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“They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like ‘maybe we should just be friends’, turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”

~ Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol 9: The Kindly Ones


“Don’t look at them, John.”


“Because… they’re Holmes.



Base on my 100% imagination:

Sherlock and John met each other for the first time at Hogwarts.
Mycroft is a Slytherin prefect. Harry is a Gryffindor student.
Sherlock and John have’nt been sorted yet.

Hope you enjoy this one!



“Can you…?” Sherlock blushes. “Can you call me what you called me earlier?”

John’s brow knits as he tries to remember. “What did I call you?”

“You’re going to make me say it?”

“Well, how else would I know what you mean if you don’t say it?”

Sherlock yields. “Earlier…when you came to kiss me good morning,” He hesitates. “I was working on an experiment and you called me a-”

“Busy Bee?”

Sherlock reddens further. “Y-Yes.” He clears his throat. “But could you just call me…?”

John raises his brows slightly. “Bee?”

When Sherlock nods, he ducks his head shyly. “Yes…”

John’s face loses any and all tension, his entire face softens in a way that it only ever does for Sherlock. “Of course,” He smiles. “You’re my bee.” John laughs fondly when Sherlock makes the smallest, shyest sound and covers his face. “My honey bee.”

“Okay, thank you – that’s enough!” Sherlock couldn’t be redder if he tried.

“What the matter, bumble bee?”

Sherlock is about to tell John that the nicknames needed to stop – because there must be a limit to this. It’s embarrassing to be this flustered by simple pet names.

But before he got a chance, he felt John’s face press into his neck. And then, Sherlock felt tiny, tickling vibrations on his skin.

John was buzzing, making soft buzzing noises into Sherlock’s neck. “Bzzz!”

Sherlock yelps and then involuntarily giggles.


Mrs. Hudson is hardly surprised when she comes upstairs and finds the two of them writhing about on the sofa, with John buzzing over Sherlock’s skin and Sherlock giggling into John’s.  

i’m imagining victorian holmes and watson learning about 2015 sherlock and john and they’re like “you! live in a time!! when you can fuck freely! and get married!!!! and yet! you haven’t! yet! how dare!!”

and holmes is like “you! sherlock! dumbass! tell him you feel things like that! oh god! you told him you were married to your work! stupid! stupid! stop! abort!!!”

and watson is like “goddammit you still married mary!!! the fuck! get your head out of your own ass and into his! for gods sake man!”

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sherlock is almost dead,
In a coma since s2.

He jumped and fell ;
There was no trick.
Because he loves john to hell
And back ; and mofftiss want to tell
What acd could never
And the antis freak
Out into seeing the gay version is better
Than any straight nonsense.

Please don’t be dense
This is common sense :
Sherlock’d never break john’s heart
As he did for 3 years in canon
If they wanted gay and love and art
To conquer all without question.

Tab said it best
Moriarty is a pest
Hiding behind sherlock’s terror,
Be it lady C who killed her spouse,
Mary who with john’s playing house,
Or eurus who’s love as a human error.
Sherlock keeps waking up in strange places
But he’s still sleeping ;
Though fear not, mofftiss are aces
There’s no way sherlock is dying
On their watch ; john and sherlock’s love
Will wake him up for good and conquer all.

To finish this house md is phenomenal.
It is a trove
Of inspiration for dreams and hallucination
And ghosts and subtext,
And one can argue
That johnlock’s love was made text
In this holmes adaptation.
Mofftiss took what’s best from it
And ran with it.

Because i’m blue
And not delusional
I tried to rhyme
And now it’s time :
Give us the lost special.

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20 Minutes!!

You guys!!!! 

20 minutes to search Baskerville, 20 minutes to find bruises on corpse, 20 minutes to catch a serial killer, 20 minutes until Molly comes

these all correlate to something else

In ASIP those 20 minutes were when he met John and they fell in love. 
In THOB those 20 minutes were watching John Watson pull rank and lead an investigation
In TLD those first 20 minutes gave way to John punishing Sherlock for leaving him
In TLD those last 20 minutes were John’s confession

Those 20 minutes are always always emotional, if this is some sort of Johnlock countdown we’re fucked. Didn’t someone theorize there was going to be Garridebs/Confession behind the clock face of Big Ben? @tjlcisthenewsexy? @waitingforgarridebs? What if there’s a fairytale-like story where they have to solve something in 20 minutes but it turns out to be their love confession?? 

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!

@deducingbbcsherlock @teaandforeshadowing @impatient14

  • Sherlock: an opossum who loves rooting around in garbage to find cool things, lives in trash bin at 221B (221Bin, if you will)
  • John: a discarded hedgehog plush doll that can talk, has recently been thrown into 221Bin for being too prickly (even though he appears to be soft). sherlock finds him and loves him immediately.
  • Moriarty: the mean neighborhood feral cat who threatens to rip up john if sherlock doesn't kill himself (but, as an opossum, he only plays dead)
  • Mrs.Hudson: a human, still owns 221B, knows about sherlock the opossum, gets high on herbal soothers and makes up stories about sherlock the little trash prince (like linda belcher in that one episode of bob's burgers)
  • Lestrade: a raccoon who sees over all the bins on the street and often asks sherlock for advice when he's looking for a particular piece of trash
  • Mycroft: also a human.instead of the iceman, here he is the trashman. sherlock resents him for always shooing him away when he comes to collect the garbage, but doesn't realize mycroft actually cares for him and doesn't call animal control on him
The Sherlock fandom must have gone mad

Guys, I’m reading your hysterical reviews and they make me sad.

TFP WAS SHIT BECAUSE JOHNLOCK HASN’T BECOME CANON. How stupid must one be to honestly think so???? Hey, maybe you haven’t noticed in 13 episodes, but this show doesn’t have canon pairings. It has fanservice scenes for each one, for shippers of every pairing could be happy. This is sort of the trick? Johnlock? They fucking live together. Two men. Raising a daughter. Sherir? That SMS, plus Eurus insisting Sherlock had sex when heard him playing her theme. Sheriarty? A whole damn kiss (well almost), and a whole blank page of how Sherlock survived. Look, isn’t it cool: all shippers have space for maneuvers. For me, it is enough. Hating TFP and series 4 in general because you wanted to see John and Sherlock banging and you haven’t got them banging is fucking childish.

THE PLOT IS UNREALISTIC AND TWISTED. WHY COULDN’T EVERYTHING BE LIKE IN SERIES 1? okay, you know who would start whimpering first if everything would as nice as pretty as in series 1 and 2? YOU. We have four seasons, each brilliant in its own way, and each unique. Yes, season 4 was nervous, mind-crushing, unexpected in so many ways, but it was fresh, I would even say, refreshing. We got Sherlock as a human, Sherlock as a crazy drug addict, Sherlock as a brother, Sherlock as a friend. This series is absolutely amazing in terms of his character development, the MAIN character development. Remember the first scene we meet him? He’s beating a dead body. In TFP, he’s breaking a fucking coffin. Would you like Sherlock to stay as in series 1 forever? Really?

EURUS IS A SUE. Great, now why wouldn’t we take a look at the concept, not at the character from the point ‘are they are realistic enough to meet them at the grocery?’ Eurus is what Sherlock could become. Dangerous, sociopath, playing wicked games, super clever…lonely. Eurus is what he would be if not for his friends. John, Molly, Lestrade. Moriarty and Irene. Mycroft and mrs. Hudson. Sherlock has them; Eurus has no one. Locked in prison, alone with her mind, she must seem a cliché of an Evil Genius to you, but to me, she seems a dark side of Sherlock himself. A dark side that he confronts, and wins. The scene where they play violins, it’s amazing. I cried. From this perspective, Eurus is a striking, fantastic character. A Sue? Ah, I forgot, you need to meet her in the grocery to believe in her.

I’ve ranted here for too long, but I hope you got me. Sherlock has never been a show where the writers chew everything for us. It has never been a story with one dimension. And it has never been, and was never supposed to be boring. You may yell about how unrealistic and bad-written s4 is, but of we’d had three copies of s1 instead, you’d long for action and twists. There may be another season after it, maybe not (I believe there will not, but Moffitiss are so good at violating people’s expectations), and yet I am happy about what I’ve seen.

Sherlock is a wonderful show. And I don’t need to see two male characters banging to say so.


One of the most startlingly beautiful scenes in His Last Vow, visually and otherwise…

Sherlock’s just shot a man in the head but despite his actions and his claims of being a sociopath, the first thing he does is drop the gun and tell John to stay back so he won’t be hurt.

If that’s not pure human love, I don’t know what is.

  • John: [hands Sherlock a bee-shaped box of chocolates]
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Honeybee. I love you. See you after work!
  • Sherlock: [much blinking]
  • John: [returns from work to find 12 dozen roses, 5 boxes of chocolates, 20 heart shaped balloons, 3 stuffed teddy bears, and 1 bedsheet-wrapped Consulting Detective in the living room] What?
  • Sherlock: That just sort of...happened.

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"Tights?" John questions. "We have a case," Sherlock explains. "Where? A ballet studio," John chuckles. "Good deduction John!" Sherlock exclaims happily. "I am not wearing tights," John says frowning. "You don't have to," Sherlock smiles, "you're going to pose as my rugby player boyfriend, you just hang around the studio all day, stare at my arse and try not to get an erection." "Thats going to be really difficult," John admits blushing, "you look really hot in those tights."