From a Very Annoyed Artist:

Can Anti-Shippers please stop being whiny pissbabies over the fact that their favorite artist of one ship ships a ship that they find problematic as well?

Because your favorite artist isn’t there to cater to you, wether or not you give them notes. They’re going to draw something that they enjoy regardless of what you think. And if you’re too childish to scroll past the ship you don’t like, and find the work of a ship you do like, here is my advice:

• Get off of tumblr. Because there are going to be MANY things you don’t like in this site, I think it’d be better if you just leave before you start getting all ‘offended’ that someone may share some likeness with you, but not all.

• Learn that no one here, nor on this earth, is here to cater to you personally. Get out of your high chair and put down the milk bottle. It’s time to grow up and learn how to deal with things that doesn’t involve crytyping about how your favorite artist doesn’t agree with everything you think, and that you’re not going to support the rest of their fabulous work because of it.

Raising Mira part 2

As much worry as Mira boundless confidence causes her parents, it’s when that confidence takes a knock that causes her parents the biggest worries.

Failure - the kind that really matters - sticks with her more than she like to admit. Deat too h isn’t something she met as often as most in the rebellion - and that she finds it hard to deal with sometimes gnaws at her, especially when she’s about 12 or so, thanks to an incident with purrgil I’ve disused in a fic. 

Her heritage too, can cause the odd problem.  Thanks to Death Watch and the like, reception to the Wren name can cause the odd diplomatic problem.  Jedi (and Mandalorians in general for that matter) are a touchy subject to many in the galaxy too…

It’s when she can’t feel like she can make a difference, or shoulder her dual legacies, that she’s at her lowest.  Even stars burn out, after all - what’s one firefly against the dark…

anonymous asked:

theory: u know how they said that that one other precinct was corrupt in the audit? 72nd or 74th or something? well they're the ones who frame jake

OKAY i’m glad you brought this up because honestly i didn’t even catch this when i watched the audit the first time (or the second lmao)

i like this as a theory!!! we already know the squad is going to a “cop con” in the episode after the stop-and-frisk ep, and we know the episode following that is the chasing amy episode. it wouldn’t be that far-fetched for cops from WHATEVER precinct ends up getting shut down for realz to a) know that the nine-nine should have gotten the axe, but didn’t for whatever reason, and b) attend that same cop con. i would LOVE to see some kind of tension/rift between the nine nine and other precincts at the con and for that to lead to a conflict that results in whatever this season’s plot twist is going to be!!! this is a VERY good theory and i am full on-board

supergirl headcanon that at some point in the future after alex and maggie get married and when they decide to try and have a kid, they choose not to tell anyone until they know it worked bc knowing their friends (family, really), those weirdos will be be way more excited than even they are 

so ya know they go to their doctor, pick a donor etc etc (alex is gonna be the one having the lil babe) and some time later (i’m not a fertility expert, i dont know how long these things take), there’s a super squad game night at kara’s place and everyone’s there (winn, james, mon el [i’m assuming he stays], lena, j’onn, m’gann, alex and maggie) and kara comes home a little late after having to deal with a mix up of stories w snapper and kinda discards her stuff and looks a little fondly at her fam who are all goofing around by the tv but then something is weird abt like, the background noise in her super hearing and she focuses and something just isn’t right 

and alex notices the expression on her face as kara comes a little closer trying to figure out what it is and says “hey kara, you okay?” and kara’s like “i dunno … i thought i heard … i mean, i do hear … but that’s … there’s only eight people here - i must just be rlly tired or something, don’t worry.” and winn teases her about it a little and james jokes “supergirl’s having an off day, huh?” but alex suddenly realises what it could be and as kara moves to sit beside lena, alex grabs her arm and goes “wait, kara, what did you hear?” and kara sees the look on her face and says very slowly “what do you think i heard?” and alex is like “you tell me first” and kara says “you tell me first” and winn just stares at them with raised eyebrows and goes “you both maybe wanna tell the rest of us what’s going on?” and kara’s eyes flicker between maggie and alex before she says, still super slowly bc she doesn’t know if she and alex are on the same page “there’s only eight people in this room … but -” and alex finishes for her going “but kara hears nine heartbeats.” and nobody picks up on anything for a second, like j’onn and m’gann and mon el try focusing their hearing and the others just looks around sorta confused and then suddenly maggie chokes on her beer and her gaze snaps over to alex and goes “wait a second - does that mean …?” and alex breaks into the biggest grin and kara lets out the hugest shriek and goes “oh my god you’re pregnant!” and chaos just erupts in the apartment

I drew this pic for @maerynn-blog‘s birthday a few days ago and showed it to her, but forgot to post it here!  Whoops!  I asked her for ideas on what to draw (cuz I’m really great at surprising people lolol) and she proposed Chat-dad plus cute backpack baby on patrol (you gotta do what you gotta do when you can’t find a babysitter!).  X3

Baby’s Catbug outfit was 90% accidental; when someone on my Picarto stream pointed it out I changed the hat color to match the rest of the getup.  XD