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Yuma’s Birthday Short Story Translation [2014]:


‘Say let’s go to the amusement park’.  When she had said that, I thought “huh”? I didn’t catch that right, so I asked her to explain. She went on about it being some sort of ‘special occasion’  and I found myself still confused, not understanding at all.


“I mean, isn’t it your birthday?”

“If it is, so what?”


My hand that was peeling harvested vegetables came to a stop and I looked over my shoulder. Her face appeared like a kid in a candy shop.


“And why are you so happy?”

My neck cracked while speaking.

“Well… …uhm… …if a person is important to you, then the day they were born would be too, right?”

She grew embarrassed as she spoke and because of that, for some reason, my face started to heat up.


“But I’m a vampire, you know.”

Speaking with deception, I reached my hand out towards another ripe tomato.

“… …’But Yuma-kun’s a vampire’, and?”

She returned my words right back to me to make sure of them and my words were lost for an answer back.

Sure enough, I don’t say what I truly want to because of a little hesitation that hangs around me.


For starters, discussing my birthday is rehashing the past days of when I was human. I didn’t really plan on celebrating it anyway, but then she took it upon herself to make these plans with cake and amusement parks and whatnots. All of which were behind my back, of course.


“Hey, Yuma-kun!”

She was impatient for me reply, so she hovered around beside me and peered at my face.


“What? You’re in my way.”

“If you answer, then I’ll get out of your way.”


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