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All of Dash’s friends think Danny is a stone cold fearless mother fucker because Danny can play Outlast without screaming at /anything/ (bc he’s used to spooky shit bc ghosts but they don’t know that) so they keep telling him to play games just to see if he will get scared and he NEVER DOES and eventually Danny gets sick of it (even though people are like throwing steam gift cards at him so he will be able to purchase these games)

So everyone’s around him and he’s playing like the very beginning of PT and when the ghost lady starts banging on the bathroom door he just fucking /shrieks/ and like falls over and makes a whole deal about being scared and everyone high fives and is like ‘lol get rekt Danny we got you’ and he’s just 'lol you sure did good job guys’ and after they leave he just sits back down and plays the rest of it absolutely silent bc Danny is a HARD ASS BITCH WHO AINT SCARED OF SHIT

(PS if you want some Dash in this just know that Dash is afraid of everything and puts his headphones in and watches cartoons on Netflix)

All of The Weekenders were gay as hell!! You cant even deny it! Rewatch the show! None of those kids were straight!!

Carver? Gay as fuck!!! 10 year old me could spot that shit from space!!! try harder!!!

Tish????? Lesbian!!!!! She decided her crushes on boys pragmatically by who was the best traditional folk muscian you CANNOT-

Lor?? Gay AND trans as HECK don’t TEST me!!!!! Definitely came out as a trans man in highschool and grew the raddest sideburns anyones ever seen!!!! !!!!!!

Tino? TINO??? Tino Toni-fuckig-tini was the gayest ace ON PLANET EARTH!!!! I HAVE THE DATA, YOU CAN’T RUN FROM THE TRUTH!!!


“Nyo ho~”

Art raffle 3rd place prize for @ssmilleyy; Gyro Zeppeli


Sidemen polaroids: Abu Dhabi

if akechi is the bishonen prince of detectives, akira must be the ikemen prince of thieves

my thoughts on the lance vlog

Okay after some time to think, here are my more objective, less emotional thoughts:

Lance’s vlog was adorable. The allurance was strong and that’s lovely. You do get to see how much he admires her. He was like “she probably think’s I’m great and strong and pretty”, we all know he was just saying what he thinks about her. And that’s wonderful!!!! Like, how much he admires her on a serious level is so great. I really want to see that more!! (My fave is still Klance but if Allura makes him happy that’s honestly most important to me.)

I do find the fact that he’s not really down with commitment interesting, though. I think it relates to what Lauren said, “I know what he might look for but what he might look for might not be what he needs”. Whether or not that relates to his feeling for Allura is unknown at this point. It could mean that over time he’ll realize he actually needs commitment or it could mean he needs someone else entirely. Who knows?

While I know these vlogs are primarily promotional, (shout out to @archaicsextoy for reminding me of that and getting my head on straight), I do still think the vlogs have some foreshadowing potential on narrative focus points. I worry that issues like Lance missing his family and earth and his sadness over switching from Blue might never be addressed again, and I really want to see more about that. Also, I don’t think his insecurities about his place on the team have been addressed nearly enough. And since none of these things were addressed in the vlog they might not be addressed in the show. While him talking about Allura and romance was definitely in-character, it does seem out of character that he wouldn’t focus on other things as well? Hopefully, the writers will pick these storylines back up. I want my boy to be happy and I think he’ll be much happier if some of this stuff is properly addressed.

Circling back to the commitment thing again, something I think would be interesting is playing on his insecurities about his place on the team with his distaste for commitment. As his insecurities on the team are addressed, so too might his aversion to commitment be addressed and he might want to actually settle down with someone seriously. Again, who knows?

And yeah that’s about it.

This is Gospel (Split Tracks)
Panic! At The Disco
This is Gospel (Split Tracks)

Panic! At The Disco - This is Gospel (Split Tracks). The left ear is the studio version and the right ear is the piano version. This isn’t my best one, as it gets slightly off at times, but I had to do a lot of tempo adjustment to get it this good. It will work without headphones, but they are recommended. 

I take (and want) requests. If you have an idea for something, just send me a message here and I’ll see what I can do.

Listen to more of my stuff here.

if no one does this let’s just pretend like this didn’t happen :’)) also i spelled my own name wrong on the other one so here it goes again lmao

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but i’m currently in some sorta hard situation when i really need to grab as much work as i can so i could pay rent and uh get some food


$30 - fully colored character

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$10 - simple background

please, write to if you’re interested!!

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anonymous asked:

I love your art so much, your style is amazing! I'm not sure if you take requests (so just ignore this if you dont) but would you consider drawing Kageyama Tobio?

Thanks so much Anon! And actually no, I don’t take requests, but you’re lucky because I wanted to draw Kageyama for a while. So accept this as thanks for the reminder XD 

Snake Hips: Chapter 1; Iced Vanilla

Here is the first chapter of a Kuroo x Reader angst fic I’ve started working on.  It is inspired by and based on my own experiences with love and break ups.  I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: The title is based off of the music group, Snakehips.


Chapter 1; Iced Vanilla

           Her heart had never been so loud before.  For a moment, she was embarrassed of it, worried that he may have heard it.  It pounds in her chest.  Her eyes are fixed to his.  The sunset fades behind him, his skin glows in the golden light.  He is so beautiful it hurts.  For her, time has stopped.  She feels everything at once, and it is so overwhelming that her mind gives up.  She feels as though she may float away.  Just moments ago, her heart was full, but now she can feel it breaking.  Painfully cracking down the middle.  A black hole opens in her rib cage.

           “It’s best if we separate.”

           That’s what he just said.  This can’t be real.  His hazel eyes apathetic as they look down at her. He glances to the side, wary of pedestrians, not wanting to attract attention to the situation at hand.  When his eyes meet hers again, she nearly drops to her knees to sob.  His relaxed gaze is void of emotion.  In his eyes, she can see that he does not love her anymore.

           She wants to ask why, she wants to cry, she wants a lot from Tetsurou in this moment.  The only thing she can force out is, “Okay.”

           He smiles.  It is foreign to her, not one she has seen before.  It is polite, empty.  “Thanks for understanding, I hope we can still be friends.”  He reaches to her and touches her shoulder.  Gentle, but not tender.  She feels his hand on her.  The hand that held hers, wiped away her tears, cradled her face.  His touch is unfeeling and fleeting.  As soon as he withdraws his hand, he is gone.  Walking past her, down the bustling city sidewalk.

           And just like that, time starts again.  Cars honk, stop lights tick, people talk as they walk, the soft wind blows her hair off her shoulders.  She turns around, and catches his black hair disappearing in the crowded street.  He’s gone already.  The whirl wind in her mind settles, leaving her thoughts and feelings scattered.  She would float away if it weren’t for the pit in her stomach, and her heavy heart.

What the fuck…?

           A gust of cold wind sends goosebumps up her bare arms, and she realizes how much everything hurts. Her chest tightens, a sob threatening to rip through.  Her vision quickly becomes blurry with tears that teeter on spilling over. A million memories come at her at once, smashing her heart into a million pieces.  Her throat burns, her cheeks sting, and goddammit, she’s really cold.

           A year and a half…And all I get is that?

           A crushing wave of sadness has filled her completely.  Here she stands, on the side of the road, her heart in pieces.  She turns back around, and walks in the opposite direction of Tetsurou.  Her ex-boyfriend.  Her footsteps thump across the pavement in time with her heart beat.  When she no longer recognizes where she is, she stops. Her chest is so tight she can hardly breath.  What do I…What do I do?  Slowly, she walks across the street to sit on an empty bench, under a tree.  The last of the sunset is fading to black, stars twinkle above the city skyline.  She watches orange leaves fall and softly land on the grass.  The street lights turn on, and she finally starts to cry.


           Her heart fluttered in her chest, laughter bubbled out of both of them.  Their hands lightly brushed against each other’s, their touches electrifying.  “Which one do you like?”  He asked her, crouching down to look at the assortment of succulents on the lower shelves.  His voice was like toffee, sweet and rough.

           Just an hour earlier, the two had bumped into each other in the on-campus coffee shop.  He had spotted her, and quickly made his way to her.  He had asked her what she was doing getting coffee so late into the evening, “I could ask you the same question.”  She replied. The pair knew of each other thanks to their mutual friend, quickly developing crushes on each other. Tetsurou jumped at the opportunity to talk to her alone and get to know her better, inviting her to come sit with him. They excitedly talked about everything. Their high schools, pasts, music, passions.  He listened to every word she spoke, as if his life depended on it, and he had every last bit of her attention.  One thing lead to another and they found themselves at Home Depot, searching for little houseplants.

           “I like the fuzzy one, and the little spiky guy.” She giggled.

           “Let’s get matching ones.”  He said, and looked at her with glittering, happy eyes.  She couldn’t hold back the warm smile that curled her lips.  She nodded excitedly, her curly hair bouncing.  She was head over heels for the nerdy bad boy.  She felt comfortable with him.  He was genuine and sincere, and the way he looked at her was so caring that she nearly swooned whenever their eyes met.  Tetsurou was amazed by her effortless beauty, and drawn in by her confident and caring personality.  She was passionate and clever.  He thought she was perfect.

           Their flirting was sweet.  His hand would softly touch the small of her back, which sent a ticklish shock up her spine.  She’d press her shoulder against his, and stand so close that her piney scent filled his nose.  She nearly held his hand on their way out the door.  They walked side by side, plants in hand, their sides grazing.  Their shadows faded into each other’s.  The last of the pink sunset dipped behind the horizon. The early night sky was dark blue, the first stars peeked out.  The crescent moon hung high in the sky.

           He grabbed her hand abruptly, stopping her. Tetsurou’s big, warm hand pressed into hers, holding it firmly.  She savored the moments of his touch.  Their eyes met, his hazel one’s swirled with admiration and longing.  He cleared his throat nervously.  He’s so cute.  She thought, a blush sneaked it’s way up her neck and to her cheeks.

           He smirked, her heart skipped a beat.  “Do you want to go out with me?”  His low voice was relaxed.

           Her breath caught in her throat.  “Yes.”  She answered, her heart full.  They looked at each other with bright, happy eyes.  Laughter started to spill from them, their hearts soared.  He pulled her to his chest, lifted and spun her in a hug.  He smelled of roses and vanilla.  She let his scent consume her, fill her with airy warmth.  The street lights turned on, and they shared a tender kiss.