Anubis doesn’t feel good today. Had to go clean him up. He has an appointment tomorrow but i hope his stomach sorts itself out.

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Hi. Sorry, just another question that you might have answered already (there are so many awesome Zootopia stories out there I'm losing track). Outside of Zootopia, is predator predigism similar? (Not in terms of the shock collars but just in general). Or is it like an American thing where the world is pretty chillaks while 'Merica only sorted itself out in the 90's. Just wondering due to the "predators visiting" thing cause I'm imagining it like women in the Middle East and IDK if thats right.

Zootopia is unique in that it’s one of the few places where the population is so diverse. Wherever there’s a lot of different species in one area, there’s going to be a lot of conflict. In Zoograd, it’s the reverse, with predators putting themselves on top, and they’re certainly not nice about it. Zootropolis is mostly different breeds of dogs, so you don’t find that kind of conflict there. It’s a case by case variance, and other nations aren’t about to pick a fight with the crazy little city-state that can’t get its shit together.

Canada’s the only chill place. They’ve got it all worked out, those syrup lovin’ fucks.

/mumble mumble/ I’m in a grump tonight.. :/

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i think the helmets is an american thing? i've seen lots of kiddos wearing them in american photos/in person but here in the uk i've only seen one little one with it on? here the general advice seems to be helmets are a worst case scenario, it'll hopefully sort itself out and that they're not always that useful? i'm fascinated by differing medical practise between a country where medical care is a business & where it's free

I can’t speak to the the number of children who need to wear helmets in other countries.  But once again from what I have read the number of babies who have needed helmets in the US specifically is on the rise partially due to the American Pediatric Association advising that babies sleep on their backs to reduce SIDS. Which is also why the baby needing the helmet is not a sign of neglect.

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I think you've done Sick!Munakata but I love the idea (especially post-ROK since he weak) Imagine they're all out on a mission and then as he's giving orders, all your hear is the cutest "achoo" and everyone STARES. Cur everyone taking care of him

Post-ROK I can totally see Munakata overdoing it and getting sick, like he’s still in that ‘Kings don’t need sleep’ mode and trying to get used to the fact that he’s just a normal person now. He can feel a cold coming on but he ignores it because Munakata figures it will sort itself out after a while, he doesn’t get sick very often after all so he’s sure there’s nothing to worry about. A Strain situation happens to come up that requires the full Special Forces unit to head out into the city and Munakata goes along to command them from the front lines even though obviously he can’t quite be right in the middle of things anymore. Initially he’s handling things from the vans with Fushimi and he keeps having to hide the occasional sneeze and sniffle, Fushimi keeps giving him these looks because Munakata is acting weirder than normal. Munakata assures Fushimi that nothing is amiss and then like suddenly turns on the van’s speakers and gets a loud squeal of feedback, neatly covering his sneeze since Fushimi’s too busy wincing and covering his ears to notice. Munakata’s all oh my how clumsy of me, my apologies Fushimi-kun while Fushimi glares suspiciously at him.

So eventually the Strain is captured and everyone gets back to the vans where Munakata is waiting. He congratulates everyone on a job well done and indicates that they should all head back to headquarters. As soon as everyone turns away they hear this little sneeze. At first everyone probably assumes it’s Fushimi, who’s standing there by Munakata and insisting that it wasn’t him this time as he gives Munakata this look. Munakata tries to play innocent but then he sneezes again and everyone’s all surprised because they’ve never seen the Captain sick before. Munakata assures them that he is not sick, simply adjusting to the changes wrought by no longer being a King. Awashima steps forward to take charge and respectfully informs him that he does appear to be sick and as such she and the rest of the force will be taking over his duties for the rest of the evening. Munakata tries to reassure everyone that he’s fine but Awashima’s having none of that, she gestures to Fushimi who possibly takes a little too much glee in for once not being the person who has to be forcibly taken care of. They hustle Munakata back to headquarters where he is gently but firmly forced to stay in bed and drink fluids and let his clan take care of him until the cold clears up, Munakata is unexpectedly touched by all the concern and care.

guess what??

my birthday is coming up (august 1) and if you, maybe, wanted to possibly… donate to my moving out fund as a gift that would be extremely rad and greatly appreciated :)

LGBT trainer cards (part one)

hey guys, so i know pride month is long behind us, but since pretty much everyone (including myself) has gotten hooked on pokemon go, i decided to create some LGBT themed trainer cards.

from top to bottom;

Partners Joe and John (gay pride)

Dancer Bethony (Bisexual pride)

Singer Fauna (Pansexual Pride)

i was planing on more but, as of writing this, the site i made these on has moved servers (whatever that means :/). so when that sorts itself out i’ll probably make more.

heres the site i made these on if you wanted to make your own.

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im so afraid of 2020 i feel like i only got 4 more years to live :((

Well, it is scary, so I’m not going to try to play the blind optimist, but I think you should keep an open mind & a level head. Fixating solely on the darker possibilities is just as foolish as fixating solely on the good ones. Don’t let fear cloud your perception. We can only make guesses, and we’re not infallible. Perhaps the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be beneficial; perhaps the detrimental events are taking place in the near future, and 2020 will be the year it all sorts itself out. Try not to assume the worst, hm?

My darling Millia, framed like a work of art!
I cant wait to cast more, when the humidity sorts itself out!
Stupid humid bubbles =_=… ruining my casts… so annoying, wasting my resin damnit!

Ehem…. she is adorable though =D

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Thanks. So some of you can see it, some can’t. I can’t. I don’t know what’s going on, but I hope it sorts itself out.

This is why when you have a good thing with web design, you don’t try to improve things that don’t need improving.

I’ll check later. I hate everything about Tumblr’s web design.

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The raven dived in with a squawk, only barely missing the metal railing as it landed in a haphazard heap of feathers on the balcony. In an attempt to sort itself out with some remnants of dignity, it fluffed and preened it's feathers before finally looking up at the human male and cocking it's head, "Hullo."

Bruce looked at him weirdly, a little shocked but he was ok

In light of what is happening around the world at the moment

What the fuck has this world come to?

We have families starving in one place and people wasting and overeating so much food at the same time

We have the military meant to protect a country trying to overthrow the government

We have people killing others in mass amounts in the name of religion

We have people wandering the streets and breaking laws to play an app to collect Pokemon

We have people murdering so many people in an act of terrorism

We have wars between countries and wars within countries

We are wasting the world’s resources and not giving a flying fuck 

Our world is dying before our eyes but still the hot gossip is the latest trends and what celebrities are doing. I am so fucking done with this piece of shit world and the horrible species that is the human race. We are predators and are destroying everything and have no intent on stopping. It is sick! This planet needs to sort itself out man. I am out

on the good side, I’m seeing my favorite band in the world Friday, I just got a new lens for my g2 and I managed to get a pretty girl to hang out with me this weekend to test it on (she doesn’t know what she got herself into) if the rest of my life will just sort itself out, I’ll be a happy kid
Falling from the Fifth Floor - CHAPTER TWO

“Fuck your attractive.” He finds himself huffing out in disbelief as Hux offers to buy him a drink

A strangled sort of laugh forces itself out of Hux without his permission and it’s glorious.

“What?” That huffing half laugh continues around the word.

“You can’t tell me you haven’t heard that before?”

“Not quite like that, no.”

“Well that’s a crime.” Kylo is close now, close enough to feel the heat of the man’s flush, to bask in it, “I’ll gladly remind you. Give me your number and I’ll wax poetic about your wonderful features everyday.”

He wouldn’t even have to try hard to do it. Kylo already had a song and a half written about the redhead