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Hello! Can I quickly ask you a question? What do you think Roy is afraid of?

Interesting question!

Roy is a very bold and courageous person to begin with. It takes a lot to shake him up. If there’s one thing that he’s fearful of though, it’s Lian’s safety.

The Titans v2 #19

I think that all of his fears revolve around his daughter, as any loving parent would understand. He’s afraid of her being alone, scared, and vulnerable. He’s afraid for her life. Roy’s not afraid of dying because he’s afraid of death, he’s afraid because it would mean that Lian would have to live without him. If there was one thing that Roy tried to always do for Lian, it was to make sure that she had both her parents—something that Roy lost at an early age. He’s afraid of her feeling alone without him there to give her unconditional love and protection.

Outsiders v3 #11

This fear of losing Lian is so strong that if the situation were dire enough, it has the ability to shadow Roy’s compassion. In Outsiders, when Lian had been kidnapped by a child trafficker, Roy gave a cold remark that he didn’t care if they had to kill the kidnapper in order to get Lian back. Kill. Roy has guns specially designed to shoot bullets that cauterise the wound so the person doesn’t bleed to death. This is a guy who Grace Choi once said would give a serial killer a second chance. What makes Roy so approachable is his understanding and forgiving nature. When Lian’s life hangs in the balance though, that human element is completely gone.

I believe in arguing the above, it can also be said that Roy is afraid of being afraid. He’s afraid that his fears will endanger others and prevent him from protecting his team or the people he loves. In light of explaining a headcanon of mine, I also think that to some degree, Roy is afraid of himself when he becomes afraid. It’s already canon that he’s capable of killing someone in cold blood if pushed far enough. It could be that Roy knew he was capable of such and therefore, was afraid of that possibility.

In saying this, it’s no wonder that Hal Jordan once mentioned that he could see himself within Roy. Being afraid of fear itself is a characteristic of a Green Lantern.

Justice League of America v2 #4

Roy’s not easily crippled by fear. I think he’s unafraid by his nature. I think he’s always been like that, it’s just taken many different forms throughout his life. When he became Speedy, he wasn’t afraid to jump off buildings and capture criminals. When he got addicted to junk, he was unafraid of going cold turkey. When he realized he was a father, he was unafraid of taking her on as his responsibility.

New Titans v1 #62

He’s also unafraid to make mistakes. He’s capable of acknowledging he has made mistakes in the past, but they don’t make him fearful of taking risks in the future. Roy has never been afraid of a challenge.He has an unrivalled ability to instill courage and confidence within himself.


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Specifically, I used Holbein’s acrylic gouache coral red to outline Dorian’s hand. For the glasses, I did a base of Winsor &Newton’s naples yellow designer’s gouache, and dry brushed some HAG beige for highlights.

The coral fades into Dorian’s skin tone if the base wash is too light (like the bottom photos), so you can see I’ve also used some HAG burnt sienna to help make the coral pop in the original illustration. @v@

As for how, when I’m outlining I usually dry brush. And (completely improper form) I just shove my brush directly into the tube of paint without any water. 

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