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You sometimes label your drawings/paintings as "spits" and I was just wondering what that meant? I've never seen anyone else use that term before

There’s this massive group on Facebook that posts daily themes and yeah there’s a ton of cool peeps/artists there. Hope that answers your q haha

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Hi, I don't usually do this but you seem to know your way around the DP fanfiction scene... I'm looking for a certain fic and I can't find it anywhere. Danny gets trapped in a nuclear meltdown and Maddie talks to him over the radio for a bit (he thinks he's going to die but she basically tells him how to reform out of ectoplasm after he explodes...) It was a really good story, so I was wondering if you wrote it or know who wrote it/what it's called. Thanks!

What a coinkydink, anon… 

It was I! You can find the most up to date version here. <3


Well damn! Seems like just yesterday I hit 50 followers. Thanks for following my decent into B.A.P madness, I hope you enjoy the ride.

*people normally tag their fav mutuals and blogs here right?*

I dont know, i love everyone who comes to this blog and sees my antics with my friends and decide to follow me. But im gonna get sappy and tell you how i got into B.A.P.

Rewind to late 2014 (the dark ages, srry)

I was in gym class with my friends and they were talking about kpop and me being the weeaboo that i was, wasnt interested but then they told me to look up B.A.P one shot mv because (death tw) the way Daehyun got shot in the music video was funny so i go home and look it up and i get a chuckle out of it nothing more and then I see No Mercy (jp) and im like ‘i fucks with this’, i learned the dance and that was it. I also watched some of their other mvs (warrior and never give up👈 this is where i first fell for zelo) A couple of weeks later I learned about the lawsuit and my exact words were 'damn, that sucks I’ll come back to this when they settle or go to a different agency’ (cause people were talking about the probablility they will change agencies) fast foreward through 2015 and 2016 (where μ’s and klab owned my soul) and March of 2017, I remembered on my birthday about B.A.P and decided to check up on them. They were back! But with the same company….👎. But they were having a comeback! But i knew nothing about them not names not faces but the first thing i watched was One Fine Day and it was hilarious. It took me two weeks for me to be able to identify them by face and name. Fast foreward a little more to late May, @daehdream was having a giveaway and im like 'i like free things! and free b.a.p things are even better!’ but the requirements were to have a 70% b.a.p blog so im like yeah im just gonna stuff my existing blog with b.a.p and maybe ill have a chance but then i decided to make a sideblog for it keep my kpop shenanigans separate from everything else and ultimately this blog was born.

I didnt win that giveaway but i got so much more from that, i got new friends.

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Hey, wanna watch me marker this for like… 30 minutes?

hello my name is tony stark and today i’ll be using my anxiety to design a suit made to withstand every possible worst-case-scenario i can come up with

  • Someone: lol no one ends up with their celebrity crush, it's just unrealistic
  • Yuuri Katsuki, sitting on Victor Nikiforov's couch, in Victor Nikiforov's home, with Victor Nikiforov's dog on his lap, wearing only his engagement ring and Victor Nikiforov's shirt, with Victor Nikiforov in the next room : *sips tea*


So, Do i love this game? Yeah, it was A+! Full of adorable and funny dialogues (also puns were great), art in it is cute and gorgeous and characters were really awesome! (Also i added captions! ;>)

Also if you’re curious my favourite dad is Hugo Vega, i may not know much about anything, but seeing him so passionate about wrestling and learning is the cutest <3


Ted the Animator: “…welp.”

Carl the Animator: “It’s a deep, complex, and fleshed-out love story, conveyed entirely in 5 derps.”

Ted the Animator: “A classic tale. Boy discovers Mr. Hyde tied him up, boy is worried, boy finds that three-inch green chin is growing on him, boy searches his feelings, boy realizes he wants to be Mr. Mr. Hyde.”

Carl the Animator: “…was that all a setup for that one joke at the end?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes, and I’m darn proud of it.”