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A very belated Happy Birthday to @figmentforms !

I’m sorry this is so embarrassingly late. But I love your comics and art so much. You spend so much time devoting to the Zelgan fandom. For me, personally, reading A Tale of Two Rulers has helped me through two of the most difficult years of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Each house as: a kind of bird
  • Gryffindor: parrot – remarkable individuals, energetic, everyone wants to befriend them
  • Hufflepuff: pink flamingo – funny as hell, lives in group, a ton of worthy anecdotes about them
  • Ravenclaw: peacock – beautiful and original, an artistic inclination, iridescent changing colors
  • Slytherin: swan – something of a reputation, graceful on water but mean af when provoked, very picky in their faithfulness

Griffin: Ok, um, not only that, one of its arms just explodes. You just sort of reduce it to pink dust. Um- 

Travis: Quick question- was it his favorite arm?

Griffin: It was- well, I’ll just say this, I don’t wanna get blue- If you’re a child and you’re listening to this show, legally you have to tell me or it’s entrapment- this was his baitin’ arm.

Travis: Got it. For baiting fish hooks.

Griffin: Exactly.

Clint: Oh- I thought he meant masturbating.

Griffin: Dad!

Justin: Clinton!

Clint: What?

Justin: You don’t know what that is, shut up. Gross-arooney.