if anyone thinks for even a second that Felicity Smoak is better than Barbara fucking Gordon… Unfollow me now. If Barbara is going to be on Supergirl as rumored, she’ll run circles around Felicity… Don’t forget Supergirl has different crew members than Arrow and won’t have their noses up Marc’s OFC’s ass…

and i swear if they DO dumb her down to prop up someone else i’ll rage

Day care AU headcanons

• Dirk is a problematic child
• when Dirk pulls his first stunt, Karkat gets really mad. And sorta begins to dislike dirk (not a dislike but sorta idk, just a softer word for dislike)
• but then he realizes Dirk reminds him of himself
• bC Karkat was THE problematic child in his youth
• so Karkat sorta takes him under his wing
• but that doesn’t stop the angry calls to Dave
• Dave secretly finds Karkat’s voice sexy/appealing
• so he just lets Karkat rant
• eventually the have a face to face conference
• and “H O L Y S H I T, Dirk you did not tell me Mr. Vantas was THIS hot!
• Dave tries the “I’m a cool person” thing and it doesn’t work
• Karkat is immune to it bc he works with Sollux for gods sake
• at the end of the conference Dave lifts his shades and gives Karkat a wink
•Karkat is very flustered and is suddenly red
• !!! holy shit flustered Karkat nearly killed Dave
• their flirting goes on for months
• it kills everyone and I mean e v e r y o n e (even the children)
• finally Rose and Kanaya have an intervention and it’s now “operation Davekat”
• rose lures Dave to an empty room in the Daycare facility with… Apple juice. jk no she tells him that Dirk left some thing in there and wants Dave to get it
• Kanaya lures Karkat in there with romcoms… Jk again, it’s actually with claiming she left her keys in there.
• then they lock Dave and Karkat in the room
• both Dave and Karkat are extremely pissed
• at first
• then they learn to deal with it and have a feeling jam
• in the end they’re stuck in there for a good 3 hours
• but they finally got to together
• when they came out there was a mini party set up in the main room
• there was plenty of apple juice AND orange juice to go around
• couple nights later, Dave takes Karkat out on a real date
• they have now been dating for like 8 months and are super happy
•Karkat now carries around extra oranges and orange crayons with him where ever he goes

-mod emma
(These are my personal head canons, except the problematic child Dirk. These headcanons may or may not correspond with the other mods’ fics. But this is just a warning of some sort. Trying to say that, the fics will or will not follow some or all of these headcanons.)

P.s please feel free to submit your own headcanons, art or anything. We love your contributions and appreciate all you lovely followers!!

• everyone at the daycare has a low key crush on “Mr. Vantas”. E v e r y o n e (wth the exception of Kanaya and Rose ;))
• BC Karkat is F I N E E E E
• but they all ship davekat, so no worries

You know why these gems are excited?
Rebecca Sugar interview (starts at 40 minutes and 25 seconds)

Some highlights:
-Musical episode coming soon to include 7(!) new songs including tap dancing.
-Shelby Rabara (Peridot) originally auditioned for Garnet and Jennifer Paz (Lapis) for Amethyst
-The tap dancing sound used in the musical episode is a recording of Shelby Rabara actually tap dancing
-Upcoming song (implied to be part of the musical episode) by Jeff Liu and Ben Levin, which apparently had a Pearl verse added that wasn’t there before. So it might be a duet or an even bigger ensemble.
-Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship is based around Rebecca and Ians relationship.
-She went suspiciously silent when the prospect of a YD song was mentioned. (this is purely speculating though).
-Rose and Peals relationship confirmed for requited love.
-New character to appear with voice work Rebecca is excited about and that character will appear in the fall.
-Live stage musical of Steven universe would be something Rebecca would love.
-Apparently Sapphire is associated with “sight and seeing” and Ruby with “touch and feeling”.
-She hopes to have a Sardonyx song one day.

This hiatus will brutally kill us all more than ever now


Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire, the world must fall,
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

I finished this tonight in honor of the end of the semester and I could not be more happy with the end result.

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  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:'HOLD THE DOOR' *sobbing* did willis see himself holding the door for bran whilst he had his seizure? did he always know that was going to happen to him? is that why 'hodor' was always so willing to help bran out? does bran now know how much hodor obviously cared about him? i just-