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Canon Vs Fanon

-’Harry can’t name children for shit’ edition- 



Harry: Because come on, who else would I name you after? 

((OOC: I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages soo hopefully I will be able to do more canon Vs fanon threads in the future <3 this one is just me righting some wrongs))

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Hey nonny :+) !! I’m 100% confident that you’ve been sending me the same “hate” comments for the past 2 days (ex. “kys”, “ur fake” etc, I don’t have the screenshots cause I deleted them cause I thought it’s a one time thing but you’re quite persistent!). So thank you for reminding me to install statcounter on this blog (I installed it on my old but forgot to add it here) so I can track IPs and block them. Have a great one nonny :+) !!

Ruby!Sonic’s personality is exactly the same as Sonic’s except for minor differences in presentation. He tends to use big ‘smart’ words in the middle of a battle along with the usual quips to intimidate opponents. 

His movement is very gratuitous, over the top, and twirl-ey. He makes sudden jumps across space a lot more often than Infinite does.

In terms of fighting style, he acts like Infinite does but would come close (like standing on the ground next to you) just to get in some close quarters kicks and punches.

(one attack concept i liked is that he’ll duplicate himself and all the copies would do a spindash at you in some sort of pattern)

Spoiler/fake leaks alert

You know with all those fake leaks going round I still have to say I almost wish that Cersei indeed would capture the Northern fool.

Is this the passionate sex Kit snd Lena talked about in the commentary of season 7? Hate Sex between Cersei and Jon? Anybody else for it?

And then Jon comes back home and says: ‘I had two Queens. Dear Sansa, third time is the charm.’

1,000 posts!

Hey! I did a thing!

Thanks for sticking around and reading* my stories! I’m working on a new advent gift and maybe a larger follower gift down the road! 


remember when yamamoto dragged gokudera to hell and back because turns out he takes his duty as a guardian so seriously that he got mad as hell that gokudera was indirectly putting more stress on tsuna’s shoulders

because turns out he’s been taking gokudera’s aspiration to be tsuna’s right hand man completely seriously but was also completely serious himself when he said he would be it instead, meaning he’s been watching and evaluating gokudera’s performance

because turns out he’s well aware that tsuna relies on him and his easygoing confident attitude and purposefully makes sure tsuna doesn’t ever see his smile chip, for the sake of his peace of mind, and is frustrated to all hell when gokudera strolls in and ruins the delicate atmosphere he’s built