Would anyone like a tarot reading? :D

Can be 3 cards if you don’t have anything in particular you’d like to know, but I can do a longer one if you have some sort of issue. You can reblog (-and say you’d like one), send an ask, or use the chat.

(The easiest is to use chat or asks, tbh)

I have two decks of tarot - regular and Osho zen. I also have oracle cards (that are really good for emotional/mental/spiritual questions).

Also, don’t be shy to talk to me, even if we’ve never talked before - I’d love to do a reading for you! <3

PS: I usually only do readings for myself but I realize I need to practice doing readings for other people too, to get the knack of it and all that. That being said - I’m still learning, so please don’t expect an amazing and super accurate reading, hahah :’‘D

Also, keep in mind that this is for fun.

Tarot can be used as a creative way of gathering thoughts. You don’t have to believe they are magical or the messages I get from them are real, you can request a reading if you’re just a tad bit curious. <3

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Bitches💅it's Scorpio🦂season👄👀😍😩

Get ready🏁for the crazy💦😳 month🍆🍆of the devils👹👺filled with darkness🔮👿hot sex♋️and emotional intensity🗣👀let’s get all sorts👌👌👌of crazy😝🙃, reblog🔁this to not✖️get killed😵by a crazy😏😏😏Scorpio👹🦂this season🍆💦Go0dluck🍀my spooky👻🎃sluts👯👯

I say this kindly, but if you wanna land in my inbox and ask me questions that lead me to think you even remotely might be looking for ammunition to use against me, or someone else, or that you are trying to feel out my position on some problematic Tumblr personality, I’m gonna just delete it.  Doesn’t matter what my actual opinion is.

No lie, I have three of these kinds of messages in my inbox and IDK what’s up with that, but I’m not getting out of the car.

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There is some interpersonal drama on this site I will not come near for love or money because it is absolutely savage all around.  It doesn’t matter what “side” I’m on, I’m still not putting my foot in that mess just to satisfy someone else’s curiosity about where I stand, because there is no “side” that doesn’t come with the inconvenience of getting attacked by mostly perfectly decent people and the lessening of my faith in humanity that ensues.

Y’all can probably surmise where I stand on most things based on the sorts of things I reblog.  My blog is a pretty accurate instrument with which to gauge my outrage and my sense of humor.  You shouldn’t use it to draw conclusions about what I think of individual Tumblr people.

Reblogging something doesn’t mean I agree with all the politics of every single person who contributed to the thread, even if I agree with the point they made on that post.  Saying “soandso is trash but this thread is good” and proving myself virtuous by denouncing sinners every time I open my mouth is just not a thing I’m prepared to do anymore.  I’m old now, and I get tired.

“Do you think smacking beehives with sticks is good or bad?” is a valid question I would probably be willing to answer, although I really think you should probably be able to guess where I stand (Nazis are bad, abuse is bad, bigotry is bad, cats are the best pets, etc.) and if you disagree with these basic things, in the words of @elodieunderglass​, I do not think you will like my blog very much.

“Soandso is a terrible person who smacks beehives/does not smack beehives, jsyk,” is something I prefer not to have to deal with because wow, do I ever not have the spoons for drama. I will take action if I think I need to, though I probably will not respond, nor should you ask me to.  Leave that up to me.

“Soandso has taken part in problematic bee discourse, and just now I saw that they were in a thread you reblogged.  Would you care to make a comment?” is … not a thing that gives me good feelings, whether I agree with beehive-smacking or not.  “Did you know about Soandso’s beehive-smacking?  It bothers me that you would support/denounce them/their act by reblogging this thing!” makes me kind of annoyed because wow, that hostility isn’t necessary.  “Stop defending/denouncing Soandso/beehive smacking! You’re awful!” makes me angry, because usually I haven’t defended or denounced anyone.  The content is just there among other content, and I’m interacting with some other aspect of it.  (Like, I’ve actually never gotten a message about this over any of the times I’ve actually done such a thing.  It’s all been jumping to conclusions based on proximity. That’s kind of fucked up, when you think about it.)

If you want to know what I think of beehives, ask.  If you want to warn me about bees or sticks in general, warn me.  If you think I need to know that Soandso specifically is Team Free Bees (or Team Smack Those Hives), tell me.  But don’t make me feel singled out, and don’t ask me to single anyone else out, publicly OR privately.  I understand why you are doing what you are doing, but it’s disturbing to be asked, even in a roundabout way, to shun someone publicly when they are not a public figure, or to be expected to pass/fail some weird ideological purity test I didn’t even consent to taking in the first place.

If you take issue with how I run my garbage blog, and suspect I might be on the “wrong” side of the bee/stick equation, and this is really troubling you, please unfollow and block me so you aren’t bothered by having to wonder. I promise I won’t be offended.  There are tons of other really cool blogs to follow.


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 113(132 counting lighted gifs idk how that happened but okay) gifs of the beautiful Aisha Dee as Kennedy in Sweet/Vicious season 1 episode 1 “The Blueprint”. Dee is an actress known for her roles as Desi Biggins on The Saddle Club, Mackenzie Miller in I Hate My Teenage Daughter and she also appeared in Chasing Life as Elizabeth “Beth”  and Baby Daddy as Olivia. She is also a musician, in her own band called Dee Dee & the Beagles. Ethnically, she is of Black (unspecified) and White (also unspecified) descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were to just make her face bigger or to lighten the scene in case some thought it to be too dark. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like so say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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Alright guys.. I know this is so typical… but a lot of the blogs I follow have either become inactive or post a lot of repeat information (shoutout to my awesome mutuals btw).

Long story short, I need some new blogs to follow! Please like/reblog (and say something about yourself in the tags!) this post if you post about…

◾️ death witchcraft

◾️ spirit work/necromancy

◾️ kemetic witchcraft

◾️ Anubis, Sekhmet, Bastet, or Tefnut

◾️ cosmic witchcraft

◾️ demonology/demonolatry

◾️ astronomy/cosmology

◾️ herbal witchery

◾️ energy work

◾️ tarot information

◾️ coven witchcraft/tips

◾️ astrology

◾️ general witchcraft of any sort tbh

◾️ witchy art

I like to reblog information for those that are both new and old to the craft, so I’ll check you out regardless of your experience! If you’re already following me and I haven’t followed you back and you post witchy things, give it a like and I’ll follow. I try to follow back everyone that follows me if I can. 🖤 Thanks guys!


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 445 (don’t even ask) gifs of the handsome absolute hottie Kofi Siriboe in his role as Ralph Angel Bordelon in Queen Sugar season 1 episode 1. This gif pack is a redo of the first one. Also the 445 gif count doesn’t include the number of lighter duplicates I made which should be right under the original gif. I decided not to include the number since it confuses people. He is an actor and model, played a recurring role in Awkward as Tyler Miller and played Block Dude in Straight Outta Compton. He is of Ghanaian descent, so please cast him correctly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and as hq as I could get. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and as hq as I could get. A lot of time and effort was made into these gifs (like weeks partly because I procrastinate like crazy) so if you’re going to use them, credit me. It’s a big gif pack so please don’t steal it or any gifs from it. If you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like to say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. I also made colored and bw icons and headers of him right here. Please credit if you use these too. There’s also a download of this too, message me if you’d like it. Thank you! 3/?

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Each house as: a spell
  • [A request I made to another sorting blog, I'll reblog it for comparison]
  • Gryffindor: Expelliarmus – red powerblast that took off Voldemort what more do you want
  • Hufflepuff: Ridikkulus (Boggart spell) – overcoming your fear with bravery and humour and Snape with a vulture hat
  • Ravenclaw: Legilimens – they Know. Better. I mean Really Better.
  • Slytherin: Serpensortia – hiss hiss aesthetic goals motherfuckers

I’m sorry I’m not a very good rp partner

I’m sorry I don’t reply in a timely manner sometimes

I’m sorry I drop threads, even though I don’t really mean to

I’m sorry I’m not active for days sometimes

I’m sorry I don’t send in memes, even though I really want to sometimes

I’m sorry I’m just the shittiest role playing partner in the world

I’m so sorry


4 Ways to NEVER get Sick or Con Crud Again!

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Flu season is passing but a ton of folks are still catching Colds and going to conventions getting Con Crud. And being sick is never any fun so I decided today to give you 4 steps to prevent colds, Flus, and illnesses of any sort. So pay attention today


PLEASE EAT (read on)

Hi loves, so I was fasting from yesterday into today and haven’t had anything to eat in a good while. I had work today and got super dizzy while working causing me to fall and twist my ankle. If you’re fasting for a long while and start to feel dizzy PLEASE EAT SOMETHING!!!! I ignored this advice and look where it got me and this is not even one of the most traumatic things that can happen to your body. So please please PLEASE if you start feeling dizzy or woozy etc eat something. Take care of your bodies and most importantly stay safe 🌸💜


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 46 gifs of the beautiful Adria Arjona as Emily in True Detective Season 2 Episodes 7. Arjona is an actress most known for her roles as Emily in True Detective, Dani SIlva in Person of Interest(my fave show), and as Dorothy Gale in Emerald City. Ethnically, she is of Guatemalan and Puerto Rican descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were completely unintentional. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like to say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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Reblog this you’re not attracted to boys but still find them beautiful

Reblog this if you’re not attracted to girls but still find them beautiful

Reblog this if you think non-binaries are beautiful

Reblog this if you’re attracted to any of the above and find them beautiful

Basically reblog this if you think people of any sort are beautiful