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All of Dash’s friends think Danny is a stone cold fearless mother fucker because Danny can play Outlast without screaming at /anything/ (bc he’s used to spooky shit bc ghosts but they don’t know that) so they keep telling him to play games just to see if he will get scared and he NEVER DOES and eventually Danny gets sick of it (even though people are like throwing steam gift cards at him so he will be able to purchase these games)

So everyone’s around him and he’s playing like the very beginning of PT and when the ghost lady starts banging on the bathroom door he just fucking /shrieks/ and like falls over and makes a whole deal about being scared and everyone high fives and is like ‘lol get rekt Danny we got you’ and he’s just 'lol you sure did good job guys’ and after they leave he just sits back down and plays the rest of it absolutely silent bc Danny is a HARD ASS BITCH WHO AINT SCARED OF SHIT

(PS if you want some Dash in this just know that Dash is afraid of everything and puts his headphones in and watches cartoons on Netflix)


Sidemen polaroids: Abu Dhabi

(okay so just as a brief note, i was originally going to make this ref more fancier and cleaner like my Lapis redesign, but because i ran out of motivation to do this (while at the same time wanting to get this done and out of the way so i can move on to other things I’ve been wanting to draw), i just sorta rushed drawing this and i made this into a much simpler ref. so i apologize if this looks pretty bad ;o;)

lately I’ve been seeing a lot of redesigns for some of the SU characters (esp. for Lapis and Pearl) but I haven’t really seen a lot of Peridot redesigns floating around, so I decided to make one myself!

so I’ll go ahead and talk about my thoughts that went into this redesign under the cut:

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My heart is broke
But I have some glue
Help me inhale
And mend it with you


hair update - is blue now because I decided I didn’t like the green

also have I mentioned how much I hate my stupid round face aljhfkajfhakjfdh


As Cores do Sagrado (Colors of the Sacred) is a collection of watercolors made by argentinian artist Carybé (1911-1997) in an attempt to register religious and cultural values in Bahia, between the 1950s and the 1980s. In the artist’s own words:

“This work simply intends to be an honest and accurate documentary of Candomblé. There are drawings from 1950 and even some from 1980, showing the festivities, clothing, symbols and ceremonies that I saw and experienced in this prodigious world that the slaves brought with them and stored in the depths of the heart of Bahia, a world lovingly watched over by the Iyalorixás and Babalorixás(…)”

Click here to download the whole set of images scanned from the catalogue

I Only Know About a Thug Life

Vixx; Taekwoon; Fluff; GN; Gang AU; 1096 Words

 The leader of a huge gang comes knocking on your door for help, and in that time the two of you unexpectedly develop a sweet relationship.

Anonymous said:
Hiya! Just stumbled upon this here blog of yours. Wanted to put in a request if that was alright? Maybe a VIXX Leo scenario where he is in a gang/mafia or such and Y/N becomes a close friend?

im back and betta than eva :^)

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flerghfood  asked:

I'm just, so weak for space dad. Any headcanons / drabbles for some Shiro domesticy?? Like just does he like cuddling? Pet names? PDA??

OOo, a domestic AU?? I love domestic AUs. So here come the domestic!Shiro headcanons! (With special gift~)

– Ryan

• Assuming this isn’t the sort of domestic AU that involves marriage and children: the two of you move in together in a cozy one bedroom apartment, and you decorate it to the aesthetics you both appreciate
• So the room is decorated with fluffy pillows and rugs and blankets, and earthy toned furniture. It’s a clash that sorta just works?
• I feel like Shiro would be really fluffy with you in public, like it would be subtle, but people would get the idea you’re dating
• He holds your hand, or keeps his arm around your shoulders
• When you’re standing on lines he’ll hold you from behind and rest his chin on your head, or your shoulder, wherever you fall in accordance to his height
• He’d call you things like ‘sweetpea’, or ‘pumpkin’. Mostly ‘darling’ (which is what you call him, too)
• Indoor activities at home would include reading on the couch, watching movies together, and cooking and cleaning together.
• Cuddles are a definite, even when you’re reading that novel you’ve always wanted to get around to, and he’s just latched around your waist.
• He’s the kinda boyfriend that would welcome you to a surprisingly clean apartment and a fresh cooked meal (he tried), and sometimes come home with some flowers he couldn’t resist getting because they reminded him of your smile.

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