Good follow up episode: We come right back to Homeworld, have some sneaky stealth shenanigans, have the Crystal Gems there to help and bond with the Off Colors

Neutral follow up episode: The Crystal Gems are on earth getting ready and making plans to help get Lars back to earth, we don’t see Homeworld but it’s addressed.

Evil follow up episode: The show completely forgets what it’s doing, goes do some filler Beach Bullshit.

(Bonus Legendary Level Top Secret God Tier Follow Up Episode: They finally finally finally unbubble Bismuth and all is good with the world again.)

taken all the way, my ideal Scarecrow wouldn’t have to wear a costume at all

he would, because it’s helpful in taking up the role.  but he wouldn’t need it.  he could stare at you from across a crowded room and you’d be on edge but you wouldn’t know why.  he’s the one phobia everyone inexplicably has.  where did they get it and why? no one knows.  they just have it, and he’s the living personification of it.  you can’t go near him but you don’t know why, even when you don’t recognise him.  

when he does wear a costume, it’s going to be barebones.  takes him two minutes or less to put on.  takes him no time at all to make.  it’s something he has, to help make his point.  but he doesn’t need it.

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Forced Object Pirate thingy: Pirates find some beautiful stone that they believe is worth something. They shove it into some poor prisoner. Turns out that stone was an egg and it starts hatching inside the prisoner. Pirates have no clue and keep beating the boy for griping about stomach aches and cramps. Birth of the Kraken, maybe? Whatever's born from it will ruin the pirates, justice for being mean to the carrier.


*fantasizes about pirate AUs for a while*


“Sometimes what you think is an end is only a beginning.“

Pre-Kerberos/Pre-Voltron photo manip set! It’s been far too long since I made these things.  c:

The only images that were not manipulated (short of some coloring adjustments) were the ship image and the last photo. I had to give poor Keith a hair trim, too.

For those of you waiting for requests from forever ago… Sorry it’s taken so long. I’m still gonna make attempt to get some of them done soon. ;;;

Click each image for better quality!

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