sort of bulking

Baze Malbus in his Guardian of the Whills uniform. I half also want to give him a really long form covering jacket as I half think despite his penchant for blasters, he’s also fairly bookish and covers up as much as possible in a sort of bookworm student sort of way.

He bulks up during weaponsmith training- though he was pretty big beforehand?

Things he has minor rebellions about where the masters find he’s just as muleish as Chirrut- Chirrut, blasters and his hair. Not EVERY alien has hair, so why all the humans have to shave theirs feels an arbitrary rule.

(All HC)

Witches on a budget🌙

If you can wait a few weeks for shipping, you’ll save SO much money with the Wish app. (I advise using a credit card rather than debit just for safety but I’ve never had any problems nor has anyone I know with the app) 

 There’s all sorts of things:

 ✨Bulk packages vials

 ✨incense burners as well as incense

 ✨crystals, tumbled, assorted, spheres, clusters, wands

 ✨ jewelry, hair pins, rings, bracelets 

✨ journals that are perfect for grimoires and lovely designs!

Here’s a few pictures of the things I’ve found so far. Good luck my witches. Blessed be🥀

Confessions: Who Matters

““I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd puts the sheep before himself, sacrifices himself if necessary. A hired man is not a real shepherd. The sheep mean nothing to him. He sees a wolf come and runs for it, leaving the sheep to be ravaged and scattered by the wolf. He’s only in it for the money. The sheep don’t matter to him.” John 10:11-13

As always there’s one specific piece of this passage that’s hit me between the eyes this morning. “The sheep don’t matter to him.” That’s the embodiment of the hired man so it’s the opposite of our Good Shepherd. Sometimes I tend to think of Jesus’ gift as a sort of ‘bulk-buy’ like when you gotta provide a little gift bags for a birthday or wedding - you’re thinking of a mass rather than an individual. But Jesus didn’t see it this way and doesn’t see it that way now. I matter to Jesus.  You matter to Jesus. You mattered to Him long before you ever realized He was there. You mattered before you were even among the sheep in His pen. You are a name; you are not a number. Every aspect of you is memorized by Jesus and He loves you without condition.

Soak up that feeling of true love. Now remind yourself that those around you matter to Jesus too. Love them. Love Him. This life is delicate so remember that everyone matters to the One who paid the price for their lives. Whether they know it or not.

-31 Women (Nan)

Underneath Your Clothes - part 6 Final

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Featuring: Hoseok, Jhope (BTS)
Genre: a little angst, then pure smut
By: Admin S

So….this is just under 5000 words. I was going to break it up, but I didn’t. So…have fun reading~ This is the final part, so thank you to everyone who read all 6 parts!!!

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Making beef ragu today was a… trial.

Every couple of weekends I usually make some sort of meal in bulk. More often than not this is something meaty and slow cooked over 5+ hours. Sometimes curries, sometimes ragu, but generally makes a ton of food that Liv and I can freeze and take out after gym and prepare with minimal effort.

Today it was ragu (promised Liv earlier in the week) which after a ton of experimenting I’ve adapted to my tastes. It generally works out pretty well, it’s done in a cast iron lidded dish in the oven and I know where shit goes wrong. Generally it’ll take 4ish hours in the oven.

This time, I decided that I was going to try to put it in the electric slow cooker, since I’d upped the carrot/onion/celery ratio quite a lot and now struggle to fit it into the pot with the additional stock and wine. The electric slow cooker tends to be easier, too so I figured why not give it a shot. Figured 6 hours would be enough, and set it to cook.

6 hours later, the beef is chewy and the sauce is liquid and it’s already 7pm and I’m very sad because I wasn’t sure I could fix it. So I give up, preheat the oven and throw it in the usual dish for 3 hours.

Comes out fuckin perfect at 11pm.

The whole saga took me nearly 12 hours. This is what I get for trying new things, sigh.


The old Capitol Theatre, in Malacca, Malaysia, on a rainy day. It sits in the middle of the fairly busy city, next to the Tan Kim Hock store, which is a great place to get all sorts of Malaysian snacks in bulk. I’m actually extraordinarily surprised that it’s not more vandalized than it is - it’s easily accessible, and even though it’s on a busy street, it’s still pretty quiet inside. 

This photographer on Flickr had a little bit more insight into the history of the place(as well as more pictures). 

Editors’ Picks: ASOS

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One year ago today I hit my “goal weight” and in the one year of maintaining my weightloss I’ve continued to make progress both mentally and physically.

Left: running 4-6x a week, minimal weight training (really just weight machines), still counting calories, eating 1700-1800 calories a day

Right: lifting 5-6x a week, cardio on the elliptical when the mood strikes, no longer counting calories but easily eating 2000+ a day

I’m 130 in both pictures, but my weight hasn’t been completely static, it fluctuates daily (like everyones does), and the couple of times I weighed myself during the winter I was about 135. Now I know it’s not a huge physical difference, I didn’t do any sort of proper bulk/cut, which I may do this year, but the freedom and peace of mind that has come with no longer tracking and counting everything I eat is more progress than I could have ever hoped for.

Also let this be proof that lifting weights will not make you bulky ladies!


Sort of progress pics, I weighed in at 201 today. Not too bad, I’ve definitely gained some fat, but not something that really worries me since I’ll be looking to cut come the end of February. I’d venture that I’m about 14-15% bf at the moment. (Sorry no back picture, I can’t seem to pose right for it)

Mid afternoon greetings to you lovely folks.
I will be taking a mini vacation to seaside this wed and have been recently
inspired to make some new shop banners for the etsy store.
It would be fun to make a few banners for other etsy folks too while lounging in the sea breezes of a beach hotel <3  

Any handcrafters etsy shops need new banners?
Only down side is that i don’t have many fancy fonts to choose from but that aside, i have hundred of photos to use for banner making… bones, stones, nature, crystals, animals…. and
everything in between.

I can also do banners for other shop sites ( if they use banners) you would just have to tell me the pixels or size it needs to be for shops aside from etsy.
OR you can send me a photo you want turned into a banner of sorts, just make sure its your original photo and not small sized cell phone quality please : )

Also any other handmade folks want to send me their shop links?
I can see about doing some sort of bulk handmade post for all you followers looking for new shops to explore?
ehhh ehhh? nudge nudge?
lets do this.

Here are examples of a few shop banners ive made and used over the years, if you want one..
just send me a message on here with your links and let me know if you want a banner and or a promotion post <3

Above photo was a customer photo, so credit goes to lisa nick clements : )

I choose those 2 fonts for my shops, there are about 30 other fonts i can choose from for more cursive styles to block lettering <3

anonymous asked:

Just want to say I really like your decision not to have tiny spy Steve go on the serum- as much as I enjoyed the MCU movies, it felt vaguely like 'even if what made him STEVE was always there, he would never have been able to be Captain America without serum' and while I get he's supposed to have a complex about it, the in-world adulation that big!Cap gets kind of ruins that. Someone having health issues and that just not being a focus but just part of their backstory just appeals more to me.

Though I WOULD be sort of interested to know how you’d have tiny spy Steve be if he was offered the same sort of MAGICAL BULKING STRENGTH serum, I have to admit.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the story! (I assume both asks were you, sorry if you guys are two different anons!)

Regarding Steve’s reaction to the idea of being Cap…well, in the original MCU canon, Steve takes the Serum because it’s the only way he can get into combat – he’s an orphan and his best (possibly only?) friend is enlisted and overseas, so he pretty much has nothing to lose and everything to gain. There’s no downside to taking the Serum for him, except perhaps death, and Steve doesn’t really seem to fear death. Maybe because he faces it a lot. Certainly he has no fear of pain.

But this Steve has friends, he has the job he always wanted, and he has a boyfriend he adores. The risk/reward ratio is very different. Literally the only benefit, in his eyes, is that he’d be taller and bulkier, and that’s not necessarily even a benefit to a man who has made a career of being nimble and invisible. He’d probably look at projections of what we think of as Cap and go “Why the fuck would I want to be built like a tank? I’d stand out like a sore thumb. And I’m risking death for this?” He might appreciate the extra strength and super-fast healing, but I don’t think they’d be enough to tempt him.

And honestly I think a Steve born into the modern era, with the benefit of our backwards gaze on eugenics and nuclear arms escalation, would have a very different take on the advisability of building a race of super soldiers. You can’t unsqueeze that toothpaste tube. I think he’d have to meet Erskine and like him a lot before he’d even allow the testing to go forward without going either to the press or to arms to stop it.

So I think he might say yes (with extensive reservations) if it was determined that he was genetically the most fit for the procedure. But if it’s just a question of warm bodies, someone else who really needs the help should be their first candidate – and that’s if he thinks it should happen at all.