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Omegamon Alter S

A new face of Omegamon, born from the fusion of War Greymon’s subspecies ‘Blitz Greymon’, and Metal Garurumon’s subspecies 'Cres Garurumon’. Although it is a different individual from the Omegamon belonging to the Royal Knights, it retains its multi-type ability to wield the traits belonging to both Digimon, and is on par with Omegamon in terms of strength. It is a mystery how these two Digimon came to fuse together, and whether this Omegamon was born out of someone’s strong will or some sort of wish as well. 

Its Special Moves are firing plasma from its Blitz Greymon-shaped turret (Grey Cannon), and accumulating energy into the center of its sword and turning that energy into a slashing attack (Garuru Sword). There is nothing that cannot be cut by its Garuru Sword attack once it has accumulated maximum charge.

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Any horror movies out there that you particularly enjoyed or would recommend? Love the account by the way (just found you)

I have included a list and some reasoning behind films that are definitely worth checking out! And thanks for checking out the blog! 

The Babadook - Really well made, amazing set pieces and a really different type of horror experience with enough symbolism to really get your hands dirty in terms of narrative content and actual film craft

It Follows - Incredibly unique idea, definitely something new to horror, has a sort of 80s vibe visually, but don’t let that fool you, the film has an amazing way of creating dread in the viewer.

The Canal - In my opinion probably the scariest on this list, incredibly pretty in terms of the cinematography. Plot wise I wouldn’t say its anything groundbreaking, but I didn’t think it took away from the overall film

The Witch - It almost feels like your watching a play, but in a good way. Incredible art direction and if you are looking for a period piece look no further. Has some good feminist film theory sprinkled in which makes for a film that requires you to think if you want to get substance out of it.

Anybody can make a Google Assistant gadget with this new toolkit
Today, Google is announcing the general availability of the Google Assistant SDK. What that means is that anybody can download and run the Google Assistant on a gadget of their choice — Google says it will run well on Raspberry Pi 3 devices and also on Linux. The obvious use case is speakers, but Google has ambitions to get its assistant embedded in all sorts of different gadgets: phones, watches, TVs, cars, mirrors, and whatever else you can think of. Read more

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I've been really studying your heads, picking out all the shapes that help make different expressions and how it'd be built up and I think I've got it now, it's really helped :) also, how hard was it to make Telephone seeing as she was the first DAD?

I am glad to be inspiring new artists! As long as you are doing your own thing style wise that is perfectly ok. I learned by looking at other fursuit makers as well.

It wasnt hard making Telephone because she was made in my normal style. I sort of took a spooky/creepy character and turned her super cute because thats just how my style is. When I made her she was just labeled a dragon, so her shape is more so just what I imagined a dragon to be. So when drawing/ making a fursuit of a DAD I would more so look at Telephone’s anatomy references for the species and not so much her fursuit!  You can see both heads that I made, the first one was closer to the reference I was given at the time. The newer one I more so did a cute interpretation! I’m very happy and proud to have taken part in the start of something so many people enjoy :)


They’re in the middle of a heist, bullets raining, grenades lighting new paths through the grime of Los Santos, and Ryan finds himself apart- away, from everything.

There’s a memory that won’t let go of his hair.

a trans, nd fahc ryan fic because we need more trans fic in this damn fandom i swear to god

word count: 2,451 | ao3 | ships: raywood (can be seen as platonic)

It starts in Geoff’s living room, in the empty space after a bad joke.

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Make You Mine: Part 3 (Back in Storybrooke)

Previous summary: Canon divergence from 4x21/22 with a sprinkle of AU. In which they have an extra day to return to the Enchanted Forest, allowing them to stop overnight. Emma knows this isn’t the same Killian she’s used to, but tonight she just needs to be in his arms. (In this story, we’re assuming they’ve already made love as much as possible back in Storybrooke.)

Part 1 [Here] Part 2 [Here]

A/N: Emma and Killian are happily reunited in Storybrooke, but there’s just one little thing: he remembers everything that happened on that boat, and he’s not about to let Emma forget it. (The pirate is back.)

Thanks again to my amazing betas, brooke-to-broch and kat2609!

Rated: M (Very)

Emma lets out a long exhale. He’s alive. Thank God, he’s alive.

She’s washing her hands in the bathroom at Granny’s and it’s the first moment she’s had to herself since returning to Storybrooke. Alone with her thoughts, she briefly recalls the feeling of panic that threatened to overtake her when she returned to the loft and couldn’t find him. Cheeky bastard. Just standing there watching her panic over him.

But all’s well that ends well, she supposes. And today everything ended well. Better than, even.

Her only regret is that she failed to tell him she loved him when she intended to. And that’s the thing, for the first time, she really wanted to tell him. But looking into his eyes, his expression so full of hope and expectation, a different sort of panic struck. A tiny voice still remained in the back of her mind, telling her that she doesn’t deserve this kind of happiness, that she doesn’t deserve him. She’d learned the hard way that telling someone you love them can shatter the prospect of a happy and safe existence, because it just might be the beginning of the end. Emma Swan doesn’t do love.

Well, the old Emma didn’t. The new Emma is going to tell him as soon as she has the chance, as soon as her heart finds its way from her throat back into her chest.

A healthy portion of rum seems to be helping it to do just that, her blood humming along nicely and a strong feeling of gaiety overcoming her. After they reunited with everyone at Granny’s, Killian suggested they have a few drinks to celebrate their safe return. Rum may not be the solution to everything, she thinks. But it sure doesn’t hurt.

Smirking to herself, she exits the bathroom only to find herself jumping in surprise, a familiar dark figure blocking her path.

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Hi, do you know any P&P fics where one of them are musicans?

Love Lessons

Love and Other Accidents: Darcy and Bingley are musicians trying to find material for their new album in a rural college town … where they meet the Bennet twins who are surviving college together. Lizzy’s a photographer, and Jane’s a med student.

No Strings Attached: Modern story featuring Elizabeth and Darcy but with a completely original plotline.

My B.F.F.

An Unexpected Song: An Unexpected Song is the story of a different sort of modern-day Darcy—one who frequently wears white tie and tails, who has long, sensitive fingers and a touch of artistic temperament, and who knows the difference between Schubert and Schumann.

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I love your taste in music, art, books; it's really different from most people I know. Would you recommend some books to me? I'm trying to get back into the habit of reading again and all my friends have read pretty much the same stuff as I have so it's sort of difficult to find new stuff. I like fiction, non-fiction, whatever, as long as it's different and interesting.

ah well thanks. thank you, that’s really very nice of you to say.

these are just a few books i recommend to people in the store pretty often that they usually seem to like


the halfway house - guerillmo rosales. brief but poignant and powerful- i love this book, a must for anyone whose ever experienced substance abuse or institutionalization. if u read it and like it you like it also read rosales’ “leapfrog” which further expands on his upbringing in havana

loving/ living / party going – henry green. i’m a huge henry green fan. his prose is brilliant and this book is remarkable

the collected stories of lydia davis - lydia davis. good introduction 2 her work, she’s a treasure of a modern female voice. not sure how she doesn’t have like, jennifer egan or miranda july levels of appreciation

the rings of saturn – WG sebald (the best of sebalds, he tends to be a crowd pleaser. i’ve got a soft spot for him.)

the question of bruno: stories - alexsander hemon (also a crowdpleaser)

century of clouds“ and “my walk with bob” – bruce boone. these books are what got me back into reading awhile ago, classic & brilliant stuff

not my taste but 20 something vice reading/ tumblr using/ prozac taking kind of readers usually like anything by arthur neresian. “the fuck up” is his classic but “chinese takeout” is probably his best. i think i saw someone describe him as a “po-mo damon runyon” once which is pretty on target if that means anything to you

the hour of the star - clarice lispector, at times a really odd approach to prose but folks usually receive this one well. the best introduction to lispector

cruddy – lynda barry. a very good likeable graphic novel for people into like, alison bechdel or phoebe gloeckner. (see also: “potential” by ariel schrag or “skim” by mariko tamak, among sooo many others i can’t even think of rn)

edmund white’s infamous trilogy, “the beautiful room is empty” being my favorite

waiting: stories - dumitru tsepeneag 

bluets – maggie nelson

locus solus – raymond roussel

woodcuts of women: stories - dagoberto gilb

magnificent joe - james wheatley 

three apples fell from heaven - micheline aharonian marcom

non fiction: 

women of the left bank, paris - 1900- 1940 - recently finished this and it’s fantastic. i kind of obsess over books about women in art movements neglected by history.

safe area gorazde: the war in eastern bosnia: 1992 - 1995 - joe sacco. one of the greatest graphic novels that deals w/ the subject of war

the penguin dictionary of literary terms and literary theory - JA cuddon. honestly just really helpful to have around if you read a lot or want a starting place on how to approach lit with a place of contextualization, penguins guides to critical theory are usually pretty palatable 

violence girl: east LA rage to hollywood stage, a chicana punk story – alice bag. good book about punk that isn’t all about straight white guys so heyy. believe it was published by feral house and amok books- their catalog is worth sifting through

all of camus’ notebooks (volume 1volume 2volume 3) are a total must if you’re a fan of his work. i have a thing for reading people’s notebooks and diaries.

film as a subversive art - amos vogel. if you’re into film you’ve probably already read this but it’s a classic for a reason and i always love getting people into it.

an episode in the life of a landscape painter - cesar aira. aira was one of my first favorite authors so i’m pretty quick to rec most of his work

dreadful: the short life and gay times of john horne burns - david marholick

the tender tyrant, nadia boulanger: a life devoted to music - alan kendall. i’m currently a little obsessed with everything written about boulanger so i thoroughly enjoyed this

osumane sembene: the making of a militant artist - samba gadilgo


anything by charles simic. hotel insomnia / the world does not end being personal favorites

anything by mina loy (lost lunear breakdown poems being essential cause she doesn’t have much else but i adore adore adore her)

anything by andre breton. probably “the collected poems” - i’m a nut for french surrealist lit but it’s not for everyone- i think his poetry is more approachable than something like “nadja” offhandedly 

anything by harryette mullen. “sleeping with the dictionary” being her best

anything by aime cesaire – “notebook of a return to the native land” being my favorite and his seminal work

on the imperial highway – jayne cortez

collected poems (1912-1944) - hilda doolittle. a must if you like voices akin to mina loy’s

i’ve been a woman: new and selected poems – sonia sanchez

the book of frank – CA conrad 

eunoia – christian bok (i’m a big fan of almost all bok’s work)

a coney island of the mind – lawrence ferlinghetti

outlandish blues – honoree fanonne jeffers

the unfortunates – BS Johnson

nets – jen bervin (jen also helped compile the wonderful release of rare emily dickinson notes in ‘the gorgeous nothings’ which is 100% worth checking out if you’re a fan)

completed field notes: long poems of robbery kroetsch

the arab apocalypse - etel adnan

the complete short prose of samuel beckett, 1929-1989 - samuel beckett


so yeah that’s probably wildly incomplete (i should really start using goodreads or something) but i hope that gave you at least something. and if you have any recs please let me know- specifically lit by writers of color, women, queer people, trans people… i’m always interested in anything outside yr standard old white guy fare. like i can appreciate a foster wallace novel as much as the next guy but having your world limited to only that perspective gets soooo tired zzzZZZ

friend: yo this new song wildest dreams is really good i really like it!


It turns out the Romans loved to shop as much as we do. They had recently perfected the art of cement making and decided to put their new skill to some immediate use by building an obscenely big (for its time) shopping complex. Trajan’s Market featured more than 150 different rooms among four different levels, including countless stores, storage rooms, and “public assistance” offices – we’re now imagining mall law offices owned by cheap Lionel Hutz-caliber lawyers.

At Trajan’s Market, Romans could buy silver, gold, textiles, clothing, decorations, soaps, cosmetics, and, of course, food to stuff their faces with: There were all sorts of eateries, lounges, taverns, and probably an Orange Julius. Having trouble imagining what an ancient fast food joint looked like? Well, there’s one in the ruins of Pompeii, and it’s basically an Iron Age McDonald’s.

Food or drink would be served in the holes on the counter you see up there. This wasn’t just a Pompeii thing, since archeological studies have found that Romans, in general, loved to eat on the go – they lived in tiny quarters with no space for a stove, so they’d just buy takeout food from any of the “numerous fast food restaurants” across the empire.

7 Modern Conveniences That Are Way Older Than You Think

i wonder what happens if you try to heal a shattered gem

i wonder if it can come back but its not the same

cause its physical form is more or less attached to the well being of its gem

i wonder if it would need a different mode of accessing the massive space inside all gems

like a natural part of its new forms body for example

i wonder if it’d have a sort of “shattered” form


a corruptish form but not mentally corrupt (cause the corruption itself mostly affects the gems’ minds)


a less monstrous corrupted form


a pink lion

Pottermore Interview:
  • Pottermore: Why do you think people keep going back to the Harry Potter series?
  • Rupert: It does always amaze me how people stayed exited about it and still stayed kind of relevant to people, it's amazing. It makes me very proud to be part of it.
  • Pottermore: Do you miss playing Ron Weasley?
  • Rupert: Yes, occasionally I miss it but I think it finished at the right time and I think we ended on a big bang. It's great that it's living on some different other forms.
  • Pottermore: How did it feel growing up on a movie set?
  • Rupert: It's very strange, you need to come out of it. You have the opportunity to actually digest it because when you're it, it such a kind of machine, you just kind of get carried away and it becomes a normal childhood. It's only now that it been so long, you look back and really appreciate how amazing it was.
  • Pottermore: What was your favorite scene to film?
  • Rupert: The chess piece, the scene in the first film, Philosopher's Stone, when I was on top of the horse was a pretty special moment for me. I loved filming that scene.
  • Pottermore: How does it feel to watch the world of Harry Potter move on?
  • Rupert: It's kind of a detachment, it feels quite strange but it's amazing. The people still really care about these characters and this world and I'm really excited about both of this new _______ (?). I think it's going to be great. They both going to be different things, on the right they're going to be amazing so I'm ______ (?)
  • Pottermore: Do you like performing for a live audience?
  • Rupert: Yes, it's completely different, you have that immediate reaction, that living crowd in front of you. It's amazing but terrifying as well.
  • Pottermore: Do you have any loyalty to your character's Hogwarts house?
  • Rupert: It would have to be Gryffindor I think. That's what I feel, I kind of belong there but I don't know, I've never been sorted officially.
  • The sorting of Rupert Grint:
  • Rupert: It's very in depth (about the sorting test)... Hufflepuff. I feel pretty good, it wasn't what I was expecting but that's really clever. Yeah I love that!***

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les amis + hipster AU

At first glance, Enjolras looks like your typical upper-middle class hipster: incredibly attractive - he was very popular in high school -, with trendy clothes that are very tight and expensive accessories, longish hair that smells vaguely of strawberries. He always wears sunglasses, drinks very expensive coffee in indie coffee shops, and always has the lastest technology devices as he works on his Master’s thesis and writes on his social justice blog. He’s still the quiet, very intense man we know and love, but he’s considered a somewhat elusive fashion icon, and paparazzi swarm to catch pictures of him during protests. (insp., Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, at the power of a hundred.)

Combeferre is, without a doubt, the academic hipster. Wears a lot of grandpa sweaters, he listens to music almost exclusively on vinyl, needs those glasses - although his eyesight is not as bad as people often assume - , and is fascinated by food from all around the world. He’s travelled a lot; more than any of the other amis, except maybe Bahorel, and his apartment is filled with souvenirs. He likes writing on an old typewritter he found in this flea market he goes to every week in search of old, rare books that could have somehow found themselves in that place - he thens sells them again - along with lots of other books - in the small used bookstore he owns.

Courfeyrac is the party hipster. He loves bowties, shirts with funny patterns, and coloured skinny jeans. The 80s are a source of eternal happiness for him, especially its movies, even though his driver’s license confirms that he was born in 1990 (to his eternal sorrow). He loves to dye his hair all sorts of different colours. He’s invented at least ten new dance styles in the past five years, and ‘discovered’ more bands than he can count. He blogs with Enjolras, has a popular youtube channel, and Bahorel and him bicker constantly over on Instagram. He’s excellent with a camera and a Photoshop pro.

Prouvaire wears a lot of loose clothes inspired by - well, no one is really sure, but it’s a bit old fashioned, often unfortunate, and also nature. He’s a ‘natural’ hipster, sighs longingly, thinking of how life was simpler in the country - though he’s actually a city boy, born and bred. Very fervent environmental activist. He writes by hand in dark corners of coffee shops, sipping on the same chamomile tea for hours but tipping generously. He tries DIY projects weekly, but rarely finishes them. He has a smooth, deep, almost ethereal singing voice, but is a pretty bad musician otherwise. Owns so many plants. He has a few aesthetic blogs and likes to hang out at Combeferre’s bookstore.

Feuilly is an accidental hipster. He shops in thrift stores - along with Prouvaire and Courfeyrac - because it’s cheaper and he wants to encourage local businesses. Wears layers and layers of sweaters and scarves, and these big glasses are because he can’t afford to get new ones without ensurance, he hadn’t even realised they were back in style! Often has ink or charcoal stains all over his hands, which makes some boys and girls and non-binary cuties swoon a little when he shows up at the coffee shop, or during the night classes he takes at the local community college. You probably haven’t heard of his favourite movies. Shows up a lot in Courfeyrac’s and Bahorel’s instagrams, with a hashtags #how, #why, and #unfair.

Bahorel is a douchester: muscular, tattoed, pierced, and bearded, he takes care of his body more than all of the others combined. Hasn’t gotten rid of all his v-neck shirts, which he now often pairs with old jeans and flannels. He’s into outdoor sports, but also coffee - he’s a coffee pro - and cooking. Frequents an old-style barber shop, can play both the drums and the guitar, and is, really, the selfie king of the group. He posts recipes online quite often, and is a surprisingly (or not, if you know him) great baker. He loves to organize different activities for kids who might otherwise not get to participate much, for various reasons.

Bossuet is another fashionable hipster, who likes to be aware of the trends then find cheap ways to immitate them - turtlenecks, vests, scarves, beanies and hats - though he always wears the same worn-down sneakers. He’s also a great musician and and incredible flirt. Is really good at make-up - his and Joly’s nails are always painted different colours. He has a youtube channel in which he talks a lot about disability and accessibility, and also tricks on how to make it on a small budget.

Joly is a hipster geek; also, one of the less hipster-ish of the group, when it comes down to it, though, well, with the company he keeps… Well, he pulls off cute-nerdy-hipster very well. His real passion is science fiction and also science in general - also weird-looking animals. Most of his tshirts illustrate one of these three things. Loves cats, also watching shows on Netflix, and tea. He has so much tea.

Grantaire is total normcore. He takes great efforts in appearing like he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about fashion and appearance, but it’s untrue. Aknowledges that he’ll never pull of the trendy outfits Enjolras wears; thus, he adopted normcore pretty quickly: baseball caps, denim shirts, too-big trousers… He knows all the best, underrated (for now) places to eat and drink, and is a great photographer. Can play the harmonica. His twitter is his only social media presence, and is usually a very snarky run of comments on the news and other events. Loves pugs.

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I know several people brought it up but no one has given it much thought. But in the premiere Regina is wearing a ring on her left ring finger when they get back from Camelot. You don't think it's like an engagement of some sort, do you? That would be the last thing I need

Hey Anon, I didn’t notice! I never notice jewellery or new clothes or fashion for some reason. I think my friends would have to show up with a mohawk for me to go “There’s something different about you, can’t quite put my finger on it… new glasses?”

So, thanks for pointing it out. Well, Camelot is a place of romance and falling in love, so a proposal by Robin would definitely be interesting, considering Regina’s in love with Emma. (Let’s be real, they’re going there, #dumb positivity for the win.) So if that’s the case, then I’m just rubbing my hands together, because… angst! Romantic angst on the show, not even in fiction. Because yes, I love to have my heart shattered and be put together again, thank you very much. (Does that qualify as a romantic kink?)

That being said, putting it out there for the group, any theories? Any screenshots? Does it look like Daniel’s? Maybe it’s Emma’s… anything is possible.

Fallout 4 review
  • Ok everyone the time has come. Fallout 4 has been out now for a week and since I didn't get an early review copy, my review has been delayed till now. Where to even start, fallout 4 for those why don't know is a open world 1st and 3rd person rpg set in America 200 years after a nuclear war destroyed the world in 2077. This world is not our future it is a future that people in the 50s and 60s would think of when they thought about the future. Big clunky computers. Fancy cars and robots for everything. Fallout 4 is set in Boston and what they refer to in game as the commonwealth. From the start you are thrust out into this massive world where you can follow the main quest line from the start but why would you. There is so much to do in the world of fallout 4 that the main quest line is less than 5 percent of it. I can't even comprehend the size and scope of the commonwealth. While on the way to a quest you will run into 4 others a deathclaw and a women who has found hidden treasure being guarded by raiders only to turn on you when you have killed them.
  • The graphics in fallout 4 are great, not amazing just great. They fit in really well with the atmosphere and there is a wide color pallet so it's not just shades of grey, and I do think the graphics hold up very well and that nonsense of the graphics being the same as fallout 3 is rubbish, they are fare better and even exceeded my expectations. But since they are using an updated creation engine there are a few issues with stutters and bad textures. But they are no were near game breaking.
  • The gameplay is spectacular and I can't get enough of gunfights. Unlike in fallout 3, in fallout 4 you do need some degree of skill and strategy when it comes to facing groups of enemies, you will need to be aware of the next spot of cover the next car I can dick behind and shoot out from or the next wall I can hide behind. Speaking of cover they have introduced a new cover system in the game it's nothing to big but it really makes a difference and it works really well, what this system dose is when you are agains a wall edge or car or any sort of cover you will peek over and can fire your weapon from cover. This makes gunfights intense since the enemy uses the same system. They will also try to out smart out and charge you when you are reloading or weak. The Ai is much smarter in this fallout and they can be a real challenge.
  • There are a few changes in fallout 4 and things missing that were in fallout 3 but I haven't missed them at all. Some of these is the Karma system there is no karma in fallout 4 Insted your actions are punishable by your companions that follow you. Some companions might like you steeling and killing random people but some will hate it and hate you for it. When a companion hates you they will less effective in battle and might not follow you at all. Also you wont be able to unlock their unique quest that they have. Also vats is different instead of stoping time it slows it down, by doing this it makes combat better by not taking you fully away from the action by stoping the game. Now I know crafting and gun mods isn't new in fallout 4 but it has made it mush better. Taking a plasma pistol that dose 30 damage and upgrading it with an over charged reciver long barrel rifle stock holo sight and muzzle break to deal a wooping 145 damage. You can mod every gun and it is very satisfying and makes the lower lever guns last much longer. Also companions are a bit different, every one of them has their own unique quest that you can unlock and you can romance most of them this means you can romance men women and robots. And possibly even ghouls.
  • In conclusion fallout 4 is a much have weather you new to the series or a veteran wonderer, the massive open would with countless things to do places to see quest to compleat and super Mutants to explode is just pure fun and there is 100s of hours of gameplay and adventure to have it so difficult to explain the way I felt when I first saw the vast commonwealth. I rate fallout 4
  • 9.9 out of 10
  • http: //

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I'm in love with you,I Have a feeling that Jungkook is sexually confusing his hyungs(esp: Jimin/Suga/V) like making them confused about their feelings, I noticed that It started since war of hormone era, I mean have you seen Kookie? He became so much prettier and HIS THIGHTS.. maybe I'm just a delulu, but they treat him diffrently, almost the way you treat a crush, I think he has that thing that makes both genders attracted to him, and I think some of the hyungs r aware of it, what do you think?

Hi there dear anonnie! I’m just going to say this now: this is honestly just what I imagine. I’m gonna discuss all the jungkook/bts relationships so this will be pretty be long. First, I’ll acknowledge, Jungkook has grown SO freaking well and his beauty surprises me every time. I mean come on, those doe eyes, pink lips, bunny teeth, collarbones, and yes thighs, and yeah you get what I mean. It’s kind of hard not to notice how attractive Jungkookie is and you can bet that the hyungs know what kind of effect he has.

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Ok, lets do this.  Gamergate is (finally) dead

Right, back before I lost my blog and everything I loved and cared about, I planned to write this, so you will have to forgive the timing being off as it is.  But I think it is about time we asked a very important question.  Is Gamergate Dead?  4 months ago, I said GG had 3 ½ months left in it, and while I am writing this half a month late (again, my tumblr ceased to exist), I think my claim was just as accurate two weeks ago as it is now.  Gamergate as an entity has ceased to be thing, Gamergate is dead. 

    Now the moment I say that I am going to be hit by a barrage of rebloggs by the most fanatical people who will go screaming about how they are proof that GamerGate is alive and breathing, and I am just another “SJW” with delusions because I actually use facts to make my judgements rather than eating whatever spill Bairtbait or Thunderf00t feeds me.  And of course because there are people on tumblr and by extension twitter and reddit running around saying “GG is still alive” that somehow proves that the movement is real.  And sure, you can run around and pretend that the Roman Empire is still a thing, but I am sorry to break it to you, but the emperor has no clothes.   honestly though, if you have talked about Gamergate on tumblr enough, you will notice its the same score of people who show up every time, and that doesn’t really indicate a strong or long lasting movement.  Of course, these are the same people who think the best way to prove its about ethics in games journalism is to just say “its about ethnics in games journalism” and then rattle a list of sexist villain cliches, so you can’t really expect too much from them.  

     Now lets do what Gamergaters hate, and try to define terms.  What does it mean for a movement to be “dead?’  After all a movement isn’t exactly a real tangible thing.  And while Communism in the US has not been a relevant social movement since the Depression, the American Communist Party is still a thing, they have an actual structure.  However, gamergate does not, as they will remind you at every possible opportunity, have a leader, instead they are just sort of a nebulous angry mob.   So when does something like that end?  Well either when 

A) They cease to have any relevance and have no ability to make any difference in terms of their goals.


B) When they have successfully achieved their goals and thus do not need to justify their own existence.  

Well back in December, Gamergate was certainly alive, you couldn’t really avoid it if you were involved in Gaming, certainly if you were a women.  If you went unto Google News you would find a new article about gamergate every day, often multiple every day.  And now….its been months since there has been a major break through in terms of Gamergate.  What have they done recently that is newsworthy.  Most of the articles that have come out have been about the aftereffects of the movement, how it has changed feminist discourse, or gamer discourse, or journalistic discourse, not what it is currently doing.  Even that bomb threat that happened last week got almost no coverage.  And while some Gaters will show up and scream about a liberal conspiracy, 

So……did Gamergate just win?  Did they finally able to overcome the Feminists, “SJWs” and Anita Sarkeesian in their nefarious scheme to take video games seriously as a medium and be more accepting of disadvantaged groups.  YOu know, “ethics in games journalism”.  Well lets go through their stated and unstated goals. 

Stated Goals

1) To boycott and damage the corrupt and ‘progressive” review sites that have all of these crazy ideas like women deserve basic representation and that a random women on youtube is not at all equivalent to a Floridian Lawyer attempting to pass laws.  So lets have a look at those websites.

Has Eurogamer cease to be?  No it is doing as well as ever.  Ok, Destructoid.   nope, they are fine.  Gaminformer?  Nope, perfectly fine. Polygon.  Nope, still in buisness.  Rock Paper Shotgun?  Nope, they are still fine.  PC Gamer?  Hell, I still see their magazines at the doctor’s office.  Ok, how about the big one, Kotaku.  Surely after 9 months they are….still around and doing fine……huh.   Well Gawker lost a seven digit number due to Gamergate that counts for something right?  Well ignoring the fact that destroying Gawker doesn’t really help GG’s goals, lets assume that Gawker lost 9,999,999.99 thanks to Gamer gate.  Gawker makes 60 million dollars a year…..yeah that is not what we call real damage.  And is Gawker still around.  Yeah, they most certainly are.  And even Gamasutra is fine.  

2) The Removal of Specific anti GG figures.  So this is the “literally who” list, the people GG seems to hate more than anybody.  Right so lets do the first, Nathan Greyson, has he been fired for the crime of being accused by an internet blogger… he is still working for Kotaku as we speak.  Ok, how about…Zoe Quinn?  Well her game is certainly going fine, and she is making a name for herself working with anti harassment software.   She clearly isn’t having a good time, but she is still working in games, and is now seen as a matyr.  Ok, how about Leigh Alexander, who wrote the first “Gamers are dead” article and proved to the world that GG doesn’t understand basic subtly.  She is still writing as many articles as she always has, and became an editor.  So ok, she is still around.  How about BRianna Wu?  Still writing, and still working.  Ok, how about the big one, the arch enemy, the true monster who plagues gamer gate.  What about Anita Sarkeesian, the women who…is not a journalist, not a law maker, and is not a reviewer and yet they care about her aways.  Well…..she got another project kickstarted, and has been releasing videos at her constant slow pace….ok.  How about Zennistrad, the greatest anti Gamergate critic on tumblr?  Well….he is still around.  Right here in fact.

And you know what all of these people have in common other than basic human decency?  They haven’t been talking about Gamergate for about two months now.  No seriously, they each put out the occasional article, but they haven’t been seriously talking about Gamergate for awhile, most of their recent work is about well….video games.  Or in the case of Zennistrad, other right wing crazy bullshit.  Gamergate hasn’t been their main focus for a long time now, because as I said earlier…..Gamergate hasn’t been relevant for a long time now.

3) The removal of the influence of big publisher’s financial control over most games journalism.  Ok, the only goal of GG that is valid, and of course the least talked about.  Has there been any change in the press’s relationship to EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix and all of the other filth of the games industry?  No?  Ok, well so much for that then.    

How about the unstated goals, and by unstated I mean stated all the time but they deny it when you call attention to it?  the real reason for Gamergate’s existence?  

4) Have feminists and other progressive stopped talking about offensive aspects of games and gaming culture.  No, in fact the opposite has happened, many critics have taken up the subject with far more detail than ever before.  

5) Have academia ceased to take gaming seriously?  Well the attempts to archive video games have failed, but other than that…no, no they haven’t. 

6) Have they been able to preserve the term gamer?  Well…kinda but it wasn’t really under attack by anybody but boogiemen anyways.  

Finally, here is the big one.  Have they managed to turn the tides so that gaming will continue to pander to the same white straight male demographic at the exclusion of literally everybody else.  Nope.  Sure, stuff pandering to me is still going to be the majority (and isn’t that just a massive implied insult), but every year more and more video game characters who don’t look like me.  Hell, one of the biggest games of the year so far, Dragon Age Inquistion, Featured a massive amount of racial, gender, and sexual diversity by the standards of gaming, and there isn’t any indication that this is stopping.  Traditionally marginalized groups are continuing to buy games in larger and larger numbers, and the absurdly hilarious “Gamer Culture” continues to become more and more the thing of the past as games become more mainstream.  Which I find absolutely hilarious, because again, Gamer culture is an absurd construct to begin with

So beyond the basic goal of making as many women feel unsafe playing games, and making a great deal of intellectually dishonest bullies feel self righteous about their own bigotry for awhile, and a weird child porn scandal, Gamergate hasn’t really accomplished any of their goals.  Oh they did get Intel to give 300 million dollars to feminist causes, so good job there.  

Now the first thing these people will say to ‘prove’ gamergate is still relevant is the fact that the movement supposedly led to certain websites rewriting their ethics section.  Now even if we can actually can attribute this to Gamergate (we can’t) and pretend that their primary goal was not the harassment of women (it was) and take them at their word (we shouldn’t) that…isn’t really impressive.  All of those changes happened in september, and clearly gamergate wasn’t happy with the result, because they kept on fighting for another nine months.  So clearly A) They weren’t happy with that result because they still keep going B) they haven’t done anything in the nine months since.  After all, movements don’t justify their existence by “we were awesome one” to go with that music metaphor again, if a band produced one awesome hit song two years ago and haven’t done anything since, that doesn’t justify listening to them now.  Or better example, the SImpsons used to be funny, but isn’t anymore.  Wait, that doesn’t work, because the Simpsons is still a physical thing that exists, even if it should be dead, it isn’t.  A better example would be something as disorganized and intangable as Gamergate….lets say Disco.  Like Gamergate, it didn’t have a central leadership, was very much an insular sub group, and brought only pain and suffering to the world.  And when did Disco “die?”  Well, when Disco music stopped getting unto the charts and disco music stopped being played in most of the country.  How could you tell when Disco died?  When nobody was listening to disco.  And sure there were a few people running around going “DISCO ISN”T DEAD” but…yeah Disco is dead.  And by extension, Gamer Gate is dead, they haven’t done anything recently, and they have no power to do anything. There is a small group of dedicated fans who keep the label alive and keep circle jerking each other with the reassurance that “GG will one day save the world” but what have the accomplished in the last few months other than making innocent people’s lives miserable.  

So why did GG fail?  Well for the exact same reasons I said they would, they had no leadership and no mechanism to determine “true” gaters from people who gave them a bad name, so it was just a leaderless angry mob that burned itself out.  

HOWEVER, and this is critical, just because Gamergate is over, doesn’t mean that the conflict created by it is over.  Because as everybody who has any knowledge of critical thinking already knew, the main conflict didn’t start with Gamergate.  Gamer culture was already this exclusive, hyper nationalistic, reactionary, paranoid, entitled, self centered haven of bullies and bubble think who saw women wanting to have a big more representation as a personal attack on them.  I mean the pointless and utterly vicious attacks on the like of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian didn’t start getting attacked for the crime of…making an indie game you didn’t have to play and a series of youtube videos respectively, back when gamergate started, that was going on for years before hand.  And will continue to go on, its died down now, but wait a little awhile, most likely the post christmas game’s drought, and this issue will reign its ugly head again.  And then it will die down and come up again, much like race relations in the US, because the fact is the fundamental issues at hand haven’t been solved, the GG side just made themselves look so bad that they had to take time to regroup.  And remember, these are the same people who think Anita talking about video games on youtube is somehow related to Jack Thompson passing a law to ban video games, they are not simply going to give up just because logic tells them so.