Imagine watching the Super Bowl with Sam and Dean

Sam walked in, placing a big plate of nachos on the coffee in on the table before sitting down beside you, sandwiching you between the brother.

“Who are you betting on?” Dean asked, “Panthers or Broncos?”

“Panthers,” you and Sam replied in unison, high-fiving once you did.

Dean raised an eyebrow, “Want to make a bet?”

“I’m listening.”

“If Broncos win, you give me a massage,” he told you, “If it’s Panthers, I’ll give you one.”

“What about me?” Sam asked.

“You don’t have to do anything if Broncos win. If Panthers do… I’ll get you a dog.”

“Deal,” you and Sam agreed, instantly.


Cotton! We had cotton at work. These fluffs got thrown at me. I wonder if I can grow the seeds. I actually HAVE grown cotton before, and right as they were about to floof, squirrels came to wreak havoc upon my preciouses and took the floofs and chewed the stems. Still mad.

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10 favourite characters ( 1 per franchise )  These are just the ones coming to mind
Garrus Vakarian ( Mass Effect )
Riku ( Kingdom Hearts )
Nobuchika Ginoza  ( Psycho-Pass )
Homura Akemi ( Madoka Magica )
Claire Redfield ( Resident Evil )
Zuko ( Avatar the Last Airbender )
Fenris ( Dragon Age )
Rubedo ( Xenosaga )
Diarmuid [Lancer] ( Fate )

top 10 otps
Shepard x Garrus ( Mass Effect )
Hawke x Fenris ( Dragon Age )
Katniss x Peeta ( Hunger Games )
Seiya x Usagi ( Sailor Moon )
Homura x Madoka ( PMMM )
Riza x Roy ( Fullmetal Alchemist )
Ludger x Fractured Milla ( Xillia 2 )
Syaoran x Sakura ( Cardcaptor Sakura )
Chester x Arche ( Phantasia )
Ico x Yorda ( Ico )

tag your cool cats ( apparently, 10 ): YOU’RE ALL AWESOME SO I’LL TAG PEOPLE WHO ATE OUT TODAY


AND HERE THEY ARE. These were actually quite a bit of fun to do ahaha, though I’m not so sure about Anderson’s colors since it makes him look a tad too much like Montague but I’ll just stick with it fore now.

Look at them colors though. I really like Mike and Kelvin’s the most. I don’t know what it is, but their colors on them clash really well.

Descriptions on each character are below. Very short ones.

I’ll get to drawing the first chapter of our short story soon so why don’t you all send questions in during then? And lets see where this all takes us.
Mike : Earth : A rather awkward character. Doesn’t do well when talking face to face with someone who is higher in the business than him and tends to panic quite a bit. Follows literally every single rule in the book, and tends to talk allot to the test subjects. He tends to hang around Erik but is also quite afraid of Erik for secret reasons.

Erik : Unicorn : Not favored by many…at all. Erik tends to act a bit like a snob and likes to respond to many in a sarcastic manner. Hangs around Mike allot though tends to boss him around, Erik, unlike Mike, does not quite follow the rules. He is missing a hind back leg due to a test accident. He doesn’t get along to well with Cave.

Maria : Pegasus : A very kind heart but a very firm person. When seeing something out of place she will right away ask another to fix it. Shes one of the favored people in Aperture, getting work done quick as asked, and staying on task all while handling her son Kelvin. She is the go to person when one is in need of help for basically anything, and is like the motherly figure next to Caroline. She looks up to Caroline.

Blu : Earth : Blu isn’t very popular among people. Found by Chell when they were younger, Blu was abused as a small kid, later being adopted by someone within Aperture. Cave does not like him. Why he doesn’t like him is a rather dumb reason but reasonable reason within itself, because Blu doesn’t know jack about science. He owns a small candy floss stand in the commons, having many people come by to buy some during lunch, but other than that Blu is a pretty useless person in Aperture. His ideas are not the best…or brightest, but hes still a very kind person.

Irving : Pegasus : Irving is not at all talkative. In fact he keeps to himself. Hes one of the smarter people in Aperture, but his job in the place is the cook, serving breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner to those who need it. He tends to cook quite a bit of cake for the kids, the kids love cake. Unlike his brother, hes very popular among people.

Anderson : Earth : He seems grumpy, and sometimes is, but Anderson is very good with other test subjects. He encourages them through tests when observing them, and rewards them with a slice of cake from Irving when they make it through it. He does this most with the much older or very young subjects who are new to it. Anderson himself also tends to do tests now and then. People fear him because of his looks.

Kelvin : Earth : A very young, adventurous little boy. He likes to play with Clementine and his favorite stories are those of space. He really loves the thought of going there one day, but isn’t that the dream of every young kid? It is unknown to everyone but his mother on who is dad is, though it has been told that he works at Black Mesa, or that’s what people say.

Clementine : Unicorn : (Forgot her horn oops) Clementine is a sweet little girl who is very, very, curious about everything. She likes the fact that Kelvin is so very enthusiastic about space, and when shes not playing with Kelvin then she’ll probably be found around Doug or Abby. Clementine’s favorite thing to do is talk to the subjects, but because shes just a little kid, she normally gets into trouble for doing this.

In Dreams

In my dream, time slows. You have all my glorious time - I am yours. The pressure of the recent years comes falling in on me. I am blanketed in years. Years shout. They whisper. Years sway and rustle as trees in the old woods./

My mind is not a gentle thing, don’t think that. Not gentle. It cleaves the red from the pale and dances with it. My mind is part mud, part rust./

My memory recedes. I want to remember something, there is something I want to bring back to my eye inside, yet the  wounds have not healed sufficiently for recollection, the dancer dances in the mud./

Red mud, I slick it over my skin, sink in, deep, foetal caves, as the clock ticks down to the hour I must leave you./

You, you, o beautiful you.