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is this about the dress post? if so can u please explain to some people and get it spread around bc people are really freaking out abt the dress post// its making some ppl think theyre hallucinating/


okay so from what I’m seeing there’s actually a lot of pictures of the dress circulating but the actual variations of the dress don’t have a blue/gold variant?

I’ve seen the black/blue one show up more on twitter tbh? and as we can see there’s white/black and blue/black versions of the dress but there’s no white/gold variant

From what I can tell I think the ‘shit lighting and shit camera in a store’ still holds up imo b/c if you’re getting those washed-out deep olive green tones on a ‘black’ item, and the ‘blue’ is simultaneously registering as something similar to a gray-teal level adjustments can EASILY make that turn into a lighter grey and a more intense yellow; that warm color interacting with the pretty solidly cool color is going to dilute the color and make it less pure and when you’ve got less saturation to work with level adjusting for brightness/luminescence and some others can really chalk colors out. 

Like so:

Beyond this I think the dress could look differently in different contexts too; you’ve got Local Color and Simultaneous Contrast working together here to create effects where you’re registering colors as one color, but in reality you’d mix a completely different color in order to create the desired light effect.

Panty and Stocking is where I actually first NOTICED this phenomenon before formally learning about it, and so I’m going to use it as an example because I’ve got screencaps onhand.

For example:

Let’s look at panty’s hair in this screenshot. We’re well aware it’s meant to be yellow, and registers to us as yellow.

But if you pick that hue out…

it’s a bright green!

It looks yellow to us because her local palette is really cold (see how the linework on the ‘blacks’ is actually a really saturated navy? The golds are actually way desaturated though I couldn’t tell you what hues they were explicitly w/o color picking); Also fun to note: the whites on garterbelt’s clothing are actually peach tones and a dark salmon sort of color! 

And here… 

Her hair’s still supposed to be registered as blonde! However, it’s clearly pink due to the lighting. Nothing’s happened to actually make her hair color CHANGE, its just in the second image she’s not surrounded in some sort of holy aura and affected by the local lighting affects.

Examples of intense lighting effects irl

ALSO I think there’s another monster at work here because we’re seeing very different photos a lot of the time, and I think it comes down to people with photoshop being assholes. The poster of the infamous dress talked about something like ‘oh if you see blue and black that means something bad happened in your life’ and I think that’s utter BULLSHIT honestly; so who’s to say they weren’t also dicking around with photoshop for a giggle too?

I’d also like to point out that image software such as SAI and Photoshop give us sophisticated filtering tools that can manipulate colors and be easy shortcuts for lighting (This is actually a technique I’d use extensively back in the day, using overlay/and addition layers to unify my palettes more and make everything more consistently ‘flourescent cold’, if you will.)

In photoshop I did a quick filter run on the store image to see if i could get the hues close (if i remember correctly I’ve got a levels filter, a brightness/contrast filter, an exposure filter, and a color balance filter at LEAST, if anyone wants to know)

the base image is on the left, the edited image is on the right. Now the right actually looks like something that could probably be mistaken for white and gold given I photoshopped it into the right environment, right?

Heck it could’ve been something even less sophisticated like some sort of phone image adjustment idk but I feel like the image also might’ve been tampered with on top of that and people were trying to do image corrections—on top of that, though, seeing both can easily happen in real life.

"Can someone get-a my mod back in-a gear and out of shadow mode?"

Geeez Mario…calm down. Gotta hustle for dollars over here in the real world and having an injured arm doesn’t help.

"We saved the internet and-a we celebrate by arguing about a dress"

You’re right…but that’s the nature of the internet.

"Mama Mia"

It's Unfair.

It’s unfair.

It’s unfair that I’ve known you since we were kids.

It’s unfair that I never realised until we drifted apart that the smile and touch of a pretty girl is all I’ll ever need to get through.

It’s unfair that know we’re getting closer as friends and I can myself being pulled towards your beautiful brown eyes and I can’t do a damn thing to stop it.

It’s unfair that you’re so goddamn beautiful and that I genuinely don’t think you see it, which is crazy because I know that everyone can see what you have, and it’s positively ethereal.

It’s unfair that you have a voice that’s like, wow, and killer musical talent to boot, and all I wanna do every day forever is to wake up to you singing to me.

It’s unfair that I’ve seen the scars on your wrist, and that we could bond over that, because that was such a mistake for both of us.

It’s unfair that you have these incredible friends who would do anything for and that I have to watch and know that I’ll probably never get to be the one you confide in.

It’s unfair that I’ve seen your confessions of love on your YouTube channel, and that I hear you talk about all these guys, and that you have this crazy, cute, complicated, love-life that I simultaneously envy and want to be a part of.

It’s unfair that I’ve never dated anyone at all, and that no-one’s ever liked me, and thus I have no idea if you’re flirting with me, because there’s definitely lots of gay subtext in our conversations, but I’ve weighed the odds and they aren’t great.

It’s unfair that my crushes go from nothing, to I-think-about-you-literally-all-the-time, I-want-every-love-song-to-relate-to-us, I’m-in-physical-pain-when-you-smile-at-me, in a mere few hours.

It’s unfair that you have all these relationships with great people that don’t end greatly.

It’s unfair that that means that even great people don’t deserve you.

It’s unfair that that means that I’ll spend a lifetime trying to be that person who does.

Sometimes I picture MG, AK, GB and gang just sit around the table and go, “You know what would be cool? [Insert ‘cool’ idea]” A chorus of “Yeah!” and “Let’s do it!” .. and then there’s this tentative voice going, “Okay, so how do we do it? The we say that—”

"We just say it happens! It’ll be great!" Another round of agreement and self congratulations.

"Er, but… won’t that not make sense—"


Repeat a couple of times …and finally, finally quiet tentative voice of relative reason and logic was thrown out the window. Just because.


a comic about hating someone

i don’t feel this way anymore but i wanted to draw the stabbing heart thing and it ended up coming out haha 

and i used my oc tzevi for no reason other than i like drawing him bleeding…… ^_T sorry tzevi