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Hi! I hate to be "that person", but the last Slytherin quote (Vision and Scarlet Witch) is not from where it says. It's from Captain America: Civil War and was actually posted before post/146706292285/

Dang it. Thanks for mentioning this, friend! My brain should have caught that. This is what grad school did to me.

Please friends, when submitting, make sure you’re submitting the right citation. Fiona and I do catch a lot of them, but clearly sometimes even the errors that should be easiest to catch slip through.


My husband’s computer and phone are both having issues. So I am ordering him a new cord (it isn’t charging his computer) and getting his phone replaced through the insurance we have on it (this man goes through phones more often than anyone should). 
Meanwhile, I just handed over my tablet to him (he doesn’t have one of his own and he is very connected to his social media and the internet) and told him he can do whatever and down load whatever. 

Husband: Really?
Me: Sure.
Husband: I…might download facebook.
Me: *Cringes*
Me: I’m…..o..kay with that.
Husband: I love you. *walks out of the room*

I don’t know if you all know this, I know those that I chat with regularly do, but I only get on facebook if it is unavoidable. Like I opened it yesterday to look at the times and prices of our local pool/splash park. Found out and immediately closed it because fuck checking anything. I will post pictures of the kids on instagram (which is private but not all my family are on there) and I cross post those pictures on facebook. Only so people can see the kids if they want. 

Those pictures that I post randomly are literally the only thing I post on facebook. I am not a fan. 

So if my Husband ever complains about my aromanticism again, buddy, I just did one of the most romantic things possible for me to do. I proved my love by allowing you to download facebook to one of my devices. How is that for romance? 

the devil sent this girl back

In which Caroline saves a baby vampire and it ruins her whole Queen Bitch routine.  

Okay, so I think this is the most fun drabble I’ve ever return. It’s a total role reversal, so it’s Original Hybrid Caroline and baby vampire Klaus, and this Caroline was definitely the most interesting to write. By the way, there is smut in this drabble, so all you kiddies out there or just anyone uncomfortable by that sort of thing, please don’t read, I’d hate to ruin your innocence. 

She waits until his vision is clear enough that he sees her standing over him. 

“I apologise,” She says, gently. “Unfortunately, your friends have proven to be less than trustworthy so I thought it better if I collected you myself.”

“Collected?” His voice is thick with confusion as he slurs out his words, still not completely recovered from the warlock’s assault.

She hums her agreement and crouches in front of him so that he can look her in the eye. 

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As you doodle’s Ninjago season 8 prediction

(Non of this is or probably ever will be canon… I just got bored and honestly can’t be bothered to draw it out in a comic (definitely not because I can’t draw), though I feel it would look better in that format.)

But you know, trigger warning if you’re the sort of person who hasn’t seen the new season and hate it when people start talking about it…


*Krux, Acronix and Wu are floating about in the time vortex wishing they were somewhere else*

Krux: This is all your fault Wu! If you had just stayed still we wouldn’t be in this mess!

Acronix: *floats by upside down* I can’t reach my Borgphone…

Krux: Will you shut up! *ahem* Aaand the Iron Doom fell out twenty years ago-

Meanwhile, in a park in Ninjago city…

Man: *sitting on a bench eating ice cream*

*Suddenly Iron Doom falls in front of him*

Back in the vortex…

Krux: -So now we’re stuck here!

Wu: *meditating*


Acronix: *looks up to see a blue police box in front of him* Brother?


*A strange man in a trench coat sticks his head out of the box’s door*

Man: Hullo! Fancy seeing someone out here… I’m the Doctor by the way and you are…?

Acronix: Acronix?

Doctor: Acronix. Interesting name. Anyway, have you seen any strange silver metal men with a sort of antennae on their heads?

Acronix: No?

Doctor: Ah. Well, that’s a shame… Say, you really shouldn’t be out there, you’ll get destroyed by the forces out there, miracle you’re still alive. You should probably come in.

Acronix: Is there enough space in-?

Doctor: Surprisingly, yes.

Acronix: *looks at Krux then shrugs* Yeah sure.

*Acronix ends up being pulled into the blue box and it disappears, Krux & Wu completely oblivious to what just happened*

Krux: *crosses arms* When we get out of here I am going to-

*Krux & Wu are abruptly spat out onto the ground*

Krux: *sits up* YES! AT LA- *six katanas are pointed as his face by a group of definitely mysterious hooded ninja. He sighs* Of course…

Wu: *groans and sits up*

*The ninja look around at Wu before pulling down their hoods and running over to him*

Ninja: SENSEI! *tackle hug him*

Wu: *looks at his students* … You’ve… changed?

Jay: Weeell, it has been forty years.

Nya: We can’t believe you’re back!

Cole: We’ve been looking for you everyday!

Lloyd: We’ve missed you!

Zane: It is great that you are still alive.

Kai: And in one piece, we were starting to worry about you.

Krux: *tries to take this as an opportunity to run but find himself face to face with a rather angry looking ninja with a scythe*

???: Don’t. Move.

Krux: 0.0′ *backs away into another angry looking teen*

???: Wouldn’t try that if I were you.

Krux: *sighs and raises his hands in surrender*

Wu: And who are th- *gets tackle hugged by a small child*

Child: Great-Granpa!

Wu: *looks at child and chuckles* I see you have families now…

Kai: Well…

Jay: Maybe just a little…

Cole: And perhaps some grandkids…

Nya: Or several…

Wu: *smiles* And who is this?

Child: I’m Mai!

Wu: Hello Mai… And whose are you?

Mai: *points at Lloyd*

Wu: … What? *glares at Lloyd*

???: OOOOOooh family beef.

???: Jake please stop.

Jake: As you wish my lady Catrina…

Wu: You… Have a grandchild?

Lloyd: Yes?

Wu: So you have a wife?

Lloyd: Yes.

Wu: *shakes head*

Lloyd: Uncle I am fifty seven years old! I am allowed to have a wife!

Wu: Not to me you’re not!

*All the younger ninjas gather around, hoping to watch a fight*

Kai: HEY!

*Younger ninja flinch*

Jake: Beef?

Kai: *smacks him upside the head* Quiet.

Wu: … And who is your wife?

Lloyd: She’s actually pretty busy right now and not here so…

Wu: T.T

Lloyd: Uncle…

Wu: Lloyd…

*Just then the reversal time blade falls through the portal and lands next to Wu*

Wu: *grabs it*

Zane: Sensei what are you doing?

Wu: I’m sorry Zane, I have a duty to you to be around.


Wu: And I plan to change that… *glances at Lloyd*

Lloyd: Oh no, don’t you dare…

Wu: Sorry. *holds up time blade and it starts glowing*

Forty years earlier…

Lloyd: I… Can’t believe he’s gone…

Kai: *gives him a pat on the shoulder* It’ll be okay Lloyd, wherever he is, he’ll be-

Wu: I’ll be what?

Ninja: SENSEI! *tackle hug him*

Wu: *sighs*

Jay: What happened?

Cole: How’re you back?

Nya: What about Krux and Acronix?

Wu: *shakes head* That. is a very long story… *Glances at Lloyd* You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?

Lloyd: No, why?

Wu: No reason, no reason at all…


If any of that happens then I will eat Cole’s chilli.

But hey, that’s just an unrealistic story about time travel and Wu being disapproving…


Wu has a time blade now.

That means so many things…


@only-1-a now all i can think about is that scene from parks and rec where april tries to explain her poly relationship to leslie only it’s jace and alec and jace is explaining to an increasingly bewildered alec that’s everything’s cool now, clary is his girlfriend and simon’s girlfriend and you know i guess simon is his boyfriend too now which is whatever because he hates simon, but also simon is sort of cute? like when he manages to shut his mouth for five minutes, i mean. altho that is quite a bit easier to accomplish now that he can kiss him, actually..

SHIPPING INFO     //   answer  the  following  for  your  muse(s)  so  people  know  how  shipping  works  on  your  blog.   REPOST.   don’t reblog.


hotaru and yaten tbh. i cannot tell a lie, these two are very cute, even as they’re navigating the realization of their feelings concerning one another. they have a sweet dynamic, which is difficult to achieve when it comes to yaten, and i love that. hotaru doesn’t hesitate to call yaten out for being a jerk, but is still gentle in the ways yaten needs to feel emotionally comfortable with another person. i love them a lot~


most things, i think? i’m down for all sorts of ships: romantic, platonic, hate ships, you name it. with yaten and romance, it does usually need to be discussed, though. this is mainly because yaten isn’t one to make intentions concerning romantic feelings clear, and they’re not usually even clear to yaten. this is just so that both muns know we’re on the same page, even if yaten is being contrary about it, haha.


as long as it’s not a ship between a child and an adult, age doesn’t matter much to me at all. while yaten appears to be seventeen or so in canon, that’s debatable considering that the Starlights aren’t even human. regardless, i have verses for yaten as a college student, as well. in that verse, anything is fair game.


i can be, but usually in instances where it’s a pre-plotted ship and we haven’t written much together yet. however, yaten can be difficult to ship with anyone in a romantic sense, and even in a friendship, so although i really want to see yaten develop relationships with all different types of muses, it will be easier in certain instances than others.


basically, once they’re past pg-13 territory, in my book. that means sexual nudity, explicit touching, etc. 


i have fun thinking about shipping yaten with a lot of muses, honestly! minako, the other starlights, michiru, human!luna, the list goes on. i’m always open to shipping with ocs and muses from other fandoms, as well. at the end of the day, everyone plays their muse differently than anyone else, so as long as there’s chemistry, i’m game. 


that makes me feel most comfortable. again, since yaten tends to have difficulty with romantic feelings, i think acknowledging a ship as the end goal will keep both muns happy. however, i might ask to ship with the other mun first, or if the other muse’s intentions are made clear in the thread, that works, too.


i adore shipping. it allows such a wide-range for character building. i’d love to ship yaten more than i do, including deep friendships, but it hasn’t happened too much yet. unless you’re kakyuu, one of the starlights, or hotaru, yaten is going to have a wall up. still! i love slow-builds in any type of ship, so i don’t mind letting it happen over time.


i suppose obsessed? like i said, i do love to ship, in spite of yaten’s stubbornness, haha.


at the moment! i’m always open to becoming single with another mun if we both decide to, however.


i ship all the ships in sailor moon, let me say that right now. but i’m partial to usagi and mamoru, usagi and seiya, haruka and michiru, ami and makoto…we might be here for a while.


you can straight-up ask me if i’m interested in shipping our muses! you can send me shippy memes, make your muse’s intentions clear in a thread, whatever makes you most comfortable, really. i’m very relaxed, i promise, haha.

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– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<


I pretty much always cry on these lines. It’s one of those astonishing Tolstoyian lines, that manages to convey so simply and perplexingly so much of the humor, sadness, naïveté, and profound depth of one of his most beautiful and paradoxical characters.   —Dave Malloy


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart



Some things never change lmao 😂😂

Reasons Logan should replace The Dark Knight as the gold standard for superhero films
  • Hugh Jackman‘s final performance as Wolverine: Yes, Bale is really good so long as you get past the “WHERE ARE THEY?!“ voice, but Hugh is on a whole other level. This is his swan song and he gave it everything he has. It’s the best lead performance in any superhero film, as far as I’m concerned.
  • The feels: Remember how Rachel died in that film and the reaction from most of us was ‘oh shit, that happened‘. It was more shock than sadness, lbh. Meanwhile, this film packs so much emotional punch. And it’s the full range emotions as well. There are some surprisingly funny moments. But when it gets sad, it does not hold back.
  • It’s proud to be a comic book movie: While Nolan’s Batman films, TDK included, repress any hint of anything that would compromise his realistic version of Batman, Logan embraces the fact that it’s a comic book movie. A very different kind of comic book movie, but still a comic book movie. Complete with a kid killing grown men with claws, clones, and cyborg hands.
  • Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney aka X-23: Seriously, there is not a single film in existence that could not be improved by Laura Kinney.
  • Diversity: OK, the diversity in Logan is not, say, Moonlight levels. But of the three central characters, one is disabled physically and mentally, the other is Mexican. Plus, the story explores the themes of prejudice and racism that have always been a part of X-Men with mutants being referred to as ‘objects‘ and made to be ‘controlled.‘ The Dark Knight has one person of color. And he gets the least attention of the side characters. Everyone forgets that because Morgan Freeman can make five minutes feel as satisfying as a 30 minute scene.
  • A tightly put together story: I honestly can’t think of a single plot hole in Logan. Sure, the timeline was up in the air, but I was never questioning the characters decision making, or how the logistics of this post apocalyptic future worked. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight has a few plot holes. Like how did Bruce Wayne swim onto a plane from a boat filled with models without any of them saying anything to the news? How is Lau’s arrest even remotely legal? The Joker’s plan hinges a lot on coincidence and people acting and reacting exactly the way Joker wants. And the ending. Why did Batman have to take the blame? Blame the Joker. It is technically his fault, since he pushed Harvey over the edge. And if he says ‘Harvey did it‘, who the hell’s going to believe him?

There’s other little stuff as well. The action scenes are better overall, it never feels too long, it looks better. But most importantly, Logan was a step forward. The Dark Knight was a step forward as well, don’t get me wrong. But it came out 9 years ago. The superhero genre has made leaps and bounds in the time since then. And I want to see a sign that we’re moving forward with the genre, and not clinging to 2008.

It doesn’t even have to be Logan that gets to be the new benchmark of the genre. It could be another film that made a similar or larger impact on the genre (The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman) or a film that’s just as good as The Dark Knight if not better. (Winter Soldier, Civil War, First Class, Days of Future Past, Spider-Man 2). Hell, I’ll take Deadpool or a DCEU movie. Just some indication that we’ve moved on from a film that’s actual impact has overshadowed the film itself.

I am by no means saying that Dark Knight is anything below great. But it’s been 9 years. We’ve had several other great superhero films since then. Some even better than The Dark Knight. Can we please just move on? Nolan has. The actors have. The genre has. DC… is getting there. Why can’t we?

We finally have a movie that seems destined to be the new gold standard for the rest of the genre. Let’s take this as an opportunity to move on and let the genre step out of the shadows of the Dark Knight.

i think, one day, the marauders went exploring and found the mirror of erised. 

peter saw himself standing next to the marauders, but they were all the same height. all the same weight. the same wide smiles and slightly crinkled eyes. and he imagined sirius looked at him like he was james, and remus looked at him like he was sirius, and james looked at him like he was lily. he was with his friends, but they were all equals. 

(nobody ever told him that they were all worth the same anyway). 

sirius saw himself with the marauders too. but in it, they were all perfect. unflinching, straight-backed boys with a future of gold. and when his hand found remus’, he just held back tighter, not pulling away and shaking his hand like sirius’ touch was poison. not like he’d fucked things up. not like he could destroy it all with a single flick of his wand, a single whisper in the darkness. he was with his friends, but they were all okay. 

(nobody ever told him that it was okay not to be okay anyway). 

remus saw himself as a real marauder. someone who was truly a brother to the people who were brothers to him– because you didn’t have beasts for brothers. no, the wolf was their enemy– he saw himself as pure, as maybe, possibly, finally worthy of their friendship. of their love. he was with his friends, but now he was a better friend, a friend worthy of being one. 

(nobody ever told him that he deserved the universe anyway). 

james saw himself with the marauders. except– they were all the same. just four happy boys smiling back at him, like the world was theirs to conquer and lightning ran through their veins. he saw himself with the marauders, just as they are, because it was perfect. they were perfect. 

(nobody ever told him that perfect never lasted anyway).