so i wanna talk about this briefly

I keep seeing theories about it being something to do with ancient elves given the places it appears and the fact that Solas chooses to bring a romanced Lavellan to a grove with this on the walls, and i don’t want to dispute that really, it’s just that moreso than anything else in the series this wall art reminds me of this:

the winged helm, the symbol in the center, definitely reminiscent of all the templar imagery we’ve seen throughout the games.

so idk, maybe some of these paintings are more recent than we’re assuming, left by elves to commemorate the fall of the Dales, rather than the fall of Elvehnan.

Could be something else too, but this is what pinged for me when I saw that particular painting. 

but on the plus, i got a super super cute sketchbook that looked like an old book with a J on it and some little illustrations from Anthropologie today and it was so  beautiful and i got a cute little french pen and it had a super thin tip it was like a 0,3mm tip and 

so that was my treat for having a rough few days (including today)

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