sort of bulking


The old Capitol Theatre, in Malacca, Malaysia, on a rainy day. It sits in the middle of the fairly busy city, next to the Tan Kim Hock store, which is a great place to get all sorts of Malaysian snacks in bulk. I’m actually extraordinarily surprised that it’s not more vandalized than it is - it’s easily accessible, and even though it’s on a busy street, it’s still pretty quiet inside. 

This photographer on Flickr had a little bit more insight into the history of the place(as well as more pictures). 


Sort of progress pics, I weighed in at 201 today. Not too bad, I’ve definitely gained some fat, but not something that really worries me since I’ll be looking to cut come the end of February. I’d venture that I’m about 14-15% bf at the moment. (Sorry no back picture, I can’t seem to pose right for it)