Hey, that background pony reminds me of Ivy Pepper from Lackadaisy. Hey, that outfit of Ivy’s would look cute on Coco. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be doing an episode sketch?

Here’s a tangentially related picture from this week’s episode.

I love that they used the D&D knock-off name from the Andy Price/Katie Cook comics. I wonder if Shining Armor has a gaming group up in the Crystal Empire.

i-chew-on-pushpins  asked:

Nurseydex and the one (and only) time they played Scrabble

honestly i’m too exhausted to put this in proper fic format so let’s bullet point this shit

•it’s nursey’s idea. of course it is. it’s always nursey’s idea.

•let’s say they’re like, at dex’s family’s cabin on the lake (listen they’re maine fishmermen they have a cabin on a lake somewhere okay)

•the place barely has electricity and running water let alone something like wifi but they’re alone and they’re there with each other and that’s what counts

•but by day 3 they’re going a little stir crazy and nursey happens to find a scrabble box in a storage closet

•"oh no,“ says dex. “oh yes,” says nursey

•it goes well

•for like five minutes anyway

•"‘smexy’ and ‘uwu’ aren’t fucking words derek”

•"neither is 'kelzop’ derek what are you doing"

•nursey refuses to play by the rules and dex is going insane


•nursey spells out “CHILL” on the board

•eventually they both just start grabbing all the letters out of the bag and building words as fast as they can on the board

•what’s the score? who knows?

•at one point dex literally just stacks a letter on top one of nursey’s that gets in his way (“what is this mahjong bullshit will”)

•it’s a good thing they’re alone because they will just not stop yelling the whole time

•eventually it just turns into semi-angry sex on top of the board

•dex has like forty letter tile-shaped marks on his back afterwards

•scrabble goes back into the closet for the rest of the trip

•but dear god, that’s nothing compared to what happened the time they played monopoly

i wonder what kind of hand holders harry and louis are

do they go for the classic clasp? the palms together sort that screams married for ten years? maybe harry jokes about how little louis’ hand is compared to his, and louis uses their connected hands to hit him for that insult

or maybe they intertwine their fingers, so that when they’re talking to someone and have snarky commentary they want to add but know, realistically, they shouldn’t, they can just squeeze each other’s fingers and know exactly what the other is thinking. maybe when louis is sprawled across their sofa watching netflix and harry’s reading, they curl their hands together out of instinct, don’t even realize they’re doing it until harry tries to go to the kitchen and half-drags louis off the sofa behind him

or maybe they’re the sugary sweet sort who just lock their pinkies. maybe they’re grocery shopping and louis is pushing the cart as harry trails along behind, his eye caught on some sort of cookies gem’s been raving about, and the only thing pulling him forward is his pointer finger looped around louis’

i wonder if, when they’re lying in bed all sweaty and sex-warm, harry traces the insides of louis’ fingers as lightly as he can, a tiny bit of sensation overload after the main event

maybe when they’re curled together in a single armchair in their malibu house watching the rovers at arse o’clock in the morning california time, louis has entire body focused on the tv screen, all except for his fingers, spinning harry’s rings like a worry stone 

or maybe they do all of these in all different situations. and maybe when others see them do it they sigh, and smile, and wonder what sort of fate it takes to pair together two people so perfect for each other