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Heyo, your beautiful 1-person-choir covers have inspired me to maybe try something like this myself and I was wondering whether you'd be willing to share some of your... methods? The environment you record in, how you organize and keep track (hah) of all those different tracks, whether you plan out the harmonies beforehand or just go ahead by ear, what your post-processing looks like, this sorta thing? Because I'm a bit intimidated by the scope of such a project and you have some experience óvo;

Oh sure! It’s easy once you know where to start!

As for environment, if I want really good quality I sit under a blanket like so:

(This is to prevent echo and worsen the quality of the recording for you guys who’s like what the fuck girl)
Otherwise I just sit in my bedroom, it’s pretty non-echo-y and works fine if I wanna do many voices.

Around 10 tracks is the bare minimum in my opinion. That gives a little effort but a rather full choir. In my latest one (”Warriors”) I used 10 tracks for each harmony, plus some harmony on that harmony pff - it’s for the full-sounding effect! And in the end it resulted in quite many tracks so win win win!

So once I’m done recording those 10 tracks (maybe I split it so 5 of those are harmony and 5 are main vocals) I save it and compress it into one mp3 file so I can move it freely and fit it wherever I want.

This is many voices, so be careful so that your sound doesn’t start screeching (like if you scream really loudly and it can’t take it so it goes all white noise on you)
Lower the volume enough on each track so that doesn’t happen. It’ll do loads!

So eh yes, to summarize that; record in strategic parts.

Choosing what song you wanna do is tricky, because you wanna find one that’s not too hard to do, but that also sounds good. So it’s after you’ve chosen a song you can start planning your choruses.

So far, I’ve done it in some different ways:

Since I can’t read sheet music I go by ear, and I experiment A LOT. I improvise A LOT. So don’t be afraid to do that! Sometimes it’s nah, and sometimes it turns out awesome.

WIDTH! Withdt witdth - To get width in your recording, turn each and every track in the left and right speaker, gradually. (Track 1, left 90%, Track 2, right 90%, Track 3, left 70% etc) but listen carefully so it doesn’t weigh to much on just one ear!

Adding reverb/echo is a good way to make your choir sound fuller.

Here’s a sample of Homeland, where I had one main vocal but also focus on the choir. The main is in the left ear and the choir in the right so you can hear properly (no mastering was done on that one so it sounds very flat)

And as you can probably hear I forget a lot what I’m really supposed to sing?? pff so in some parts I’m like wait where am I BUT THAT’S OKAY you can bullshit a lot as long as nothing major stands out and ruins it all. But try to make all your voices sound decent.

I edit my final product in Studio One

I probably forget a lot now or miss out something you’re wondering about but just wing it, try out some songs and you’ll get the gist!

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Au where kaiju!herman gets amneasia? Possibly before the masters are defeated?

Hermann closes his eyes under the Pons, Newt smiles;

And the Drift tears into them both;

Hermann burns, the claws at his throat, the Orders in his bones, the Masters seize him and tear, ignite, sear him and Newt is screaming, trying to drag him out and Hermann screams at him to go- find what they need and flee before they take him too-

Then there is nothing: the flames, the Orders, the claws and the teeth as the Masters burn him out of himself;

Something catches at it- the embers and ashes and remnants of it as the Masters draw its remains back together to rewrite it and-

The Drift ends.

It falls, the world is huge and empty around it, his mind crushed and bleeding and it crawls, skin splitting and rolls to get free of the strangling cloth around it-


That creature opens its eyes.

The word around is dark, wet and warm, it smells blood and it’s mouth waters eagerly; exhausted and ruined and bleeding as it is it needs food- the Masters are gone but they may come back- it needs to eat, needs to feed;

The Kaiju’s flesh is soft in it’s teeth, newborn, it tears at it, ripping off huge bluish gobbets and swallowing- it’s still warm, rich and sweet and if it just gets a little deeper and past bones there will be liver-

Something catches it’s upper shoulder, pulls it back and manages to unbalance it- it’s right leg buckles under its weight and that creature spins around, fear kicking in its belly at this new threat-

But the thing behind it isn’t a threat; one glance is enough to tell that creature that; it is even softer than the newborn beside them, no claws, tiny blunt teeth, it’s wearing the same soft things that creature is tangled in;

That creature sniffs at the thing, and it takes a step back; “Hermann? Hermann are you-” it’s pink-white face turns rather more white, “Oh fuck- Hermann, come back, you’re- fuck, why didn’t you tell me-”

The sounds don’t make sense, and they do, as though some shard of what it had been picks up on them and filters them intelligible, but that creature cannot understand them; anyway whatever this soft thing is, though, it is clearly unsuited to hunt- and there is more than enough food here for both of them; that creature tears a nice chuck of baby fat- succulent and salty- from the Kaiju’s side and offers it to the soft thing;

“What- no, fuck;” The soft thing crumples to the ground, it’s face is wet and a soft, broken sound comes from its throat; “Oh fuck, no- Hermann-”

The soft thing is in pain, that creature swallows the fat and pads over to it; pressing against it’s side, patting it’s leg; it is hurting, and it hurts that creature too;

The soft thing gives it a twisted, broken smile, that creature nudges its cheek; “I’m Newt;” he chokes; “Fuck- I’m Newt and you- they killed you- fuck, they killed you-”

That creature nuzzles it again, leaving blue streaks down its face; it’s okay, it wants to say- although it isn’t sure how to make it’s jaws work that way- it has died many times, again and again every time the Masters took it; it is still here;

“Fuck-” the soft thing- the Newt- gets up and pulls that creature along with it- it falls to all sixes, kicks its way free of skin and clothes, “We’ve got to go- I’m not leaving you here, come on.”

ok so a while ago i said i was trying to design a jasper/peridot fusion and today i decided to just…..finish it up

i tried to take elements from both gems and experiment with them instead of just like, mashing their designs together which might have been a bad idea idk. and she was gonna have some form of peridot’s weird robot arms in addition to the Gunshow but i couldnt figure out how to fit em in so she just has two.  overall i tried to make her look like a mix between an oldskool anime villain and a lady wrestler

so heres: tiger eye. she hates you and wants to kick your ass

i’ve been thinking about denmark and the netherlands’ bromance lately

and just how awesome is it that they’re canonically good friends


like, the rest of the nordics would usually just shut denmark down when he makes stupid suggestions or act like an idiot, but the netherlands is the type of guy to just sigh and go along with him

picture the two of them going on adventures together, denmark wreaking havoc everywhere he steps and netherlands following behind with a stoic face and an eye-roll, but secretly enjoying himself too



  • me:*names future daughter “Maslany”*
  • future daughter:Hey Mom did you name me after “Tatiana Maslany” the actor with 13 Geminis, 22 Canadian Screen Awards, 12 Emmys, who was somehow legally adopted by Amy Poehler, has her face on all Canadian coin, and is the chosen representative of the human race when negotiating with the aliens that took over the planet 5 years back?
  • me:bitch please I named you after some random ass street in Saskatchewan