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GoT Afterthoughts 7x01 (Jonsa edition).

Okay, so I had to watch this twice, as I was semi-distracted with my rugrats who haven’t mastered staying in bed after they’re tucked in, yet (or ever ..probably). For my fellow Jonsa shippers -anchors aweigh, but we’ll come back to that later ….as romance is really not what this show hinges on. I apologize in advance that this will probably hop around and be as scattered as my brain, but I’ll do my best to keep it tidy.

So right out of the gate, this season kicked off with our sweet baby murder Stark posing as crusty old man Frey and taking out all those responsible for the Red Wedding. Sweet, sweet retribution my friends, and while I gleefully squealed with joy that all those rat bastards got what they deserved, I’m almost positive that Arya will take up the books Lady Stoneheart arc, and therefore, I truly worry about her longevity in the series.

Then we see an eerie shot of the NK’s army marching forward (clearly towards the wall), and it’s massive! With fucking Giants! Giants my dudes and dolls -and quite a few of them. So a lot of people think the Wall is coming down at some point this season, but as Meera and Bran arrive at Castle Black I can’t help but wonder if the Wall even needs to come down? Remember when Bran sneakily wargged while the three-eyed-raven was sleeping and the NK touched him and then was able to instantly transport his entire army right to their doorstep? What if he can do that now that Bran has crossed to the other side of the Wall?

Back to Jonsa, as we were treated with a delightful scene of our KitN and the Lady of Winterfell (ahem, seated at his left as the King’s consort would be) entertaining their subjects of the North, as Jon rallies support to prepare for the coming war(s). They have a spat about what to do with the houses land/keeps that threw their support behind Ramsey. Sansa wants to reward the loyal houses and set a punishable example for those who abandoned the Starks in their time of need, while Jon refuses to punish the children for the sins of their fathers and is much more interested in UNITING the north. I have to say that while I understand exactly why Sansa feels this way (considering the horrors that Ramsey put her through), I’m behind Jon on this one, and judging by her facial expression after the children knelt before Jon, I believe that Sansa saw this too. And fuck that smirking snake Littlefinger always lurking around like some creepy child abductor in the shadows!

So at first this scene kind of upset me (the first time around I was more listening than watching expressions -remember the rugrats not staying in bed? lol) because I kind of disliked the two of them arguing in plain view of everyone else (ugh and ESPECIALLY in front of LF who is just waiting to stir the shitpot) -and I couldn’t help but cringe inwardly at all the rumors of this Starkbowl BS and how everyone was going to immediately jump to conclusions ….

But then we are treated to the next lovely Jonsa scene of them strolling through Winterfell (very reminiscent of a beloved past KitN and his lady-love) and the reasoning behind Sansa’s outburst becomes a bit more clear (at least to me) …her father and Robb- one tried to always be just and fair and the other was inexperienced and rash, and look where it got them? Right now Jon is all she has, and she’s determined not to see him end up the same way. Sansa knows how to play the game -she’s got the political savvy that Jon lacks and she’s damn well going to question his judgement sometimes (and yes girl, yessss! She’s come so far) -and what’s better, she CAN! Jon pretty much tells her so “of course you can, you’re my sister, but ….” He simply doesn’t want her to do so in front of their “subjects” as undermining him makes him look weak. He’s not power hungry like Joffrey -a juxtaposition that was even brought up in their conversation, with Sansa confirming that Jon is the polar opposite (shipping goggles fully affixed: she does so with the sweetest most heartfelt imploring expressive eyes - le sigh). Starkbowl is a sham! Our babies hashed this out and did not let it fester with resentment. Jon needs to LISTEN to her council (and no Jon, that would not be so bad)!

And while my shipping goggles are on, let’s talk about this tension -let’s talk about Jon marching ahead stubbornly and Sansa grabbing his arm to get his attention. Let’s talk about the cameras focusing in on that. Let’s talk about how Jon’s eyes immediately drop to their point of contact -and why is he so tense? Hmmmmmm. I think our ship has become more like a submarine (meaning that it’s a steady hum just below the waters surface) -because it has to be right now. Because they are still siblings.

Bonus (and I’m paraphrasing): Jon- “father always said that anything that comes before ‘but’ is horse shit..” Also Jon- “you’re my sister, ‘but’ …” *thank you fellow Jonsa shippers @starks-in-the-north and @cathcacen for pointing this little gem out.* 😂

This Jonsa scene was immediately followed by another bro/sis pair - Queen Cersei and Jamie - (who pretty much spent the entire scene looking at her like she done lost her damn mind). Could Cersei be the mad queen? She’s got nothing else left to lose. Oh, and Euron is a jerk … can’t wait until Yara and Theon kill his ass!

Back to Winterfell! Okay, I ship the crap out of Brienne/Jamie but Tormund’s crush on B is giving me LIFE! I simply adore that he has heart eyes for her, and it’s even more adorably adorable because Brienne hasn’t exactly had a long line of suitors. She knows that deep down she’s kinda flattered -even if she’s also annoyed! lol And my precious baby deserves a little flattery because she’s just fucking wonderful and I love her and I want her to feel special like she did that day at the dance before she realized what those rotten little shits were up to! And while I’m ranting about my precious cinnamon roll, how about her face when little Lyanna (also a precious cinnamon roll who will slit your throat) proudly declared that she would fight! I need these two babies to have more scenes together this season - PLEASE!

Wow, this is getting long and I’ve barely scratched the first couple of scenes! Sorry guys, but I’m not done ranting yet and I know I’ve jumped around and am not tackling this in any sort of order ….

Sansa and LF … my God, baby girl! Her tongue is as sharp as her wit! There is NO WAY IN HELL that I would ever believe she’d betray Jon with this weasel. She’s onto him and she is taking him down. Now, would she manipulate the manipulator into thinking this in order to take him down? Umm yeah.

Sam is not exactly having a great time at the Citadel, but he has already stumbled onto something important -a dragon glass mine under Dragon Stone. So Jon will likely go south soon. Before all of you start panicking about the leaks and “boatbang”, I advise you all that attractive people can have sex in the absence of love and if it happens, I implore you to pay attention to the context. Jon is still under the impression that Sansa is his SISTER. A sexual tryst doesn’t impede a Jonsa endgame, my loves!

We now also know where Jorah has ended up, and it looks like his entire arm is now covered. How far has it spread? I miss him!

The Hound also seems to have an important role in the upcoming battle. I’m glad that he buried that family that he murdered. I’ve always been on the fence with his character -like Jamie, he walks a fine line. I’m really looking forward to an Arya/Hound reunion. And speaking of Arya … I really enjoyed the scene of the Lannister soldiers offering her food/shelter for the night. I was kind of worried when she first came upon them because this is GoT and rape and all -but at its core, it was a very moving scene that these men who are actually supposed to be her enemies, showed her nothing but kindness.

The dragon queen has arrived. Love her or hate her, Dany’s arrival at her ancestral home was pretty moving -especially seeing the dragons circling overhead! Wow - powerful scene! The castle is fucking GORGEOUS on the outside, although the dreary decor inside leaves much to be desired. I actually really love Dany -she has definitely gotten darker since Astapor, but I still love her. I’ve had a very strong feeling for quite some time now that she would become an antagonist once she stepped on Westeros soil ….only time will tell.

If you made it all the way through my rambling madness - thanks for sticking around. Jonsa is still endgame. See you next Sunday!

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I haven't lived in Australia for a long time, but was wondering if you like Dr. Harry? Is he still on tv? He looks like the stereotype of down home folksy vet :)

Dr Harry started hosting Talk To The Animals when I was in primary school, young and impressionable. I certainly watched those shows on a regular basis, and Harry’s Practice when it came out a few years later. I have also read one of his autobiographies. 

The vet industry has something of a mixed opinion of his television shows, for various reasons including not having an accurate portrayal of things, not having the most up to date information or allowing repeated filming of problem behavior in anxious dogs. You’ve got to remember that he was a very early television vet, there wasn’t a while lot in the way of lifestyle shows 25 years ago, so in some ways he was a pioneer. I suspect that’s why there’s now an Australian Veterinarian Association statement about Vets in the Media are expected to abide by, including myself.

Reading the autobiography was particularly insightful, as it discussed the difficulties in traveling around the country for ‘house calls’ and some of the techniques that were employed by the film crew to get the desired shots. Lots of things were staged (like the silly hat), and it seems really difficult to practice as you normally would, while you have film crews trying to get what they’re after.

I know he also used to do appearances at pet shows and similar, and must have been presented with all sorts of interesting problems that he was expected to come up with good answers for on the fly. I know this because at specialist practices I did work experience with, we would sometimes see clients who had been ‘told by Dr Harry to see X sort of vet’ about a problem. And in that context, it was probably the smartest thing Dr Harry Cooper could have said.

So not perfect, but I’m yet to see anyone who is. Nothing seen on those shows should be assumed to represent real practice though, because of camera angles, staged shots and post production editing.

I like to think he would also pour through the letters his show would be sent by people with their animal problems, and also wonder whether any of those viewers had contacted their own vet. Different times, same general public.

He still shows up occasionally on TV segments, but doesn’t have his own show any more. You’ve got to remember the man in 74, and he had a major health scare a few years back. He deserves a chance to take it easy and do what he wants with his time.

Now taking bets...

I woke up seriously wondering about how the opening montage of season 10 might go… We presumably can’t really speculate on the song so much before we see but I am suddenly really curious about the footage they’re going to use to recap the end of season 9. Think about it…

Last year we had the whole “who do you love?” thing and that was hilarious. I wasn’t even a ‘is this canon yet?’ shipper at the time and it made me laugh myself silly every time Cas’s face popped up to the line. There’s literally no way they can open the season in such a shippy way again especially since the song was reflecting back on season 8, the season SS Destiel truly set sail, and season 9 in reflection from that POV is all about the poor ship sailing very nervously between a LOT of icebergs. Except…

After they’re done reminding us how many random monsters/angels/demons got stabbed as they usually do, they’ve got one really important stabbing to montage their way to, and I’m guessing most of the opening montage of the season will be Dean and the MoC and all the crap leading up to that and then his descent into scary eyes and probably a big chunk of Crowley’s speech at the end because with a season ender like that I don’t think you should even waste money betting that the little montage at the beginning of season 10 is ending with Dean opening his shiny black eyes. But eventually they’re going to have to show us Metatron stabbing Dean or he just goes from wandering around drinking a lot to being already stabbed lying in bed like a lazy student. At which point we ask just how much of the Metatron storyline directly relating to Dean getting stabbed will they show us for context, because:

* 1000 points for “love and…love” AND “he’s in love….” all with the appropriate context. (ty pirrofarfalla!)

* 100 points for the Destiel music video cut where Metatron clearly only does it to spite Cas: “He’s in love…”  *cut* “it was all about saving one human…” *unnecessary time spent lingering on Cas’s devastated face before getting back to the main story*

* 50 points if they skip sampling the speech from 9x22 to avoid shippy context but use a clip of him gloating to Cas about killing Dean in particular to show this was somehow part of some evil plan but we really don’t have time for it and we’re assuming you did watch season 9 before starting this one?

* 0 points if they only briefly show Metatron being a hammy villain with the other angels/that bit in the ring of fire at the end of Meta Fiction or something and totally avoid his interactions with Cas to keep the focus on the simple editing of “this guy bad, he stab Dean, Dean dead.”

* -100 points, they show Metatron stabbing Dean without context and leave out all the angel stuff entirely so he looks like some random out of context homeless person who popped up out of nowhere to stab Dean so they can focus on getting to tragic dying scenes and demon!Dean.

* -1000 points if they somehow botch together “He’s in love… with humanity” superimposed over Gadreel’s bitchface and cut to him telling Cas and Sam “humanity I’m afraid” then jump right to Dean getting stabbed in some sort of hypothetical “Dean’s in love with humanity and died to save them and is now evil!Jesus” super cut. :P