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I really hope it's Rosa who ends up going to jail (bc we know it'll prolly be one of them as the cliffhanger)??? I don't want a third "Jake has a Big Moment w/ Amy and then goes away indefinitely!" and I feel like it would be so interesting to have Jake collaborate with the rest of the team to get someone else back, for once!


as much as it pains me to say this,,,i agree, i hope it’s rosa who ends up going to jail, for a NUMBER of reasons. in the first and third season finales, jake and amy have a Moment before jake’s shipped off for “““““““6 months””””””””” - but in the season 2 finale, they have a big moment and That’s The End Of That, they get to stay together and work things out. the first separation happened pre-relationship and the second happened post-relationship, so if they do it again they’re really just repeating themselves and the LAST thing any television writer wants is to get repetitive!!! so i’m really really genuinely hoping that REGARDLESS of what happens in the finale, it does not result in jake and amy being separated. besides, the pattern they’ve set dictates that jake and amy get to stay together over this hiatus

i’m ALSO hoping for a rosa/pimento break up. i love jason mantzoukas but good grief pimento isn’t even contributing anything to the storyline anymore except apparently to lead both jake and rosa wildly astray when it comes to working an undercover op. i’m really hoping for a break up and if rosa going to jail for something pimento told her to do is what it takes to make that happen, i will be okay

also. you’re so right. i love that they’re starting to branch out and give heavier storylines to characters other than jake and it would be really emotionally poignant to see rosa take the brunt of the punishment for whatever ends up happening in that finale. plus she’s already proven repetitively that she’s tougher than nails and would do just fine spending an indefinite amount of time in prison (she /was/ supposed to be the one going undercover in maximum security, after all) whereas jake is too soft and needs!!! to stay as far away from prison as possible okay!!! he needs die hard and chicken fingers and amy and none of those are in prison

makeup for when you feel like destroying a few worlds

Inspired by Hela, Goddess of Death and Queen of Hel. 

Do you ever just feel like burning it all down? To a soundtrack by Led Zeppelin? The perfect makeup look can help ;-) But perhaps something a bit more wearable for Midgard. 

First off, half of your hair must be in front of your face, covering an eye. Not sure why, maybe to mock Odin, or to just look all bedroom-tousled while kicking serious amounts of ass and killing a whole realm. Or perhaps this is what one’s hair looks like after it’s been under that crazy headpiece of hers. 

This is me bein’ like, Annie, what the fuck are you doing? 

Also me … 

I’m like, what? You have to look good and perhaps a little scary while you watch the world burn. With #nofilter. 

Much of this was so contrary to what I normally do. There’s not many pics of Hela yet, so I have like, 2 or 3 photos to go off, but I had to start with taking all the color out of my face. Hela is the Goddess of Death, there’s not much of a rosy tint to her cheeks, so I used my lightest foundation and concealer. Contoured the hell out of the upper part my nose, and drew in some serious Joan Crawford-esque eyebrows, because Hela’s blends in with her nose contour, and mine are just such a different shape than Cate Blanchette’s. And I won’t be taking anymore tweezers to my eyebrows, considering that I over-plucked them in my younger years and it’s taken a little while to grow them back. Also, no blush, no bronzer, only cool-toned contour and highlight. And since Hela’s eye-makeup looks mostly black, which matches her hair, I used red-toned eyeshadows and browns for mine. And some nude lips. Hela is all about focusing on the eyes. Or eye. 

Anyway. This was fun. I was playing around with makeup because it makes me happy and I needed some happy. Maybe I should start doing makeup inspired by Marvel characters. What lady should I do next? ;-)

Sharon Carter?

Just kidding, how would you even do Sharon Carter … 

[ID: close-up of Q’s thigh, that has a fresh tattoo of a hand of fate holding a dispersing dandelion, with seeds going from the head up towards Q’s hip; it’s clearly done over scars] 

♫insecure about my thiiiiiiighs but look at my tattooooo♫

i got it back in october and only just realized i’d obviously not talked about it here at all 

**edit: just remembered the studio has a tumblr! thanks to zox over at @sticks-stones-collective**


Yesterday I celebrated one year of marriage to the most wonderful woman I know. We had struggles and were apart for months or years at a time, but 7 years after the first ‘I love you,’ here we are. Living in Okinawa, Japan, and leaving behind all our pain to dive into this new life.

It’s going well… and I’ve never been happier!

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Okay so this might get a bit confusing: I found this really cool plastic fabric with a 3D snakeskin pattern and I'm trying to get ideas on if I can transfer this to other fabrics (Particularly spandex). Right now my only idea is to somehow temporarily adhere other fabrics onto the plastic pattern and use a watered down paint and let it seep into the cracks? You wouldn't happen to have any other ideas (Or any prior experience with this?)

YOU ARE RIGHT that is super confusing. BUT I think this might be the technique you are alluding to?

But reappropriated to covering a 3d printed fabric? All I can say is that you do need a very thin 4-way stretch mterial in order to cover it properly and get all the little nuances. BUT it shOULD? WORk? MAYBE? No harm in trying! 

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I LOVE Diavolo (and Doppio) I was wondering if I could get a fluffy love letter from him???? <3<3<3<3<3

I couldn’t really see Diavolo writing a letter himself (it’d probably leave too much of a trace for him to be comfortable doing that) so it’s one from Doppio passing on the message if that’s alright

The boss gives you his regards. He apologizes for not sending for you yet but there’s some trouble within Passione at the moment. It’s no big deal though, the boss will have it taken care of real quick! In the meantime, maybe you would like to go with me to a cafe or something? Not like a date or anything, you’re obviously with the Boss and I’d never disrespect him like that, but if you’d like the company I’m here. As his right hand man it’s my job to make sure you’re well taken care of, as his partner it’s only right that you receive the best treatment. Until he can take care of you himself, I’ll do my best to watch over you.

Almost Awake (complete, five chapters)
by gusenitsa / @gusenitsaa

Author’s Summary: Killian’s back, but it’s not that simple (is it ever?) When the underworld still lurks behind his closed eyes, will they be able to face what Storybrooke is throwing at them. Canon compliant through the end of the season and taking off from where we left our beloved heroes!

My Comments: I really like this story, because it’s an inventive premise and it keeps you wondering what’s real and what’s not… and the angst is incredible, of course, because that’s what @gusenitsaa does, people. There’s also imprisonment and grievous injuries and all kinds of nice things… XD

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