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Some screen caps from Chop Suey. Truth be told, though I knew about Ian Svenonius’ involvement back when I got the game, I’d forgotten about it over the years. (I mean, I hadn’t played the game or seen anything about it since, probably, ‘99?) But as I was playing it yesterday, two things stood out to me. Dooner–pictured in the third screen cap from the top–and the beatnik fireflies, pictured fifth from the top. Yesterday, I looked at Dooner and thought: “Oh wow, look at that retro sorta-mod hipster boy, he looks like he should be listening to The Make*Up or something.” (Side note: I totally had a vague sort-of crush on Dooner when I played the game at age 13-15, I remember thinking, god, I wanna meet a boy like that. Reader, I met many boys like that, and most of them were disappointing.) And then, as I clicked on the beatnik fireflies, I recognized the voice of the one who said crazy. I thought: “I am 99% certain that is none other than Ian F. Svenonius.” I remembered that Brendan Canty had done the music, and that Theresa Duncan had been part of the DC punk scene, so I thought it was certainly probable. And then, while watching the credits at the end of the game, I saw that Ian was the fucking illustrator! Like I said, I’d forgotten, and I laughed when I saw his name there. It’s kind of funny and awesome when I think about the fact that Ian S. and stuff he’s made or been part of making has been an important part of my life for well over two decades, now.

michael headcanons

- when he was little he had a plug n play w a bunch of the arcade games on it
- fckjing loves cassettes it’s super nerdy
- his parents sorta disapprove of his hipster/retro thing, but r fine w it bcoz it keeps him Occupied
- has a spinner ring that is the Best Thing Ever
- the ring is a gift from jeremy
- random dance parties
- has a bunch of those rly goofy boxers w stuff on em
- one of his favorite places is a combination music store/cafe
- has a fear of sharp objects
- he cant sew his own patches on jeremy does it
- wear his jacket literally 24/7
- if he isn’t wearing his jacket, jeremy is
- retro stuff is his special interest
- music taste is All Over The Place
- literally it ranges from ‘country song about murder’ to electroswing to pop
- knows how to swing dance
- he tried to teach jeremy at one point
- they both ended up with a black eye


in which mabel and pacifica exchange mixtapes

mabel to pacifica ♥

// she changes the weather / swim deep // crown on the ground / sleigh bells // take me out / franz ferdinand // sun / two door cinema club // compliment your soul / dan croll // dreamers / savoir adore // planet claire / the b-52′s // swimmer / caroline // ghost train / summer camp // brightest hour / the submarines // meteor shower / owl city //

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♥ pacifica to mabel ♥ 

// atomic love / borns // dilly / band of horses // surfacing / chapel club // sweater weather / the neighborhood // springtime / the head and the heart // summertime / the head and the heart // went away / the maccabees // polish girl / neon indian // under the milky way / the church // concerning the u.f.o. sighting near highland, illinois / sufjan stevens // shooting stars / bag raiders //

// listen on 8tracks

//tbh i wanted to put a sticker over my face its ew. im sorry.

okay so the story of this is… it’s pretty weird for me.

anyway. Sar and I were in line for this and holy shit was I shaking. I’m still shaking as I right this from the memory. we had planned everything out before and I was just… ugh. shaking and all shy. Sar had a castume on with a bee thing over it and it was cute. i was her flowers and… modern!fae!Cas? idk it looked pretty good with my mini camera. sorta hipster. but i didn’t have wings tho. im getting off topic. so i had those two on and y’know all that good stuff. but i stayed next to misha when the picture with Sar ended and sorta looked up at him and was all “uhm.. can you wear this pink one and give me a kiss on the forehead? like a forest god would?” in a whisper like voice and he smiled and nodded, put the crown on. i dont even know how he heard me but thank god he did. so, when he did that i scooted closer and got into the whole happy space and closed my eyes.

let me tell you…. misha is really fuckin fit. i felt like a potato. he also smelled really good. (is that weird?) but like he kissed my hair and yeah. when it was all done with, he gave me my crown and we actually thanked each other (that fuckin sweet heart) then i left. i was shaking and all hyped up.

honestly it was a great experience but i think he was having an off day. they were rushing him around and he’s a person who wants to take his time. yet he was sweet and all that stuff.


now the autograph time.

so i was standing in line with Sar, Tanya, and Aspi(i unfortunately don’t know her tumblr name. she was great) waiting to get our autographs. i was so nervous and i thought when we got there we would be able to talk to him.

but no.

when we got there he just had to say hi and sign. which was making him MISERABLE. it was obvious. i mentioned that my name was Dmitri A’Kai and he brightened up. i honestly didn’t think he woULD SIGN MY NAME THERE WITH A HEART. let me tell you the volunteer beside him was PISSED. she look annoyed and i loved it. misha practically gave her a dirty look and took his sweet time writing my name and we had a slight conversation. he asked me if i spelled it the same way he did and i nodded very proudly and told him i did. he smiled a little and slid my picture over to me and nodded, looking at my name tag. (it said Dmitri A’Kai with my pronouns) i told him that the camp i got it at thought A’Kai was my middle name and just put Dmitri on the print. Misha told me that i was the first person that he knew who spelled my name like his. then he took the picture back and put “AKA “Dmitri”“ before smiling and signing my friend’s stuff.

i think him personalizing it was a way to rebel in a way. and i was happy for him. because he seemed a lot happier afterwards.

i also gave him a letter but yeah. that’s it.

i hope you enjoyed my story about the first day with misha!

I am the wrappers from Halloween candy.
I am the dull brown leaves near the sewers in fall.
I am the stray hair on picture day.
I am also the first star you see on a cloudy night.
I am the 100% on the test.
I am the laugh after a corny joke.
I am many things.
I am weak
also strong.
I will not let anything or anyone
Drag me down.
—  L.E., “I am me” (via celestiallycontent)