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How to use French in Hetalia fics

This is mostly directed to Hetalia fans who write APH France and use the occassional French in their fics. So whether or not you think you’re using it right, read this anyways from someone learning French.

If I, someone with only basic knowledge of it, can tell you for sure that it’s wrong? You need to check your work. 

  • Google translate is NOT a good translator. It does not show you what you need to know, and unless you know basics, you’re probably gonna just use whatever good old Google spouts out to you, won’t you? Bad choice. I used to make the same mistake myself until I actually began to learn the language.
  • Pronouns, she/her and he/him, change the rest of the sentence in the pet names I bet you use (because I use them too). When you are calling someone something like “dear,” the word “dear” will change depending on the gender of the person receiving the compliment. For example, here are some correct uses:

“Are you sure, mon cheri?” Francis asked Arthur, raising an eyebrow. “You don’t seem very sure.” (When being said to a male, adjectives do not have an ‘e’ on the end unless it’s already there)

“Are you sure, mon cherie?” Francis asked Alice, raising an eyebrow. “You don’t seem very sure.” (When being said to a female, adjectives must have an ‘e’ added to the end unless it’s already there)

“Are you sure, ma cheri/e?” Francesca asked, raising an eyebrow. “You don’t seem very sure.” (When a female is saying something, in this case nyo!France, the possessive word ((mon or ma)) is ma. For males, it is mon.)

Important: When you using something such as an animal (”mon/ma lapin”) the animal will not change. The only word subject to change is mon/ma.

  • Look around for a good translator, or at least a site that will give a small lesson in adjectives and how to use them. Ask someone who knows French if nothing else. If you’re too lazy to look for something this important to your fic, then maybe you aren’t ready to write it.

I’ll be happy to help with this for anyone, even if I’m not a pro at the language yet or a native speaker. But I do know enough to know that people don’t often think of this when they write fanfics. Most of this can probably also go for other languages as well, so be sure you read it carefully and do your research before writing!

If you have any corrections, please PLEASE tell me or reblog this with them because I know that not everything here might be correct, but I’m about 99% sure it is, if only mostly.

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Athyra, stop killing me with all the fluffy DiaRiko! My poor gay shipper heart can't take it

(||| ̄ω ̄) I was just rambling a three-paragraph response but somehow this turned into a tiny bliplet (set in anime-verse):

“Riko-san? Are you alright?”

Riko jolts and instinctively hides her hand behind her back, regretting it a moment later. It isn’t as if she’s doing something wrong, but her action makes her suspicious to any onlookers and it’s no exception for the student council president who happens to pass by.

Dia frowns and strides purposefully towards the younger girl. “What were you doing?”

Sighing, Riko reluctantly holds out her hand and braces herself for the inevitable. “I-I accidentally hurt myself and I was looking for bandaids-”

Just as she expected, Dia begins to fuss over the small cuts and reprimands her for coming to the club room instead of the infirmary. “This is not enough. Come with me, you need to-”

Riko firmly stays her ground even as Dia pulls at her hand, mindful of the injured areas. “I’m fine, Dia-san. It doesn’t hurt that bad, I’d rather not make a big deal out of this-”

Dia interrupts her with a severe look. “It is not the matter of pain, Riko-san. You have such pretty hands, you need to take care of them better.”

“Huh? What-?” Riko is so taken aback that Dia has successfully tugged her towards the door before she realizes it. She glances down at the older girl’s hand, noting how it is the same size, if not slightly smaller than her own. Suddenly conscious their contact, of the warmth from Dia’s hand, Riko could feel a faint blush forming on her cheeks.

The blush only darkens when other students glance their way curiously. The student council president is unaware of all the attention, with the way she walks down the hallway and her grip still unrelenting yet somehow gentle around the younger girl’s. By the time they reach the infirmary, Riko’s face is already red enough which prompts Dia to ask if she has a fever as well.

“Mou, Dia-san! I told you, I’m fine!” Riko tries to free her hand, flustered from the idle gossip and the taller girl’s intent gaze.

“Humor me then. I will not feel fine until the cuts are treated properly,” Dia’s curt tone ends any room for argument.

Frowning, Riko stubbornly remains silent while Dia gingerly dabs at the small cuts with a cotton swab. She appreciates Dia’s sentiment, but she is rather embarrassed by the whole spectacle earlier and miffed about the latter being oblivious to her discomfort.

After Dia carefully wraps the bandaids around the cuts, she continues to hold Riko’s hand, much to her confusion.

“Apologies for being so forceful earlier, Riko-san.”

A childish side of Riko wants to stay silent, but the rest of her understands that her senpai did all those because she cares. “It’s okay… I just wish you didn’t make such a big deal out of this.”

“I stand by what I said before. Your hands are very pretty, it would be awful if scars were to blemish the skin, would it not?” Dia’s gaze is still focused on the bandaids, her voice laced with concern.

Riko swallows hard. “That’s- well, I think your hands are prettier, Dia-san.”

The older girl gives her a small smile. “But mine are normal, whereas yours belong to a pianist, especially one as talented as you.”

“What’s with all the compliments?” Riko can’t help but squeak, though she is rather pleased about those sincere words.

“… I was just thinking earlier, when I was in the student council room, what and where I would be now if you had not come to Uranohoshi.”

Unprepared for the somber sentiment, Riko feels the elation in her heart diminishes a little, replaced by worry. “What happened?”

The older girl shakes her head. “Nothing. The thought just appeared out of nowhere, but it is indeed true. You have made so many things possible, Riko-san, and I am happy with the way things are.” A quiet chuckle then lifts the heavy atmosphere. “So forgive me for being overprotective.”

“Dia-san…” Warmth fills her chest as Riko covers Dia’s hand with hers. She feels silly for being upset earlier, now that she knows the truth. “I-I’m also grateful, for being here. I love Aqours and Uchiura, and I’m happy with the way things are too.”

They share an understanding look, smiling at each other as the words and feelings sink in. However, as Riko gazes at Dia and marvels at how the sunlight from the open window envelopes her form, a revelation slowly takes root in her pounding heart.

She is actually not wholly happy with way things are. Maybe, just maybe, she wants a change, something more, with the emerald-eyed girl gently cradling her bandaged hand.

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Why do you think GSNK did not get a second season?

  • Maybe Tsubaki doesn’t care for one? Anime exists primarily to promote the original source. The anime boosted GSNK manga sales big time. She’s probably happy with that.
  • Getting a second season for any anime is really difficult (mostly for money reasons), even if it’s popular. Only like Attack On Titan-tier series are guaranteed second seasons really.

It’s probably the reason
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