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  • Fan Question: If the opportunity for you to be on Dancing with the Stars [came up], would you take it?
  • Colin: I broke my foot dancing, so no. Big fat no. No one wants to see me fall on my ass.
  • Fan in Audience: I do!
  • Another Fan in Audience: I do!
  • Colin: I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

ARE YOU IN THE RIVERSIDE AREA?! Then come join the UCR Pokemon League Challenge! This is an event I came up with (I was inspired by something I saw on Tumblr), and I basically worked like crazy to gather up the right resources, organizations, and people to make this work. Me and my team are really proud about this, so come participate! Here’s a synopsis:

Do YOU wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Now you can!

Welcome to the UCR Pokemon League Challenge! Bring your very best Pokemon and go against UCR’s 8 Pokemon Gyms, represented by various clubs from the campus. Struggle against Chemistry Club’s Poison type Gym, keep up with the beat with Rhythm and Beat’s musical Gym, and more! Just like the game, we’ll have Pokemon Badges, random trainers, prizes to be won, and plenty of things to do, even if you DON’T have Pokemon X and Y (though we HIGHLY encourage you to bring your 3DS, or you’ll be left out of 70% of the activities). Streetpass, link up, and trade with people at our Pokemon Center, and redeem Pokedollars you win during this event for prizes at our PokeMart.

Fight through all these challenges and win 8 badges! The real challenge begins for those with 8 badges - they must compete amongst each other the following week (Feb. 8) in order to claim the right to challenge UCR’s ELITE FOUR. If you can conquer the Elite Four, you will be deemed UCR’s Pokemon League Champion!

Bring your friends, bring your 3DS, bring your Pokemon (X or Y), and come out for a day of exhilarating fun! Pokemon may not be real, but this is as close as we can get to the actual game. We’ve got a lot planned for this amazing event! Anything you can think of from the game, we have emulated here for this day to the best of our ability.

Entry into the event is FREE. You do not need to be a UCR student to enter the event, although we would like as many UCR students as possible. Meet new people and learn about UCR’s clubs while battling others with your favorite Pokemon! What’s not to love?

For more event details, or if you are a UCR club who would like to participate in this event as a Pokemon Gym, please email us at:

i must be used to my tumblr in-group where there are sorta unspoken social conventions?? like you only comment on someone’s posts if you know eachother, or if your comment actually adds something to the post. im getting a fucking culture shock from all my new followers who comment on every single thing they reblog 

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What are some good Leia/Han fics that you recommend?


As it happens, I already did this once, but since then I’ve

a)    Discovered several more fics and

b)    also figured I should, y’know, give summaries and ratings for these this time round so people won’t be going into it completely blind and hey, I’ve been meaning to make a masterpost for a while? (and one of these days I gotta do a complete SW one, but today is not that day)

 so without further ado PHIL’S SCOUNDRESS FANFIC MASTERPOST TAKE TWO and keep in mind that there are a lot out there, but these are basically the ones that have struck a chord in my heart. All of them are oneshots unless stated otherwise. I’ve divided it into categories for your convenience, because I am rad like that (but no links because that would take a million years and as you all know I’m still mostly trash):


Author: Limelight

- The Not Quite Love Letters

Summary: “Because, technically, the first love letter Solo wrote Organa was blackmail.” Probably one of the funniest, most precious pieces I’ve read, which does a masterful job of spanning the time between ANH and ESB with a perfect twist of humour and bittersweet emotion, and written through a collection of diary entries, ship’s logs, comm messages and high council meeting transcripts. No seriously, it’s hilarious. Multichapter, but unfortunately unfinished; however, due to the timeline and the format, this doesn’t really matter. Besides, it leaves off in the middle of ESB, and you know what happens next (Rating, T)

- Denial

Summary: “She was wearing his shirt. They made their assumptions”. Pre-ESB Leia in denial/reluctant acceptance. Also, she wears his shirt. (Rating, G+)

Author: LASOS

- Delicate 

Summary: “The words leave her mouth, a quiet whisper, and in that moment you realize that there was never any other choice.” Set between ANH and ESB; could be AU, depending on your mood. Once again, one of Han and Leia’s missions goes bottoms up. And it’s not even their fault, this time. (Rating, T)


- The Afterworlder Affair

Summary: “Some missions are harder than others.” Pre-ESB, Han is asked to act as Leia’s pilot and definitely-not-bodyguard on a sensitive mission for the Alliance. Only, things don’t go exactly as planned. A really interesting look at the types of missions Leia might have gone on, and as with most of Ivylore’s fics, it has a lot of really cool references to Alderaani, Corellian, and other sw cultures. Funny, emotional, and really well done. And by really well done I mean I essentially accept this as canon. Multichapter, short. (Rating, T)

Author: Holdouttrout

- Opportunities

Summary: “The game had long since degenerated into a game that was almost pure luck of the draw. Han was still winning.” The trio spends a night on the Falcon and basically it fulfills all of your pre-ESB trio dynamic dreams because they play sabacc and get drunk and Han and Leia have incoherent drunken midnight conversations that they probably wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s. Really sweet. I think the best way to explain it is to use the line, “it was certainly a task, corrupting the innocents.” (Rating, T)

Author: Zelland

- Oranges and Inferences

Summary: “Han Solo is quite sure that insanity is not triggered by breakfast beverages.” Leia likes oranges. And caf. Han struggles. Pre-ESB denial nerdiness I am so weak. (Rating, G+)

- It’s Only Skin Deep, After All

Summary: “Late-night musings of a Princess”. Leia, precious child that she is, might act tough as nails and completely no-nonsense, but the words “hey, beautiful” make her turn into a beetroot automatically. She wonders why. More pre-ESB loserishness man oh man (Rating, G+)

Author: musicforswimming

- Bad Decisions

Summary: “The cold is getting to Leia.” An interesting take on the pre-ESB relationship, in which Leia decides that her temporary insanity is definitely the fault of the weather. But honestly, I could see a friends-with-benefits thing going. Pre-ESB, obviously, sweet and funny and new. (Rating, T)

Author: Srellet

- Perfect Strangers

Summary: “Han helps Leia out with a peculiar problem.” Immediately post-ANH, it’s bittersweet and enormously cute; in which Leia realizes glumly that she doesn’t have any clothes to change into and wonders why the pirate and his Wookiee friend are being so nice to her. ReaD IT PLS U WILL NOT REGRET. (Rating, G+)

- A Bad Feeling

Summary: “Han has one of those feelings again when helping Luke and Leia out with a mission.” The nerds and Chewie go on a mission to extract sensitive information for the Alliance and things Get Complicated. Pre-ESB, a really interesting and sorta non-conventional take on What Happened In Ord Mantell, it’s funny and intense and in-character all at once. And, let’s be real, the only reason I’m reccing this so hard is because you have a whole scene in which Han and Leia get into a loud argument over which one of them it would make more sense for the Bounty Hunter to take in front of the Bounty Hunter poor guy doesn’t know what he got himself into. Multichapter. (Rating, T)

Author: runaway scrape

- Perchance to Dream

Summary: “Leia’s nightmare, Han’s stolen cup of caf stimulant – just another off-night on Hoth.” Okay okay SO not only does this awesomely show Leia’s chronic nightmares and insomniac tendencies, it also does it in a way that doesn’t make it a Big Thing and ugh gosh okay the fact that Han steals caf and then makes a big deal out of the caf-stealing when Leia wakes up from her nightmare to take her mind off of it is too precious b y E. Pre-ESB. (Rating, G)

Author: deaka

- Love Stories

Summary: “Nights are quiet aboard the Millenium Falcon.” Pre-ESB, Han seems convinced that Leia has more to live for than the Rebellion. Leia firmly disagrees. Also, it’s the middle of the night. (Rating,G+)


Author: Limelight

- Question

Summary: “If you don’t know the answer, always pick c.” Leia wonders how on earth she found herself lying naked in the dark cabin of an old spice freighter and quite possibly in love. (Rating, higher level T)

Author: Mathematica

- Fairytale

Summary: “He wasn’t a prince and this wasn’t a fairytale. But, somehow, it worked.” I think one of my favorite things about star wars is that it actually can be told in fairytale/bedtime story format, and just. This one. This one does such a beautiful job of incorporating that into the narrative. Han introspection, once again. (Rating, T)

- Shrodinger’s Cat

Summary: “Leia draws parallels as Han is frozen in carbonite” Oh my gosh guysGUYS IT’S. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL MAN I just love the idea go read u will not regret (Rating, G+)

- When Lights Go Out

Summary: “You shatter the statutes by shutting her up, snaking your tongue between her parted lips, and gods, that was a stupid thing to do.” So usually I am not one to rec smutty stuff unless it is very tastefully done and, in true Mathematica fashion, it’s written with a poetic eloquence that makes it seem less than a narrative and more of a series of thoughts and MAN it’s nice (Rating, M for sexual content)

Author: Voluese

- Price The Ashes

Summary: “Leia released her grip on the bedclothes, let out a long breath. “Don’t tell me you were waiting outside my door.” She managed a smirk. “Are you that desperate to comfort me?”” This is. One. Of my favorite fics. To ever exisT MY GOLLY okay so it’s assuming that they spend more than a couple hours actually on Bespin and it’s just so beautifully in-character and adhering to all of my most cherished headcanons and the character voices are so point-on that you can practically hear ‘em speaking the lines in your head and basically it’s like the most ideal mix of sappy and funny and foreshadowing angst help GO READ IT. (Rating, T+)

Author: risinggreatness

- Labours Will Be Borne When All Is Done

Summary: “Leia stands tall as the world crumbles around her.” Post-ESB/Bespin slAYS ME ALWAYS and this one’s done so well help but anyway Leia is a boss. And everything is kinda sad. (Rating, T)

- They’re Tired and They Need to be Led

Summary: “After Hoth, the Falcon is cut adrift; Han and Leia are trapped with each other and their feelings.” bOY OH BOY this is. One of my FAVORITE trip-to-Bespin oneshots it’s just SO in-voice for me idk why BUT ALSO UGH GOSH THAT ENDING basically it blows you away and isn’t even that long pls read u will not regret (Rating, T)


Author: KnightedRogue

- Best Case Scenario

Summary: “Self preservation rears its ugly head during the Endor team’s first night on-planet.” After Luke leaves, Han and Leia chat in the small hours before the attack on the generator. (Rating, G+)

Author: risinggreatness

- Tell My Love to Wreck it All

Summary: “A year frozen in carbonite, and everyone’s changed – everyone, that is, except Han.” Missing scene ROTJ-goodness help me hold me I am so weak Han bby it will be okay (Rating, G+)

Author: My Barbaric YAWP

- In World’s Womb

Summary: “The events of the day have thrown Leia for a loop, but, given time to recover, her newly found peace may cement her newly found love.” Leia and Han, after Endor. Leia looks up at the stars and appreciates just existing. Incredibly sweet, in-character, and face-clutch-inducing. Go read it bros. (Rating, T)

Author: JeannieMac

- Victory, Later

Summary: “Han, Leia, and Luke in the aftermath of the Victory.” Leia tells Han about Vader, among other things. I just love this fic a lot. (Rating, T)


Author: LASOS

- Can’t Be

Summary: “An unexpected surprise has Leia questioning herself” post-ROTJ, could be considered AU depending on your mood, but it’s possible that this happened too. Bittersweet; Leia realizes she’s pregnant. (Rating, T)

Author: KnightedRogue

- Solo’s Girl

Summary: “a somewhat lighthearted look at what Han and Leia might to after the destruction of the second Death Star”. AU for the EU, certainly, but I am so so so in love with the concept of these two as NRI spies that I embrace this as mostly canon. (Rating, T+)

- Peace With The Dead

Summary: Leia fakes her death in public without warning anyone before hand, but really, it’s for Very Important Reasons. Post-ROTJ, written so fast-paced and in-character that it’s like you’re watching one of the movies. Multichapter (Rating, G+)

- The Infinite Pleasures of Paperwork

Summary: “The downside of Intel work.” Set in the universe of Solo’s Girl; Han complains to an amused and sympathetic Leia. (Rating, G)

- Three’s Company

Summary: “Stranded on a deserted planet, Han and Leia attempt to hide Leia’s pregnancy from an oblivious Lando.” Lighthearted, hilarious, and in-character. Also, I love Lando to bits. Tbh this is the only scenario in which I can accept Han being stubbornly over-protective of Leia because of baby reasons; they are stranded on a deserted jungle planet, after all. Multichapter (Rating, G+)

Author: Irnan

- Saturday I’m Running Wild

Summary: “First on the list: sober up. Next: help her haul The Kid to a medship, just in case. Then: check out the Falcon. Then: go find her again. No, take Luke to a medship, then check out the Falcon, then kill Lando, then go find her. That sounded better.” GoSH MAN BUT I love every single last scrap of Irnan’s work and this one has always been precious to me, especially since she always writes Han and Leia so casually and it’s such a nice take on their relationship. It’s nicer than nice. It’s the nicest. Set immediately after Endor. (Rating, T)

Author: Niicoly

- Selfish, Selfless

Summary: “When the Chief of State stands in your doorway and tells you how sorry she is about your wife’s death, it’s hard to remember that you’re not supposed to swear and break furniture when the kids are home.” I’m the kind of trash that recommends you half-of-your-otp-is-dead AUs I thought you all knew that by now. Almost painfully angsty, but I recommend it intensely. (Rating, G+)

Author: Ivylore [moRE FACE CLUTCHING]

- The Return to the Corporate Sector

Summary: “Shortly after the battle of Endor, Han receives a message summoning him back to the Corporate Sector to help an old friend. Except, this time, it’s not his past that’s coming back to haunt them.” OH MAN OH MAN do not. Do not get me started on this fic I WILL WAX POETIC so depending on your mood it’s AU for the EU but can technically work, I think. It is. One of THE most. IN-character, intensely action-packed, emotional, sexy, funny, and well-written Han/Leia fics I’ve ever read. Basically, Han and Leia have a Grand Adventure that somehow lands them in heaps of trouble. Because of course it does. Extra bonus of massive amounts of sarcasm. Again, I don’t recommend dirtytimes unless it’s extremely tasteful and well done, but if that’s not your thing, I still stress that you check this fic out and skip over those parts. Multichapter (Rating, M for sexual content and a bit of sort-of-graphic violence)

- Restless Spaces

Summary: “Moments alone on a quiet ship.” Missing moment(s) from return to the corporate sector, but you don’t have to have read that one at all to read this. Leia stays up at night thinking about her father – but, you know, not that father. Her other father. Han has bedhair and talks about shockball. Also there’s a holo of him as a kid. (Rating, T)

- Renewal

Summary: “A darker take on the events after ROTJ”. Okay so when this says “a darker take”, it is a muchdarker take. While I usually balk at fics like this, I have to say here that if you read past the first chapter you immediately realize that it could very realistically happen this way, if you were in an angsty mood. Despite this, and the fact that there are a few loose ends at the end and I don’t entirely agree with everything, it remains very much in-character and insanely captivating, as with all of Ivylore’s work. Basically, Leia has realistic PTSD and Issues after ROTJ and shuts herself off from everyone, causing her and Han to have a massive fight that ends in Han leaving. Physically. It’s complicated. And then she and Luke crashland on a planet, nearly die, and Luke is accused of Imperial Shadiness. In essence, one massive, angst-ridden, exciting, suspenseful, hot, emotional, and bittersweet-funny Trio Adventure. Multichapter. Set in the same universe as her other fics (Rating, M for mature themes and sexual content)

Author: Holdouttrout

- Measure of a Scoundrel

Summary: “Leia’s in a bad mood.” I have many firm ideas about how either one of them proposed but this one has always been one of my favorites. Also it hints as my trashy obscure ship of Janson/Mothma so yeah I am weak (Rating, T)

- Tedium

Summary: “Notice to all field operatives: Please remember that all field paperwork is to be submitted in triplicate, and bound with a two-hole punch at the top edge of the paper, using Derig’s G-547 paper binders only. Thank you, Compliance.” Written as a sort of companion piece to KnightedRogue’s “the infinite pleasures of paperwork”, it’s set in generally the same universe, wherein Han and Leia are spies for the NRI. Technically AU, as real life paper isn’t a thing in sw, but that’s not the point. It’s really cute. Leia goes on a mission to find her missing box of paper binders and gets ambushed in the Supply closet. (Rating, T) 

Author: Sabbac Gal

- Rapture

Summary: “Han and Leia, post-Endor”. Leia wonders about the mythical spacer’s sickness that comes from staring out into hyperspace for too long. It’s really really. Really good. (Rating, M)


Summary: “They both knew the game was about to get a lot more complicated.” Han and Leia in the months after Endor. I’ve never ever read that particular part of the EU but anything with appearances/references to Doc and Jessa Vandagante and Han backstory has me immediately hooked it’s really weird man. Anyway another one of those Ensemble Adventures that gets tricky along the way. GO READ it’s very very good. Multichapter, short (Rating, M for sexual content)


Author: Limelight

Your Contribution to the War Effort

Summary: “Han isn’t by the book.” Introspection, second person Han’s POV. One of my FAVORITE star wars fics. Ever. (Rating, T)

Author: LASOS

- Han Solo and the Princess

Summary: “Five times Han Solo proposes to Leia Organa.” Just. read it okay (rating, G)

- Bad Advice for Secret Affairs

Summary: “An OT AU romantic dramedy in which Han Solo never left the Imperial Navy and the Tantive IV was never captured over Tatooine” Sadly incomplete, but with the potential to be hilarious. Man, I just adore this AU concept in every shape, size, or form. Multichapter (Rating, T)

- From a Certain Point of View

Summary: “A look at the Han/Leia relationship in various points of time…from a certain point of view.” The losers’ love story told through the eyes of friends like Jabba the Hutt, General Rieekan, and Mon Mothma. My Third Greatest Weakness tm is outsider-POV opinions on otps sO yeah GO READ. Multichapter of one-shots (Rating, T)

- Fairytale Endings

Summary: “They shared in the disaster of best-laid plans, once.” AU, incredibly angsty, I have no idea why you’d want to subject yourself to this or why I’m suggesting you do, but the universe basically implodes right around the middle of ROTJ. Read it, bros (Rating, M for mature themes)

Author: Mathematica

- Five Things That Never Happened To Han Solo

Summary: A collection of what-ifs, told in Mathematica’s beautiful bordering-on-poetry style. AU (Rating, G+)

Author: pieandsouffle

- No Surprises

Summary: “He’s made it through the Imperial Academy; years of training; transferal to the largest Battle Station ever built, and then this princess walks in and tosses his already shaky doubts about the Empire in his face.” mORE of THIS AU UGH IT IS THE GRE A T E S T. AU, obviously; Han never got kicked out of the navy and is posted on the Death Star when the Tantive is captured. Leia is a terrible prisoner. (Rating, G)

YEAH I AM 96.23957% SURE THAT’S ALL OF ‘EM so. Do not take offense if a favorite fic of yours is not featured as I am a trash Creative Writing Student and very picky with these things. HAPPY READING FRIENDS.

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Hey, I noticed that you have a snake (it's really cute by the way), I'm getting a snake soon and I was wondering if you have any tips I can use?

i did a lot of research before getting mine–just on general things like humidity, hot/cold spot temperatures, bedding and so on

it depends on what type you get though

corn snakes (like bailey) are native to north america so they can live at about room humidity– you dont really need to spray their tanks. i have her cold side set to about 74 and the warm side closer to 80. Corn snakes are also burrowing snakes so i make sure to add extra bedding for her to burrow in. 

Charlie is my ball python, and ball pythons are native to africa, so i tend to keep his humidity at about 60%–it helps to have a hygrometer. His warm side is more towards 86/87 F and the cold side is about 75 F. 

best tips i can offer is stay away from major pet store chains. They markup the prices and ive bought a few bags of bedding from petsmart and walmart that were infested with wood mites–not a danger to the snake but still unsanitary. its a hassle when that happens because the tanks need to be scrubbed out with a special cleaner and all wooden hides with bark on them needed to be thrown out (I try to avoid using those half cut log hides just in case it happens again). 

Keep an eye out for any local reptile expos or shops that you could buy stuff from. reptile expos are usually the cheapest since its sorta like a convention. 

the best bedding is aspen. Stay away from cedar and pine bedding–its toxic to reptiles

i recommend boiling any plastic hides that you buy to get rid of that chemical smell. if the hide is too big for a pot, just boil some water and pour it over the hide. I don’t know if its necessary but its just a personal choice. 

ive heard from multiple snake owners/breeders that under-tank heat pads are the best for a heat source–snakes prefer to bask on warm surfaces so they prefer soaking heat up through their belly. Bailey doesn’t have an under tank heater yet, but for the time being i have a black plastic hide under a red heat lamp which soaks up heat pretty well. 

Ive heard bad things about heat rocks–the ones that you plug in, for burning animals. so imo id avoid them. 

if you have the chance, start your snake out on frozen-thawed mice. the mice that you feed your snake should be about as wide as the girth of the snake. (again avoid buying mice from petco/petsmart. They sell mice fuzzies in a box for like 6 for $13. if you buy from a reptile expo you can buy in bulk for a much better deal. Back when I was still feeding bailey fuzzies and charlie small mice, i got a bag of 50 fuzzies and about 25 small mice for like $60 total) 

its recommended that you have a water dish big enough for your snake to soak in. Not all snakes soak, but some of them do. it just depends on the snake, but its best for them to have the option to.

after your snake sheds you’re gonna want to check them (or their skin) to make sure everything came off, especially the eye caps and the tip of the tail. if your snake has a bad shed and there are still bits attached to them you can get a damp paper towel and (very gently!) rub it loose. Ive heard different techniques on how to remove eye caps if they’re still on your snake, one of which involved tape and I don’t really like the idea of putting adhesive on my animal so i don’t really know how to help you in that case–personally ive never had an issue with the eye caps. 

and seriously keep an eye out for those wood mites. they’re light brown and if you have em you’ll see them in the water dish.

dont house snakes together! i know they’re seen like that sometimes in pet stores but those are temporary enclosures. Housing snakes together can result in stress and one might even end up eating the other–its not uncommon, especially with colubrids like king snakes. 

some snakes, especially ball pythons easily get respiratory infections so please PLEASE don’t smoke around them, and always have access to a reptile vet just in case something does happen. 

snakes are solitary creatures that dont always like being touched. I recommend not handling your snake for about a week after you get them just to let them settle in. Avoid handling them daily too because it can stress them out. Bailey often gets curious so sometimes, when I see her looking around at what im doing, I’d just stick my hand in there to let her smell me. And usually she just cringes away after that goes back into her hide. 

im sure theres more stuff out there to tell you but this is just what came to mind

TL;DR: please read it