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DCTV Ladies Appreciation Week
↳ Day 1: Favorite Character(s) [Part 1 - Berlantiverse] || All of Them 

“You do a mighty fine job bearing a burden few men could deal with.” 
“Good thing I’m a woman then.”


Added 2 more headers, both Xanatos to my blog <3

Xanatos du Crion, original design from my Star Wars Age!Squash AU.


★ Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose for @gurenichinnose  (≧▽≦)
↪"You’re wrong about one thing, though. I’m not your friend. I am your superior. The guy you owe your life to. Your surrogate father. Put all those together, and I’m practically a god to you. You can even call me ‘papa’ if you want.“

dan’s calling phil an angel bean, phil’s calling him d-slice, 2016 is great and i’m so grateful to who ever sacrificed their soul to make this possible

I blame Kill Bill for making people not understand Clark Kent/Superman

tfw when you realise you’re so much more of a Burr than the Angelica you wish you were.

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happy easter !!! ♡