To my Fellow Fanfiction Writers:

So we all know that whenever we put a story out, we’re subjecting our material to all sorts of opinions, ideas and feedback. And while it can be tough, we have to keep an open mind about how people will react to our story and the universe we’ve created. As artists it’s hard to, well bluntly put it, not be sensitive about our shit.


Do you guys ever get that ONE review that really just kind of grinds your gears? Like you wanna just say, “look man feel how you want but WHY are you being so harsh in your review? Just chill and work with me here or at least wait until the end before you completely obliterate what I have going on here?” and it’s hard because you know in the back of your mind that “everyone’s entitled to their opinion!” but geeeze, sometimes there’s just that oooonnne review.

I just needed to rant a bit. And no, I’m definitely not expecting every review to be great, I can definitely appreciate open constructive criticism, but like I said. Sometimes you just wanna tell some people to relax.

Also curious as to how that makes you guys feel, and how you choose to handle it.

Saw 47 Ronin. The ending was very moving, and overall loved the film. I admire the actress who portrayed The Witch, she was so good at being creepy. I could clearly see Kai was a very gentle character, full of respect for others, (his love for Mika was as believable as Neo and Trinity. I had to 😂) and of course very handsome. I found the sword village scene very interesting.

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37/100 days of productivity + TUE 07.12.16 // 1:41 pm

theme of the day: Practice, practice, practice! ▰˘◡˘▰  took a practice test this morning before starting any review, just to sort of gauge where im at! This preliminary score was pretty ok but my goal is to try to improve at least 1 point a day after reviewing every day! 

also since I’m done with this note-taking at this point, i did a huge spread of all my notes on the living room floor just to see ‘em all in action… ;)

Gradence/Gravebone/Gredence/Graves x Credence Fic Rec list

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WARNING: most if not all of these stories have some to a lot of smut, possibly dub-con and/or non-con and/or questionable situations and consent. please be aware, and proceed with caution. also lots of spoilers. these are rec’s and reviews beyond the flailing sorts of comments i leave on the actual fics so yes that too.

First off I must mention the fact that when I left the theater after seeing the movie for the first time, the one thing I knew I wanted was some kind of consensual BDSM stuffs, and THIS series is bringing that to the extreme. I’ve dabbled and I’m still learning, the shit I include in my writing is pretty damn tame but this series is not, and I LOVE it. it’s a Modern AU where Credence and Graves are eventually living the scene 24/7 and it’s intense but so so so good.

Three parts currently:

Notes on a Lifestyle

Anima Mea


author is @clutchhedonist on tumblr too!

Next we have Show Me

The fic you knew was going to ensue after the healing scene and its frankly dreamy and perfect and I love it so much but its Credence and Grindelwald!Graves, so if that’s problematic, you know to avoid.

and next we have more sin aka smut that’s just short of a plot but you know what? that’s ok. Some of us just needed smut after all that goddamned sexual tension, so here, enjoy some

Freedom (Bound and Restricted) –great name btw.

also technically part of a series, and it is Credence and Grindelwald!Graves

and at long last we have an AU where Credence ends up finding the Real!Graves and he’s a bit of an asshole and you know what? it works damn well.

Its also a glorious 7k words and there is smut too so…. Yeah.

Such as is common to Man

a story I have been long awaiting and am breaking my ‘I never read WIP’s’ USUALLY rule, the Sugar Daddy AU and its of course modern and just, well, what it says.

What Shines Through

also go follow this creature on tumblr because just…do it.


next up is the newest of the A/B/O stories, only 2 of which I have ever read, bc frankly its not usually my cup o’tea, but HOT DAMN for this ship I’ll take anything with smut that’s not too non-con or dub-con so yeah.

this is a lil confusing bc it is Real!Graves and Credence, but Grindelwald is sort of behind the scenes pulling the strings.

The Mating Habits of American Wizards

HERE is the first A/B/O story I read and goddamn it it’s a WIP but its so damn filthy and good im along for the sinful ass ride.

Pin me and mount me like a butterfly –YET ANOTHER PERFECT TITLE Hella

literally i was getting blushy reading this, and I aint no innocent little virgin, this story is just so….uh, well, when I saw the update posted lets just say I didn’t walk I ran to it.

also follow here @grindlywindlywald

now for something a bit darker, this story is a story with daddy!kink but its Grindy!graves and Credence and slightly dub-con so be ware.

I was just so thirsty for daddy!kink after usually seeing the only stories tagged that way are in RUSSIAN WHICH I CANNOT SPEAK OF COURSE so then I saw this and holy shit.


THIS story I just read today, after having seen the prompt sort of floating around the tag, and it is just great, short but good. I always want more of course because like how could I not?

So Graves is summoned to Credence before he’s found the Obscurus, mostly by accident. And yeah its fun.

Caught so neatly, as a bird in a net


this next story is one of my legit favorites I think ive read it about ten times and its just ugh, for those who wanted a non!innocent/virginal Credence and Graves first time, and HELLA he is a bit of a hoe but he’s fucking sweet and adorable so its FIIINE.

Til Tomorrow Comes

this needs a sequel like soon pls but if not its ok ill survive

(I wont)

THIS story I found myself reading at my car place awaiting the checkup, and let me tell you, reading smut for these two in public is still a challenge to keep a poker face, esp this little bit of fluff which sounds strange considering the plot-ish, its Prostitute!Credence and its great.

Fill My Head With Dreams

here’s a bit more filthy sin before we get to my ALL TIME FAVE FIC, and it gets DARK ish at the end so watchout. Grindle!graves x Credence.

Showersex. Because duhhh.

I want Colin Farrell naked in a shower with Ezra on his knees so this is a close second.

Wipe you clean with dirty hands


THE LORDS WORK. Let me tell you a bit about this story. I have lived a life full of oppressive religion and plenty of gaslighting bullshit, and this story contains lots of that, but with plenty of angstyfluffysmut and a happy ending (SPOILER) to make it worth it, to me, so theres that.

This is also my fave trope of young innocent Credence being (accidentally) corrupted by hot smexy older Graves and its just bomb as fuck.


Cause yeah.

Time for your come to jesus moment. More like come to graves and come for graves moments amiright?

The Lord’s Work

this concludes my horribly organized and off the cuff list, and it is not as complete as it should be, I’ll prolly end up updating it sometime soon.

Enjoy the sinbin my lovelies!


Spoilers ahead… sort of.

“Ugh. Overdramatic, far too emotive, and why is it always raining?”

“SPOILER ALERT!!!! Melodrama Jane marries a boring, condescending dumb head because his eyes fall out.”

“I hated this book. Mostly because I don’t care what types of stone the house was made of and I didn’t really think it was necessary to spend 20 pages discussing it.”

“Bronze’s writing is very detailed, preachy, and racist. Jane ( and all the characters) are ignorant, racist, and arrogant. But what else would you expect of Britains in the 1800s?”

“This is essentially ‘Twilight’ from the nineteenth century - a bunch of wholly undesirable guys who are falling head over heels in love with a girl who is described as “plain” and is downright boring.”

“What the hell is wrong with Jane? And in the end, why the FUCK is she still in love with Mr. Rochester? The guy is clearly psychotic. He keeps his mentally ill wife locked up in the attic while he’s out trying to woe another woman and PROPOSES to her? WHILE HE’S STILL MARRIED TO THE PSYCHO WOMAN?!”

“If you really want to know the story of Jane Eyre just watch Cinderella and strip away the fairy god mother, and all the fun.”

“‘Reader - i wanted to strangle her’…fervid and turgid…warped and twisted - her ability to write well I wouldnt argue, but this novel is preposterous and somewhat unhealthy…like all Bronte novels.”

“‘Jane Eyre’ follows the story of a girl named ‘Jane Eyre,’ who lives in what I guess is the 19th century. Want to know what people do for fun in the 19th century? Not much. Walk around gardens and try to fall in love with men who are 90 years older than them, mostly.”

“To call Jane Eyre a feminist text is to insult women. To call it a feminist novel is to insult literature. And to call Charlotte Bronte a writer is to insult civilization. Might as well call Hitler a humanitarian.”

“To those who recommended this book, I forgive you. I know you meant well.”

What I liked in Brave-ish Heart:

-April was a badass throughout the whole episode, she saved Ram’s life, defeated the king of the Shadow Kin, stood up for herself and saved the world like it was no big deal. That’s my girl!

-Tanya, 14-year-old Tanya, was once again the voice of reason, the one people automatically turned to when they needed something explained succinctly, but clearly (her explanations were totally priceless by the way) and took an important part in saving the world by figuring out the connection between April’s mum and April as well as the Shadow kills petals text Matteusz sent. This probably does not need being said, but Tanya is definitely the smartest of all the kids as well as the most perceptive and understanding. I love how the show constantly expands on that and doesn’t let us forget it. I might be a bit biased, I love Tanya.

-Speaking of Matteusz and saving the world - he played his part in that too! If it wasn’t for his moral compass, he and Charlie might never have made the connection between the Shadow Kin and the petals. He was also a real badass in disabling Dorothea, amazingly calm while having a gun pointed at him and probably the best boyfriend one could wish for. He has a killer sense of humour too. “Plus the whole mass murder thing” and “Even with a gun you should never turn your back on an angry Pole” were some of the best and funniest one-liners in this episode. And gosh, were there many of those!

-Ram being supportive of April and believing in her and being there for her also puts him firmly in the category of probably the best boyfriend one could wish for.

-Really, the whole saving the world business was one big team effort with all the kids pitching in. Yes, even Charlie who I still don’t like very much, but had some really interesting character development in this episode. I like how the kids are slowly becoming a world-saving team and working so well together.

- The parents were awesome. Ram’s dad is amazing and April’s mum is very cool as well. April’s dad sort of redeemed himself with the speech in the Shadow realm, but not completely. He’s still the weakest link parentswise as far as I’m concerned.

-Dorothea and her arc - also extremely interesting. The governors and how much they know about everything going on in the school scare me a little. I like how sassy Dorothea can be, but I still don’t trust her.

-Ram and April discussing religion and it being done in such a wonderful way. I loved that part, I really did.

-April’s mum insisting that her life was full and happy and in no way less even when she was paralyzed.

- Superb acting and writing.

- I was saving the most important thing for last - QUILL!!! All the Quill scenes and everything she said. There were so many little details thrown in and quite a bit about her backstory and the Quill’s beliefs as well as a really amazing juxtaposition between her and Charlie which I intend to analyze separately and at length.  Katherine Kelly was absolutely magnificent from start to finish. I promise to rave more about her as well.

Based on the prompt by @cs-prompts: ‘It’s two am and we’re standing outside of our apartment building because someone pulled the fire alarm. You look cold and haven’t got a coat - do you want to share my blanket?

Source here

Killian Jones had the worst bloody luck.

After he got home from a tiring day (and evening) of work at the docks he’d only just managed to take a shower and throw on some flannel pants before collapsing on his bed and falling alseep.

Now, he found himself standing out in the bloody cold across the street from his new appartment building, surrounded by his fellow residents. The building’s fire alarm had send everyone outside in the dead of night. Killian, as he’d been drilled to do by his brother, did not waste any time on getting dressed or gathering his valuables - it’s not like he was so sentimental anyway. However, he did make a stop at the appartment next door, where he knew a woman, a beautiful woman to be exact and her son lived. Finding that the door was slightly open, but that his worries were not quite yet setteled, Killian knocked on the door and took a quick look inside. Satisfied that his neighbour and her lad had obviously fled the building, Killian found his own way outside.

Emma Swan was pissed. You would think that people would know better than to pull the fire alarm for no reason at 2 am. It’s illegal, annoying and most of all, a very stupid thing to do in the appartment complex where the town’s deputy lived. Emma Swan was not on duty tonight however, which is why she found herself waiting until Storybrooke’s fire department finally cleared the building so she could go back inside.

‘So mom, are you gonna arrest the bad guys that pulled the fire alarm? Maybe it was that grumpy looking man from downstairs’  whispered Henry. ‘I don’t know kid, I don’t think Leroy is usually awake this time of night. But I’m gonna let your uncle David handle this one. As soon as we can get back inside, we’re going back to sleep.’ Seemingly satisfied with that answer, Henry nodded and looked around for a bit. ‘Hey mom, isn’t that our neighbour Killian?, he looks cold don’t you think?’. Emma looked over to who Henry was referring too, the hot british guy, who’d been greeting her with a series of ‘goodmorning love’s ever since he moved in two weeks ago.

He definitely seems like a decent guy, which is good, but Emma decided that she does not have the time for anything as distracting as her hot neighbour. Now mister piercing blue eyes was standing there out in the cold, shirtless, and with the most adorable pyjama pants on. Not realising she’d been staring, Emma quickly turned her head & attention away from him when he sent her a smirk and a raised eyebrow, as if to say ‘See something you like, love?’ After a few moments, Emma came to her senses. ‘Wait, how do you know his name is Killian?’. ‘I introduced myself’ said Henry simply. ‘According to aunt Mary Margaret we should be nice to our neighbours. Besides, he and Mary Margaret know eachother’.  

Emma hadn’t know that piece of information, but it didn’t change the fact she doesn’t like her son talking to strangers, seemingly having picked up on Mary Margaret’s & David’s tendency to only see the good in people.
Emma couldn’t deny that it was awfully cold though. It was wintertime in Maine after all. Figuring her hot neighbour, Killian, at least didn’t deserve to catch hypothermia, Emma made a quick decision and made her way over.


Killian startled when he suddenly heard a soft, ‘uhm hi’ coming from next to him. Standing there was his beautiful, blonde and usually though looking neighbour, wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket. ‘Hello love, are you quite alright? I’m glad no harm has come to you or your boy’
‘Yeah, we’re fine. Actually, Henry noticed you must be pretty cold without a coat and all, so I figured we can share my blanket. Just for warmth though, don’t get any ideas. - And I’m not your love’
A bit surprised, but none the less touched by her offer, Killian replied ‘Why thank you love.. eh lass, if it’s not too much trouble, I could certainly use a little warmth. You don’t have to worry about me, I am a gentleman after all.’

‘I’m Emma by the way. Emma Swan’
Swan, I’m Killian Jones, at your service’

Killian Jones had the best bloody luck

That one’s a good one too!

The statement above is what I have said every time I look ahead in my Netflix queue of Leverage episodes. 

And it’s true! They are really good. 

The characters are unique and quirky. They have their weaknesses and their strengths. They have vulnerabilities that they, like any other human being, try to hide, but fail to do so and end up learning more about themselves. They fall in love, they fall out of love. These characters work together to create a story that is compelling and filled with comedy, suspense, romance, tragedy, and action. You come to love these characters like they are your own family. 

I think that is why Leverage is so unique and why I love it so much. It’s mainly because these five individuals have won me over to their side and I have come to love them as a family. I mean who doesn’t want to have a quirky smart ass Hardison, or a smooth talking Sophie with an exceptional wardrobe in your life. Personally, I want an adrenaline junkie, chocolate loving Parker in my life who is always up for an adventure. 

[08/01/17] Lots of people always ask me about the mildliners + about what pack I have so thought to make this post a sort of review ✨ I own the “cool” pack and the photo shows all the colours that are in it ☺ put any other questions in the comments 🙌🏼 pros: great muted colours + aesthetic™ + they dont bleed just some ghosting sometimes + really smooth to write/highlight with + double ended which is really helpful as the thin tip can also be used 💫💫 cons: sometimes do smudge ink [especially muji gel pens] + for some reason my red one is really inky so sometimes bleeds but i think thats just my one✨

Ted’s college drawing, representing a vampire.

I reviewed sort of a log or a diary or some papers that Mr. Bundy had written and I think they were around the time of, around the time that he was in college, and before these episodes [altered states], and there is a drawing that he did, and there is an interesting kind of metamorphosis in the drawing and also in the writing on the page.

Let me see, I think I have it.

And this, when I asked Mr. Bundy about it, first of all, he said, “Did I do this?” He said, “This is my writing,” which I think is quite interesting, because certain individuals, when they are in an altered state or whatever, write differently from the way they do at other times. And here is a picture where, first of all, there is a head, a person of some sort, and then the head enlarges and the head has teeth like Dracula. And there also seems to be a change in the writing right within the page itself. It looks as he becomes less organized or whatever on the page.

And by the way, when I showed this to Mr. Bundy, his first reaction was, “Did I do that?” He didn’t remember it, and then he said, “Was I on drugs?” I don’t know, but this was at college, and as far as we know he was not into drugs. And this seems to be a sort of visual representation of perhaps what happens with him when he goes into these states.  - Dorothy Lewis

(Sort of a) Acorn Press Acrylic Charm Review

Yoooo~~~~ my acrylic charms came today during a snowstorm and I totally did not expect it XDDD I thought the storm was going to delay it for sure. Kudos to USPS delivery guy (stay warm and stay safe man). It really made my day ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Here are the references for my Yuri on Ice and Overwatch characters charm set. I will be selling these at future cons and events. So check out my con schedule if you’re interested in purchasing them! I will probably sell them online for leftovers. I don’t have a store yet (as of 2/9/17) so check back on my tumblr or other social media (or you can message me) for updates!

Also, I find it super funny that overwatch and YOI characters came during a BLIZZARD, COLD and ICY day (no pun intended lol) 

They look super nice thanks to @acornpress ! I would highly recommend them if you are interested in selling acrylic charms for cons/online in the future. This is my first time ordering acrylic charms so take my words with a few grains of salt. Also I’ll be rambling all over the place and spamming run-ons so be aware :P

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“College admission often isn’t fair,” Kevin explains. “One thing that irritates me is some universities give the impression that the review of your application is some exact science. It simply isn’t. There is a ton of interesting psychology behind admissions review, similar to judicial leniency in the criminal justice system. Judges are more likely to be lenient immediately after lunch and least lenient just before. It’s the same with college. The reviewer’s mood, internal biases, and all sorts of arbitrary and unknowable factors come into play. It is a human and thus imperfect process almost entirely outside of your control,” and that’s really underselling it.

A former admission’s officer at an elite Northeastern college admitted that he once failed all the applicants from the city of Buffalo, because he’d recently gotten food poisoning at a restaurant there.

That same guy also said he’d be more critical of applicants if his favorite football team had recently suffered a lost. But for what it’s worth, admissions officers like Kevin, who work at top-tier schools with nearly 50,000+ candidates, aren’t usually that petty. But with so many applicants, they can hardly give you more than five minutes of their time.

I Review Your College Applications, And Hoo Boy Do They Suck

Review for Nameless

Just as a warning: possible spoilers, TMI about my personal life, and oversharing. This is also going to end up being a review of sorts for every game I’ve played in the Otome Game Category, so I have a feeling this is going to eat up a big part of my life for the next week or so.

My absolute favorite, of all the games I’ve played so far, has to be Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall. Now, I know that I’ve mostly been reblogging Mystic Messenger art and headcanons like crazy, and that Mystic Messenger seems to be my favorite, but I have some really good reasons why I chose Nameless as my #1.

Nameless is an otome game that is entirely choice-dependent, meaning there’s no grinding for stats or anything that can influence the outcome of your endings aside from some very very important choices. I personally love these kinds of games, as every decision I make brings me closer to the people I care about instead of stats, and each decision opens up a new dimension to that character without wasting my time. I also love the fact that I can blast through Nameless at my own pace, which is definitely something that I struggled with in Mystic Messenger.

Nameless opened new doors inside of me that I never knew were there. I felt deeply for all of the characters, and while my heart belongs primarily to Lance and Tei, I was heavily attached to all the others. To be completely honest, I have a fear of Yandere characters, primarily because I’m very sensitive to abusive relationships after being psychologically abused by my mother (sorry, TMI, right?). Nameless brought forth a cast of characters that I felt deeply for, not only in their main “dateable cast”, but also in their secondary characters. I fell hard for Soi and Shinbi (the MC’s best friends) and treasured the appearances of other characters like the Principal, Yujin, Zion, and Hobin. I went so far as to call Soi and Shinbi my wives, which was the first time I’d ever really felt so much for characters to call them by those titles.

Lance was by far my favorite in this story although he’s technically part of the “common route”. I liked Tei too, of course, but something about Lance just broke me. This is a very vague spoiler, since I still hope that this list does convince some people to play this game, but I really connected to Lance’s fear of abandonment, of not being good enough. I definitely have anxiety about being left behind or being replaced, and he has an extremely deep relationship with the MC if his route is pursued. To be honest, I’m a wholehearted monogamist, so his possessiveness does speak to me, but even more so, the realization that this cynical, rational person trusted me enough to open up his heart to me was mindblowing.

Lance taught me that even if I don’t consider myself special, there are people in my lives who definitely do. And this idea of your significant other becoming your world…well, that’s just a philosophy that I live by.

Those aside, in regards to the more technical parts of Nameless: the skipping mechanic has always been accurate and easy for me to use. I did have some difficulty with the volume of everything, as the voices tend to be pretty quiet in comparison to the background music, so I had to do a bit of adjusting before I felt comfortable. The soundtrack, however, is fantastic. The light-hearted tunes really made me relax and the creepy, music-box tracks always made my spine tingle. The voices are also amazingly soothing and I personally have a weakness for the way that Yuri says “Darling”.

The secondary characters are also amazing; they’ve made me laugh and feel wholeheartedly accepted in so many different instances that I’m amazed by how immersed I felt in this game. Soi and Shinbi were often times more considerate and accepting than some of the friends that I had made in my life, and there’s an overall feeling of warmth from all the characters despite their quirks and weird moments.

For a breakdown (out of 10):

MC = 8. The MC for Nameless was definitely sassier than most of the MCs that I’ve had the privilege to play as, and she’s made me laugh a couple of times with how innocent she can be. But I’ve had to dock a couple of points off primarily because she is almost distracting innocent. There were a couple of points where her sassiness was definitely on my level, but she didn’t really feel like a “strong, independent” protagonist to me. There were many times where she fell into the stereotype of “innocent, quiet, and gullible” that I see a lot in Otome MCs.

Dateable Cast = 9. Pretty amazing, both in their own routes and others. I did feel some romance kindle in routes that I had originally no interest in and I still felt appreciative of characters’ roles in routes that didn’t belong in.

Secondary Cast = 10. I loved all of the secondary characters; they added tension where I needed it, broke the ice when it was necessary, and were wholesomely loveable on their own. Soi and Shinbi earn a standing ovation from me because of how appreciative I was of their warmth and overall kindness toward my MC, as well as their adorable relationship dynamic.

OST = 10. The soundtrack felt fitting where it needed to be. I’m honestly in love with the music from Nameless, and since I’m a sucker for nostalgia, I loved the moments where the main theme (which is a beautiful music box-esque piece) would come out and imbue me with a sense of nostalgia.

Mechanics = 10. I’ve never had this game crash on me, never had any stuck screens, nada. This game has always run smoothly for me.

CGs = 9. The CGs are beautiful and consistent. Of course there are a few here and there that I didn’t like as much (the way the hair was drawn was a little weird, or it felt like some characters got nicer backgrounds than others), but overall, the CGs were stunning.

Overall Score = 56/60. Bravo Cheritz! You made an amazing story that has me drowning in nostalgia, learning more about myself, and feeling honored to know all the characters you have created.

So I played The House Abandon

And to preface I thoroughly enjoyed it as a stand alone game! Very creepy, and the text based gameplay was a great throwback. I also found out that it was made in three days, which is crazy!

Now onto the actual game, I’ll try to meta this the best I can. Supposedly this game popped up as an ad onto an old twitter account of a fake Sherlock character that was around during TRF hiatus. The House Abandon starts by giving you a hint of what will be helpful, commands like ‘go to’ and ‘use,’ which reminds me of s4 starting with ‘that’s not what happened at all.’ Not sure why that pinged for me but it did.

Then a computer boots up and shows the game intro with some cool 80s synth music. We, the player, are visiting an old family holiday home. Our first task is hinted to check the glove compartment which provides you with a key and note. The note is from your dad, yadda yadda. Inside the house is all normal, you learn you have a sister but her room is mysteriously empty while yours is furnished. You find an old computer in your room with a game, ‘The House Abandon,’ beside it.

This is where is gets a bit meta. Spoilers beneath the cut.

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Faith/ The Great Doctor

Let me take a deep breath from all these feels that are punching me straight to my face. *inhaaaaaaaaaales

AAAAAAAAH. I spent 3 days for this drama to end I was itching to reach the final episode because all these thoughts inside my brain are all mixed up and I just want them to be cleared and clarified. The intuitions/hunch that I had while enjoying Faith are slowly digging deep down and I really want it to stop. Seriously, curiousity kills me.

For the third time, I risked myself spending almost 24+ hours infront of the tv just to watch this saeguk drama. My first time was on Sungkyunkwan Scandal yet I had no regrets. Second time was on the Moon that Embraces the Sun and I was really bored but thanks to God that Jung Il Woo made me determined to finish everything. And this time, it’s on Faith. I couldn’t say that it was purrfect or amazing or etc but I’m glad I lent a few hours from my busy schedule (even on a Christmas break) to spazz and be intrigued by what this drama has to offer to me.

Watching Faith is like watching King 2 Hearts, only that it is historical and not the “unreal” present monarchy in South Korea. Those emotions that I experienced in King 2 Hearts were all brought back to life as I watch Faith. Both had similar conflicts most especially about dethroning a monarch. There were also villains that you just want to rip their eyes off. Ugh don’t get me started with Club M’s John Mayer or the Excellency Gi Cheol. They don’t deserve death. They deserve more than that. :< Well, It’s also like King 2 Hearts in a way that the love story wasn’t really focused that much. That much. Yeah. I had to deal with sword-slashing and blood-dripping scenes all throughout the drama (which made me really really bored). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I really think there was no episode in Faith where in Choi Yoon (Lee Min Ho) just sits back and relax; he always has a fighting scene, if it’s not him, probably it’s Wudalchi.

A good comment I could give about this drama is that I wasn’t disappointed with the ending at all. I don’t know how the writers will end this drama, given that it has such a unrealistic plot about time travel. Would it be like Rooftop Prince where in Lee Gak went back to the past? Or will Eun Soo will stay in the Goryeo period? The ending gave satisfaction on my part who asked a lot of questions as the drama progresses since it was able to answer all confusions. It’s not like Big, where in the writers were caught by the story’s complicatedness. Even with the time loops, time travels and portals and such, the writers provided me with a vivid ending. It didn’t baffle me at all. 

I was stunned for some time so that the scenes in the last few minutes will be fully absorbed in my heart and brain. I was having a hard time to figure it out, tbh. Though the ending was just them standing and smiling at each other, it was just for the whole drama.

The first episodes of the drama was able to portray sly humor amidst the grave deeds of the villains against the heroes. You can’t say that Faith was all so serious. With Eun Soo’s lively disposition, the drama really kicked off with a great start. It’s just that as the episode increases, it get’s more stern. Eun Soo lost her laughter but even with that case, even if the humor was gone, my eyes were still glued on the drama.

What I liked most about Faith is its plot and twists. (SPOILERS AHEAD) I had a hunch that Eun Soo is Hwata and I wasn’t wrong. Hehe. Actually, the main reason why I never stopped watching Faith is because it’s like Reply 1997. It left me with questions that are needed to be answered. What’s the relationship with Hwata to Eun Soo? Why do they have the same handwriting? The time-travel plot is really daebak. Daebak. Daebak. Better than Rooftop Prince, imo. Ugggh I can’t explain why I can’t explain the whole plot. It’s too good that I don’t want to spoil it for you. So, you really need to watch it. The time loops were sort of confusing though. But you’ll get it soon. 

Let’s talk about the OTP! I love the IMJA couple as much as I love the Royal couple. I was hoping for more kisses hahaha. But the romance-improvement is already enough. I like how Choi Yoon mentions IMJA to Eun Soo and how he is caring to her. I like how the queen is supportive to her king. I like how worried Eun Soo is to Choi Yoon and I like how the king loves his queen very much. I swear, Lee Min Ho paired with anyone is still very romantic.

There were also points that I hate in Faith. First, I think the supernatural powers is UNNECESSARY. It’s like I’m watching something funny, in my perspective. Second, I  just hate it when there are too many villains. Three were already too much for Choi Yoon, King Gong Min and the Goryeo people. Now they added the king’s uncle and the whole Yuan nation against them. I seriously can’t stand seeing a drama with too much bad aura because of the unwanted, ugly and fuuu villains. Hahaha. Third and I think lastly, 24 episodes is quite long. Yeah. Some scenes were boring.

But what I can say is that Faith is really effective. It was portrayed to us well by the characters. I cried as much as I laughed in the first few episodes. The Wudalchi had a room in my heart already. I think it will take me a few days to move on from this great drama. 

Rating: 5/5

Dear Alex,
Don’t be an asshole and listen to Jo, let her finish, before saying any of your asshole-y words.

Dear Jo,
Just tell Alex already, come on, maybe your husband will get prosecuted too and grey’s can turn into a show about trials, that’d be fun.

Dear Meredith,
Tell Maggie you slept with Riggs, you just told her you won’t lie and then you lied after literally 2 minutes. Also, the least you can do is root for omelia, hours ago you were telling amelia she might be right and we can have more than 1 love, stop being so bipolar.

Dear Riggs,
Slow down, okay? And maybe stop being that attractive.

Dear Amelia and Owen,
CONGRATULATIONS BABIES and now give us actual babies, it’s time, you’re moving too fast already, and everyone on grey’s got babies at the v wrong time, you could too.

Dear Japril,
Continue being cute, don’t screw it up, thanks.

Dear Catherine,
I used to love you, stop being a stuck up bitch.

Dear Arizona,
You should be there to help Alex. I miss you. Hope you’re having fun in NY

Dear Bailey,
Nothing, I love you.

Dear Ben,
Man, stop being so irrelevant ???