The 3 Elements of a CHARACTER GOAL

You know that moment in a book or movie, near the end, where everything has gone terribly wrong? All has been lost, the main character appears to have been brutally defeated, the mentor has probably kicked the bucket, and generally things couldn’t look bleaker? 

Writing feels like that moment.

Or more accurately, one point in the writing process feels akin to that dark night. It’s that time after the intrepid writer has pushed through the first draft of the story – they’ve brainstormed the development process, sailed through the beginning, blazed through the middle – and then quite suddenly …everything falls apart.

And this despair can be summed up in one soul-crushing sentence: “What happens at the end?" 

The writer realizes that they don’t know. A giddy optimism has propelled them thus far, a chipper little voice in the back of their head assuring "Don’t worry about the end yet! It’ll sort itself out!”

That little happy voice, it turns out, is a liar. 

But your reign of terror is over, lying voice. There’s a way to fix it so you can never trick another writer again. Because knowing what happens at the end comes down to knowing something right in the beginning: knowing three integral facets of the main character. If you know this golden trio, you’ll have a much better chance of knowing exactly what happens at the end: because the end is all about these three. 

So what are these three things? 

GOAL: What the main characters wants, and will pursue throughout the story, overcoming all obstacles and enemies to obtain. 

WANT: Their reasons for wanting it, which is usually to fill some emotional void they sense in their lives, something they believe will fix life and make it complete.

NEED: What they TRULY require to fill that emotional void, to be complete. 

Yup, three of the things listed in that other post “10 Elements of a Main Character”. But now, we’re going to delve into more detail, the elements of a good Goal, a good Want, and a good Need. 

So what goes into a story GOAL? Goals should be …

SINGULAR: The character must have one objective, and only one. A desire, and the overcoming of obstacles to achieve it, form the spine of the story. If there are two, the character is split between two storylines; they are trying to balance two stories at once, confusing them and confusing the reader. 

TANGIBLE: The goal must be something REAL. Something we can see and feel. 

SPECIFIC: In addition to being tangible, it must be highly specific. If the goal was to “escape” it would have to be “escape to a definite destination”. It can’t be at all vague or easily fulfilled by many objects: it must be finding a specific object, winning a specific prize, getting to a specific destination, etc.  

Like in Tangled: The goal is “see the floating lights.”

NOT EMOTIONS/STATES OF MIND: The goal can’t be something like “happiness” or “belonging” or “love.” Those aren’t tangible, they’re not specific, and most of all the reader can’t envision it being achieved. The goal CAN be a physical representation of an emotional state; obtaining this specific and physical objective will mean achieving the emotional state. 

IMAGINABLE: We should be able to easily envision the main character achieving the goal. When we see it, we know it’s happening, know that everything has been building to this moment.

Like in Monsters Inc, we know what getting Boo back home is going to look like (though in the beginning, we don’t know that it’s going to be heartbreaking.)

NOBLE: The goal should be something the reader can cheer on. The reader understands why the main character wants it. The reader can relate to the goal, and the emotional reason behind it.

Cheer like this.

STAKES: If they fail, something will be lost. If they choose not to pursue the goal, things will be very bad. There can’t be a sense that if they stop going after the goal at any point, life could just go back to how it was. When the catalyst came in and shattered their ordinary world and everyday routine, the story entered the realm of “nothing will ever be the same” and the only way to restore order to their universe is to achieve this thing. And that thing that will be lost must be something we can relate to, something significant: love, safety, family, life, future, freedom, loved ones. 

What goes into the WANT? The want is…

CONNECTED TO GHOST: The ghost is a moment from their past that still haunts them, and is the source of their moral and psychological weaknesses. Their reasons for wanting the goal should be connected to this moment. They believe that if they achieve it, their world will be fixed, life will go back to how it was before this haunting moment occurred.

MISGUIDED: And they’re usually always wrong. Achieving the goal just as it is will never fix what’s broken in their lives. 

SAVING GRACE: It’s often this Want behind their goal that acts as their saving grace in the eyes of the reader. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with a character – they’re difficult to understand, easy to find unappealing, even downright unpleasant – until we know why they are the way they are. (Think Marlin from Finding Nemo; he’s pretty unlikable and frustrating half the time, but we know why he’s behaving that way, so it’s easier to forgive him.) 

What do all of these character NEEDS have in common?

HOW TO FIX LIFE: In their pursuit of the tangible goal, something else is revealed that will truly save their lives. This is some truth that will banish the power of the ghost, let the character see themselves clearly for the first time, and show them what needs to be done to live a better life in the future. This usually arrives right after that “Dark Night” moment, which is usually when the goal has been achieved or lost; the truth revealed in this moment will allow them to snatch victory from this darkest defeat, renew their courage, inspire them to soldier on and pursue the story goal once more. 

NEW WORLDVIEW: This crucible of battle and revelation of truth changes them. They’re not the same person anymore. They’ve conquered the thing that haunts them, overcome weaknesses, have greater knowledge of themselves and life.

Okay! So how does this work? Let’s use Wreck-It Ralph, because I’m in the mood.

What is Ralph’s Goal? 

A medal. 

A single medal will suffice. A tangible medal that we can easily envision. A specific medal, namely the one he got from Hero’s Duty.  A medal that we can imagine him obtaining, bringing to the Nicelanders, and using to change his lot in life. 

It’s easy to cheer on because it means Ralph doesn’t have to live in the garbage, alone anymore. We can relate to it, and cheer it on, because nobody wants to be alone (especially not while living in garbage). 

And the stakes for this are obvious: ___.

Now how about what Ralph wants?

This medal is connected to Ralph’s ghost which is years and years of being the bad guy. The bad, unlikable, unloved, unworthy, friendless guy. 

He thinks if he gets it, he’ll become the good guy at long last, and his loneliness and lack of self-worth will end. 

How is this his saving grace? It immediately makes the audience empathize with Ralph. Everyone, at some point, has felt alone and unloved. 

What about what he Needs?

Getting the medal doesn’t work out for Ralph. It doesn’t fix anything. What he NEEDS is this medal:

To become a hero, he needs to be the hero for Vanellope. 

New Worldview: 

“As long as that little kid likes me … “ 

So these three are the destination. These are what everything is going towards. If you know these three elements, you’ll have a much better chance of an ending forming in your head. So take that annoying little liar voice.

You know what that voice looks like?  Her. It looks like Umbridge.

Sorry I wanted you to hate it as much as I do.

When you're in love with a....
  • Aries Venus ♈: You'll never have a second to breathe, but that will feel amazing; it'll be like you're always on your toes, always learning new things about this amazing, wonderful human being. Yes, they will test you, they'll push your buttons and let you push theirs, but you will never feel so excited as you are when you're around them.
  • Taurus Venus ♉: This love will truly behold the definition of bliss, pure bliss in fact. "Love goggles" have never been so true when you are in love with a Taurus Venus because you will forgive all of their flaws as they will be so truthful and apologetic. A love truly mesmerising.
  • Gemini Venus ♊: This person puts the fun in your life. When you are without them you can't do anything but feel bored. This can cause you to feel incomplete without them at times too. This love will be like lightening roaring through your veins.
  • Cancer Venus ♋ : This kind of love is a hurricane; Cancer Venus are unpredictable in love but you'll love it. Nothing will fail to surprise you and you will have never felt so loved. Be prepared to give everything you've got, because they'll be expecting it. This love is a triumphant one.
  • Leo Venus ♌: This kind of love will feel effortless at time, almost like you're floating along with the biggest smile across your face at all times. You will find yourself dumbfounded by their presence and absolutely defensfless by their words, this can lead to some embarrassing moments, but it's a love you couldn't recreate.
  • Virgo Venus ♍: This seems to be what real love feels like. This love quickly consumes all of your waking days and becomes the air in which you breathe. It gives you energy and a spark in your eyes, but be careful not to disappoint this lover as second chances are rare. This love will send you into second heaven but will still feel like you're standing firmly on the ground with both feet.
  • Libra Venus ♎: You will almost always feel an overwhelming happiness. Your heart will feel like it's beating out of your chest at times and you might want to throw yourself at them arms open, more than you want to admit. You might struggle to always agree with their abstract opinions but your burning love will sort itself out in the end.
  • Scorpio Venus ♏: This love feels full, there is nothing more indulgent and crave-worthy than this love; you won't be able to get enough. When you look into their eyes you'll feel a connection, a fierce, true connection. You fault might be not trusting them even when they've only told the truth. This is a love that truly satisfies the heart but tests the mind.
  • Sagittarius Venus ♐: As cliché as it sounds for stereotypes this love is an adventure; you might feel like you never get a chance to sit down. Its not just physical adventure that you'll experience but an adventure to learn more about you.The grass seems greener, the water colder and the air fresher with them, it's a love you'll never want to leave.
  • Capricorn Venus ♑: A fairytale, not an old one with a princess or prince charming but a new one, where you don't exactly understand where the point was that you fell in love but now you're so deep you can't swim to the surface. A love that event the very last moment you'll come running back for. Be weary of how many times you might have to be forgiving, but this is a love you've dreamed of before.
  • Aquarius Venus ♒: This is a sweet love. Like have a best friend who you can hug and kiss and do whatever you wish with. An exciting experience as you slowly but surely become each others entire universe. This is a love where you will always feel complete even when they aren't with you physically because you know that you have more than just love; the bond of a friend or family.
  • Pisces Venus ♓: This is a certain love; you will never have to doubt their feeling for you and you know they'll never fail to pull of the most romantic, heart melting gestures without even realising. Understand they will put you edited them,and this is a hurdle you must face together. This is a love that you never want to leave as you never felt so loved in your entire life.

The pain that you feel today will make you a stronger person tomorrow. And if life seems to be caving in the more you try to hold it up, trust that the universe is there to support you. Because it is. So stop, breathe, and allow things to unfold as they’re meant to, all in perfect timing. One can only try their best with things that they’re called to do, although leave the rest. It will all sort itself out.

Hi my name is Achilles and I have long blond hair that reaches my mid back and sea blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like almighty Zeus (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to him but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a demi-god but my teeth are straight and white. I’m also a prince, and I’m in a war against Troy where I’m in my tenth year. I’m a warrior (in case you couldn’t tell) and I mostly wear my armour. I was walking outside my tent and Agamemnon stared at me. I stuck up my middle finger at him.
—  The Iliad
Shit Slytherins Say: #16
  • Slytherin: "I'm not saying lets go kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out."
Golden | Jungkook (M)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Summary: Jungkook will show you just how golden he really is.

Word Count: 6,670

Genre: Smut/fluff

A/N: Jungkook smut for my thirsty followers who didn’t get enough in AL. Btw I hope you enjoy it @helloblamebts :)) sorry for the wait bc I know you’re just as thirsty as everyone else

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So I had a thought combining my various thoughts on “I don’t think long term Lion-switching would work” and “but seriously dudes paladin-Lion mind melding”

and… So basically it’s an established thing that Lion-paladin bonds don’t really care about distance, right? If Red is attached to Keith, Keith can be right next to her, or an entire galaxy away, it doesn’t matter.

This would also apply if someone else is working with Red. Because as Zarkon demonstrates, bonding with Shiro did not immediately sever, or even seemingly significantly weaken, Black’s connection with Zarkon- damaging that connection was something she did separately, and by force. It didn’t passively happen.

So what if, with a paladin working with a Lion that isn’t their own, there’s basically psychological feedback from the paladin whose Lion there actually is?

Like imagine Keith working with Black and them syncing up on a singular goal and Keith’s entire right arm goes numb, he can move it no problem but he has no sensations, or really muted ones. Or he gets twinges from scar tissue that he doesn’t have.

Anybody but Keith syncing with Red has a really weird experience that they can’t explain or quantify, and Keith is equally a little weirded out working with any Lion- getting feelings from a different species, who, superficial similarities aside, their innards work totally differently.

People working with Green who temporarily pick up Pidge’s allergies. Mentally and physically, little traces of the paladin that’s supposed to be there. None of it is permanent and it all fades as the patterns in the individual’s quintessence ultimately reasserts itself and sorts out the stuff that ain’t supposed to be there, but… working with different Lions and actually getting anything done is kind of a specific exercise in “walk in someone else’s shoes”, one that can be really unpleasant if, say, the other person you’re syncing with is injured or sick.

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If you're still taking prompts. What if Neil gets a concussion and starts mixing up his languages? I love your writing!

(thank you so much! I had so much fun writing this honestly also HEY apparently language based confusion post head trauma like.. doesn’t happen lmao but lets suspend our disbelief y'all)

It’s USC’s new “problem player” who does it.

There’s a scrimmage for the ball in the last quarter, and Neil ends up bodychecked into plexiglass head-first. His helmet goes loose and bounces away before he hits the floor.

Neil’s 5’3” against the backliner’s 6’5” is like pitting an axe against the base of a tree. Neil’s legs quiver like wind through leaves, and then he’s cut down.

Andrew watches the whole thing unravel, the wind-up and the swing and the bounce. Neil topples onto his back with the brutality of a drop from a moving car, and he doesn’t get back up. There’s an awkward minute of shouting and buzzers and repetitive shrugging from the backliner. Andrew leaves goal just as Jeremy crosses the court to jab a finger in his teammate’s chest.

“We do not fight dirty like that! Jesus Christ Trent, If we’d taken that point from them the win would mean what?”

“Nothing,” the backliner replies glumly, eyes down. Andrew takes it as a prime opportunity to punch him across the jaw with his whole weight behind it.

The guy goes reeling, holding his face and looking down at Andrew with slack jawed disbelief — doubtless surprised to find someone half his size had just loosened a few teeth.

Andrew feels Kevin at his back, and Jeremy steadies Trent by the shoulder as he levels eyes at him. “Can’t we be civil for one game?”

Kevin shrugs, sickeningly sheepish. “You’re in fox territory.”

“How could I forget,” Jeremy says, eyes rolling. He says something else but Andrew’s already turning to find Neil, his unchecked injury like an oven left on - the niggling, panicking doubt of it.

Jean’s crouched at Neil’s side, speaking quietly and firmly with his eyebrows yanked together like pursestrings.

“Get away from him,” Andrew says, dizzy with anger. All the times Neil has defended Jean and the things he’d let Riko do surface and clash in Andrew’s head.

Jean looks up, unconcerned with Andrew’s warning. “Something is wrong.”

Andrew puts himself between Jean and Neil, stepping right where Jean’s hands are splayed out on the floor so that he recoils. He leans over Neil and watches his open eyes, the frost of confusion on them.

“Get up.”

Neil finds him, like he’s squinting through smoke. “Je ne peux pas.”

Andrew grabs his shoulders, unamused. “Try again.”

“It was something else a minute ago. Something slavic?” Jean says. Andrew ignores him.

“Andrew,” Neil says urgently, eyes bloodshot and unfixed. “Je suis fatigué.”

“Don’t sleep,” Andrew warns. He pulls Neil to his chest and drags him upright by his armpits.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Trent calls from a few feet away, his team congregating behind him like disappointed parents.

“We’re benching him for the next couple of games,” Jeremy adds seriously. “You deserve better.”

“You touch what’s mine again and you lose a hand,” Andrew says airily.

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Tough Girl (Secrets)

Summary: After leaving your assassin life behind, you seek a new life to forget your past. Nick Fury brings you into the life of the Avengers, posing as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But, what happens when your secret’s revealed?

A/N: I’m in a rush, but I wanted to get this out (so I’m sorry for typos. I’ll definitely reread this later) because people have been requesting for the next part! Also sorry, this is low-key a filler but the reader’s relationship with Peter as a “mentor” or sorts will probably sort itself out in later chapters. Also, school started today and I’m bummed. 

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, (Eventual) Steve x Reader.

‘Secrets Masterlist’

Tony had asked you to fetch Peter from school and then head to his apartment for a little while. You looked at Tony with questioning eyes and raised your eyebrow.

“Isn’t that Happy’s job?” you asked. “I’m not a chauffeur nor am I a babysitter.” 

“Well, you are today,” he said. “Happy’s helping me oversee a large shipment I’m waiting for and I need his help. That leaves you, Y/N.” You huffed, but didn’t argue. 

“Fine. Where are Happy’s keys?” you asked, assuming he left his car for you to drive. 

“Just use one of mine,” Tony said, not looking up from his phone. 

“You trust me with one of your cars?” 

“You handle my money. Plus, if you wreck my car, I can just buy a new one.” Tony tossed you a pair of keys and your shrugged, heading down to the garage. You didn’t know which car the key belonged to. Pressing the unblock button, you instantly saw the car it had knocked - a red Ferrari. You smiled. 

“Classic,” you said to yourself.

You hopped into the driver’s seat and raced out of the garage. It had been a long while since you drove something so expensive. It reminded you of the last high speed chase you had. You had stolen seventy million dollars worth of money in jewelry and some mobster members were tailing you. Mobsters were at the bottom of the food chain when it came to crime. You were confident you could escape them, and you did. 

However, today, you drove the speed limit. You had been to Midtown High a few times to cheer Peter on with his Decathlons. You called Peter via the car’s bluetooth as you approached the entrance.

“Hey, Peter,” you said. “Happy’s off the clock helping Tony, so I’ll be picking you up today.”

“Sweet,” he replied. “Are you picking me up in Happy’s car?” 

“Not exactly.” You saw Peter and drove to where he was standing. He stood with two other boys who looked his age. 

“Y/N?” he asked in disbelief. Peter knew Tony had cars, but there was no way he’d let Peter drive in one. 

“In the flesh. Hop in, we gotta go.” 

“Hot damn,” his friend, who you knew as Ned, said. “This is yours?” 

“Technically it’s Tony Stark’s, but I’m allowed to play with his toys every once in a while,” you said. 

“What are you doing with Peter anyway?” the other kid asked. 

“That’s Flash,” Peter whispered. Your mouth grew bitter. This kid, as Peter told you, was Midtown’s biggest tormenter. 

“Peter’s a good kid,” you defended. “Hey, Ned, do you need a ride?” He looked at you and pointed to himself. “Yes, you. I’ll drive you home, if you want.” Ned didn’t object and hopped into the backseat. 

“Can I get a ride too?” Flash asked, overly excited and confident you’d say yes. 

“I don’t have enough room, sorry,” you said unapologetically before driving away. 

“But there’s plenty of - oh, I get it,” Ned said. You snickered. “How do you know my name?” 

“Peter talks about you a lot. Says you’re his best friend.” Ned looked at Peter and smiled. 

“I’m guessing she knows you’re, you know who?” 

“Yes, I know he’s Spider-Man.” 

“Do I need to tell you where my home address is, or do you already know?” You looked at Ned from the rearview mirror and winked. 

“FRIDAY, give me directions to Ned Leeds’s home address in Queens,” you instructed. 

“Giving you the home address of Ned Leeds in Queens,” FRIDAY replied. 

“This is so fucking cool,” Ned said. 

You dropped Ned off and drove to Peter’s apartment. May was at work and you accompanied him inside. 

“Don’t get me wrong, Y/N. I like being around you and all, but why are you babysitting me?” you shrugged. 

“Beats me. I think Tony feels bad that I don’t have anything to do for him. I’ve always been so busy and now that I don’t have anything to do, I think he wants to give me something to keep myself busy.” Peter shrugged and took out his homework. 

You stayed in the apartment, bored out of your mind. An hour had passed and May was in the living room. You told Peter to keep working on his homework and greeted May downstairs, who smiled at you. You liked May. She wasn’t wrapped up in the while Avengers business and she seemed to be the only outsider who wanted to be your friend. Of course, you were always so busy. Any time you were over, you made up the excuse that it was because of the Stark internship. May learned not to question it.

You went back to Peter’s room and he was frustrated. 

“I don’t understand math sometimes,” he said, huffing and crossing his arms. “Math is useless. I’m useless.” 

“Hey, don’t say that,” you said, peering over Peter’s shoulders. “What are you working on?”

“To be truthful, I don’t even know. I don’t get this.” You looked at his homework and analyzed the problem, finding his error. 

“You carried the ‘x’ and then squared it too quickly. You were supposed to divide the entire fraction before you square it.” You grabbed the paper and pencil from him, erased his work, and redid it. After a while of deriving the equation, you gave the paper back to him. 

“Oh, wow. You’re really smart,” he said. You laughed. “Why are you a personal assistant? This is some hard AP Calculus shit.” 

“Haven’t found the right job yet,” you replied. “I like working with computers.” 

“I’m guessing you’re not talking about responding to emails.” You shook your head. 

“More like coding.”

“Teach me one day.” 

“I wlll, but only if you promise to finish your homework.” Peter groaned and you laughed, ruffling his hair. 

You checked your phone and got no word back from Tony about if you were allowed to leave Peter alone. When Peter did finish his homework, he turned to face you. 

“Hey, Y/N? Can I asked you a question?” 

“Shoot,” you said, turning your body to face Peter. 

“How do you deal with people who seem to not want you there? Remember that party I went to? At Liz’s house? People called me ‘Penis Parker’ right to my face. It hurt, but at the time, I had Spider-Man stuff to worry about.” You pursed your lips, knowing exactly what Peter was talking about. 

“I’m still trying to figure that out myself,” you said with a dry laugh. “I suppose you remember that you’re worth something and hold onto it. You can do so much good whether other people know it or not, but it doesn’t matter. You are your own person and they shouldn’t be able to tell you who you are and who you aren’t.” 

“Huh, that’s pretty good advice,” Peter said. You laughed and playful punched him on the arm. 

Just then, you received a text from Tony, which told you to meet him at the restaurant you both went to frequently.

“Gotta go, kid. Promise me that you’ll be safe while you scope the streets,” you said, pointing at him. He saluted. 

“Yes ma’am,” he joked. “Be safe.”

You drove the Ferrari to the location he texted you. The place wasn’t very fancy. You knew that when Tony wanted to have impromptu dinners, he chose a low-key restaurant. You got out of your car and locked it before heading to the entrance. There were a fair amount of people walking around, but a man grabbed you by the elbow. 

“You’re a pretty lady, aren’t you?” he asked. 

“Let go of me,” you demanded. 

“You’re a feisty one, aren’t ya?” he asked. You tried to wiggle from his grip, but he held on even tighter. “Such a pretty girl all alone?” You glared at him, unaware that Tony was calling out the man who held you. 

“Don’t provoke me,” you warned. 

“Yeah?” the man asked, smirking. “Or what?” You maneuvered yourself so that you were out of his grip and held his fingers so tight in your grasp that you were sure you broke some bones. He yelled and ran away, clutching big hand. 

“Serves him right,” you muttered, fixing your hair. 

“Y/N!” Tony yelled. You looked up to see him running frantically at you, catching his breath once he reached you. “Holy shit, are you okay?” You smiled. 

“I’m fine, Tony. Nothing to worry about.” 

“That man tried to make advantage of you,” he said. Tony looked over your body. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” He spun you around and you laughed. When you faced him again, you put your hands over his shoulders. 

“Tony, I’m okay. He’s gone and I’m hungry.” Tony sighed of relief and entered the restaurant. 

When you were both seated, Tony was baffled at how a small, quiet, and shy girl like you could take down someone who seemed twice your size. 

“Look, I know our dinner dates are usually about me ranting about the company, being Iron Man, or other Avengers, but I want to know how you took down someone way bigger than you,” he said. 

“A little self defense, I guess? I don’t know, I was always taught that men shouldn’t take advantage of women and I get angry when people try stuff,” you replied. 

“Makes sense,” he said, wearily. “You’re sure you’re okay?” 

“I’m sure. I just want to eat something before I die of hunger, though.” Tony laughed and flagged down a waiter.

“Holy shit, guys, you should’ve seen Y/N. She made this six-feet-something guy whimper like he was a child,” Tony beamed. You didn’t like much attention and tried to hide behind Tony, but he stepped out of the way. 

“What?” Steve and Sam asked, making their way over to you. You were grateful that it was just the two of them and everyone else had gone to bed. 

“Yeah, she made this gigantic guy look so small. I’m pretty sure she broke some of his fingers, or something,” Tony rambled. 

“What happened?” Sam asked .

“Some guy had this grip on her and it looked like he was about to -”

“Wait, some guy took advantage of you?” Steve asked angrily. He was about to yell at Tony for not doing anything, but you spoke up. 

“He almost did. I got away, though.” Steve smiled and sighed of relief. 

“Thank goodness you’re okay,” he said. Sam raised his eyebrow at him, but looked at you. 

“Well, I’m glad you’re okay,” Sam said awkwardly before heading to his room. 

“What a night,” Tony said. “I’m gonna get some beauty rest. Gotta wake up early for China,” he mused before waving goodbye. You and Steve were standing by the elevator. 

“Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?” he asked, scanning your body. “I know it’s later, but I can call Dr. Cho and -” 

“Steve, I’m okay, I promise. I took care of that guy.” 

“I can’t believe Tony didn’t interfere.” 

“He was about to, but the man ran when I took care of him.” Steve smiled down at you. 

“I’m glad you’re fine and not hurt. You must be tired.” 

“Just a little.” 

“I bet you’ve had enough action for one day,” Steve teased. You grinned and yawned, making your way to the bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow. 

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Hi! Next year I'm going to live in France for Erasmus and it will be my first experience living alone (without my parents) and abroad. Could you give me some tips about it, please??

Omg this is so exciting!! Tbh I live in a residence hall so I can’t give you any advice on appartment and food related stuff

  • Keep track of your expenses – you’d be surprised how fast money goes. You now have to buy simple stuff like toilet paper that your parents provided, and trust me, it adds up.
  • Also it’s super easy to get carried away when you’re buying food and get a ton on crap but again, it adds up (specially junk food is super expensive?? like??). So I suggest you make a list of stuff you need before going to the store and stick to it.
    • Preferably buy frozen stuff because it lasts longer.
    • And know how long stuff lasts. For instance, eggs are usually only good for like 2 weeks, so don’t buy more than you know you can eat in that time.
    • It’s better to go to the store several times than to overbuy.
  • If you can learn to do laundry beforehand, that’s always good. Please separate your white and color clothes, I’ve seen so many catastrophes bc ‘oh it doesn’t matter! My clothes will be fine!’
  • You can iron your clothes but tbh no one actually does that.  Takes to much time. As long as you store stuff that tends to get wrinkly on hangers, it’ll sort itself out. The only exception may be skirts.
  • There’ll be no one to tell you to get your ass to class and it’s so common to just stop caring. I have a post about that here.
  • If possible, get a roommate/flatmate.
    • It gets super lonely wihtout one, specially if it’s your first year living on your own.
    • You’re going abroad so it’ll help to have omeone you can count on to go out with.
    • Appartment expenses are so much cheaper when you split them up.
    • It helps with going to class too. You kind of feel judged if you don’t
    • And it sort of stops you from just lying around all day without doing anything.
  • Keeping your space clean is so important. Here are some tips. If you get a roommate, agree on a cleaning plan.
  • General posts on how to adult 1 & 2
  • Take care of your health insurance bc no one’s going to do it for you. This is really fucking important bc you don’t realize that if for instance you have a fever, you’re gonna need a doctor’s note and you’re not going to get it if you don’t have a doctor to go too (but if it happens, go to the emergency room. They’ll probably give you a long speech about how you should go to your doctor for this stuff but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).
  • Don’t hole up in your room!! Especially if you’re going abroad, go see stuff!!
  • On the same note, it’s not weird to go out by yourself. If you wanna go somewhere, go. You don’t need a roommate or a friend every single time.
  • Get your bank account stuff arranged omg. Also, I’d definitely suggest getting a debit card because that way your parents can send you money. But also!! Avoid using the card itself as much as possible. It’s better to go to an ATM and get cash because otherwise you don’t realize how much money you’re spending and it’s super easy to go crazy.
  • Get a hamper, a water boiler and mugs, all the mugs. You will use them for everything – water, tea, coffee, mug cakes, mashing stuff…  
  • And lastly, don’t hesitate to call your parents for advice. You may live alone but you’re not on your own. I can’t tell you the number of times a week I call my mom for advice on Adult Stuff.

Hope that helped! And have fun next year!!

hey guys i need a bit of help

i try my darndest not to ask for this sort of thing because ive not done anything to deserve it and i only have like 3 dollars in my bank account right now. i have no access to my savings because of an incident earlier this week. which led to an overdue energy bill. so i effectively dont have money right now

usually i think my shitty life sort of works itself out but ive really had a rough go of it this past week with banking issues and this was the cherry on top hssoidjosaa…if you think you can, drop me a dollar or two? 

or, alternatively, since this is an emergency sort of thing, and i dont have any sort of commission sheet, i do art and ill draw people sketches and a rough color for 15 bucks or more! just inbox me and well talk

my paypal is

and you can see my art here

i really appreciate it..thanks for taking the time to read O(–<

some examples:

anonymous asked:

Dean has been trying to be open with Cas, telling him he's worried, we're better together and Cas doesn't really respond except with what could be called flippancy saying I didn't mean to add to your burden or betrays him again. So it's not that Dean needs to open his mouth, it's that when he does, he's shut down. This happens a lot in the series with other people too and I think we undervalue how much that shapes Dean's willingness to open up. As in, I think we often ignore it completely.

This is an interesting point, and the thing is, we’ve come so far in this ‘haha, we’re not describing a relationship, #no homo’ thing that the tropes of the genre have started to have an impact on the actual narrative of the show. Like, one of the main reason I don’t like romance movies is the lack of clear communication between the two main characters. I mostly hate it in its classic ‘chick flick’ form - ie, a woman going on and on with her girlfriends about how perfect this guy is and being encouraged to do all sort of ridiculous things to catch his attention rather than just talk to him - but if the movie is not subtle, I’m even capable of hating those pregnant ‘I wish I could come out and say it, but I’m too manly to’ pauses because, come on. Sometimes I truly find romance movies are the plague of our societies and are way, way more dangerous than horror or violence or whatever, simply because they set a model of behaviour for situations we actually encounter IRL - and the idea that we can’t communicate openly and honestly with each other, especially in a romantic relationship, is often at the centre of whatever demented story they’re telling.


I guess this is to say that miscommunicaton is a classic romantic trope and the most usual way to keep lovers apart (short of, let’s say, family obligations, mind control spells and terminal illnesses - not that Supernatural has used any of those, of course), which means neither Dean nor Cas are, at this point, to blame for any of it. It’s simply how the narrative goes, and one of the most tried-and-tested ways to preserve some semblance of UST and will they won’t they even in those circumstances where it’s very clear that yeah, they will. 

You say Dean’s been opening up, has been clear about what he wants, and that’s true. Dean’s been incredibly direct this season (and the last), not only with Cas, but with Sam and Mary as well. I think it’s unfair, though, to say we ignore it - some days, it seems we talk about little else: performing!Dean walls coming down, that’s a huge bout of character development, especially considering Dean’s worst fear is people leaving him, and, well - if you don’t come clean to someone, if you don’t tell them how much they mean to you, then you can hold on to the illusion they left because they didn’t realize how much they would hurt you - but if you’re clear about your feelings and you do your best and they still leave - ouch. Dean’s faced this dilemma with both Mary and Cas this season, and basically lost both times. His ideas of creating some kind of patchwork family - all of them safe, happy, and living right there in the Bunker where Dean can keep an eye on them and protect them - yeah, that didn’t work. Despite the unusually honest conversations he had with them, both Mary and Cas continue to do their own thing without much regard for Dean’s feelings - and I feel like I need to stress it’s not only a character’s ‘fault’, but a narrative need: to keep Dean on edge, and to make him miserable.

Something else we need to consider is that Cas is new to humanity and sees things from a completely different perspective. To him, human feelings are - well, not irrelevant, but I think he sees them as something so complicated and changeable that it’s not really worth analyzing them. Like, consider his impatience when Dean asked for help in how to deal with Mary - Cas is millions of years old. Planning a conversation, however life-changing that conversation may feel in the moment, is completely irrelevant on the long term - a speck of meaning against the backdrop of eternity, or even of a human life. When he shuts Dean down, he’s not saying he doesn’t care about Dean feelings; he’s saying everything will sort itself out, and why do humans always stress so much about such small and transient things? It makes no sense. Oh, and another thing that presumably makes no sense to him is Dean’s worry over him - Cas was created to obey and walk into battle and die, if necessary - nobody’s worried about his happiness or wellbeing for thousands of years - why would Dean? Cas is an angel - Cas is the (self-appointed) Winchester’s guardian - not the other way around. I know they keep telling him they care (sort of), but, again, different species here. And Cas also knows, because he’s seen it, that (unlike angels) humans are built to withstand grief and loss - that both Dean and Sam have done it, several times (that despite everything they’ve endured, they can still be sort of happy). To him, his own death is perhaps a matter of regret, of things unfinished, but certainly not something that’ll hurt either Sam or Dean in any definitive way - which is why he prefers to be out on the field and keep them safe, rather than staying close to them and avoid danger.

Finally, something about the mixtape scene. 

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Lance’s favorite lullaby his mother would sing to him growing up is Que Sera Sera

She sang it a lot and the melody stuck with him. It would calm him through the loneliest of nights and the heaviest of thunderstorms.

The lyrics eventually became a sort of motto for him, a reminder things would always be okay and how life would eventually sort itself out. 

Whenever Lance walks through the halls of the castle, he’ll hum the tune to himself, subconsciously.

Light years away, on his home planet, his mother sings the same song to Lance’s nieces and nephews. 

Suddenly her voice breaks and she’s too heartbroken to finish the rest, but they wipe her tears and the whole family finishes it for her in unison:

 “Whatever will be, will be.

The future’s not ours to see.

Que sera, sera.

What will be will be. 

Que sera, sera.

It makes her smile and she regains hope, remembering just how smart and talented her boy is. 

She trusts that he is doing fine wherever he is.

anonymous asked:

Does Eren have any interesting habits/quirks?

As a matter of fact, he does!

  • Eren has a very attuned sense of sarcasm. He makes the kind of snide, snarky comments Chandler Bing makes all the time on Friends. He never lets anyone get away with anything, unless he knows they don’t need it in the moment or if he doesn’t know them well enough. He really is merciless when he wants to be, though. 
  • He get really quiet when he’s nervous. Like, scarily quiet. He’ll occasionally ask a question or two, something minor that only hints at whatever’s bothering him, but other than that he’ll stay very quiet and seem distracted/agitated until the problem sorts itself out. 
  • He can’t help interrupting people when they’re telling a story that he already knows. He’ll just add in extra details, but still. Interrupts. 
  • His hands are always in motion. If he’s not taking notes, he’s doodling in the margins or on his arm. If he has one of those styrofoam cups, it’ll be demolished. If he’s sitting at a table with a plastic table cloth, you will find multiple holes afterwards. His hands are just always moving. 
  • Eren can sleep anywhere, at anytime, in any position. But he’s usually found curled up in an inhumanely small ball in a ridiculously small place, (i.e. broom closet, auditorium seat, under a table, etc.) He can just nod off anywhere without a care, and it’s actually really cute. 
  • He is THE BEST kisser ever. Not really a quirk but, you know, still important. 
  • He’s really bad at taking advice, especially if it’s highly critical and coming from someone he doesn’t necessarily respect as a superior. If it’s from a superior, he’ll be gracious no matter how harsh. But if he’s getting it from a peer, he’s not great at accepting criticism. 
  • Takes really stupid bets/dares without thinking. If he thinks it’ll be funny, or he really wants to get back at someone, he won’t think. He’ll just do. That doesn’t always end well. 
  • He sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating. Not in an overtly obvious way, and not in any way that he realizes, but if you look closely, you’ll see it. 
  • Eren is also very, very hard on himself. When he fails a test or is unable to learn a combat maneuver as fast as his peers, he’ll get really hard on himself and push himself to do better. He’s very motivated, but can let the little things get to him. 
  • He tries to deny all injuries/illnesses/infirmities, protesting that he’s perfectly fine when he’s clearly not. 
  • He likes to debate with Jean over silly things like pulp in orange juice or the pronunciation of certain words. And he will take the position opposite of his own just to grate on Jean’s will power. 
  • When he sees someone having a bad day, Eren will go out of his way to tell them a joke or pay them a compliment or even just give them a smile. Sweet boy. :) 
Emergency Money

Michael Gray/Shelby x reader

Request: Can I request one where you’re friends with Michael and after the charlotte situation he tells you that you’re the only one he’d want to have kids with?

Author’s note: This one is a little rambly but was super fun to write so hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Warnings: Lots and Lots of swearing, fluff.

“What the fuck is going on, Michael?” You ask as your best friend or ex-best friend you weren’t really sure. Michael had been off with you for about a month now, you knew there was business, family business going on. But usually, he would tell you about all that. I mean you two had literally been inseparable for the past two years (much to the dislike of your boy/girlfriend’s through the years)and now all of a sudden you barely saw him and when you did it was like he wasn’t really there.

“Where’s that money I gave you? The money i told you to keep for emergencies?” He said searching through your cupboards in your kitchen pulling things out and making a mess as he did so.

“Calm down I’ll get it now.”

“I need it now (Y/N), hurry up.”

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anonymous asked:

imagine steve being a trans boy and the avengers helping him through dysphoria

The Super Solider Serum had been a miracle, no one was disputing that, but what most people didn’t realize was that for Steve, the miracle hadn’t been the strength or the resilience.  When he stepped out of that Vita Radiation pod, it was the first time in his life he felt like he had a body that belonged to him.

It wasn’t perfect, of course.  Howard Stark was a scientist, not a miracle worker, despite what he tried to make people believe.  But, for the most part, no one questioned his manhood anymore, and the media didn’t think twice about digging deep enough into Steve’s past to unlock the details he’d rather keep secret.  So, when he was rescued from the ice decades in the future, the memory of his trans identity hadn’t survived, and for a while, Steve was fine with that.

When his body was new, it was like Steve’s dysphoria seemed to disappear. Never in his life had he imagined that he’d ever look like this.  But as he got used to it, the doubts began to creep back up.  What would he tell his future partners?  How could he ever have children?  What would his fellow soldiers think if they found out?  Now that he was an Avenger, despite the fact that he saw evidence of changing attitudes all around him, his doubts remained.

When dysphoric episodes like today’s hit him, he’s settled on a routine to try and climb his way out of that rut.  Today, he was on a couch watching television, wrapped tightly in a blanket which covered his whole body.  He wasn’t really watching what was playing in front of him, rather trying to shoo away the thoughts of inadequacy and imperfection that were troubling him.  He was debating whether or not to grab more comfort food when Tony and Nat walked in.  Tony looked at the television, then to Steve.

“What’s got you moping and watching… Gilmore Girls?” he asked.  “I didn’t realize this was your kind of show.”

“It was just sort of on,” Steve muttered.

“What’s up with you?” Nat asked.  “You feeling sick?  We could spar a little.  I’m sure a good kick in the ass would bring your energy back.”

Steve tried to smile, but it came off as fake.  Attempting to recover, he muttered, “I’m good, thanks.”

Nat and Tony looked at each other, before Tony crossed his arms and said, “alright, what is it?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Really, Steve?” Nat asked.  “You can tell us.”

Steve looked off to the side and let out a sigh.  This wasn’t the way he’d planned to come out, but then again, he hadn’t really planned to come out at all.  Rather, just sort of ignore this whole thing and hope that it would sort itself out.

“I feel… really uncomfortable in my body right now.  It doesn’t feel right.”

“What?” Tony asked.  “You’ve got a great body!  Stark brand.  Lots of guys would kill to-”

“That’s not the point, Tony,” Steve said.  “It’s not right.  It’s not mine.  It’s-”

He paused, looked down at the blanket covering him.  “It’s a- well- people thought it was a girl’s body.  And they were dead wrong, it wasn’t, but the damn doc who told my mom that when I was born really messed things up for me.”

There was a few moments of silence before Nat sat down next to Steve on the couch.

“I don’t trust doctors much anyway,” she said.  “Seems like that one was a real ass.”

“I tend to trust JARVIS to take care of my health,” Tony said before calling out, “hey, JARVIS, can you tell me what Steve’s gender is?”

“Steve Rogers is male,” came the electronic voice.

“There, settled,” Tony said with a smile.  “I’d trust JARVIS over some hack from 19-whatever any day.  Now get off the couch.  Gilmore Girls can wait. It looks like you need some friends and some decent food as soon as possible.”

Confusion - Noctis/Reader

Very important writer’s note here, people, so please take note before you read any further.

This drabble is a work of fiction, set in a world where some violence and situations can be understood (not excused) and worked through. In the real world, if your partner makes an attempt on your life or is violent towards you please please please get yourself to safety (and medical aid if necessary) immediately and do not stay in that relationship. Run in the opposite direction and do not go back.

I received two requests regarding the guys getting hit with confusion status and attacking their s/o. This is the first of what will be four chapters.

Noctis - Gladiolus - Prompto - Ignis

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