Some warm-up doodles for Raffles Week… I have no idea what to draw for any of the prompts, haha. 8D;;

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Not a favorite color, but there might be something to be said for how we never see Root wear plaid as an adult :3 Or Harold, for that matter??? Team Machine/NYC appears to have something against plaid.

I actually legit forgot that tiny!Root used to wear plaid –

– but wtf man how could you forget that utter and complete atrocity of the plaid grandma couch suit Harold insisting on wearing for Lethe and Aletheia?!

Look at it in all of its revolting glory! Thank god that he prob had to burn it after this ep and my eyes were spared the torture of having to look at it again. 

I think that once Samantha Groves left Texas, she tried to completely forget that she had ever lived there and took on the new identity of Root to the point of changing how she looked, dressed and spoke. 

With Harold, I think it’s the simpler explanation of plaid just not going very well with suits in general (as demonstrated by the abomination above).

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How old are you? 20, very soon to be 21 (march 17th!) 

Current Job? student, media resources tech 

What are you talented at? writing

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?

achieved: drafting several novel-length fiction projects, making it this far

working towards: publishing a novel (one day!), finishing my degree, planning for a smooth-ish transition into life beyond college (ahaha…ahhh), managing my anxiety and depression    

What’s your aesthetic? me, dressed a led zeppelin t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and ankle boots, reading a romance novel in the cinema with my feet up while i wait for the movie to start (i’m not actually this cool, but i can dream). alternatively: me, dressed in black leggings and a cozy maroon sweater, writing at my nice clean desk in the early morning sun with my water bottle and a mug of herbal tea next to me, my journal open to a page already scribbled with ideas (i usually write curled up in bed or like, on my phone before class, but again, i can dream). 

Do you collect anything? movie tickets/other interesting little evidence of things i’ve experienced to put in my journal. when i was a kid i collected wine corks. 

A topic you always talk about? film/school/what the hell i’m going to do with my future, speirton (usually with @theonceandfuturecaptain, the light of my life), campus drama

Pet peeve? needlessly demanding and rude people, people who don’t say thank you to the dining service workers 

Good advice? perfection shouldn’t be the goal and you shouldn’t feel bad about making art (i need to remember this more often) 

Recommend 3 songs: “mess around” by cage the elephant, “peg” by steely dan, “buddy holly” by weezer 

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*DT.Sans is filled with patience.

So…the Chains of Patience. They work as whips and they have a blade at the end, this gives sans the ability to do huge amounts of damage from a large distance, DT.Papyrus also posses this weapon but is slightly different in it’s design. This is one of two types of versions of the trait. This is pure Patience.

DT.Sans belongs to me.

Original Sans belongs to @Toby Fox  

A Concept, if you will.

Okay, so, Grand Prix Final Gala, Yuri wins gold, of course, and is selected to dance at the end with the other winners and whatnot and it’s a grand old time.

But then!

Just as everyone else is exiting the rink with suspicious smiles on their faces Yurio and Phichit spin around and grab Yuri’s arms. They drag him to the middle of the ice and threaten him to not move until the end before they too leave. Anxiety crawls up Yuri’s spine as he’s left there, the audience staring at him in anticipation.

Then a light comes on rink side as Victor fucking Nikiforov skates onto the ice.

He grabs poor confused Yuri and does a lap to show him off to the crowd, before planting him against the wall at the front. Victor asks Yuri to keep his eyes on him and him alone as he drifts back to the center.

“Stay with Me” begins to play as Victor dances his heart out for Yuri. When it gets to the last bit, right where Victor is a hairsbreadth away from Yuri, he breaks choreography and grabs Yuri’s arms, dragging him with him. Music practically forgotten, they dance together so emphatically that Yuri doesn’t even notice all the other skaters returning to the ice.

It doesn’t occur to him until he finds himself completely encircled by friends and competitors. They’re so close he can’t see where Victor is anymore. After a chorus of cheers from the friends they all skate backward, breaking the circle momentarily to reveal Victor himself.

He’s now on one knee.

A ring box in hand.