So I’m thinking I might want to do a counselling course and look into becoming a therapist. 

I’m a bit nervous because I’ve been really depressed and I’ve not really had any drive to do anything career wise for a few years now, and I’m not jumping into this, but I really hope its the right choice. 

It’s really cool when you start recognising your followers, like you recognise their urls and start to see patterns in the stuff they reblog so you start to know what sort of things they like

If you could choose:

Would rather see Victor and Yuuri pair-skating?

Or see Victor and Yuuri openly kiss with nothing to hide it and no way to interpret it as something else?

You can only choose one.


I mentioned Lucio sort of “sings” in the brazilian version of Overwatch. So i recorded.

The first one is a reference to a 90s kids show called “Castelo Ra- tim- Bum”:

He sings: “Passarinho que som é esse?”
(in english can be translated as “Little bird which sound is this?”)

The second is another one they adapted:

He sings: “uh uh estou sentindo boas vibrações”
(in english can be translated as: “uh uh I’m feeling good vibes”)

and in case you guys are curious of what he says next 

PT:“Aumenta o volume!”
EN:“Raisin’ the volume!" 

The last and 3rd one is a popular brazilian saying:

He sings: “Quem canta seus males espanta”
(in english can be translated as: “Singing chases away the evils”)

Just a side note: his tone suggests he’s mocking the enemies. He says a lot of provocative things when he is fighting and he is always laughing when he does it. Never fails to make me laugh when I’m playing with him.

*edit: Forgot to mention that there’s another one. but it’s really rare to get (took me some time to find it ;_;)

He says: “Todo carvaval tem seu fim…”
(in english can be translated as: “Every carnival has its end…”)

Which is from a brazilian rock band called “Los Hermanos” (yes, they have a Spanish name lol) and here is the link for the song.

Divine Intervention

Harry turned on his heel and started walking toward the east side of the building. His boot scraped across the loose gravel littering the concrete floor and cut through the quiet that had descended all around them.  He called over his shoulder, “I’m here to check the foundation.”

Louis was next to him then, warm body emanating a nearly impossible heat in the biting cold.  Harry glanced at him and could see a pale pink blush cresting his high cheekbones.  “Foundation?”  

God, his voice was so sexy.  Coming out of that pretty pink mouth of his…tiny sharp teeth and a wet, lush tongue…Harry shook his head, trying to stay focused, on task.

Louis cleared his throat next to him.  Harry realized they’d reached the far end of the building and were standing near the elevator bank — or the would be elevator bank.  It was just a shell right now.  A hollowed out promise of what was to come.  Harry shuddered as he looked down the inky black tunnel.  A sick twisting feeling rippled through his stomach.

“Foundation?”   The man asked again, cutting through Harry’s chilled reverie.

Harry needs a little help moving on.

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**This is part of the 2017 HL Prompt Challenge.  We will be posting new works weekly based on a one word prompt!

The signs as audio memes

Aries: Darude - Sandstorm

Taurus: I’m really feeling it!

Gemini: Illuminati /  X-files Theme

Cancer: Space Jam Theme

Leo: All Star - Smash Mouth

Virgo: mmm whatcha say

Libra: Talk Dirty to Me

Scorpio: Gotta Go Fast 

Sagittarius: Spooky Scary Skeletons

Capricorn: Knock Knock It’s Knuckles

Aquarius: Mad World 

Pisces: noot noot

please stop….. tagging my jewish religious poetry…….. as ‘#christianity’………….. please ??? i specifically have tagged my religious poetry as ‘#jewish poetry’ for a reason, my religious poetry has Nothing to do with christianity and i am very tired of my judaism being ignored just because it’s the norm.

if you are christian, you are definitely allowed to like and even identify with my poetry!! in fact, nothing would make me happier, especially since we share part of the same bible. please don’t think i’m trying to exclude you from anything, you are 100% allowed to interact with me & my work.

but don’t erase my judaism. my judaism and my art are inextricably entwined, most importantly when it comes to my religious poems. 

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