Stray thought...

…that I really wish I hadn’t had…because, although I think it’s rather unlikely/improbable….now that I’ve thought it, I can’t let go of it:

What if the real mole, the one who’s pulling all the strings and who I think we still haven’t yet seen be revealed on the show, is actually…Michelle Hanna?

-She knew and worked with (and has vouched for) Sabatino in the past

-She’s the one who introduced Joelle to Callen…I mean Sam broached Joelle first in conversation, but Michelle was the connection

-She’s cool under pressure (even when vacuuming her TV) and we’ve seen her be ice cold and stick to her cover during almost everything that went down with Sidorov

-We’ve been hearing about a “life change” for Sam…I think? I know there was a PaleyFest tweet about Densi’s life changing, but I also could have sworn I heard something somewhere about that for Sam too…but I have looked and can’t find the source. But if it’s true…well, finding out your wife is the Head Mole would qualify.

If, and it’s a big if, this is true…the question becomes why? Was she always a plant, like Joelle, and playing a REALLY long and involved endgame? Did she snap for some reason after the whole Sidorov thing? Or after Jada resurfaced?

Things to ponder.


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Arranged marriage Kylo/techie au

Imagine Techie is the Prince of an empire, second in-line to the throne and known for his timid ways and his able mind in technical problems.

Imagine Techie’s empire being at war with the neighbouring empire for years and both sides know that too much blood has been shed so an uneasy peace must be formed between the two opposing sides, a peace that must be sealed with the strongest of bonds–marriage

Imagine Techie meeting with Kylo Ren, the Prince of the neighbouring empire at the one that Techie is now betrothed to to keep his people safe and his land at peace

Imagine Techie having to leave his homeland and marry the only son of neighbouring Alderaan, forging an alliance with marriage to protect the empire built on the backs and blood of his family and now ruled by his beloved brother, Armitage

Imagine Teching walking into his new home, knowing what the marriage truly is beneath the pretty words: it’s a life-sentence, imprisoned forever under the rule of a man he hates and who has slain so many of his people

Imagine Kylo being against the marriage too but his mentor, Snoke, and his mother, Queen Leia, both push him into it and tell him that it’s for the good of his kingdom

Imagine Kylo’s surprise when a glorious red headed man stumbles through the doors of their palace, his hands twisting in the hem of his royal robes–already, Kylo takes a liking to his new husband but Techie is resilient

Imagine Kylo working to impress Techie; training in front of him, cooking him meals instead of the kitchen staff doing it, offering him fine jewels and clothes…but Techie remains quiet

Imagine Kylo sending his personal carriage to the empire of Arkanis to fetch King Armitage to bring him to Alderaan to try and lift Prince Techie’s spirits, and it works!

Imagine Techie beginning to see that underneath his bloodied and coarse exterior, Prince Kylo really just needs a friend…and a husband will have to do

A Concept, if you will.

Okay, so, Grand Prix Final Gala, Yuri wins gold, of course, and is selected to dance at the end with the other winners and whatnot and it’s a grand old time.

But then!

Just as everyone else is exiting the rink with suspicious smiles on their faces Yurio and Phichit spin around and grab Yuri’s arms. They drag him to the middle of the ice and threaten him to not move until the end before they too leave. Anxiety crawls up Yuri’s spine as he’s left there, the audience staring at him in anticipation.

Then a light comes on rink side as Victor fucking Nikiforov skates onto the ice.

He grabs poor confused Yuri and does a lap to show him off to the crowd, before planting him against the wall at the front. Victor asks Yuri to keep his eyes on him and him alone as he drifts back to the center.

“Stay with Me” begins to play as Victor dances his heart out for Yuri. When it gets to the last bit, right where Victor is a hairsbreadth away from Yuri, he breaks choreography and grabs Yuri’s arms, dragging him with him. Music practically forgotten, they dance together so emphatically that Yuri doesn’t even notice all the other skaters returning to the ice.

It doesn’t occur to him until he finds himself completely encircled by friends and competitors. They’re so close he can’t see where Victor is anymore. After a chorus of cheers from the friends they all skate backward, breaking the circle momentarily to reveal Victor himself.

He’s now on one knee.

A ring box in hand.


lance has a lot of proud parents after he no-scoped that prison guard

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