not on good terms with individuals on the Bus but to be a part of the community again. He wants to be part of the family, and while he has a special focus on Skye it is more because she was a particular source of kindness and one of the best doorways into the family. Skye is the heart of the Bus in many ways, and winning her would mean winning a place back in the family.   

His ease for subterfuge suggests a Slytherin Secondary– Ward rolls with the punches and cycles through presentations easily. He doesn’t prep in advance like a Ravenclaw Primary, or charge like a Gryffindor, or invest in reputation, reliability, or hard work the way a Hufflepuff Secondary might. He reacts and he moves and he takes opportunities when he can get him. In S2, with Agent 33 and with beginning a new HYDRA at the end, he seems to be trying to construct himself a Hufflepuff Secondary with which to build his own team to invest in.  


Melinda May, Coulson, and Skye are all Hufflepuff Primaries/Gryffindor Secondaries. Coulson, however, thinks he should be a Gryffindor/Slytherin and often acts accordingly. Melinda May “burned” in Bahrain, now disillusioned with the viability of Hufflepuff’s warmth and dedication to people; after Ward and SHIELD’s fall, Skye is considering following Melinda into that burning disillusionment, but is buoyed up by the new promise of the Inhumans.   

Ward, too, is a Hufflepuff Primary, like all of the original Bus members except Fitzsimmons. (There is a reason this team snapped to family so fast, despite some general philosophical differences.) Ward’s Hufflepuff is conflicted and twisted by his past, however, leading to his obsession with Skye, his ability to sacrifice Fitz and Simmons (almost because they were his, rather than despite that), and his unflagging loyalty to Garrett, who was one of his abusers. (The destruction of his original abusers, his parents and family, is possibly what allowed him to then bond more solidly and Puff-like to Agent 33). His ease with manipulation and consistent, capable misinformation suggest a Slytherin Secondary.   

Fitz and Simmons share Ravenclaw Secondaries, which was likely one of the joyous bases of their friendship. Simmons, however, is a Ravenclaw Primary where Fitz is a Slytherin. This caused them no problems in their school days, likely because Fitz’s devoted Slytherin was comfortable simply following where Jemma’s Primary led her– onto the Bus and out of the lab, into conflict. However, once placed in a position where Jemma had to realize Fitz valued her above all else, and where Fitz had to realize that Jemma did not share his same prioritization, their easy relationship shattered in the beginning of S2. They have a chance to rebuild if they accept and respect each other’s priorities.