Great thread about I, Tonya. I saw it the other night and agree completely - it’s a great movie filled with powerful performances, including Sebastian’s. Just be aware that the domestic violence is very real and very raw and not always telegraphed before it happens. Sebastian is terrifying as Jeff in some scenes.


Inspired by that post about Hondo Ohnaka finding runaway padawan Anakin going around a few months back but ended up not taking much inspiration from all the amazing ideas people came up with… ^^;; (thank you @asokatanos, @lurkingcrow, @arielsojourner, and anyone else who contributed to that post! It was so much fun to read.)

(illustration-wise, this is really unplanned and I just kinda drew whatever came into my head as I went along so the composition and narrative is kind of nonsensical lol sorry)

Cee’s thoughts on Once (I’m watching a totally different show than everyone else.)

I don’t really care about Henry, Lucy, or Cinderella. Like… whatever happens to them? Happens. Whatever. Who cares.

Lady Tremaine? Okay. Someone kill her so she stops talking.

Roni? Weaver? Don’t care. Anything can happen to them and it’s not going to affect me in any way.

But Rogers? I am so effing invested in him. My only motivation for watching right now is so that I can find out what happens. Will he find happiness? Can he not be lonely? I want him to find his daughter, and maybe a lady friend, and I want him to go off and live happily ever after.


there is something to be said for being young and needing someone so badly, you jump in head first without looking. And there’s something to be learned from waiting all day for a train that’s never coming. And there’s something to be proud of about moving on and realizing that real love shines golden like starlight, and doesn’t fade or spontaneously combust. Maybe I’ll write a whole album about that kind of love if I ever find it. But this album is about the other kids of love that I’ve recently fallen in and out of. Love that was treacherous, sad, beautiful, and tragic. But most of all, this record is about love that was red

                                    RED Moodboard

Can you believe that on this faithful day, 5 years ago, autumn and music were invented.

I just realized a thing

When you arrive in Altissia there are a few hunts you can take and it’s mentioned the daemon problem in Altissia is recent and took everyone by surprise

Once you know how the starscourge works it’s pretty obvious: they’re on an island so the ashes would have to fly across the ocean in a large quantity to infect people.

Unless something or someone came to Altissia that was already carrying it, and would emit ashes directly in the city.

And we know that Niflheim has been watching Lunafreya since she arrived.

It’s the Magiteks that are infecting the people.

Finn’s Hand: Plot Theory

That’s right folks, you heard it here first, a fuckin’ Reylo has subscribed to the Finn’s hand theory. Why? We’ll get to that in a minute…

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, and hear me out, because despite what the ant.s think, we can have Reylo and Finn holding out his hand.

First let’s humor the Annes and lay out some pretty good points they have.

1. The outfits in each shot are different. In the view of Kylo Ren’s face, we have the very textured outfit that he can be seen in wearing in promo materials (A). In the second shot with the hand, we see a different outfit, closely matching the texture of Finn’s undercover First Order uniform (B).

Exibit A:


Exibit B

Also yum. Let’s just appreciate how good my boys look, okay?

Yes, the FO uniform is pretty close to what we see in the shot with the hand. 

Now, before I go on, I’d like to say that there are a bazillion branches to this theory and this is just one that I am covering. To make it more simple, this will just cover a simple possible plot line and its significance.

First, how do we cover the fact that two different uniforms show up with the same background and lighting? Easy, green screen. The significance of this within the film is also simply explained. One or both of these shots within said gif will be part of a Force vision. 

Yes, I’m sure someone somewhere already figured this out, but it’s called parallel thinking, not stealing. I’m no urchin. Ahem, moving on. 

Force visions are not known for being literal. Examples: Luke seeing his head fall out of Vader’s helmet. Rey encountering Kylo on Starkiller alone while he still has his helmet and scarf, as opposed to how it really happens, with Finn tagging along and Kylo bare faced and scarfless. This is very important to the theory.

What’s left is a theory on the plot and also a sort of fanfic I guess, because it’s way to much meta for a split second shot and a few things we know based on the trailers. I hope you enjoy.

My Theory Through Rey’s POV

Rey is training with Luke. He sees her power and is afraid, then refusing to teach her. Rey decides to learn all she can on her own, venturing into the Force tree. We know she’ll end up having a vision somewhere in here, might as well be at this point. Here’s how that whole experience could go. Her vision shows Finn, decked out in the FO uniform surrounded by fire and destruction. He holds out his hand and beckons for her. 

Rey is shook. 

Did her best friend betray her? Of course not. He needs help. From Rey’s POV, she knows Finn is back at the FO for some reason. This is Rey’s call to action by the Force.

Not long after, probably within the same day in fact, Kylo Ren appears on Ach To.

Rey doesn’t even fight it when Kylo wants to take her with him, as she jumps at the chance to go find Finn and rescue him from the FO.

Luke does not like this idea. “This is not going to go the way you think!”

Rey doesn’t care. She has to help her friends, and can’t be stuck on Ach To, helpless, as Luke refuses to teach her. She also uses this fact to convince Kylo that she wants him as her teacher, giving her some leverage on how much freedom she gets within the First Order so that she has the ability to learn Finn’s whereabouts. 

Going with Kylo back to the FO, she let’s him teach her what he knows. We get the line, “Let the past die, kill it, if you have to. It’s the only way to become who you are meant to be.” It appears somewhere around here.

Despite the fact that Rey at first doesn’t like Kylo Ren at all and is just putting on a show, once she’s forced to work with him as part of her guise, she begins to learn about things from his side of the story and feels a sort of empathy for him. A lot happens between here and the next point, probably involving Kylo and his mother (who he can’t kill) this helps to set up the redemption arc, and it’s going to happen y’all. Also we see the happenings at the Resistance base and on Crait. 

While Kylo is gone to tend to these matters, Rey is caught trying to save Finn, and it doesn’t go down well with Snoke. Snoke, being the asshole that he is (and the main villian) waits for Kylo to come back before torturing Rey as punishment for both of them. 

Now that Kylo and Rey have actually sort of bonded, Kylo will not stand to have his Rey of Sunshine tortured. He battles Snoke and escapes with Rey. They are reunited with Finn, either by finding him or because he’s already escaped on his own, and they work together to destroy the new FO base. Finn faces Phasma and eventually the battle is won, Kylo having helped.

We’re then met with this.

Rey recognizes the scene she’s been playing in her head ever since she left Ach To. The fire, the calm remnants of destruction all around her, but something is off. In this moment, Rey realizes that while she was trying to save one beautiful boy from the grip of the First Order, she was meant to save a different beautiful boy instead. Rey holds out her hand, Ben looks at her, awestruck. He takes her hand in his. Et le fin.

honestly though when are we gonna see some small lips positivity. It’s a trait that is made fun of all the fucking time and makes people get injections to “fix it”. psa: small lips makes your eyes look bigger now spread the word

Fic: Family Fun Day

Summary: An anonymous prompt from my Chance Encounter ‘verse: “It’s Belle’s first time of the museum’s annual event. People tell her that their director, Mr. Gold, is a scary, mysterious man but is definitely cool and genuine when he dresses up as Rumplestiltskin for this event.”

Chance Encounter was one of the fics I wrote for the Rumbelle Showdown earlier this year, and it can be read here.

Rated: G


Family Fun Day

Belle had always had to hide a smile when her colleagues at the maritime museum would warn her about the terrifying director, Mr Gold. They told her all the horror stories of the interns that he’d made cry with a single scathing comment, of the many secretaries he’d given nervous breakdowns, of the way he could manipulate the museum board into satisfying his every demand. Truth be told, Belle just found the tales amusing, because her first and lasting impression of Rum Gold would always be a slightly scruffy stranger in a parka in a cave, telling her all about the legend of the great smuggler Rumpelstiltskin’s missing hoard of treasure, and although, in her position as chief archivist at the museum, she frequently crossed paths with the director, their interactions had been never been anything but civil.

And perhaps, Belle admitted to herself, a little bit flirtatious. They did, after all, share something of an inside joke. Well, it wasn’t really a joke per se, just a little thing that no-one else knew about. That morning in the hidden cave was their private little secret, and Belle was content to keep it that way.

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“omg hetalia is so fun look at all these silly country hijinks! I luv history and teh yaoiz”

 “hetalia is a deeply offensive and stereotypical depiction of world history and himaruya is a nazi sympathizer and japanese imperialism apologist and anyone who engages with it is endorsing these harmful views”

 “Hetalia’s earlier, crude strips are indeed very inaccurate and insensitive to many world events, especially in its depiction of japan’s relationship with China and Korea. However, there is no substantial proof that Himaruya is a nazi sympathizer or imperial apologist beyond simply regurgitating general Japanese misconceptions of other nations.  Warlike and conquest-centric behavior is portrayed negatively and as the series has progressed the strips have ditched the WWII focus and onto more appropriate subjects of celebrating and exchanging fun facts about various cultural aspects different countries in a way that is more fitting to the light-hearted tone. Also, many (tho not all) of the most offensive jokes seem to originate originally from the Funimation dub, which inserted inappropriate nazi stereotype jokes and weird sexual references that were not originally in the Japanese version”

 “While Hetalia has moved away from its initial crude WWII-centric humor, the fact is that there are multiple issues with the portrayals of nations in the canon, and even if they are older strips, people’s concerns should not be dismissed. It’s completely understandable that due to various questionable content in the canon, as well as some of the insensitive, fetishizing, and historically inaccurate material created by fans in the wake of Hetalia’s popularity, some folks would want nothing to do with Hetalia, and fans absolutely need to respect that and be critical of the material they are engaging in.”

“There’s certainly been a lot of cringe-worthy content produced by both hetalia canon and even more so by the hetalia fandom that many of us are all too familiar with. However, people of multiple nationalities and ethnicities have been able to connect emotionally and intellectually with Hetalia, and have used the initial simple premise to research more about history and the customs of other countries, examine their own cultural identities, critically approach the way history is taught and presented to them by comparing nation character portrayals with international fans, and overall just become more aware of the world in a fun and engaging way. Fans have used their creativity to make historical headcanons to repair the inaccuracies and overlooked aspects of the canon, as well as OCs and character reinterpretations for countries and parts of national identity that aren’t represented fully by existing characters. Some people have even used the Hetalia premise of anthropomorphizing countries (which is an age-old tradition that was not initially invented by Hetalia btw) as a platform to launch their own original stories and historical approaches in a way that goes beyond the initial limited Japanese perspective of the original series. All of this is very exciting and it’s perfectly reasonable for Hetalia fans to be enthusiastic about the things being made in their fandom, whichever aspect they are a part of, because of this.”

“I can’t…. believe ……all these talented fan artists and writers somehow…. invest time and energy into making the low budget anime men attractive”