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a post-apocalyptic hug

Okakuri Week Day 6- Always In This Place

ran out of ideas a bit for this one so i just redrew a screenshot from the film.


DYWM (DO YOU WANT ME?) — ’ i just wanna feel you nearer. not gonna pray that bit closer. ’ / spencer’s got a thing for derek’s new girlfriend. it feels as awful as it sounds. ( 2.6k words )

NOTES — soft baby season one spencer is most definitely the inspiration for this here imagine. i’m only a few episodes into the second season, but i already know i’ll never get over season one. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy. as always, my ask is open for any feedback or requests! p.s. y/n/n stands for your nickname.

SNIPPET — “First thing you need to learn about me and Derek,” Y/N pauses, drags her fingertips down the length of his arms, burns holes through his tux with her touch, and guides his extremities to the same dip in her waist her boyfriend was gripping moments ago, “we aren’t the jealous type.”

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Space Pops Rhea Remixed–I posed her sitting so you could see that she no longer splays*, but her skirt and the angle sorta work together to make her look like she’s standing.

I also wiped off the odd freckles below her eyes (I had no problem with them being blue, I just thought the overall downward-pointing-triangle shape was weird) and painted over the speckles in her irises (yeah, I think she looks a lot better without any of the speckle details) and also added some brighter pink under her eyes after I accidentally wiped off just a bit of the stock pink on one eye, and then added the big pink dots (dots, not speckles) to try to make the light pink under the eyes make sense.  Or something.

And after the mess of using acetone to wipe off the painted-on socks, I dressed her in opaque tights.

*As I’ve said before, the problem is not the idea of splaying, it’s the lack of posing options in poorly engineered hips.  Same when a doll can’t sit upright.  Sure, slouching is fun, but there are times when it’s not the best idea…

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just wondering, what do you hate about the Hamilton fandom? I'm not mad, just curious because whatever the problem is I'm oblivious to it.


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I'm not saying I need a Devil Went Down To Georgia style duel between Johann and Kravitz/Lup. Either Lup or Krav is the devil with the other two reapers as their musical backup. Either it's a fucking au where no one dies and there's some kind of Talent Show but like Intense at the BoB base or Kravitz made a deal to let Johann's soul go into one of Lucas' robots

OHHHH BOY, you have hit directly on one of my interests! I really like the idea of Johann striking an unusual deal with Kravitz or Lup for his soul, it seems to fit his character even…

Okay wait hold on I had an idea. If it’s Kravitz that he has the duel with, it doesn’t even need to be an au. Maybe this has already happened - imagine years ago, when Johann was younger and already a prodigy at his art. He loves to play, he hates being told what to play, and he has a bright future ahead of him. But there’s a war - there’s a lot of wars. And every reaper is needed to keep up with the casualties. 

Johann’s town is hit - not by a relic, but by the suspicion that someone in town has one - and there are few survivors. Johann is not supposed to be one, but when Kravitz finds him, he’s still holding his violin, miraculously unscathed. Kravitz comments on it and his own history with music, because he’s not used to this, he’s not used to collecting souls that don’t have to be chased down. Johann has an idea. He wants to play one more time, and if he can play better than Kravitz, then he has beaten Kravitz in competition and wins more time. And Kravitz, who needs a bright moment in the middle of all of this darkness, agrees.

As soon as Johann starts to play, Kravitz knows he’s beaten. They play a duet instead, and Johann survives the night. He doesn’t remember the wars, eventually, but he vaguely remembers the sound of two violins playing together. 

When they meet again years later, Johann grins a bit and says that he didn’t get much more time after all. Kravitz smiles and replies that Johann had just enough time for everyone to remember his name.

(The intense talent show idea is also quality, but I imagine even after Johann dies there are talent shows. At the very least, Johann and Lup have duels on various instruments in their free time all the time. It’s a thing. It’s a great thing.)

So I still don’t know how art works entirely… but I drew the captain of my heart and figured I’d share so that if I ever do improve down the line, I can look back on this, smoking a pipe in a rocking chair, and muse, “We’ve come an awful long way, friend.” Ahem. But anyway…

I’m in love with Sawamura Daichi.

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umm... warwick, also from league of legends! how would he behave when finding someone he has special feelings for? i wonder if he'd be a cuddler...

He’s gotten updated since the last time I played! Looks like he’s more biotech than he used to be.

Honestly, as far as I could see, he’d probably be all over you before you even knew he had feelings for you. More likely than not, scooping you up and running off with you would be his way of showing you how much he cares.

He’s, uh, shall we say, extremely temperamental, and super-duper territorial. Like, tell your friends to stay at least 50 yards away at all times. It’ll take some serious work to get him to accept anyone else into “his” pack.

He’s got the metal claw thing going, and those can be COLD sometimes. Though he himself is fluffy as ever, and he absolutely LOVES to cuddle up with you. Be forewarned that any attempt at escape will result in shredded clothes as he tries to keep you from leaving.