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does anyone want to just… brainstorm a plot? i love my preset plots and headcanon-ing them out with my partners, but i really miss the days of building something from the bottom up based on what we both like. like this if you’re interested! but please be willing to do some work on it — if you’re the type to only say “i don’t know” or “i’m bad at decisions!!” i still love ya but we probably won’t mesh well in the brainstorming sessions!!

  • JENNY: i hate you so much
  • JENNY: ur literally so disgusting
  • JENNY: i never want to see u again
  • JENNY: but come to my room tonight when everyone's asleep lol

maple does a masterlist thing

Below the cut you will find a masterlist of FCs who are of korean decent, but are biracial or are mixed (have multiple ethnicities outside of being just korean). I’ve sorted these FCs by what year they were born and listed their resources and ethnicity. If you run a rph blog or find this list helpful, please like or reblog. I might do more of these list things if I know people find it helpful.

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anonymous asked:

Generalized warning that Cora/Euphemia is now running an FC called House Baudelaire. Everyone is always free to choose where and whom they associate with, but I think people best be warned of the sort of FC leader they'll be managed under.

That sounds… unfortunate. ;)

Thanks for the heads up for everyone, but I wouldn’t be too concerned, she makes an FC every other week (though I would advise people be wary for that reason–even if anyone doesn’t mind associating with her it’s probably a waste of time to join anything she makes).

Oscar Jaenada Gif Pack

 Under the cut are #128 textless gifs of Oscar Jaenada in his role as Cougar Alvarez in The Losers. All the gifs were made by me and made for roleplaying. Feel free to use and then like or reblog! Enjoy! TW: Guns (lots of guns)

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“Nothing would beat winning the Champions League with Atletico. I won it with Chelsea, but I was not in a good place.
"I did not feel I was being treated well at the time - I felt lost.” - Fernando Torres
—  Chelsea HQ