For The (Faded) Record

Team Dream was founded on the idea of having fun while riding your bike.  The goal is not to rain on parades (even if those parades bear a striking resemblance to your parade).  If we are talking “who did it first/best” with fade designs then you can talk for hours about who your personal favorite is.  FC Barcelona still takes the cake IMO. Gradient fades, or ombré, have been used in cycling for ages and I have no claim to owning them.  Team Dream has always been a sort of homage to my favorite iconic designs and I try to be as open about that as possible.

The last three years have been quite a ride, and now Team Dream has gone from a joke/side project to a proper small business with 4 employees.  It wasn’t that long ago that all of our products were housed and shipped from my shitty old van in Topanga Canyon. My girlfriend, Carla, and I would stay up super late handwriting addresses and filling out customs forms.  I would try to write as many personalized post cards as possible back then and it was a really great time.  I think a lot of our friends and customers, who are amazing, by the way, are extremely loyal and maybe feel the need to protect our brand identity.   The people who wear Team Dream have literally watched us grow every step of the way.  If they feel the need to stick up for a tiny company like ours when they see a big company like Rapha put out a similar product, I totally get it, but I want to be open and honest.  I have absolutely nothing against Rapha, and actually have quite a few friends who work or have worked for them, but they do also have a history of coming pretty close to my designs in the past (multiple times). I wrote to Rapha UK last year in hopes of discussing but never heard back.  Referencing another design or pulling inspiration from somewhere else is completely fine, but I prefer to do it from outside of contemporary cycling. 

Again, I am not the inventor of the gradient jersey design and Rapha is 100% entitled to do whatever they wish.  I reference a ton of soccer jerseys, iconic designs, fashion and anything else that strikes my fancy.   I also do my best to be honest and, most importantly, bring something new to cycling. These fades have been on my radar since the beginning stages of Team Dream.  We (Endo Customs & myself) could never really get the fade “just right” so it took a long time to produce a finished piece that lived up to our standard.  We played with different ideas until pinstripes came up & there you go! The gradient, much like the stripes or polka dots cycling companies regularly visit, are one of the most basic graphic options available.  The simplicity of the gradient jersey means that the concept is very easy to replicate…and I am cool with that!  

Bike apparel has now become highly fashionable and this is how fashion works.  I’m not sure what the story is with Rapha’s new pieces because I have yet to speak with anyone there, but our goal here is still the same.  Regardless of who did what/when/how, we will do our best to ensure that the products we produce here in LA are some of your favorites, and if we happen to influence a few big companies along the way, then that’s cool too.  Now, let’s go ride bikes :) #itsallgood -Sean

So, I made some minor updates to the About and FAQ pages. Generally, the changes reflect how I’ve been running the blog lately.

It’s not a big deal, but may be notable to long-time followers: I’ll be taking a more slack/casual approach. In the past I’ve felt a bit… too formal-ish/distant here, so I’ll be aiming to change that. No worries though, the content/theme of the blog isn’t changing at all!

And thaaat’s it! See ya ‘round. c:

Thoughts on Starve Venom Fusion Dragon?

Well not what I visioned but still better than nothing, I’m not quite certain if it’s his true form or a corrupted version (then again it’s unlikely so forget the last part). But design wise, he looks like a Archdemon (basically what higher demons look like).

I originally thought he was gonna have a purple color but instead it’s a magenta/red and blue one which when you look at it it’s what makes the color purple, the orbs are yellow/orange and red, and his eyes are green. Mix between the Fusion counterparts but still differences. He really suits Yuuri based in his persona.

Looking forward to see more of him as time progresses.

In short, the dragon is awesome and he’s my new avatar icon.

Also his design sort of reminds me of Jack’s Archfiend Red Dragon, just a little.


First of all, u r super cute! You should be super proud of yourself! =D

Second, I’d love to participate but 1) I don’t take selfies, 2) I’m shy, 3) I delete all my ugly/weird selfies, and 4) I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the Cherubplay people knowing what I really look like. Nothing personal, guys. 

But, if you want to sort of know what I look like, my icon is pretty close to my real life appearance. :)

Fun-ass doodle I did today. I think it’d be cool if Val met “Other” Val, even if it would most definitely totally result in Other Val trying to freaking slaughter the real Val.
Funny, exactly a year ago Val officially became a thing when I posted his ref- and it’s the day of my birthday. I GUESS YOU COULD SAY I KIND OF SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH ONE OF MY OWN CHARACTERS THEN? .. That’s actually pretty neato to think about. O:
Also Val’s become my sort of iconic character, almost like half of a persona to me- simply put he’s just a character that has a lot of personal meaning to me which is what makes the birthday thing even cooler.

Everything about this was just fun. I enjoyed the crazy composition, I enjoyed the expressions, I enjoyed doing the effects, overall this was just relaxing to work on. I spent my birthday indoors drawing things and tbh it felt like a good way to spend it. :v
School was cancelled tomorrow too because of snow (there’s like a foot outside) and I haven’t lost my motivation to draw yet so guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow lmfao

things to do tonight ( after sewing lesson ):

  • watch grease live ( or just grease since i’ve got cheesy 60s cravings )
  • redo ALL my margaret qualley icons 
  • attempt to finally sort/decide on my new oc; look at inspirations, tropes, avoiding similarities to past ocs etc etc

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering, you remember that little Stanxbill icon you made a while back? I was curious if there was any kind of a base you used when you made that and if not would it be ok for me to made my own sort of icon using yours as a base/reference if I credit you? If not then I won't! I just thought I'd ask

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. The animated thing of them kissing…? If that’s the one, there’s no base, unfortunately, but you’re more than welcome to make your own!

First coat of paint for the *inside* of my door (teal/turquoise sort of colour - *not* the rather more iconic blue that the outside is going to be)… (at Shrewsbury, Shropshire)


Navi page is mostly done, just need to add tags to Fairy Tail Guild and Others (they’re mostly sorted by guild), but the icons are all set.

My only other page is for the One Piece Treasure Cruise game, which mostly just has my info in case anyone wanted to friend me. (And you should if you have it. Link is here.)

aaaand now I’m done for the night. I really need to start working on the prompts for Gajevy week…