I realized I had everythin to make a shitty chiyuri closet cosplay so there you go
The pc98 gals need more love I know almost nothing about this chick
Also this is the fastest cosplay ever thrown together it literally took me like five minutes (it’s a mash up of my sailor madoka, mako mankanshoku, and toy chica costumes. Glad that chica costume was useful for something )



anyway yeah I’m pretty drunk at my mom’s house

she’s laughing at me

I’m trying to hide the fact that I blog about gay british men

not sure which would offend more

the gay part or the british part


i lived in england for three months that one time and now my mom has like a ~grudge~ or something

because the whole three months I was gone I only emailed her like…once

and forgot to talk to her the rest of the time


I took really cute selfies earlier with this filter that made my eyes look like these little glittery obsidian things, I’m thinking about starting a selfie blog. I like filters that make my eyes look dark because they’re not dark obviously but yeah kinda wish they were sometimes, I had this asshole ex once who would always be like “okay yeah they’re great BUT they’d be better if xxxx” which was basically his whole personality

that guy was an asshole


send me some smutty prompts

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fuckyeahfetuccinni replied to your post:Waaaiiittt… I said I wasn’t going to theorize…

Marlene said that Charlotte had access to medical school corpses. The how I think really doesn’t matter, because 98% of the shit -A does has never needed a how for us to suspend disbelief despite how fucking ridiculous they are lmao hahaha

I’m not frustrated with you, I’m frustrated with Marlene, I promise, but um… I don’t give two shits what Marlene says. This is one of the biggest problems I have with the show. Where did she say this? Who is going to track down her every interview and tweet for answers that should JUST BE IN THE SCRIPT TO BEGIN WITH.

It’s shoddy writing and quite frankly, I feel like it’s lazy. There are countless things that she’s answered over social media that not everyone’s seen. I’m not even all that mad about this one thing being answered this way, it’s simply that it’s happened so many times that it’s ridiculous.

This show will not last. It will not survive for future generations. Five-ten years from now, no one will really care to watch it. The reason for this being, Marlene and co didn’t put enough answers in the script. It’s not in the show itself. Five-ten years from now, no one will track down the answers that should just be there to begin with. They’ll be looking for a Netflix binge watch, not an internet scavenger hunt.

I think, that in the end, all Marlene and co were really concerned with was being “progressive”. I’ve seen that word everywhere now. A gay main character that’s taken seriously, bullying, a transgender character, heavy focus on female friendship, etc. Nice, yes, it’s good to have these things being shown/explored. It’s about fucking time. But I don’t care if the overall story is poorly written. Those things are the second layer of a story. Important, though it lacks the same impact if the first layer is irrelevant.

The first layer is the obvious story, the literal interpretation. In PLL, it’s a group of girls being harassed and psychologically tortured by an unknown entity. This is the layer that is to be completely understood and resolved by the story’s end. It’s supposed to be wrapped up with a satisfying conclusion. It’s supposed to make sense to all who’ve followed the story. It’s good to have some twists and leave a few things up to viewer interpretation simply because it makes the story overall more enjoyable.

Not every little thing needs to be answered, but there needs to be enough to be satisfying. This wasn’t satisfying. Some of it honestly doesn’t even make sense with the story as a whole.

Now, with the first layer pretty much chucked out the window, what’s the point of the second layer? What’s the point of the characters’ personal struggles and growth when the story at large doesn’t even make sense? What’s the point of the metaphorical story when the literal one can’t even be properly followed? Nothing feels like it fits anymore. I feel like it’s one giant “what’s the point?”

Did almost all the dishes (and there were a lot), cleaned the counter and stovetop, made a new tuna salad recipe and stuffed a pita with it for hubby’s lunch tomorrow (there’s enough for at least 2 more), finished the new YCH commission template and made a post about it, corresponded with 3 different clients about their commissions, and now I’m gonna go try and get some of said commission work done

busy busy busy