• 100x100
  • Includes Bucky Barnes and Chris Beck icons
  • Please like or reblog if you save any
  • No need to credit me, but don’t repost/claim as your own
  • Check my icon page to download them

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking but how do you make your icons? Thanks!

Sorry it took so long to answer this ask, I had to sort of make my icon for a second time in order to take pictures of it. The actual step by step icon making process is under the cut to save space on your dash. Enjoy! <3

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Soo I usually crop and edit and all that stuff to my own icons, but since I have not had photoshop available, under the cut you will find many many icons of Shelley Hennig in all sorts of roles, not my original icons but I did resize them. Like/reblog if you’re using. Credit will be under the icons.

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