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McCree has nightmares of him and his past life in a gang of the people he's hurt He still hears the screams of the people who he shot, especially the ones he didn't end with one bullet The ones that suffered the longest. He gets them about Hanzo now.

He doesn’t sleep until his body forces him to. He subsists on lots of caffeine and sugar, anything to stay awake just that much longer. If he pushes himself to the point of exhaustion maybe the dreams wont get to him this time. Maybe he wont see the faces, hear the screams as they die. Maybe he wont wake up screaming convinced that he’s losing his arm all over again.

Maybe he wont see Hanzo splayed out like a fallen bird, bullets piercing his body and painting him scarlet. Those eyes, dead and accusing, blaming him for screwing up yet again.

It drives him to drinking.

And drinking always puts him to sleep.

idk why but i really like unrequited love for mchanzo

like mccree doesnt like/trust hanzo at first bc genjis his bff from way back so mccrees all mean to hanzo and hanzos in extreme inner turmoil bc hes fallen for mccree like hardcore and hanzos all sad bc he sees how mccree is like with everyone else and he wishes that mccree would just smile at him or talk to him or just anything with him


Charlie took Mika by surprise and it caused her jump a bit at her friend’s arrival. She kicked her half packed bag under the bed, not having told Charlie about her mission yet. “S-sure, Char. What’s up? Is everything okay?” 

Charlie frowned in thought as she sat on the bed. She had been too deep in thought to have noticed Mika’s motion.

“I dunno. I, um… You know how I’ve been hanging out with Ellis a lot? Since we were going to the wedding and all that together, we wanted to get to know each other, y’know? Well… I sorta… we sorta… kissed. Last night. At the reception. And I don’t know what to think of it because we were both tipsy, so was it even real? Did we mean it, or was it just something we did because we were high on emotion and alcohol? I’ve never been kissed before, Mika! This is important!”

Charlie realized she had shouted and tried reining herself in a bit.

“Sorry I’m dumping this all on you. I just… I’m too scared to ask him, especially if he might not even remember.”

Mild ship hate (Lapidot), related to ship hate (Lapidot, Amedot), rant

Listen, I don’t like Lapidot at all, okay? Guess what though, I have my own blog and stuff to put that shit in, and why I’m saying this is that what really bothers me is the fact that there’s all these fucking blogs who go find Amedot fics and art purely to shit on their hard work bc it’s not their ship and bc people are acknowledging something that’s not purely Lapi/dot.

Yeah, okay! Guess what? Just bc I don’t like your ship doesn’t mean I comment bs like “Peridot loves LAPIS” and “Amedot sucks go kys”. I don’t go find Lapidot art so I can reblog it just to diss the artist and their work for it. Do you know what I do? Groan, move on, and share my opinion on my own time. I’m not going to try and invalidate an artist’s hard work purely bc I don’t ship something and neither should these people. It’s rude, completely ignores the artist’s efforts, and it also makes you look super childish and unreasonable. Stop.

Don’t like people commenting hate on Lapidot works? You say Amedot shippers are rude and annoying? Then why are you doing the exact same thing to another ship. Let Amedots have their fun and stop acting like you’re nine years old. You don’t get to cry victim if you’re bullying other shippers.

Has anyone thought about the old man in the cage on the lecter estate as a metaphor for a part of hannibal himself? I’m not sure how to parse this out exactly, but I do know this:
- that’s the man who killed mischa and ate her (hannibal ate her too, presumably against his will)
- will sets this man free from his cage, after having a memory palace conversation with hannibal about the locked rooms in hannibal’s mind that are filled with screams
- after he’s killed, will transforms his body (a metamorphosis) into that of a firefly

Charles Lee Is a Terrible Person

Written by Lei at 3 in the morning but edited a month later at 10 pm
Words: 935
Trigger Warning: Strong language, Charles Lee’s existence (college au anyway), homophobia.
(Fun fact: [Lei] I have actually been called a fag before, didn’t do anything though :P
Another fun fact: the person who said it to me didn’t actually know I’m bi lol)

The “squad” was walking home from another day in Liberty College, this included: Alex, John, Lafayette, Hercules, George, Aaron, and even Thomas and James. Sure, Thomas was enemies with Alex, but they lived in the same house so they had to get along at some point. Alex and John were walking next to one another, almost touching. It’d been clear they definitely had crushes on each other, but since Alex was dating Eliza they’d usually show their affections through emails. Well, Alex usually showed his affections through emails.
There were still noises of the college getting out, students getting on bikes and skateboards, doors being opened, and of course talking. The group of friends’ house was nearby the college luckily so they just walk home usually.
Alex was telling John, Lafayette, and Hercules about how some dumbass named Charles Lee talked about his views on gay people; he was homophobic. It was right before most students got out to buy lunch. This even got the attention of Thomas, who has a crush on James (James probably doesn’t know). Of course, the freshman’s loud mouth had caught Charles himself who was following behind the group.
The guy was barely the height of Hercules, had dark hair folded over to one side, and a smug grin on his face; your average rich asshole. Despite this guy being here, the group kept walking.
“The hell do you want Charlie?” Alex asked, a taunting tone in his voice, putting emphasis on the name ‘Charlie’.
“Oh, I was just walking home this way as well…” Charles said casually, ignoring the nickname, it almost looked like he tried to flip his hair. “What were you talkin’ about?” He continued, though he clearly knew Alex was complaining about him. George gave the student a look of warning, but Charles didn’t seem to notice. George and Charles were actually friends some time back. Although, they lost connection after a while, most likely because George was 2 years ahead of him in college.
“Just how stupid your homophobic ass is,” Alex retorted with a scowl, and stopped walking, the group stopping with him. Aaron probably let out a sigh, ready to prevent a fist fight.
“Well what do you expect? Their existence is sorta worthless, garbage to humanity,” Charles answered with a scoff. He pointed at John with his index finger, his eyes narrowed in a disgusted face. He and John shared some classes together and John would be lying if he said he hadn’t heard this same crap from the man.
“Like this fag,” Charles continued, he would’ve enjoyed John’s reaction if there wasn’t a fist in his stomach. The black haired freshman backed up, doubled over and held his hand to the target Alex punched- who was also about to kick Charles’ face in if Aaron and George didn’t hold him back.
“YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE THAT FUCKING SHIT BACK YOU SON OF-” Alex was pulled back by George and Aaron, but mostly George since he was stronger. John looked a bit hurt, but not too much. He had been called this before anyway.
“Alex, it’s fine, you got hi-” John began, but was cut off by Alex’s yelling.
“NO JOHN! He just fucking called you a fag! You’re going to let him get away with that?!” Alex’s face was practically red with rage, but he stopped fighting, staring absolute hell at Charles. Hercules and Lafayette were the next to walk up to Charles, who immediately looked very regretful. The two students were most likely about to smack talk the offender into oblivion, until Thomas pushed in between them unexpectedly which left the whole group somewhat confused with his actions.
“Jefferson!” George yelled, noticing the sophomore’s clenched fists, but Thomas didn’t stop. Charles at this point was most likely whispering to himself “shitshitshitshit” as he slowly walked backwards from the tall student.
“Hey! I’m sorry ok? Jeez, all of you gay supporters are so damn sensitive,” Charles said, swallowing hard and ceased his backtracking. Thomas was having none of it, his long legs walking him until he was face-to-face with Charles. Although he had to look down to see him since he was a bit taller than the freshman.
“You shoulda thought 'bout that when you were talkin’ then, huh?” Thomas pointed out, his tone dark but still sassy. He eventually grabbed Charles’ shirt by the collar, growling at the freshman,“Better think 'bout that when ya mouth is rollin’ next time.” He practically threw Charles back as he let him go, a satisfied grin on his face. Charles slowly walked back the other way as the sophomore turned around to see a bunch of dropped jaws, and George and James shaking their heads. “Hey! You should be grateful,” He said, breaking the small silence.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would actually do something with your height other than hit the ceiling,” Alex responded, earning a laugh from Hercules and John.
“Mon ami, Thomas did help. Just saying,” Lafayette interrupted, putting his hand on Alex’s shoulder.
“Thank you, Lafayette,” Thomas said, that tone in his voice that was like 'only-this-guy-defended-me-what-the-hell-pity-me.’ Alex sighed, muttering an “I guess so.” He had to agree, though, he was sorta glad Thomas cared and that he didn’t just snicker at him. The tall student just about pranced back to James’ side with a smug “You’re welcome~” to Alex.
“Come on, let’s just finally go home,” George ordered with a sigh, a bit relieved Thomas wasn’t as reckless as Alex. The junior probably had 3 more pieces of gum in the middle of all the fighting.