Summary: Co-authored by @mooseings

Bill has an affection for pranks, but not so much when he’s on the receiving end of them.

Warnings: Mind games, cruel “jokes”, Bill is an abusive shit, unwanted touching, passive-aggression, swearing, violence.

Pairings: Implied Fiddauthor, and um…I guess if you count Bill and Fidd’s re-hate-tionship (lololol) 

Word Count: 4,247

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I’m posting this so you all know that I will block any new followers who post/reblog nazi imagery(that includes pics of hitler) in fact, any facet of white supremacy, that means confederate flags, Dylan Roof, neo nazis, the kkk, pictures of lynchings, gore pics of people of color, and anything else I find with racist undertones.

If you like/post/reblog any of the sort YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE


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ALriGHT the teaser has droPPED tis i, the potato behind this trash blog i am sorry for throwing this onto ur dashboard for this month’s aroha selca day i was playing around with some snapchat filters the other day ok and hopefully the pic of me doing MJ’s duck face is enough to make up for it 😣😣😣 (“imitating MJ’s duck face” should be one of my personal talents like no lie i can actually do it pretty well)

cute things about cassian andor just because:

- he always double knots his shoelaces

- he gives himself little pep talks before addressing his team. he takes his role as a leader seriously, maybe too seriously.

- he definitely rehearses normal, casual interactions beforehand (and still messes them up)(he may be a steady and charismatic leader, but he is really not a people person)

- 50% cinnamon roll, 50% caffeine

- tends to ramble when he’s nervous, or when he’s not really thinking. he goes on and on about the silliest things to k-2so. they let him go with it because they love him

- is really bad at acting like he doesn’t have a crush on jyn. like terribly bad.

- seriously this man is hopeless but in the sweetest way

- k-2so tells jyn cassian asked them not to kill her and cassian silently high fives himself for his ~amazing~ flirting skills (because if you want a girl to like you you def get your robot friend to mention how you made sure they wouldn’t kill her)(what a smooth dude)

- BUT when he speaks from the heart, without pretense, without working himself up into a frenzy trying to get it just right, he is so sincere and romantic and definitely makes jyn blush without even meaning too

- hums to himself all the time.

- his bad social skills really are a shame because everyone likes him?? like he’s such a nice handsome good guy, and he’d have a bunch of friends if he wasn’t so abysmally awkward and bad at reading social cues

- a ridiculously heavy sleeper. he also snores, which his teammates detest. still he always looks so cute when he sleeps so they forgive

- I know I mentioned before that he’s a good leader but let me elaborate; cassian is so good at getting people to trust him. down to earth but firm, level headed and reliable. he doesn’t have to get angry or be scary because people WANT to follow him. he maintains a strictly professional relationship with his fellow officers and teammates for the most part, which also helps.

- he’s also super good at reading people.

- cries when animals die in holovids

- okay but I must mention that he has the most beautiful voice ever?? as well as a wonderful accent??? amazing 10/10

- he’s good at being what people need him to be- when that’s a leader, he leads with grace and dignity. when a comrade needs someone to talk to, he listens. he adapts to what the situation calls for.

- btw he’s in love with jyn and has been pretty much since he met her. k-2so makes fun of him for sighing dreamily when she walks by and gazing lovingly at her with the Puppy Eyes™

- basically cassian andor is a beautiful human who tries so hard and is such a good, strong, inspiring person and this cute things post turned more into a “everything I love about my new space fave” post

anonymous asked:

Hello? Are you there...FE Fates?

hello anon!!!

yes that crazy fe blog most of you have originally followed is still here!!! ive been experimenting with new color/shading techniques and the like. to be truthfully honest, when i began posting regularly around may in the beginning of the year (i did post my art, but not as frequent as now), i received so much positive feedback and comments that i eventually grew too attached to them. i was spending lots of time thinking about new material to post for all of my followers and within that i sort of lost the internal artist in me or my destiny/purpose to draw. i sort of began neglecting my own responsibilities too… dont get me wrong, i loved every single bit of seeing everyones reactions but after learning to restrain myself from thinking about the amount of notes, reblogs, and follower count, i sort of have to reevaluate who i am as an artist. sorry this turned from a vague answer to a long post hahahaaa!! since the beginning of this month (august), i told myself i would post more things that i, as an artist, want to post (as selfish as it may sound). that would definitely help me grow both technically, conceptually, etc. the influx of posts about my ocs actually make me really happy??? if i could explain theres sort of an absence of anxiety/pressure on me. im really happy???

tl;dr ill still be posting fe art!! dont worry about it!!!

Hitting 2.9k was something I never thought was possible, but here we are. I didn’t know how to give back the love I feel. I thought this was sort of a start.


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For my part I consider that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman[…]; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly.

– Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince (Chapter 25: What Fortune Can Effect in Human Affairs, and How to Withstand Her)