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Okay, I've been reading the otherworldly comics of charminglyantiquated and all I've got going through my head is like this AU where Senju family lives close to the border of a forest. A deep woods, where the further in you travel, the stranger and more otherworldly things seem. Don't leave the path, Butsuma tells his sons, and don't look twice at the things you see. Their mother tells them of tricks to ward off any unwanted attention; salt water, iron, bamboo blossoms are said to repel them...

Lavender allowed them to find you easier, and their mother destroyed any lavender plants found growing near the home. Butsuma take his boys out into the woods only once when they’re older. He shows them the burn marks on the trees and the ground. He points out the sweet smell of camellia that lingers in the air even with no flowers around. He tells his boys that in these woods wanders spirits, beings born of fire and heat and smoke. They will lure you in with innocent guises, human at first…

glance. If you look deeper, though, you can see the fires in their eyes and the smoke in their hair and the burn of embers under their skin. Do not ask anything of them, he tells his boys, not even their name. For they will ask things in return, and will not stop asking until they have everything that you are. Do not look into their eyes, he tells them, for their eyes can strip you of the world around you, until only they remain as the single, solid point in all of existence. Most…

importantly, he tells them, do not love them, and do not seek out their love. For if they give it to you, they will never let you go, and you will never return from the forest. So the Senju brothers grow up, with their mother sewing charms into their clothes and their father forcing iron tools into their hands until they stank of metal. Hashirama had a close encounter, once, with a boy-child like heat and fire and smoke, but Butsuma chased the boy away with bamboo flowers. Tobirama had always…

been drawn to the forest, though. It was deep, and dark, and held more secrets than even his books could teach him. He’d followed Butsuma out that day, when his father had chased the boy away. He’d looked into eyes like fire and those eyes haunted his dreams, taunting him with all that he did not know. So he’d looked through all the books he could find. He’d found their name (“… the Uchiha, a fire spirit who prizes feelings of love and passion above all else…”) and what they were (“it’s…

… thought that Uchiha are born from the fire that ignites from trees struck by lightning…”). He spends years searching for every scrap of information he can find until, finally, he packs his bags and sets out into the deep woods. Hashirama, Kawarama and Itama are all still asleep in their beds, and he feels bad that he didn’t leave them more than a note, but curiosity gnaws at him, a siren call that invades his dreams with dark eyes like fire and dark hair like smoke and skin like embers…

Tobirama steps into the woods, and then he steps off the path even as he leaves a trail of brightly colored string behind him. He sees things that his father warned him of, things that twist in the corner of his eye, burns on trees and rocks that smell of camellia with no flowers around. Eyes follow him, but he ignores them. Tobirama comes across a clearing. A man who is not a man greets him, with eyes like fire, hair like smoke, skin like embers, and a smirk like a secret. (Sorry for the spam!)

No need to apologize, I thought this was fun to read. (You might enjoy icarus_chained‘s works, btw.) Have a short story as thanks for the inspiration.

Title: gleam as mosses and fireflies do [AO3 link]

Rating: General Audiences

Summary: There are spirits that live in the woods. If you manage to see them as themselves, they will burn as bright and as beautiful as stars and hope and adventure and pyres. They might look like you, talk like you, and even love like you, but remember to be careful.

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I'm watching a blind play of ME2 and I am raging because the person playing doesn't talk to the squadmates on the Normandy between missions and doesn't buy shit from stores/ But I can't tell them because the playthrough is like 3 years old. And they hate EDI and Miranda and didn't open Grunt's tank!

Honestly I was so sad when one of my favorite streamers (I linked her twitch here…. shouldn’t have) started playing ME2 and I happened to see her trying to talk to Jack and basically going “yeah how about you never talk to me again” or something like that and I was just :/ 

I still like some of the things she said but on the whole I don’t want to see her stream again. Like fuck you for talking to Jack like that!!!! In front of 1000+ viewers, since she’s already a popular streamer so when she streams Mass Effect there’s a big crowd. Urgh. 

It’s completely different when you can trust the person doing the streaming or playthrough. I checked @commandcrshepard’s stream of ME2 and the atmosphere was so different. 1. it was fun, 2. I really enjoyed watching the gameplay, 3. No random character bashing 

Idk, sometimes I get protective of the game or the characters and it’s hard when people just don’t care so I get you. I can’t tell them how to play the game but inside I’m just… how can you not open Grunt’s tank? why do you hate Miranda or Jack or EDI or…???? 


lance has a lot of proud parents after he no-scoped that prison guard

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A Concept, if you will.

Okay, so, Grand Prix Final Gala, Yuri wins gold, of course, and is selected to dance at the end with the other winners and whatnot and it’s a grand old time.

But then!

Just as everyone else is exiting the rink with suspicious smiles on their faces Yurio and Phichit spin around and grab Yuri’s arms. They drag him to the middle of the ice and threaten him to not move until the end before they too leave. Anxiety crawls up Yuri’s spine as he’s left there, the audience staring at him in anticipation.

Then a light comes on rink side as Victor fucking Nikiforov skates onto the ice.

He grabs poor confused Yuri and does a lap to show him off to the crowd, before planting him against the wall at the front. Victor asks Yuri to keep his eyes on him and him alone as he drifts back to the center.

“Stay with Me” begins to play as Victor dances his heart out for Yuri. When it gets to the last bit, right where Victor is a hairsbreadth away from Yuri, he breaks choreography and grabs Yuri’s arms, dragging him with him. Music practically forgotten, they dance together so emphatically that Yuri doesn’t even notice all the other skaters returning to the ice.

It doesn’t occur to him until he finds himself completely encircled by friends and competitors. They’re so close he can’t see where Victor is anymore. After a chorus of cheers from the friends they all skate backward, breaking the circle momentarily to reveal Victor himself.

He’s now on one knee.

A ring box in hand.