“I’m your Huckleberry” means “I’m the man you’re looking for”, and the line reminded me of a scene 6x18 “Frontierland”, the classic episode in which Dean and Sam travel back in time to the Wild West.

The scene starts with Sam and Dean walking into a sheriff’s office in their search for Samuel Colt. It goes like this:

Dean: Sheriff? Could we have a word?

Sheriff: Depends who’s asking.

Dean: Marshall Eastwood.

*pulls back vest to reveal badge*

Clint Eastwood.

*Sam side-eyes Dean*

*the sheriff watches Dean*

*the judge watches Dean*

*the random cowboy watches Dean*

*no one looks too impressed with him*

*Dean nods toward Sam*

Dean: This here’s, uh, Walker. He’s a Texas ranger.

Sheriff: So what can I do for you boys?

Sam: Uh, we’re looking for a man.

Judge: *scoffs* I’ll bet.

*reaction shot of Sam and Dean looking taken aback*

Judge: *nods at Dean* Nice shirt there.

Sam: *looks over at Dean*

Dean: What’s wrong with my shirt?

Judge: *pointedly* You’re very clean.

Dean: *flabbergasted, examines himself subconsciously*

Dean: *defensively* It’s dirtier than it looks.

Note how all the focus is on Dean, even though it was Sam who said the actual line about looking for a man. Gotta love how all the queer subtext is mysteriously dumped on Dean, haha. And if the line’s been used before with a double meaning, then who’s to say it doesn’t suggest a double meaning here, in the show’s second western-themed episode, with “Texas ranger” used as a cover again no less.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just saying

I just keep seeing anti rethoric and literally all of it sounds so alien to me, my values and personal experiences. Makes me wonder if it’s yet more normal humans experiences I am missing out on or if the rethoric itself lacks nuance… Jk I’m pretty sure it’s the second one, but I’m so used to feeling like I’m an et that sometimes one does wonder.

Also: I’m 28 turning 29 in a few months, if I do have any followers who are uncomfortable? With my age? Please feel free to unfollow, by all means!

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*sees idea of Plance Kagerou Daze au* umm? Don't? My heart wouldn't be able to take it? I cry very easily? But also hell fucking yes?? I am gonna cry

Whatever you do don’t imagine Pidge and Lance stuck in a time loop trying to save each other from dying but always failing.

Trust me it hurts



So, Do i love this game? Yeah, it was A+! Full of adorable and funny dialogues (also puns were great), art in it is cute and gorgeous and characters were really awesome! (Also i added captions! ;>)

Also if you’re curious my favourite dad is Hugo Vega, i may not know much about anything, but seeing him so passionate about wrestling and learning is the cutest <3

does it…just baffle anyone else how easily david can pick up max???? like i was writing a scene in my dadvid fic where david picks him up at some point (no spoilers for loco parentis though lmfao) and i got thinking and i just….

i’m nearly six feet tall and i can’t even pick up a small ten year old like that, who’s average height is probably anywhere between 4′10 to 5ft and who’s average weight is probably anywhere from 50 to 95lbs. and i should know, i h*cking teach ten year olds every sunday and have tried to pick them up.

and like david is able to do it with one hand

like how???? 

either max is just really light and small or….

….our boy is STRONG

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