sort of an ethereal thing i suppose

A Follower PSA?

To my MCSM Followers: Mcsm is still cool and all, but… I am INCREDIBLY burnt out. So burnt out. For TWO YEARS I’ve been neck deep in Blocks and it’s fun and I love it. But the thing is, it’s starting to get to a point where I just don’t really enjoy it as much anymore. Ideas aren’t really coming. Writing fic for it has become a struggle of sorts. So I’m taking a bit of a break, I suppose. I’m still here, in the ether, but you’re going to see much less mcsm content coming from me.

To my new Fallout followers: This game is super cool, and so is the fan base, and all of the awsome artists/writers. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and giving me some fresh content. Though, to any of you looking for something new to play or watch, I’m honestly going to recommend Minecraft: Story Mode. I know, it sounds silly and stupid and “cringey”, but that’s what I thought it would be too. It’s not the greatest, and it has its flaws, but it’s actually really interesting and has some FANTASTIC characters, environments, and story elements. It’s not for everyone, but if you like telltale games and modern/mideval mash-up sort of stories (As well as the good ol Block Game, obviously), I’d say give it a shot!