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Hi Sarah! Do you have any advice on freshman in uni, first time moving out of a house with my own bedroom and lots of privacy, to an apartment that I'm going to share with 5 other girls, and a bedroom I'm sharing with 1 girl and her dog?? I'm at a complete loss at what to bring and what to expect

10 Things To Think About When Moving In To A New Apartment With New Roommates, A List I Just Made Up And Is Not At All Inspired By The Horror Story of My Personal Experiences.

1) holy cannoli that is a lot of bodies to share a space with. Be aware that that is…a lot of bodies to share a space with, and you might have to carve out a cubicle in he library, or a practice room in the Music Building, or somewhere else where you can go to be alone. This is not a moral failing, just know that option is open to you.

2) be really really up front with what you need. Notice I did not say “exactly how you want your life to look”—I mean the things you absolutely cannot give up. For instance, if you know that Roommate B’s habit of listening to music without headphones in the kitchen will make you go insane axe-murderer on her, that’s something you need to talk about with Roommate B.

This is especially important if you’re crammed into a 8x10 space with someone. Clarifying with your Bedroommate that you need quiet after 10pm—or you’re not helping walk the dog—or you sometimes need time to yourself & it’s not a reflection on her—is something to talk about now rather than later, when you’re more likely to have an argument than a discussion.

3) Chances are, you will have to compromise on what you need anyway. Communication just makes it more likely to reach a genuine compromise, where everybody isn’t tearing their hair out or suppressing anger.

4) Have a chore wheel, or at least agree on a system for taking care of the mess. It’s the dorkiest thing in the entire world, but a chore wheel where you guys are explicit about when everybody needs to do their stuff, is the easiest way to head 50% of fights at the pass. If possible, spell out what each task means: “clean the bathroom” = “wiping down the shower, windexing the mirror, cleaning the toilet bowl, and sweeping the floor”

Someone is still not going to do their job and you’re going to have a repeat of the cold war over a stack of dishes in the sink. But at least if you can point to the chore wheel it’ll be resolved much more easily.

5) Be very clear on what each roommate is paying for. Are you guys going to share groceries? Split only basics like toilet paper, spices, milk and eggs? Is the stuff in common areas (dishes, pots, tables, books, tvs) communal? Do you owe anyone for using it?

6) I recommend a monthly roommate meeting. We used to have ours at 10pm on Sunday, because everyone was generally in the apartment then. We used the Roommate Meetings to pay bills (rent and utilities) but also to talk about any issues we felt pertinent.

And I only had 2 roommates. With 5, you probably definitely need a time to circle up and get shit in order.

7) There is never going to be enough counter space, table space, general-flat-surface space for all your junk. Never. I live alone with a kitchen island and tabletop cart and there isn’t. It’s some sort of law of the universe.

8) Be reasonable. You can hate how loud Roommate C’s friends are all you like, but she is entitled to have them over Friday night for board games. If she cleared it with you beforehand, Roommate D’s boyfriend can come stay for the week even if you’re sick of seeing his face over your oatmeal. Flexibility and understanding from you means you’ll get the same in return.

9) But also, be prepared to enforce your boundaries. If Roommate D’s boyfriend decides not to leave after a week, and actually looks like he might be de facto moving in, you’re well within your rights to approach D and your other roommates and talk to them about how that isn’t what you signed up for.

10) WHAT TO BRING (on top of the typical stuff that I imagine you’re already bringing, like a bed, sheets, towels, clothes, etc.)

  • Cleaning products. 
    • You will need them. Probably immediately after showing up when you realize the previous tenants didn’t do an A+ job.
  • 1 pot, 1 skillet, 1 pan, a knife and a wooden spoon 
    • (I don’t know if you’re planning on cooking much, but you can cook pretty much everything in the entire universe of food if you have these five things.)
  • Command strips. 
    • The best part of command strips is now not only can you hang that cool poster, but they come in hooks too. I hang practically everything from command hooks—all my cooking spoons, towels, necklaces, keys. The easiest way to organize stuff.
  • A couple rubbermaid or general storage boxes, of a size that will fit under your bed or in the back of your closet. 
    • You are 100% going to have stuff that you need, but not right now: your stash of winter clothes, extra pads or tampons (if necessary), spare cleaning products, the iron, shoes you really only wear with this one outfit, etc. Stick all that stuff in a box to keep the mess from sprawling everywhere.
  • Tape and scissors. 
    • Do not ask me why you (or your roommates) will end up needing tape and scissors, I don’t know. But you will.
  • At least 1 of your favorite things.
    • Look, it’s not always the first night, or even the second. But there’s going to be a night when you’re finished unpacking and the excitement of a new place has worn off, when you lay in bed and your heart finally realizes you aren’t home anymore. That you are in a strange place, and everything is going to be weird and different for a while until you settle into it. And you are going to feel an awful, niggling panic and misery rise up from the center of you like a cold tide.
    • And then, you’re really going to want your favorite book, or Nutella, or that comic you’ve been promising yourself, or whatever it is that won’t…really make anything better, but might make you feel better about it
“I Really Love Her.”

“I Really Love Her.”


Harry’s heart sank as he noticed couples kissing and holding each other, blocking his exit out of his terminal and making a spot where he could possibly find you. He didn’t think he would have such trouble finding you – if he could spot you in an audience of eighty thousand people, he should be able to find you in one terminal in LAX.

His heart swelled in his chest, his lips curving into a grin as he felt your palms cover his eyes, your chin sitting on his shoulder as you kiss his stubble coated cheek delicately, giggling quietly, “Guess who?”

“’m so happy, I love you so much,” he whispers, his lips kissing yours sweetly, his mint and cologne drawing your knees weak as your arms wrap around his shoulders, his hands wrapped around your waist, holding you tightly, tiny kisses peppered across your face as he draws away.

“I love you, too, Bub.”

“Couldn’t find you, and I was starting to get worried that you didn’t remember I was comin’ in, today,” he breathes nervously, rocking on his heels as he awaits your remark, your blue eyes rolling playfully as your fingertips tap your phone screen, your palm lifting your phone, teasingly showing your calendar event marked ‘BUBBY COMES TODAY’. “Bubby?”

“Stop, don’t even say a word about it.”

“It’s cute, my sweet. Jus’ like you.”

“C’mon, I haven’t kissed you in almost three weeks. We have to make up our time,” you giggle, lacing your fingertips with his, waiting as he adjusts his suitcase, leading him outside, your figure tucked near his as paparazzi swarm, his cheek tucked on your forehead as he leads your path to your car, his arm adjusting around your body as he opens your passenger door, shuffling his bag in your boot, padding and stepping into his driver’s seat hurriedly as security passes through and ushers each reporter away. “Hold my hand.”

“Okay,” he chuckles interlocking his fingers with yours, smiling widely as you kiss his skin softly, your fingertip tracing his tattoos scattered alongst his arm. “’m starving. Do you want anything? Should I stop and pick up dinner on our way? Who’s house are we going to – mine or yours?”

“Bub, you know how you thought I forgot about you, today?”

“Mhm. But, in all honesty, I knew you hadn’t – it was a mindless worry.”

“Bubby, my story,” you giggle, kissing his cheek lightly, adjusting your torso, your orbs tracing his features as you admire him, his smile and dimple drawing your heart to swell. “Since I realised you would be here on Friday instead of Saturday, I sort of started staying in your house and have been cleaning and straightening up a bit, before you’d get here.”

“Wait, really?”

“Mhm,” you grin, your cheeks aching, your lips perched in a smile, his lips touching yours softly as his foot leans on his brake, a red light pausing his driving and giving him a moment away. “I started preparing dinner a few hours ago. Only step left is to put it on the stove and make our meal.”

“I love you so much,” he smiles, his lips touching your hand as he carefully turns down his road, his fingertips rolling down his window and punching in his house security code, carefully steering and driving into his path, before turning off your engine and bounding out of his seat, his suitcase lodged in your backseat, being ignored until you would be cleaning his laundry, complaining about how he hadn’t dragged his luggage in, although he knew you were happiest when you didn’t have a reminder of a goodbye which would eventually come. His smile softened as your lips touched his, your hands holding his tee shirt, his palms cupping your cheeks gently, his eyelashes fluttering closed as he cherished your touch and your kiss. “Mm.”

It happened late Friday night.  That morning no one suspected anything.  I sent my son to school, my husband went to the barber’s.  I’m preparing lunch when my husband comes back.  "There’s some sort of fire at the nuclear plant,“ he says.  "They’re saying we are not to turn off the radio.”  I forgot to say that we lived in Pripyat, near the reactor.  I can still see the bright-crimson glow, it was like the reactor was glowing.  This wasn’t an ordinary fire, it was some kind of emanation.  It was pretty.  I’d never seen anything like it in the movies.  That evening everyone spilled out onto their balconies, and those who didn’t have them went to friend’s houses.  We were on the ninth floor, we had a great view.  People brought their kids out, picked them up, said, “Look!  Remember!”  And these were people who worked at the reactor – engineers, workers, physics instructors.  They stood in the black dust, talking, breathing, wondering at it.  People came from all around on their cars and their bikes to have a look.  We didn’t know that death could be so beautiful.  Though I wouldn’t say that it had no smell – it wasn’t a spring or an autumn smell, but something else, and it wasn’t the smell of earth.  My throat tickled, and my eyes watered.

Nadezhda Vygovskaya, evacuee from the town of Pripyat; Monologue About What We Didn’t Know:  Death Can Be So Beautiful; Voices from Chernobyl (Svetlana Alexievich)

this paragraph.  this paragraph won’t leave me alone.

Pathways toward a New Shabbat

1. Stay at home. Spend quality time with family and real friends. 

2. Celebrate with others: at the table, in the synagogue, with friends or community. 

3. Study or read something that will edify, challenge, or make you grow. 

4. Be alone. Take some time for yourself. Check in with yourself. Review your week. Ask yourself where you are in your life. 

5. Mark the beginning and end of this sacred time by lighting candles and making kiddush on Friday night and saying havdalah on Saturday night. 

6. Don’t do anything you have to do for your work life. This includes obligatory reading, homework for kids (even without writing!), unwanted social obligations, and preparing for work as well as doing your job itself. 

7. Don’t spend money. Separate completely from the commercial culture that surrounds us so much. This includes doing business of all sorts. No calls to the broker, no following up on ads, no paying of bills. It can all wait.

 8. Don’t use the computer. Turn off the iPhone or smartphone or whatever device has replaced it by the time you read this. Live and breathe for a day without checking messages. Declare your freedom from this new master of our minds and our time. Find the time for face-to-face conversations with people around you, without Facebook. 

9. Don’t travel. Avoid especially commercial travel and places like airports, hotel check-ins, and similar depersonalizing encounters. Stay free of situations in which people are likely to tell you to “have a nice day” (Shabbat already is a nice day, thank you). 

10. Don’t rely on commercial or canned video entertainment, including the TV as well as the computer screen. Discover what there is to do in life when you are not being entertained. -  Rabbi Arthur Green


Gosh this got away from me! I hope you enjoy it! I know nothing about cooking Japanese food so you’ll have to forgive me. This is slightly Kacchako. I was struck with inspiration from one of @saisai-chan’s posts and so Kaleidoscope was born. Not entirely sure why I called it that. I just like the word. Anyway I’m rambling! Here’s part one (?) of Kaleidoscope!

Dinner time became a routine of sorts while staying at the dorms. The dinners were prepared by a different floor each night. Mondays the second floor students made the food while the fifth floor students set the table and cleaned up afterwards. This continued as a rotation throughout the week save for Fridays. Those nights were reserved for dinner with the faculty. It was Wednesday which meant it was the third floor’s turn to make dinner. The kitchen was in a frenzy.

“Ugh whose idea was it to start doing this?” Jirou asked as she swatted at the smoke coming from Kaminari’s pan.

“I think it was the teachers idea?” replied Kaminari. He turned behind him to look at Iida. “Isn’t that right, Mr. President?”

Iida, who was chopping up vegetables, nodded. “Yes, if I recall correctly they said that it would be a great team building experience.” He turned, wiping his hands on a towel. “Will you watch what you’re doing?!”

“Ahh crap!” Kaminari gasped as a flame shot up.

“If anything this has become a competition to see which group of us doesn’t burn the food for once.” Jirou laughed. “Wouldn’t you say so guys?”

Ojiro was preparing the drinks with Hagakure. They both hummed in unison. “I didn’t think it was possible to burn ramen noodles, but somehow they managed it.” Ojiro snickered. Kouda nodded. He had his pet bunny with him. The group had named him as their mascot and even gave him a tiny chef hat. Kouda had to keep him from stealing carrots though.

“Hey, it wasn’t that bad!” Mineta said entering the kitchen.

“It was pretty bad.” Tokoyami agreed, crossing his arms.

“I knew I should’ve cooked the noodles.” Izuku sighed.

“Whose side are you on?” asked Mineta.

“My stomach’s.” Tokoyami replied earning a laugh out of everyone.

“If anything it isn’t fair. Everyone else has more people than we do and they have the girls!” Mineta groaned.

“What does having us have anything to do with it?!” Jirou and Hagakure shot him death glares.

“Well you’re good at cooking aren’t you?” Mineta tilted a brow.

“Pshh why do you think Kaminari’s cooking? I’m just supervising.” Jirou laughed.

“What are you four doing just standing around? You’re supposed to be setting the table.” Iida wrapped his knuckles on the counter. An ominous aura was coming from him.

Izuku hurried and grabbed some bowls. The others followed suit and fled to the dinning room. “I got distracted. I think the smell was getting to me.”

“It did smell quite tasty.” Aoyama nodded, placing a bowl neatly on the table.

“If someone doesn’t keep his mouth shut. He’s going to get in a lot of trouble.” Tokoyami glared at the purple hair sticking up from across the table.

“I wonder who that could be.” Mineta rolled his eyes.

“What happened this time?” Kirishima asked from the lounge. Sero and Mina were sitting beside him playing a video game.

“Typical Mineta if I had to guess.” Momo sat up.

Izuku hummed in reply. He was building a tower out of the extra chopsticks.

“It’s ready everyone!” Iida announced. Izuku’s chopstick tower collapsed. “Izuku could you group round everyone up?”

“Umm,” he glanced over to Mineta who was currently being attacked by Mina, Momo, and Tokoyami. “sure. C'mon Aoyama?”

Aoyama was cheering loudly, watching Sero and Kirishima. “Alright then.” Izuku laughed, making his way to the elevator. He tapped his foot along to the song playing. Finally it dinged. Izuku almost walked into Uraraka when he exited.

“Oh Deku, sorry!” She said startled.

“It’s alright!” Izuku smiled. “I just came to tell everyone it’s time for dinner. Could you let Kacchan and Shouji know for me? I still need to tell the guys on the floor above.”

“Sure! No problem!” Uraraka waved as Izuku entered the elevator again.

“Thanks Uraraka!”

Uraraka walked down the corridor and stopped at the first door. It sounded like Shouji was rearranging furniture or something. She raised her fist and knocked twice. Movement in the room stopped and the door swept open revealing a sweaty Shouji. “Oh Uraraka, what’s up?”

Uraraka smiled. “I came to tell you it’s time for dinner.”

“Oh thank goodness, I’m starving. Exercising sure can work up an appetite. Hopefully it’ll be better than last night’s.” Shouji exited, closing the door behind him. “Thanks for telling me.” He started toward the elevator. “You coming?”

“Ah not yet!” Uraraka answered. “I still need to tell Bakugou.”

“Alright then! See ya at dinner.” Shouji called.

Kirishima had left his door open and Uraraka was conflicted if she should close it or not as she passed. She stopped in front of the fourth door. It was closed, but she could hear shuffling and music playing from the other side. She took a breath and knocked on the door. There was a string of curses followed by a loud bang. It sounded like Bakugou had just stubbed his toe.

“FUCK!” The door flung open. Bakugou was dishelved and pinned her with an angry look. He nudged his toe on the floor. “What is it?” Something else was different. But she couldn’t figure out what. “Well?” Bakugou spat. “If this is about another damn bug in your room or something-”

“No! I just..” She trailed off, squinting her eyes. What was it? She gasped, covering her mouth.

“What?!” Bakugou fumed. “What is it?!” That’s when his askew frames fell to the floor. Everything seemed still and silent as they both stared at the glasses. Uraraka made to pick them up, but Bakugou snatched them away before she could. He quickly tossed them in his room and closed the door. “Not a word.” Was all he said. Uraraka nodded. “I - uh came to tell you it’s time for dinner.”

Bakugou huffed as they passed Kirishima’s door. He slammed it shut. Uraraka was sure she heard something fall. “Dumbass.” Bakugou muttered under his breath.

The elevator ride down was awkward. Bakugou was complaining about shitty music and Uraraka was clearing her throat every few seconds. Bakugou was the first to exit with Uraraka following close behind. The dinning room was as lively as ever with everyone chatting happily.

“Eyy there he is!” Kirishima grinned. “Bout time you got down here. I thought the food was going to get cold.” Bakugou grunted and siddled into the seat between Kirishima and Iida.

“Uraraka!” Izuku waved her over. “You gotta try the pork cutlet bowl. It’s delicious!”

Tsuyu passed her a napkin as she took a seat. “You sure did take a while. Did something happen?”

“No everything went just fine.” she replied, taking a bite of the food. Her gaze drifted down the table to where Bakugou was sitting. He was shooting an annoyed glance at Kaminari who was shoving chopsticks up his nose. She couldn’t shake the memory of him wearing glasses from her mind. Why did he wear them? Are they just for show? Does he need to wear them? Is he nearsighted or farsighted? Did he wear contacts?

“Earth to Uraraka.” Mina waved a hand in front of her face. “Are you there?”

She jumped, dropping her chopsticks. “Sorry!”

“You were really zoned out. Something on your mind?”

“Not really, I was just thinking about classes tomorrow!”

“Ah I hear ya! I still have to do that paper for Cementoss’s class.” Mina laughed.

Izuku nearly choked on a piece of pork. “You still haven’t done it?! But he assigned it a week ago!”

“I know, I know.” Mina shrugged. “Anyway what’d you think of the food Uraraka?”

“It’s delicious!”

“We’re gonna have to step our game up tomorrow night.” Mina laughed. “Although I’m not sure how we’re going to do that with Shouji and Bakugou on our team.” She pointed across the table where Bakugou was knocking Kaminari and Kirishima’s heads together.

Uraraka hummed in thought as she watched the display. “Maybe it’ll turn out alright.”

“We can only hope.” Mina twirled a chopstick between her fingers. “Anyway I better go get started on that paper.”

Aoyama came by and picked up Mina’s empty bowl. “And we have to start cleaning, Midoriya!”

“Yeah you’re right.” He said, taking both his and Uraraka’s bowls, grabbing even more on his way to the kitchen. Mineta was yelling at them for being slow pokes. Tokoyami yanked him back into the kitchen. Uraraka giggled at their antics.

Iida took the seat Izuku had vacated. “How did you enjoy our meal?” He flashed her a proud smile. “I like to think we did quite well.”

She smiled back at him. “I’d say you guys did a great job. It was very tasty.”

“I’m glad to hear it! Hopefully we’ll be this week’s winners.” Iida grinned. Dinner cooking had become a competition. The week’s dishes were voted on by the rest of the class and the winner’s for the best dish had the week off cleaning duty.

“I wouldn’t count my group out just yet.” Uraraka said. “ I’m sure we’ll make something fantastic.”

Iida laughed heartily. “I can’t wait to try it.”

“Say Iida? You wear your glasses all the time don’t you?”

“Hmm yes well aside from the times I’m sleeping or taking a shower. Why?” Iida quirked a brow.

“Just curious. Let’s say a person doesn’t wear their glasses all the time, why wouldn’t they?” Uraraka tapped her fingers on the table.

“Well they could wear contacts and wear glasses whenever they aren’t wearing them. Or they could just not like wearing them.” Iida tapped his chin. “Some people are embarassed by them and think it might give off a bookish vibe that they’ll be labeled a nerd or geek and be teased. I know I was when I was younger.” Iida smiled softly. “It’s stopped now thankfully.”

Uraraka smiled. “I’m glad it stopped.”

A loud clatter from the kitchen caught their attention. Iida sighed, “If you’ll excuse me, I have something to check on. It was nice talking with you.”

“See ya, Iida.” Uraraka waved.

She decided she should catch up on her homework too so she wandered back to her room. She pondered what Iida had said all the way.

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Wouldn’t it be funny if the pics came out on Thanksgiving as sort of a holiday gift!!

Hi Anon!

I’ll take them whenever they are willing to drop them…though it would be nice to have cast pics to look at and fangirl over as I have a Turkey to baby sit for 5 hours tomorrow.  If they are feeling cruel it will be Friday when I’m in the midst of Black Friday shopping.

I did go back and do some digging and last year the cast pics didn’t drop until 4 Days before the premiere….so I”m fully prepared for it to be Monday….sigh.

hoo boy. so i’m the team lead for the stop of games, the one who dealt w/ the incredibly sexist seasonal guy?? well he finally got fired. And I am so glad. I’m sorry if this gets a bit long.

So black friday night, we have three closers. Me, the assistant store manager, K, and seasonal sexist associate, J. Our store started clearing up around 7,which let me get to work putting tags on all our trades. (Note, guys, if it’s a busy day at your local stop of games, like christmas eve or day after christmas, please do NOT come with in with your entire game collection. Do that on a slower day, I’m begging you. We get at LEAST ten people on those days trying to trade their ENTIRE game collection, which means our back counter is so full and we don’t have the time to go through it all. And this is on top of our NORMAL amount of trades.) K was working on reformatting all the game systems we got. J was off doing fuck knows what.

Earlier in the day J got yelled at by the store manager, S, for not doing as told and putting back the empty game cases which mean we had a massive pile up on our back counter. Instead he was talking to customers in the line. J has also been constantly reprimanded this past week for not listening, being a dick, and being sexist in general. We’ve only kept him on because our other two seasonals quit, so we only have three normal sales associate. 

So, as J is doing fuck knows what, our District Manager B comes in. Our DM is really cool, like he will literally come into our store if need be and work behind the counter or put away games, that sort of thing which in my retail experience never happens. He also knows his employees p well and genuinely cares for our well-being, which is why I went back to stop of games in the first place. I felt appreciated

So B comes in and K and I tell him about how our seasonals quit, and how Black Friday was, and we talk about what to do to prepare for Christmas Eve and the day after (Our two biggest days of the year) when a customer comes in wanting to return a game. I help him out, turns out he wanted to return it because the Online Pass for random in-game content was already used. (It was a pre-owned). The customer is a bit frustrated because he thinks it’s “r-slur that we sell games that have used passes in them.”. I explain that I understand, but we never know if it’s used or not so we keep it in anyways. I’m still new to being a team lead, and in my mind I don’t want to return the game because the online pass doesn’t affect the gameplay in anyway, it just gives you more cool vanity items. Instead I offer to let him switch out the game with any game of an equal or lesser value, or (Cause it was a 20$ game) get multiple games that add up to that value. Customer actually starts considering this, and is about to say okay…

When J comes out of the woodwork, and immediately begins berating me in front of K and B for not doing the full return. (He didn’t realize who B was). He starts supporting the customer, who then fully turns on me (Despite getting a p good deal) and tells me I should do the return. Customer then decides he doesn't want my deal and starts demanding a full return.

B steps in, saying he’ll handle this. I tell J to get back to cleaning the store, and J tells me straight up “No” cause it’s “K’s job to tell me whatto do.” K gets frustrated with J and tells him to listen to me, and at this point I feel like a fucking babysitter with horrid kids. J is about to slouch off when B turns to him, asks him who he is, and after the customer leaves, asks him why he thinks he has the authority to tell me what to do and question me in front of a customer. J gets angry at this and goes into the back for his break. This is when K steps in and tells B about how J’s been reprimanded multiple times for not doing his work or listening to us, how he has this constant habit of questioning us in front of customers, etc.. B, after hearing this tells J to go clock out and go home, and that he’ll stay behind and help us clean up and close the store. 

J. Flipped. Started shouting about how horrible this store is, how stupid we all are, calls me a bitch, calls K a “c-nt”, how this job is boring and shitty and how he’s gonna give us bad reviews and tell his friends not to shop here anymore. B just gives him a cold stare while K and I giggle. I go and get J’s things for him, and he leaves swearing and flipping us all off. Without clocking off.

B decides to immediately fire J then and there, but not only that he decides to ban J from all of the stop of the games in his district. Which is more or less the entire city. At this point I’m laughing, like fuck yes the vengeance I desire. B sends an email to all the stores telling them B is banned from all of our store premises in the area unless it’s to pick up his final check or other HR stuff, and if he refuses to leave call security or the cops.

So the next day, J goes into a different stop of the games on the other side of town, trying to take advantage of a pretty sweet deal by using his associates discount. I didn’t get the whole story, but apparently the cops were called and J broke down in tears and tried to destroy two displays. It was beautiful. 

Panic (Tony Stark x Reader)

Requested: yes

Anon Requested:  Part one because this Tony idea is kinda long for the ask , Tony stark reader fic, pl The reader is Tony’s assistant like Pepper was and one night as she’s leaving notices he’s not around not even in his lab she ask Friday where he is and she shows him a video of him having a severe panic attack in his room. She races to him and tries to calm him down. Tony then hugs her and starts crying then kisses her neck and the cheek (because he secretly loves her). She’s shocked and ask what is doing?  Tony stark reader fic idea /request continued. She’s shocked and ask what is he doing. With a trembling voice he says"I’m sorry But Please I need you Y/N I love you.“ She smiles sadly because she loves Tony too and kisses him saying "And you’ll always have me because I need you too..” And he hugs her tightly as they sit on the floor and she sits him lullabies until his panic attack subsides.

A/N: I didn’t really want to go into a lot of detail about the panic attack because it is a sensitive topic and I wasn’t prepared to write about it in depth

Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark x Reader II Tony Stark, You

Warnings: Panic Attack (it is only described a little) and Upset!Tony 

“Mr Stark!” You call out. “I’m going home for tonight.”

Nothing. No response. Tony was always busy so you were used to getting nothing from him, but tonight was different. Usually there would be the hum of machinery or some sort of music coming from the lab, but tonight, it was absolutely silent… and that worries you.

“Friday?” You say to seemingly no one.

“How can I be of service?” Friday responds.

“Where is Mr Stark?” You ask.

Friday projects a video onto the nearest clear wall. The video showed Tony, in his room, sitting on his bed, leaning against the bed head. He was rocking back and forth, his head in his hands and his face tear stained.

You drop your bag on a nearby table and rush up to his room. You had never seen him like this. You had always been there to help him but he had never been this bad around you.

You reach his door and lightly knock on it

“Tony? Can I come in,” You ask, softly. “I just want to help.”

“You can come in,” He mutters. You slowly push the door open and sit next to Tony on the bed.

“Do you want to talk about it?” You question. “You don’t have to, though.”

“C-Can I ask you something?” Tony stutters.

“Of course.”

“Do y-you think I’m fit to be a part of the Avengers,” He chokes out. “After Ultron and Sokovia. Everyone else on the team is incredible. Natasha has become a hero. Steve is the perfect soldier. Thor has never done anything wrong and Clint… Clint has a family. All I have is money and you.”

“Tony,” You sigh. “You are just as big a part of the Avengers than anyone else. You hold the team together. Everyone does. Because that’s what you are… A team.”

You move closer to place your arm around his shoulders.

“You overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion and, I think you care a lot more than you think.”

More tears seem to stream down Tony’s face as he buries his face in the crook of your neck and leaves a few small kisses there.

“T-Tony. What are you doing?” You ask, shocked.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’s just that, I need you here, Y/N. I need you to stay with me. I-I love you so much.”

You place your hands on either side of his face and raise it so you can place a soft, chaste kiss to his lips.

“I will always be here. You don’t need to worry about that. I love you too,” You smile.

You lay back, your limbs and Tony’s intertwined. You run your fingers through his hair as you softly sing a lullaby you had heard your mother sing to you when you were little. Tony’s breathing slows and he falls asleep, you following swiftly.

I have been feeling peaceful tonight for no reason. 

There is a big exam coming up for me on Tuesday. I am not nearly as prepared as I should be. 

I have an important group presentation to give on Friday. We haven’t even finished putting together the Powerpoint yet. 

I need to sort out some stuff with my med school tuition and figure our the deal with my health insurance before it’s too late. 

And yet there is a gentle tingle in my heart that is softly permeating my body. I noticed it a few hours ago when I was in the library. It’s still there. I can tell I am going to sleep well tonight. 

Anyways, I love you all. Keep awakening. 

Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini. - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Three)

Your jaw slightly dropped when Tanya suggested you all go clubbing. You’ve only just,landed in Santorini and you were already going clubbing? “That’s a great idea Tan! And there’s no other way to celebrate the first night here in Santorini! I mean, we all rested on the plane and we’re grabbing a bite to eat now, and it’s almost the evening. By the time we get ourselves ready if will be darker and time to dance our asses off!” Zoe beamed sipping on her drink as everyone instantly agreed. You felt like curling up in a small little ball. You just met all of these people, well apart from Tanya and Jim but you were already going clubbing? This was crazy!

You all finished lunch and you all chipped in to pay before grabbing a cab back to your holiday home. As soon as you entered, Tanya grabbed your arm and pulled yourself, Niomi and Zoe up the stairs and squealed. “See you later boys! Better be prepared!” She giggled before she stopped you all at the top of the stairs. “Okay girls, everyone go pick out their outfits, then let’s all meet in Y/N’s room and we can all help each other with getting ready!” Tanya explained out in am excited rush which only made a large smile grow on your face. Even though you weren’t an every Friday night sort of club going person, you did love having a good dance.

Thankfully before you all headed out to lunch earlier today, you all unpacked your clothes and toiletries into the wardrobes and bathroom cupboards provided for you in your own room. You opened your wardrobe and sighed biting your cheek. ‘What should I wear?’ You thought as you drummed your finger tips against your chin and eyes your wardrobe. You didn’t want to overdress yourself..but you did want to doll yourself groaned in frustration and ran a hand through your clothes. A dress? Cute? Frilly? No Y/N..everyone will be wearing a dress at the about a skirt? Nah..skirts..they’re cute but you knew nearly every other girl would also be sporting short, mini tight skirts..

'Think..different Y/N..go for something you wouldn’t normally wear..’ You told yourself whilst pushing clothes out of the way to get a better view of what you could choose before you instantly stopped, spotting your Michelle Keegan Diamond Mesh Puplum top and wear the matching Michelle Keegan Pu Biker Treggings with a pair of spontaneous red heels to match and bring out your outfit. Is this good enough? Is it too casual? Is it too over the top? You asked yourself many questions before taking a deep breath and settling on not changing your mind and taking a risk and going for it. You placed your outfit on your wardrobe and just as you sat down to get started, Zoe, Niomi and your best friend Tanya all walked in giggling to themselves before they locked the door behind them.

Tanya had a red cocktail dress thrown over her arm and a pair of shoes to match. Zoe had a baby pink dress with crossed straps thrown over her arm and a pair of heels to go exactly with her dress and Niomi had a small floral black and white skirt and a top to match. Tanya also held many bags of make up and make up brushes and set them out on the dresser. “Y/N, is this what your wearing?” Niomi gasped gazing at your outfit on the wall which made your cheeks instantly heat up and the voices in your head instantly nag at you for picking out such an atrocious outfit. “It’s gorgeous!” Never mind then..Niomi was gleaming with excitement at your outfit before she turned to Tanya. “You know what you should do? You should do the Nicole Scherzinger make up look on Y/N for this outfit. The red lip will bring out the shoes as well as the outfit and the bronzer on her eyes will make them pop!” Niomi rambled to Tanya as Zoe whipped out her curling iron and plugged it in to heat up. The three girls smiled rather..sneakily at you after getting into a group huddle of whispers which made you feel very nervous.
Tanya sat you down in the high chair as Zoe began to curl your hair. “Y/N your going to have all eyes on you tonight..” Niomi giggled as she painted your nails for you which made your cheeks turn rosy.

You were finally finished with! Your make up look was completed and your hair perfectly styled by Zoe and your nails freshly painted. You felt so different. Over the last two hours, you managed to get to know the girls a lot better and they welcomed you with open arms. You laughed a lot and took many selfies and you even cowered out of your shy cocoon and opened up to your new loving friends.

“Let’s wow the guys! They’re going to be so shocked..” Zoe laughed quietly looking around to you all. You instantly felt nerves and butterflies hit your tummy. You were alone. All the girls had their boyfriends with them and you were just left..alone, with no date. You felt very insecure in that moment but covered it up with an excited smile. You felt different..Tanya had an outfit that showed off her curves beautifully and Niomis outfit showed off her amazing legs..and Zoe..she just looked so felt completely different all of sudden and felt very shy, so you wrapped your arms around yourself.

“It will be dawn by the time you ladies decide to show yourselves! Are you lot going to come down or will we have to come get you?” Alfie laughed loudly from the end of the stairs making you all giggle. “Oh hush! We’re coming down now!” Zoe smiled beginning to lead the way down the stairway. You all descended down the stair way, one after the other to meet all the boys cleaned up very well and had their jaws dropped.

“Oh me, oh my..don’t you all look stunning..” Jim smiled widely at you all before he wrapped his arms around Tanya and pecked her cheek, whilst Alfie pulled Zoe into his side and Niomi pressed herself against Marcus. You stood shyly, like a third wheel near the door close to Joe who scratched the back of his neck sheepishly and flashed you a shy smile. “You all look gorgeous girls..” Marcus complimented you all which made your cheeks heat up like the rest of the girls. You all clambered into an awaiting taxi and you were last to get in but unfortunately the taxi was too small. “You can sit on my lap..” Joe offered which made your cheeks heat up instantly and your heart race quickly. “I..erm..are you sure? I could just catch another cab..” You stumbled over your own words in shyness and felt yourself melt under his sweetness. “It’s completely fine..I swear!” Joe smiled and before you could take another moment to try and get another way to the club, Joe had pulled you onto his lap and Zoe shut the door which have the taxi driver the signal to start the drive to a night full of friends, dance and drinks.


|Joe’s Point Of View|

I decided to join Zoe and her friends on their little trip to Santorini knowing she wouldn’t mind. It all sounded like such an adventure and I’m always up for an adventure, and it was Santorini, I mean, c'mon, who wouldn’t want to visit there for two weeks? I’ve been dying to cross this place off my bucket list for years now but never had enough time to go fly there but thankfully I had two weeks completely free which made it an easy yes to Zoe’s little offer of me going with her and her friends to Santorini.

I’ve been in desperate need of a small holiday and I just need to get away from the rainy, dull weather of London and enjoy some sun and have a complete detox from the Internet. I just needed to escape myself and get lost in what this beautiful city has to offer to me.

When we first arrived at the house, we realised Tanya had yet to arrive with her friend but I told Zoe, Alfie, Marcus and Niomi not to tell Tanya since I wanted to give her a jump scare since she’s so easily scared. We huddled up in the kitchen and when Tanya arrived we all jumped out and screamed but I was suddenly lost for words. There stood a beautiful girl with long luscious your/hair/colour hair and a stunning pair of your/eye/colour eyes. She was so beautiful. Did Zoe know this girl? I’ve never met her before..who is she? She was so..perfect.

As soon as our hands touched to shake I felt a spark and I couldn’t shake the feeling off all day. It made me want to smile so big. Y/N had such a beautiful name that just matched her beautiful face. She was so sweet but so made me so intrigued and curious. Woah Joe. Please clam’ve only known her how many hours? I kept reminding myself that I wasn’t looking for a relationship..and it’s true..I wasn’t. My YouTube channel is currently my life and I’m not ready to have a girlfriend or a proper relationship. After unpacking and freshening up we all decided to head out for lunch and to be quite honest, I couldn’t quite wait. I wanted to learn so much more about Y/N and who she is and if I’m being honest, if she was single. She was hot. We all headed out to a small pizzeria down the coast line for lunch and I’ve never been so happy to sit in front of anybody before. Y/N was very quite and only answering questions when asked so I decided that it was now my time to jump the gun and question her on everything. I learned that she works in a retail shop and is often at the counter serving people, and she’s an aspiring photographer who got accepted into a very highly intelligent college that only accept the best. With each word she spoke I was intrigued more and more and I don’t know why. She was like a magnet and I was metal being lured in by those big your/eye/colour eyes that were so mesmerising.

When Tanya suggested clubbing, I couldn’t have been any happier. I was going to show Y/N my moves and I was most definitely going to wear my best outfit. I took a quick shower to freshen myself up and used my best colognes and aftershaves. I walked out of the bathroom to find Jim sitting on my bed with a smirk. “Woah, Jim..mate..what are you doing here, eh? I don’t know how many times I’ve told you this..but we can’t recreate peoples fantasies of us being together..You’ve got Tanya and I’ve got my’s not going to work..” I smirked chuckling as Jim burst out laughing. “Oh Joseph, what will I ever do with you? Actually I came in here to talk about Y/N..” Jim trailed off which made my eyes widen in fear and a slightly rush of nerves pulse through my veins.

Hi beauties! I’m so sorry for the long wait on this part! I’ve been so busy with my summer job that I’ve just found it so difficult to find the time to write! So I’m so sorry but I really hope you liked this part! Pleaseeee tell me if you do because I love your feedback! All the love❤️xxx


What if Cora didn’t protect Hook from the curse? She just prevented him from ending up in Storybrooke?


Emma loved her apartment. Well, except maybe her front door. One night she’d stood outside for a full fifteen minutes trying to decipher the text and numbers so carefully designed by what she decided was an insane interior decorator, but could make no sense of it. Gibberish, plain and simple, about spells and curses. If it weren’t for the beautiful apartment that lay on the other side, it almost would have been enough to turn her off of the apartment entirely.

Oh, but once she’d opened the door it was all a different story. It was shiny and new, unlike anything else she’d ever had in her entire life, and it would all be hers. Her one true love: a spacious kitchen, floor to ceiling glass with a view, and hardwood floors. Oh, and a bathtub she could lose herself in for hours. She’d never had a home, but maybe this could become one? She worked hard to earn a good living, and spending money on somewhere she could relax and call her own was priority number one. She pictured herself coming home from long days at work running after god knows who, and kicking off her shoes, turning on the fireplace, yes, there was a fireplace, and relaxing with a glass of wine and a maybe even a book. When her application was accepted, she happily wrote the check for the exorbitant rent and moved her belongings in.

So last night when she got home and she went to start her long, long overdue laundry and found that her machine was broken, she felt betrayed by her one true love. And on her birthday too. That was the real kicker. Another banner year, indeed.

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How to Avenge 101 [Part 3]

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Word Count: 1,061

“Maria, I hate these things.”

“Oh suck it up, even Fury wears one.”

“Yeah, but I bet his is actually comfortable.” You struggled to make the in-ear communicators sit right for the fifth time and it tumbled out your ear. You flailed for a moment before catching it in your hand and trying again. Everyone had to have one, it was general policy, but that didn’t mean you had to like it.

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Nori/Dwalin Week, May 10th - May 17th

Any sort of fan work is welcome

Day 1: “Before the Quest” or “After the War of the Ring

Day 2: “Alternative Universe” or “Different Setting in Middle Earth

Day 3: “Shapeshifter” or “Freaky Friday Bodyswap

Day 4: “Rivendell” or “Mirkwood

Day 5: “Braids” or “Tattoos

Day 6: “The One Ring” or “Storm

Day 7: “First Times” or “Last Times

prepare yourselves

to me the thing is that we’d predicted this sort of outcome for most of the season, yet it was still probably the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

like even from the first scene with the paper towels people have been like “even has some form of mental illness” and we were all like yeah, sure, maybe he does.

then we started believing it, and for a very long time i think we all knew that at some point it would become an “issue”, and I thought we were prepared for it.

I made a prediction about the friday clip, I thought yes, there would be drama and some form of problem (because the week had been too good), and I thought we might get answers/ even telling isak about having a mental illness.

then I saw it was 15 minutes, and whilst I was incredibly excited, my first thought was “no this can’t be good”. and I was right (in terms of emotion, in terms of a story it’s amazing).

at first, I was so incredibly proud of isak messaging his mum (still am) especially signing off with “hugs, isak” because that showed a level of love even though they aren’t close, and it showed he was willing to put aside the issues with them, if she did.

then even is the biggest freaking dork and draws a heart on the window and my heart explodes. (also pointing out how isak still didn’t want to kiss even in public, which I feel was a really good show of him not just miraculously being completely comfortable after just coming out to his family & friends)

then even is just so proud to be able to say isak is his boyfriend and he’s beautiful and he’s his and I actually died. but then we get into the room and first it’s amazing but then even starts just rambling on and you can actually see the look of realisation on isaks face (shout out to tarjei and his amazing acting) when he first starts to get a hint that something isn’t right.

but then I think he chooses to ignore it, and why wouldn’t he? he’s never seen even in this context, and doesn’t know any better, plus they’re having a lovely night and he’s finally with the boy he loves, so he just puts it down to “he’s just having a great time”.

then the “the only way to have something infinitely is to lose it” comment, this is where I was like “no no no I don’t like this, this isn’t good”. I literally had to pause the video and make sure I was okay to continue because I really didn’t like where it was going, I was actually a mess.

once again, even not sleeping yet having so much energy, then we get to the part that started to kill me.

as soon as even walks out that door, isak realises fully what’s going on, and is instantly extremely worried. the moment even isn’t in the corridor I think isak connects the dots completely and is simply terrified.

wandering around the city and even calling sonja he looked so lost, and desperate and worried (again tarjei holy shit). then sonja turns up.

now, up until today, I was holding out hope that sonja was actually a good person, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s evil or vindictive, but I don’t think she’s a good person for or with even. I think her “care” has turned into “control”, whether she fully realises it or not, I don’t think it’s healthy for even.

you can see that when isak asks what just happened and sonja answers, he already knows, he just needs it confirmed, and once it’s said out loud it’s real. sonja says stuff that I don’t believe is true (“it’s just some sick idea he has right now”) and some stuff she has no right to say.

I believe sonja got so comfortable in being the one who makes decisions for even and controlling him, that she can’t let it go, to her, this is essential. I don’t think she realises anymore that even is valid, and has his own thoughts and feelings that might not align with hers, and that isak was the one that this came to a head with. even saying “I can feel is growing apart ”(I can’t remember the exact line cause it was like episode 3 but it was along those lines) and “stop monitoring me”, makes me feel that sonja simply forgot how to be caring, and only knows how to control, because to her, that’s how it works.

and I do think even is in love with isak, completely in love with him, and I think isak 100% loves him back. but right now, due to isaks history with people with mental illnesses, i think isak feels broken and lied to, and I think he feels like he only loves this even, and doesn’t know the even with a mental illness, which I suppose is sort of true.

however I believe isak reaching out to his mum today was a sign of him growing (this show never does anything without reason) and also the line of noora “no one sacrifices anything for love in 2016” mean something.

I’d like to believe that he talks to eskild (giving eskild info this time) and possibly jonas, and sees a new side to this.

I’d like him to remember “and I’ll save you right back” because I’m going to just say it, i think even saved him, possibly from himself, or maybe just living his life as someone he’s not, and being miserable. even brought out the best in him, and made him so incredibly and indescribably happy and loved, and I’d like to believe he will save even just the same.

I want him to see that he still loves this even, he just now loves an even without a secret, an even he can care about & for the best way possible, and an even who has completely changed his life.

Time Capsule

Sort of a reaction fic, and my first Klaine Friday fic (because it fits ;))

While Blaine is at home, packing the last things he needs to bring to their apartment in New York and spending some quality time with his mom, Kurt is busy.

Oh, he spends as much time as he can with Burt, because God knows he needs, wants his father’s pearls of wisdom to have in his back pocket when times get rough (because they will get rough, he knows it–but now, he isn’t afraid of it).

But he also spends some quality time preparing his real goodbye to McKinley. Kurt thought that he had said goodbye to the school that has been the place of his nightmares and the launching pad to his dreams, but this–

This is the real deal.

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Helena Bonham Carter talks magic of Fairy Godmother in Cinderella

When Helena Bonham Carter was cast in the pivotal role of the Fairy Godmother in director Kenneth Branagh’s new live-action version of “Cinderella,” there were some rumblings of surprise on the Internet, where various journalists questioned whether she was better suited to play the wicked stepmother instead.

Given her past as deliciously evil Bellatrix Lestrange in the last four “Harry Potter” films and the delightfully funny but unforgiving Red Queen (“Off with their heads!”) in “Alice in Wonderland,” some thought that despite her experience with a wand, the magical staff that the Fairy Godmother was better suited for somebody not known for playing such dark characters.

Of course, those same people tend to forget just how versatile the two-time Oscar nominated actress really is. Whether it’s good or bad character, Bonham Carter has proven throughout her illustrious, 32-year screen career that she wherewithal to play them all. Still, Bonham told me in an exclusive U.S. interview, that she was taken aback when asked to play the character associated with the iconic phrase, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.”

“I was surprised not to be asked to be Cinderella, because I’m in some time-warp denial,” Bonham Carter told me, laughing, in a recent phone call from London.

Always funny and lively in her interviews, Bonham Carter told me she had fun bringing the effervescent Fairy Godmother to life during the making of “Cinderella,” yet inside she took the role very seriously. After all, “Cinderella” is a legendary tale that has been told countless times in different variations on screen and the stage over the years – chief among them the 1950 Walt Disney animated classic – so Disney, which also produced the new live-action incarnation, knew this new version had to work on all levels.

As it related directly to Bonham Carter, she knew her role would be under the burning spotlight, because the Fairy Godmother, who apart from Cinderella, is perhaps the first character people associate with the classic fairy tale.

“It was really flattering and nice to asked to play the role, but having said that, it was a quite a responsibility, and I was apprehensive about it,” said Bonham Carter, who also narrates the film. “My first reaction was, ‘What great fun! This can’t be a losing situation,’ but on close inspection, I got somewhat freaked out. The Fairy Godmother is iconic as an idea – there’s no real image of her apart from the character in the animated version – there isn’t really an obvious image and I didn’t want to replicate what’s in the cartoon.”

Opening in theaters and on IMAX screens nationwide on Friday, “Cinderella” tells the time-honored tale in a familiar, historical setting, yet gives the title character (Lily James) a strong sense of independence. Bonham Carter plays the Fairy Godmother as a character with some bits of uncertainty: a giddy magician not quite aware of the full extent of her powers.

“I thought I had to re-invent the wheel a bit, so people would genuinely believe the character with some sort of credibility,” Bonham Carter said, recalling how she prepared for the role by examining the mind of the Fairy Godmother. “I thought, 'Why a pumpkin?’ because it’s not immediately obvious that you would choose a pumpkin as your source material to turn into a carriage; and 'Why glass?’ because glass isn’t immediately obvious to make a slipper with.’ Also, I wondered why the magic was running out at midnight.

"All of these choices she made sort of led me to believe that she was this accidental magician, or her magic wasn’t quite up to scratch,” Bonham Carter added. “Accidents happen, and often in history, the greatest things have been born of the greatest accidents. I thought it would be fun and funny that things that have ended up being iconic, like the glass slipper and the pumpkin were all improvised in the first place.”

Branagh, who has worked with Bonham Carter before, told me in a separate interview that he was absolutely enchanted by the direction the actress took with the character.

“The Fairy Godmother may have great plans of how these transformations may go, but not always the skills, and I think Helena does that beautifully,” Branagh said. “She also adds this sort of poignant touch, when she follows Cinderella’s coach for just a step and says, 'Goosey, off you go.’ There’s a really wonderful maternal, protective look on her face that lets you know she loves this kid. She feels for her in addition to all the fun she’s had with her.”

Plus, the director said, Bonham Carter has impeccable comedic sensibilities.

“Helena brings a joyful, delightful and silly sort of lunatic kindness to the character, which is a variation of the sorts of the kindness theme that is central to the film,” Branagh said. “The beautiful sort of dotty, ditsy, dizzy comic brilliance she brings is a lovely kind of literal fairy dust to sprinkle into the middle of the movie.”

The theme of kindness is important because it’s essentially what grounds “Cinderella.” We first hear the phrase, “Have courage and be kind,” uttered to a young Cinderella by her dying mother, and Cinderella lives by those words despite the fact that she’s trapped as a servant to a cruel stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and her two daughters after her father dies.

Bonham Carter, much like Branagh, hopes viewers take those words to heart.

“I think they’re terribly important words, particularly in this day and age with social media,” Bonham Carter said. “People think there’s an anonymity and a lack of responsibility whenever they write something, because they’re not necessarily held to it. So many people are suffering because of bitchy comments about not being liked or whatever.”

Helena, Mom face-off

Bonham Carter’s “beggar lady” is the first character Cinderella sees before she transforms into the Fairy Godmother, and the actress says she was thrilled to get to have extensive prosthetic work done to play the small, but very important role. The beggar lady sets up a key moment in the film, because she tests Cinderella’s will of kindness and observation of others less fortunate than her, even though her heart has just been crushed by her evil stepmother.

“Sadly, it took me less long to become the character described in the script as '1,000 years old’ than it took to become the Fairy Godmother. It took me only four hours to age 1,000 years,” Bonham Carter, 48, said, laughing. “When the designers approached me and asked me, 'What do you think you’re going to look like when you’re 80?’ I said, well, my Mom’s around, so they took a face mask of her. Having said that, Mom doesn’t look 80, so they had to add wrinkles on top of the mask. It did look a bit bizarre, and God knows what some psychotherapist would say about me wearing my own mother’s face.”

And while the end product didn’t exactly resemble her mother, there were still some features of the face that to be resolved.

“In the end, I had to post-sync all of her lines because her upper lip is bigger than mine, so apparently I was completely inaudible,” Bonham Carter said. “Still, I always love being in prosthetics. I don’t like process of putting it on or getting it off, but being in it is all fun.”

As of our conversation, Bonham Carter’s mother still hadn’t seen the film, but the actress warned her mother not to be shocked by the makeup when she gets around to it.

“Having seen the film myself, you don’t recognize her. So I told her, 'Forget that it’s you, Mom, because it’s not the most flattering,’” Bonham Carter said with a laugh. “Mom is still really beautiful.”