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20 Minutes!!

You guys!!!! 

20 minutes to search Baskerville, 20 minutes to find bruises on corpse, 20 minutes to catch a serial killer, 20 minutes until Molly comes

these all correlate to something else

In ASIP those 20 minutes were when he met John and they fell in love. 
In THOB those 20 minutes were watching John Watson pull rank and lead an investigation
In TLD those first 20 minutes gave way to John punishing Sherlock for leaving him
In TLD those last 20 minutes were John’s confession

Those 20 minutes are always always emotional, if this is some sort of Johnlock countdown we’re fucked. Didn’t someone theorize there was going to be Garridebs/Confession behind the clock face of Big Ben? @tjlcisthenewsexy? @waitingforgarridebs? What if there’s a fairytale-like story where they have to solve something in 20 minutes but it turns out to be their love confession?? 

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!

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The very first scene of season five is going to be Mrs. Hudson walking up the steps to 221B with a tea tray, and as she sets it down on the kitchen table you’ll be able to hear the sounds of muffled voices from Sherlock’s room and then Sherlock laughing and John giggling, such clear sounds of love in the morning, and Mrs. Hudson will look fondly toward the noise, a hand on her chest, before retreating back downstairs to leave them to their privacy.


“They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like ‘maybe we should just be friends’, turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”

~ Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol 9: The Kindly Ones



“Can you…?” Sherlock blushes. “Can you call me what you called me earlier?”

John’s brow knits as he tries to remember. “What did I call you?”

“You’re going to make me say it?”

“Well, how else would I know what you mean if you don’t say it?”

Sherlock yields. “Earlier…when you came to kiss me good morning,” He hesitates. “I was working on an experiment and you called me a-”

“Busy Bee?”

Sherlock reddens further. “Y-Yes.” He clears his throat. “But could you just call me…?”

John raises his brows slightly. “Bee?”

When Sherlock nods, he ducks his head shyly. “Yes…”

John’s face loses any and all tension, his entire face softens in a way that it only ever does for Sherlock. “Of course,” He smiles. “You’re my bee.” John laughs fondly when Sherlock makes the smallest, shyest sound and covers his face. “My honey bee.”

“Okay, thank you – that’s enough!” Sherlock couldn’t be redder if he tried.

“What the matter, bumble bee?”

Sherlock is about to tell John that the nicknames needed to stop – because there must be a limit to this. It’s embarrassing to be this flustered by simple pet names.

But before he got a chance, he felt John’s face press into his neck. And then, Sherlock felt tiny, tickling vibrations on his skin.

John was buzzing, making soft buzzing noises into Sherlock’s neck. “Bzzz!”

Sherlock yelps and then involuntarily giggles.


Mrs. Hudson is hardly surprised when she comes upstairs and finds the two of them writhing about on the sofa, with John buzzing over Sherlock’s skin and Sherlock giggling into John’s.  


“Don’t look at them, John.”


“Because… they’re Holmes.



Base on my 100% imagination:

Sherlock and John met each other for the first time at Hogwarts.
Mycroft is a Slytherin prefect. Harry is a Gryffindor student.
Sherlock and John have’nt been sorted yet.

Hope you enjoy this one!

once you’ve

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***i’m probably no the first one to do this and this post is shitty but the final problem destroyed me and also i know you two, and i know what you could become

This is how I interpreted the ending:

John and Sherlock live together at 221B with Rosie or possibly John has a place very close by. Molly seemed happy in the small clip we saw of her so I’m assuming Sherlock explained the situation to her. They go on solving crimes of couse, just like Mary said. Nothing too big though. Nothing like Moriarty or Eurus. They work close with the police and help Greg out as often as needed. Sherlock doesn’t mind the easy cases as much as he used to. In fact he finds he kind of likes them. They enjoy their lives. They are happy.

“Not ammo as in ammunition, but amo meaning…” Sherlock doesn’t finish what he’s saying here because he wants to save the first time he says “I love” or “I love you” aloud for when he says it to John thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

Why I believe..and will be a little let down if there is no follow through because the most important evidence is in the show and not a fan meta or video...

Honestly, if i were to pick a scene or moment from the entire series that proves Sherlock is gay and if the show doesn’t confirm it, its queer- baiting, it would be the dinner scene in Angelo’s from episode 1. Because unlike any other show the slash fandom swears to be queer-baiting with non-canon ships, Sherlock actually establishes its protagonists being gay right there in its first episode, making it as part of the story from day one. A story that needs to come to fruition.

That entire scene is straightforward. It’s not played for laughs. No one is laughing in the scene. Not John, not Angelo, not Sherlock. We the audience aren’t supposed to be laughing either because the conversation was just as serious as the discussion about the case. 

Angelo who as quickly established, is familiar with Sherlock and makes the assumption that John must be Sherlock’s date and that their dinner was a date. He boasts and speaks highly about Sherlock to John like he was trying to make John impressed of Sherlock the way a parent would do about their child to the the person their child was dating. It’s a common thing. 

John is right though. He’s not Sherlock’s date as far as he knows because Sherlock never asked him to Angelo’s as a date. But Sherlock doesn’t correct Angelo probably because he doesn’t feel the need to entertain every single issue and was also preoccupied with the case. 

When John asks Sherlock if he had a girlfriend and Sherlock said “girlfriend, no. Not really my area.” John took it to mean that Sherlock had no interest in women and girlfriends supported by his expression and “alright” Just like we the audience were meant to also understand it to mean. So he rightfully asks if Sherlock had a boyfriend then. And he made sure to let Sherlock know that its perfectly okay with him for Sherlock to be interested in men. Basically that he’s not a homophobic bigot. And that Sherlock is safe with him. 

Sherlock’s “i know its fine” comes off abrupt, like he was affronted at the idea that he would be ashamed or being interested in men. And i think its very revealing about the way Sherlock feels about his own sexuality. 

John then says “so you’ve got a a boyfriend then” because he took Sherlock’s defensive response to mean that him being gay was true. 

And of course, Sherlock answered just as abruptly with a “no” and looked a little bit confused too about where the conversation was heading in. Until of course he considered the possibility of John hitting on him. 

Before then, John had accepted his no and concluded very nonchalantly that Sherlock was single just like him, equating their romantic circumstances and letting Sherlock know that it was okay.

But i think it was his “fine! good!” that made Sherlock think John was interested in him in a romantic way. 

After John corrects Sherlock on his assumption, he let Sherlock know again that Sherlock being gay is perfectly okay; because i don’t think he was really trying to hit on Sherlock in that moment. Like he said, he really wasn’t asking about it to determine if he could hit on Sherlock successfully. I think John was asking because two people he had met that day who knew Sherlock all said things that alluded to the fact that Sherlock was gay. And he wanted to let Sherlock know that he John Watson accepted Sherlock. And like i said, safe with him. 

And that is how that scene went. 

Nothing about the establishment of Sherlock’s sexuality was meant to be humorous to the characters or us the audience. It was meant to be serious and to be taken at face value. 

1. Sherlock isn’t interested in women.

2. Sherlock knows being gay is perfectly ok and valid. 

3. Sherlock doesn’t have a boyfriend and isn’t interested in starting a romantic relationships at the moment. 

4. Sherlock’s “thank you” to John at the end of it all is the best because he accepts John’s assurance to him. 

Not once does John say “i’m not gay!” as a reaction to Angelo thinking he was Sherlock’s date or when Sherlock assumed John was interested in him romantically. Because Angelo nor Sherlock were erasing his sexuality or talking about it. He didn’t need to correct anyone. No one assumed he was gay. He also said “it’s all fine” which encompasses more than just being straight or gay. It includes bisexuality which i think John is. 

John’s “i’m not gay” declarations in the series to me seems like the frustrations  of someone tired of bi-erasure but still in the closet or trying to deny even to himself that he does have feelings for Sherlock. And sure, some of those could be made for laughs. But even that scene with Irene where John states he is not gay was preceded with Irene declaring that yes, John and Sherlock were a couple to a stunned John. And then proceeded with Irene saying to John “well I AM! Look at us both!”

And all John could do was scoff in complete defeat at the conclusion Irene was making about them. Because he couldn’t deny their circumstances nor what his behavior betrayed about his feelings for Sherlock.  And none of that implication was played for laughs. 

So yes, if Sherlock is not explicitly confirmed gay the way Irene Adler was, then it would definitely be queer-baiting. And i include John being bi in this category. 

So Sherlock going from “John, i’m flattered by your interest but i’m married to my work and really not looking for anything” to  {“I love you John and i’m interested in  being with you”} is a complete story and arc. Something no other popular non-canon slash pairing has at all. 

words in {””} quotes are mine and not from the show except for the obvious.

The Sherlock fandom must have gone mad

Guys, I’m reading your hysterical reviews and they make me sad.

TFP WAS SHIT BECAUSE JOHNLOCK HASN’T BECOME CANON. How stupid must one be to honestly think so???? Hey, maybe you haven’t noticed in 13 episodes, but this show doesn’t have canon pairings. It has fanservice scenes for each one, for shippers of every pairing could be happy. This is sort of the trick? Johnlock? They fucking live together. Two men. Raising a daughter. Sherir? That SMS, plus Eurus insisting Sherlock had sex when heard him playing her theme. Sheriarty? A whole damn kiss (well almost), and a whole blank page of how Sherlock survived. Look, isn’t it cool: all shippers have space for maneuvers. For me, it is enough. Hating TFP and series 4 in general because you wanted to see John and Sherlock banging and you haven’t got them banging is fucking childish.

THE PLOT IS UNREALISTIC AND TWISTED. WHY COULDN’T EVERYTHING BE LIKE IN SERIES 1? okay, you know who would start whimpering first if everything would as nice as pretty as in series 1 and 2? YOU. We have four seasons, each brilliant in its own way, and each unique. Yes, season 4 was nervous, mind-crushing, unexpected in so many ways, but it was fresh, I would even say, refreshing. We got Sherlock as a human, Sherlock as a crazy drug addict, Sherlock as a brother, Sherlock as a friend. This series is absolutely amazing in terms of his character development, the MAIN character development. Remember the first scene we meet him? He’s beating a dead body. In TFP, he’s breaking a fucking coffin. Would you like Sherlock to stay as in series 1 forever? Really?

EURUS IS A SUE. Great, now why wouldn’t we take a look at the concept, not at the character from the point ‘are they are realistic enough to meet them at the grocery?’ Eurus is what Sherlock could become. Dangerous, sociopath, playing wicked games, super clever…lonely. Eurus is what he would be if not for his friends. John, Molly, Lestrade. Moriarty and Irene. Mycroft and mrs. Hudson. Sherlock has them; Eurus has no one. Locked in prison, alone with her mind, she must seem a cliché of an Evil Genius to you, but to me, she seems a dark side of Sherlock himself. A dark side that he confronts, and wins. The scene where they play violins, it’s amazing. I cried. From this perspective, Eurus is a striking, fantastic character. A Sue? Ah, I forgot, you need to meet her in the grocery to believe in her.

I’ve ranted here for too long, but I hope you got me. Sherlock has never been a show where the writers chew everything for us. It has never been a story with one dimension. And it has never been, and was never supposed to be boring. You may yell about how unrealistic and bad-written s4 is, but of we’d had three copies of s1 instead, you’d long for action and twists. There may be another season after it, maybe not (I believe there will not, but Moffitiss are so good at violating people’s expectations), and yet I am happy about what I’ve seen.

Sherlock is a wonderful show. And I don’t need to see two male characters banging to say so.

Imagine John going to the local retirement home, where Mrs. Hudson, his old landlady lives now. She’s gotten too old, and John can’t stay home to take care of her.

When he walks in, he sees the most handsome man tending to her. He has a mass of curly brown hair, a smile that made John’s eyes widen, cheekbones to the heavens, and the kindest face he’s ever seen. He’s wearing a volunteer vest, so he doesn’t work here.

John walks over to the kind man caring for Mrs. Hudson. He extends his hand.

“Uh…I’m John. John Watson.”

The man smiles and says, “You’re John! My name is Holmes. Sherlock Holmes.”

When Sherlock sees John sitting on the sofa, he comes over and lays himself across John’s lap. Usually when this happens, John’s in the middle of reading or watching telly. The detective stares up at John until he’s acknowledged. When John acknowledges him, Sherlock asks if it’s alright that he’s there.

“Of course it’s alright,” John cards a hand through Sherlock’s curls “I was missing you anyway.”

“Oh…” Sherlock says softly, a blush perching itself on his cheekbones. “John?”

“Yeah?” John arches a brow curiously.

“Hi, John.” Sherlock smiles, dimples and all.

John returns a warm smile. “Hey, Sherlock.”

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"Tights?" John questions. "We have a case," Sherlock explains. "Where? A ballet studio," John chuckles. "Good deduction John!" Sherlock exclaims happily. "I am not wearing tights," John says frowning. "You don't have to," Sherlock smiles, "you're going to pose as my rugby player boyfriend, you just hang around the studio all day, stare at my arse and try not to get an erection." "Thats going to be really difficult," John admits blushing, "you look really hot in those tights."


  • Sherlock: an opossum who loves rooting around in garbage to find cool things, lives in trash bin at 221B (221Bin, if you will)
  • John: a discarded hedgehog plush doll that can talk, has recently been thrown into 221Bin for being too prickly (even though he appears to be soft). sherlock finds him and loves him immediately.
  • Moriarty: the mean neighborhood feral cat who threatens to rip up john if sherlock doesn't kill himself (but, as an opossum, he only plays dead)
  • Mrs.Hudson: a human, still owns 221B, knows about sherlock the opossum, gets high on herbal soothers and makes up stories about sherlock the little trash prince (like linda belcher in that one episode of bob's burgers)
  • Lestrade: a raccoon who sees over all the bins on the street and often asks sherlock for advice when he's looking for a particular piece of trash
  • Mycroft: also a human.instead of the iceman, here he is the trashman. sherlock resents him for always shooing him away when he comes to collect the garbage, but doesn't realize mycroft actually cares for him and doesn't call animal control on him