tim believes in cryptids bc like?? “Listen. Jason, listen. My best friend is an alien. Half the Justice League are either aliens or magical beings. It’s not farfetched to believe that Nessie is alive and real. I’m pretty sure I’ve met Mothman. They are real and they are among us.”

“Remind me to never talk to you again Tim wtf”

lmao all these people in the tag bitching a) ‘you wanna tell me elizabeth would let her son work for the navy and chase after pirates???’ and b) ‘you wanna tell me elizabeth wouldn’t follow will???’ YES I wanna tell you BOTH THOSE THINGS ‘cause a) sit down she was always the biggest Pirate Nerd™ and seeker of adventure and her own freedom so no way in davy jones’ soggy locker would she ever forbid henry from his own adventures especially if it was to connect with his father when he could and b) will wanted her to stay safe and told her to keep his heart safe and that’s difficult to do if she’s lugging a chest around from bunk to bunk on whatever derelict ship she’s booked passage on and you know he wouldn’t be happy with her living on some other ship chasing him whenever she could and he wouldn’t be happy with her living on his ship (also how was she supposed to do that??? sell her soul to the sea and lmao over will’s undead body was that happening) he never wanted them to be mr. & mrs. barnacle he wanted her to be safe and Idk maybe spend some time RAISING THEIR CHILD until he could come back to them so ya’ll can stop questioning actual queen of my life pirate king elizabeth swann

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Can you explain to me the chubby mccree thing? where it comes from? why the fandom loves it so much? why there is no chubby hanzo? is because sushi is healthier than hamburger?

its mostly a personal preference, I feel he looks nice with some chub on him, and it goes well with my headcanon of him being a twig when he was rebellious teen in a gang, and then getting some muscle after coming to blackwatch and having regular meals and excersise routines and also having to be in shape for missions and such~~, and them becoming chubby as he grows older and is on the run, eating irregularly and mostly fast food or food from diners which are things he can eat quickly….also drinks alot which we can sorta see in the reflections comics…. idk I just feel he looks really nice like that.

As for Hanzo, I have seen a couple of peeps draw him chubby and I like that too, but in my headcanon, Hanzo is very strict about his diet and his workout routines that I dont see him allowing himself  be any other way…. idk he is a workout junkie in my hc because its something that keeps his mind occupied.

Also please rephrase that last part because its very stereotype-y and not cool 


fic game!

I was tagged by the lovely @anamelesstraveler to post what I’m working on right now!

  • A Different Kind of Alpha where a scared and lost Stiles ends up on Hale Pack territory after being tortured by the alpha pack for two months
  • To Make It Right where werewolves are enslaved and Stiles learns all the horrors of the industry when he somehow ends up adopting derek
  • an sterek au where hutner!stiles accidentally hits full-shift!derek with his car
  • a sterek au for the prompt “you burst through the door because you thought you smelled smoke, but it was just incense, listen you’re paying for that buddy.”
  • a sterek au (are you sensing a pattern) for the prompt “u bake when ur stressed and u keep giving me baskets are u ok”
  • a sterek au where fake boyfriends der and stiles are pressured into playing spin the bottle at a graduation party
  • a mchaleinski au for the prompt  “I heard you crying [i put a twist on this part tho] in the shower are you ok but also shhHHH, you do this every night!!!”
  • a fic with multiple ships where the pack plays ‘never have i ever’
  • a sterek fic where stiles’ jeep breaks down for the final time and derek helps him get over it
  • a sterek fic where they get set up on a blind date but already went on a terrible one years ago
  • a fic where derek is the only one who remembers stiles after everyone has forgotten (i mean, what sterek writer hasn’t written this one yet lol)
  • the first chapter of a possible, maybe, perhaps next WIP for when i finish TMIR in an essentially opposite universe (werewolves rule, derek is rich, etc). we’ll see if people want that…
  • a stydia soulmate au but who knows if i’ll ever finish that bc i really do not ever write stydia…

Phew! That’s more stuff than I thought I was actively doing lol. Hopefully I’ll actually… like… post something soon? That’d be wild ;) 

ANYWAY, I tag @queerlyalex, @sleepy-skittles, @mtthwbyd, @pale-silver-comb, @dude-its-stars-hollow, @kiti-the-warrior-poet, @allirica@fandom-madnessess, @inell, and any other writer who feels like updating everyone on what they’re doing :)

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Chell, after spending a long time outside with other people, feeling like something's missing and going back to the wheat field shed and opening the door to Aperture. The lift is still there. She climbs around it and cautiously walks around on the catwalks for a while until she finds a camera. GlaDOS asks why she came back. Neither words nor gestures could convey Chell's answer, so eventually, she just touches her fingers to the camera and leaves. Two weeks later, she's back again.

Humans were resilient creatures.

This was a fact made clear by many things about them, both on an individual scale, or a much larger one.

Chell had returned to the surface to find the world in pieces, but humanity remained, trying to put itself back together. They formed communities, towns, families. Life was not easy out here, but humans had found a way.  She had been amazed by it at first, though many would be equally awed by her own actions.  She had fought and struggled and survived to make it up here, resisting any attempts to be put down.

She figured she’d like it up here.

How long had it been? Chell wondered, lying on an old mattress and staring at the water stained ceiling of her small bedroom.  How long had she been up here? The chill of winter had come and gone three times already, so she knew she had been here for some time.

Yet time had not changed what she thought it would. She thought, that after all this time, thoughts of her would go away. Thoughts of that place, the cage she had fought so desperately to be freed from, only to be let out calmly in the end.

Chell was happy to be on the surface. Happy to be with other humans. Happy to have this new life to live.

And yet despite how much she told herself that she was content, she could not make it fully true.

She wandered. Her feet moved without permission or plan, pulling her on a path that lead to both somewhere and nowhere.

Soon, the noise of the settlement she was staying in faded away, and the peaceful quiet of night became the only noise she heard. That, and the gentle whispers of wind that tickled her hair and brushed stalks of wheat against her skin.

A wheat field, abandoned and unused by anyone. Rumor was that the ground here had been poisoned and any crops grown here would be inedible, keeping almost all humans away.

Chell knew that wasn’t true, but never tried to dispel the talk. In fact, she encouraged it.

No one needed to find that metal shed. No one should find what lay beneath these fields.

Chell liked to tell herself she thought this out of a need to protect her fellow humans. Aperture was dangerous. She was dangerous. If people tried to enter or explore Aperture, they could be hurt, or killed. That was why she helped the rumors along and kept anyone from straying this way.

Not because of a deep, subconscious possessiveness that ran in her veins. An urge to hold onto the secret of Aperture’s existence like it was something only she knew, like it was… important to her. That… was not the case.

Soon, she was standing in front of the run down, metal shed, placing her hand on the door without thinking and pulling it open.  The rusted metal groaned as it was moved for what she could only assume was the first time since she had left, and she stepped inside.   It was exactly how she left it.  The shed was very small, acting only as a cover for a lift, still open, waiting to bring someone down into the depths of Aperture.

That someone was Chell.

She wasn’t keen on getting in the lift itself, instead looking around behind it to find things to climb down with. It took awhile, carefully moving downward and doing her best not to lose her footing, but eventually, she found what looked like a stop for the lift, perhaps for maintenance, based on how shabby and unpolished it looked.

Chell jumped down, and wasted little time exploring.   The facility was silent, almost too much so.  She would’ve been worried if she didn’t know better.  While no sing-song turrets rang out, and she was not greeted by the sarcastic drawl of Aperture’s ruler, she knew that the queen was alive and well.  And no doubt aware of Chell’s presence, despite her silence.

This was familiar. Catwalks and storage closets, unfinished areas and disassembly lines. She had once traveled these paths with purpose, now she wandered them aimlessly, losing herself in the soft noises of the facility.

It did not take long for her to find a camera.

Its red light on and optic moving as it followed her, standing stark in plain sight to anyone who cared to glance at the wall beside them.  

Aperture never did make much of an effort to hide the cameras they used to spy with, but this one seemed particularly blunt.

Chell’s lips twitched upwards into something that might’ve been a smile. Someone was acting rather shy, if this was considered a greeting.

For a moment, she stared into the lens of the camera, studying it. It was not dormant, even if it had stopped moving once she noticed it.  Chell knew that she was watching. She could feel it, like a chill running down her spine, ending in red hot pins and needles pricking her fingers and toes.  She might as well have been making direct eye contact.

After what felt like hours of consideration, with both Chell and the camera studying the other, a voice rang out, breaking through the silence like a rock thrown at a pane of glass.


The question was simple. The voice behind it, barely concealed under the guise of neutrality, its robotic edge ebbing away to reveal a deep longing to understand. Something deeper than mere curiosity. A need to know.  To know why Chell would return here after so long, after all she had done to leave.

Chell could not answer the voice, not with words of her own.  Her voice was not absent from her being, despite how it seemed. She could speak, but she could not say the words that she needed. Her throat constricted, and in this moment, she knew that despite her physical ability to speak, there was nothing she could say that would be truthful to what she felt.  She was not certain she even fully knew what brought her here.

Yet, she would not leave the question to hang in the air like this. It was too heavy on her shoulders. And so, she slowly, carefully reached forwards toward the camera, her hand uncertain at first.  Her fingers trembled, but any shakiness almost instantly disappeared once she touched the side of the camera. The metal was cool to the touch, and resulted in a small shudder passing through her body at the feeling.  

She kept eye contact with the optic for a few long moments, keeping her fingers in place, resting gently against the metal of the camera’s body.  Then, she pulled away, and the unseen force that had brought her here led her back the way she came.   She turned and left, climbing out of the facility in complete silence.  She was not stopped, nor chased out. Aperture had been her cage for so long, and that fact never changed.  The only difference was that now, the door was always wide open.  For her.  Only for her.

Be it fate or something else, but this would not be the last time that Chell walked Aperture’s halls.

As a matter of fact, the Queen of Aperture need not wait more than a few weeks.

A wild animal would fight tooth and nail to escape a closed cage, but leave that door open, and that cage becomes a lot more enticing. A place to explore, a shelter, perhaps even a home of sorts.

That much was yet to be seen.


“Sometimes what you think is an end is only a beginning.“

Pre-Kerberos/Pre-Voltron photo manip set! It’s been far too long since I made these things.  c:

The only images that were not manipulated (short of some coloring adjustments) were the ship image and the last photo. I had to give poor Keith a hair trim, too.

For those of you waiting for requests from forever ago… Sorry it’s taken so long. I’m still gonna make attempt to get some of them done soon. ;;;

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