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Allow me to present to you this headcanon: Shiro as a Japanese Brazilian!

  • Brazil has the most number of Japanese immigrants in the world. This is a result from a large number of Japanese people fleeing from Japan to Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century. Bairro da Liberdade (Freedom) is a district in São Paulo (Brazilian State) that is home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. I’ve been there and it’s both huge and amazing! Most people living in there speak both Portuguese and Japanese and there are also some Japanese newsspapers that run in this area. It’s a very welcoming place for anime and manga fans and it’s not hard to find cosplayers meeting in the area. Karaoke contests are famous in the area. There are also a smaller number of Chinese and Korean folks living in Liberdade.
  • Introducing the Voltron team to chimarrão. Coran absolutely falls in love with it, Hunk loves the smell and taste, Pidge and Keith are very reluctant to even try it out and Lance dives right in in one go. Allura is suspicious and finds out it’s not really to her taste but still appreciates the thought.
  • Whenever the panic attacks get bad and he needs to calm down, Shiro likes to isolate himself from the others and listen to bossa nova and Maria Gadú. It really helps him out.
  • Shiro’s father is Japanese, his mother is Brazilian.
  • He’s fluent in Japanese, Portuguese and English, which helps him get that scholarship at the garrison. He learns some Russian as well, though he’s not as good at it, but it’s important for the space program. 
  • Shiro and Lance thinking they can understand each other because Portuguese and Spanish are similar and then realizing how bad an idea that was.

  • Shiro came to fall in love with space while visiting the SONEAR (Southern Observatory for Near Earth Asteroids Research) observatory with his parents as a kid, located in the state of Minas Gerais. It was an experience unlike any other and that’s when he decided he wanted to be an astronaut for real.

Thank you @quotidiandreams for sharing this idea with me and @phospenumbra for translating Lance’s Spanish for me!  ❤

The Tower of Salvation, the end point of both Lloyd and Mithos’s journey.

Done for #talesof69min for the theme [Cloudy]

First time drawing a sky like this one! So if anyone have any suggestions or any tips to improve it feel free to tell me c: Thanks!

just thought id share with you all, my game glitched a while ago after like, the 4th playthrough and now every time i boot up a new save they stand this close to each other during the picture. without fail. sorta adorable tbh

Oh dear, this turned out a bit creepier than expected… 

I was drowning in Underline Gaster feels after the latest update and tried to do some angsty artwork to go with, but uh… this happened instead… whoops.

Thank you @underlineau @ifellforundertale @sureisdusty for this amazing comic!

sometimes calum would grab you and push you up against a wall, mouth coming down hard against yours as he made sure there wasnt an inch of space between the two of you. he would get rough at random moments, you never really knew when it was coming. he would carry you up to your bedroom and pin you against the bed; his hands working at removing every piece of clothing that was seperating your bodies while his lips sucked and bit at your neck. he wouldnt waste any time, and would have his fingers working on you, then his tongue and before you knew it he was pounding into you making you see stars as you screamed his name. you would fall asleep in his arms, only to wake up the next morning with finger sized bruises on your hips and hickeys that covered the skin of your neck. not realizing at first, you would try to get up but you noticed that you were too sore to walk properly. for the rest of the day you would make calum carry you around. it was obvious to the other guys why you couldnt walk, and they never failed to make comments about it. still, it didnt seem to bother calum because he had that same smug smirk on his lips all day


Days of Productivity: 1 of 100
I kinda sorta failed my science quiz today (I literally got a 0/10) so I did some research and took some notes so I can ace the test this Thursday. The teacher is really nice but this is one of those classes that I will have to go to other sources to learn the information because she’s not that great at teaching 😭
I’m seriously loving this autumn weather it’s my favorite thing ever. It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week and I can’t wait to read books with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand…😌🍁
I hope you’re all doing well! If you have any questions about anything don’t feel afraid to send me an ask! I would love to help!


dream girl: deepika padukone

So this is my first actual sprite character made from perler beads. He actually should be flipped the other way but his ARM on the right there got a little too ironed on that side so the mirror image is better. I used the video game sprite template for him, but I changed the colors so he’d be a proper Action Bastard and I got rid of the shading on his face.

“Where is Damien Sandow? He’s such an entertaining wrestler, and now that he’s got rid of the Mizdow gimmick, I’m much more interested in him. I think it would be interesting to have Sandow vs Cena for the US title during the open challenge, because it would remind me of when he tried to cash in Money in the Bank on Cena and failed, sorta retribution for Sandow. Sandow for US champ!“


So there are a few new people. I just wanted to say hey. Hello. Hi. What’s up?

Anyway, just thought I would mention: if you’re here strictly for art stuff, and you don’t wanna listen to me babble about other things, or if you don’t want to wade through replies (because I try to reply to all the things even if I sorta end up failing because of reasons I’ve gone over before) I tag everything as ‘wily talk’ . So you can blacklist that if you want.

This has been a PSA =D

au where kageyama is an android that was specifically designed to be excellent at sports, but he was a prototype that sorta failed and he refused to play anything but volleyball. so his creators retired him to live as a basically normal person, with a surrogate family, so he goes to school and plays volleyball for fun.

but like, being a robot with incredible power and accuracy means he’s 10x better than humans at the game and their lack of reaction time frustrates him, so it’s like canon in that he’s known for being difficult and impatient.

he keeps his android status on the DL, because his design makes him look very human and he can eat for appearance’s sake (he can’t taste the food but the sensation of eating is psychosomatically comforting, so he enjoys it a lot). and it’s not until some match with karasuno that he malfunctions, and he needs external help to fix it, and the only person he can ask is hinata. 

he likes that hinata is the one human who can match his speed and skill, but hinata is kind of a dumbass so trying to articulate what to do to fix him with a busted speech processor is DIFFICULT TO SAY THE LEAST, but hinata like. doesn’t mind at all that kags is a robot, he thinks it’s cool.

so he has to reset a panel and kags is printing instructions on a screen mounted inside his chestplate and when he hecks up kags just prints “ボッケ!” (bokke!) over and over on the screen and they fight but it’s like. an affectionate fight. and ever since then hinata helps him with all things electronic and asks him questions.

and very badly tries to hide this fact from the others.

(they think they’re dating.)

(…they’re not wrong per se.)