Incidentally, before Mabel and Dipper came along Stan was not a big fan of kids, except when viewed as sources of income for his gift shop. They reminded him of more innocent times, and of everything that his own failure to maintain a relationship had deprived him of, and that disquieted him. He sold them keychains and tried not to look them in the eye.

But all those snapshots of his tiny niece and nephew that came in the mail from Wirt and ended up on his grimy refrigerator must have sent paternal instincts swelling up inside him that he didn’t know he had, because only two years after they were born, he did something he might never have done otherwise. He saw a lost-looking kid lingering outside the Mystery Shack and offered him a job.

mapping tom lehrer songs to bioware characters, aka possibly the most niche post i’ve ever had

I have added links to everything because those of you who do not know Tom Lehrer should.  Every generation thinks they invented irony–I mean, right? That seems to be universal–but Tom Lehrer actually feels almost astonishingly modern in some ways, because he’s more ironic than any given dozen twenty-first century hipsters. (But, while I am not going to try to warn for things in these songs, do be aware that some combination of “Lehrer is irreverent about everything” and “these songs are actually fifty years old” means that some of them may contain terms you find offensive–I don’t think anything is too horribly egregious, but, FYI. Oh, and it’s almost all the blackest of black humor. Which is part of why I love it.)

servantofclio replied to your post “It’s 2:30 AM, I cannot sleep although I need to get up at a reasonable…”

For some reason I want to give Mordin “Lobachevsky”.

Lobachevsky” is ABSOLUTELY Mordin.  I also gave him “New Math,” although that is probably largely because I feel sentimental about that song (when I was in high school and utterly despairing of my ability to grasp Algebra 2, my mom introduced me to Tom Lehrer via New Math, which did succeed in cheering me up enormously).

Also it is especially fun to assign this kind of song to Mordin, because he might actually sing it. And the bit about base 8 is particularly good because it’d still be a bit weird for salarians, except it would be about adding fingers instead of removing them.

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I like “So Long, Mom, I’m Off to Drop the Bomb” for James Vega and, of course, “Smut” for Sera. :D

Ha!  I had not thought of “So Long, Mom” for Vega, but it’s perfect. “Smut” is definitely Sera overtly…. and Cassandra covertly.

probablylostrightnow replied to your post “It’s 2:30 AM, I cannot sleep although I need to get up at a reasonable…”


probablylostrightnow replied to your post “It’s 2:30 AM, I cannot sleep although I need to get up at a reasonable…”

“National Brotherhood Week” for Shepard - sincere for Paragon, SUPER sarcastic for Renegade. HELP I CAN’T STOP.

National Brotherhood Week” is PERFECT for Shep, yes.

Some additional correspondences I came up with while lying in bed attempting to fall asleep:

  • The Vatican Rag” is perfect in every way for Leliana.
  • If “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park” is not completely cromulent to Grunt’s bits in the Citadel DLC, I don’t know what is.
  • The Elements” is relevant to my Garrus/Tali interests, again per the Citadel DLC.  (NERRRRRRD, Tali says, after having revealed that she ALSO knows all the elements by number.) (I also love that you can tell how old the song is by the actually fairly large number of elements that aren’t there.) (Also, keep watching for an Aristotle joke.) (Okay, parentheses done.)
  • Wernher von Braun” is, I am sorry, kind of Miranda. (Miri, I’m sorry, I do love you, but ‘allegiance is ruled by expedience’ is kind of accurate for most of your life….)
  • Send the Marines” could be any number of characters, but I’m thinking Cassandra, and this is where I hope it becomes clear that I am even willing to be super snarky about my very favorite characters. (”Members of the corps all hate the thought of war / they’d rather kill them off by peaceful means. / Stop calling it aggression! We hate that expression! / We only want the world to know / That we support the status quo…”)
  • Both “MLF Lullabye” and “Who’s Next” are Wrex, of course.

And I always like to end on a positive note, so I will finish by saying that “We Will All Go Together When We Go” must of course be Solas. (Sorry not sorry. That has been his MO at least three times. Oh Solas, honey, I love you, just stop.)

lygerzero14  asked:

i wonder how vernon, ryan and matt reacted to the clones. do they just one day notice the steak in arin's hair seems to change colors often or do the grumps let them know in the beginning?

Vernon just tries to avoid this whole situation. He treats the clones pretty well and learns how to handle them. He just wants to do his job most the time. I imagine Baby Bear and Big Cat would be drawn to Vernon because he’s nice and they like him and he’s cool. Baby Girl would live for seeing Vernon sweat and working Vernon up and trying to score foot rubs. 

Coyly asking Vernon “My heels are hurting my feet. Wanna help me out?” and Vernon swallows thickly. 

“I..I have work to do.” 

Baby Girl arching and sighing, “I could really use a hard rub.” 

Vernon turns bright red. 

When Matt and Ryan come in they kinda try to hide it from them. It’s just so much to explain and they aren’t sure how the boys are going to handle it. I think they’d both notice the fact that Arin’s hair was sometimes different, sometimes Arin acted different. 

When they DO find out they are overjoyed. CLONES?!?! REAL LIFE CLONE WAR? Listen to me. Ar would try to fight them a lot and snap at them. Baby Bear would trust what they said way too much and be easily tricked by them. Overall Matt and Ryan try to have a lot of fun with the clones. They think it’s so fucking cool.