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“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.”

That one happy Rogue One AU where everybody lives and then Chirrut takes Luke under his wing to learn more about the force. Let me have this pls

there were a lot of incredible scenes of the raven cycle, but by far the most beautiful was how almost immediately after comprehending Noah’s deadness Ronan actually went for picking him up and throwing him out of a three story building window while Gansey was having a melodramatic think session right outside the door at like 2 in the morning


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Who is Michael's SQUIP supposed to look like?

Aw c’mon Michael, we all know you’ve watched the Harry Potter movies on repeat 👀👀👀

Ask SQUIP Swap Michael something!

the whole “let me hit my head to see if it triggers any memories” thing will never not be funny to me (although a bit worrisome)

*a cackle is heard in the distance*

EY GUYS I made some new Gem OCs! On the left is Star Sapphire, and on the right is Night Blue Pearl (who’s pretty much my Pearlsona) (ALSO I made N.B. Pearl chubby, bc why the hell not?)

(I also sorta consider Star Sapphire to be like my Sapphire-sona in a way, even tho she doesn’t really look like me lmao)

(It’s been a while since I’ve used my tablet, so… sorry if it kinda looks meh, I’m just trying to get used to using it again ;;;;;)

I do have a couple (short but incomplete) bios for each of them:

Star Sapphire

  • Gem Type: Sapphire
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Special Abilities: Future Vision; Telling the current time and place by looking at the positions of the stars/constellations (as well as the sun(s) or the moon(s)) in the sky (sorta like a living GPS); Predicting one’s future by holding their palm(s) and looking into the positions of the stars/constellations/other celestial bodies in the sky
  • Personality: Star Sapphire is a wise, soft-spoken and sophisticated Gem. Surprisingly, though, she’s actually quite energetic, gleeful and extroverted. She’s also very passionate about her work. Whenever she finds something funny or amusing, she’s prone to having giggling fits. She’s also surprisingly close to her Pearl, and she sorta (secretly) sees her as more than just a servant, but more like a close friend.
  • Extra stuff: Star Sapphire is not only an aristocratic oracle, but she’s also an expert astronomer and astrologer. She belongs to Blue Diamond’s court.

Night Blue Pearl

  • Gem Type: Pearl
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Special Abilities: Storing objects inside her gem; (I like to think she probably has similar abilities to her owner Star Sapphire, but probably to a lesser extent; as for what they exactly are, I’m not rly sure yet ;v;)
  • Personality: Night Blue Pearl is a shy, quiet, and introverted Gem. She’s also very sensitive and gets scared easily. She hates confrontation, and is prone to having panic attacks/meltdowns in stressful/violent situations. Though she’s not very social, she’s kind and polite to others (even to those who don’t deserve kindness). 
  • Extra Stuff: Night Blue Pearl is Star Sapphire’s servant and assistant, and also belongs to Blue Diamond’s court.

Meme | [x]

Ship that you find most sexy

If by sexy you mean ‘Holy shit this would never happen but its amazing because all three of these characters can kick ass and uuuuugh they would just destroy eachother because everyone is so fucking badass in their own right???’ then Shallureith. I actually got into the ship because of my bestie/husbando (whom is blacklionschampion) and got intrigued by it and then excited because of the whole ‘omg they’re all so badass and would destroy each other because to either of them everyone’s badassery is actually kind of attractive and holy shit why are they like this??? what happened???’ dynamic.

Also because I already had liked Shallura and Sheith to begin with. That helped. Shallureith also helped me see the potential in Kallura and I’m excited to see how that ends up growing in canon.

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Ten/Rose + arm stroking

for outcast

“I didn’t mean to do it… I was going to let him go!”

“… I know.”

AU: Katara accidentally follows through on killing Yon Rha, and Zuko tries to deal with the fallout.


Added 2 more headers, both Xanatos to my blog <3

Xanatos du Crion, original design from my Star Wars Age!Squash AU.

  • me: haha yeah i like multishipping
  • me after hyperfixating on a comfort ship and getting uncomfy at the sight of anything else: oh

★ Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose for @gurenichinnose  (≧▽≦)
↪"You’re wrong about one thing, though. I’m not your friend. I am your superior. The guy you owe your life to. Your surrogate father. Put all those together, and I’m practically a god to you. You can even call me ‘papa’ if you want.“