sort of a feeder

Just because I’m a feeder that blogs about 400+ lb dudes and stuffing people until they can’t move, doesn’t mean anything less would be disappointing.

I suppose this is a PSA of sorts? A personal one though. I definitely can’t speak for all feeders with this one. Although I’m hoping some of them can relate.

I would never want my feedee (and therefore partner, since I wouldn’t want a feedee I wasn’t in a relationship with) to feel like they weren’t enough. Like they weren’t making me happy. Because my feedee would also be my partner, there is so SOOO much more that I look for outside of shared kinks. I would rather date someone that’s 230 lbs than someone who’s 350 lbs, if he was a better fit for me.

Perhaps some people have certain desires they consider ‘must-haves’, and I guess I have a few myself. I mean, there does have to be SOME kink compatibility. However a little communication can go a long way. I am well aware of the hesitations that come with gaining weight. I’m aware that people have limits for what they’re comfortable with. Having those hesitations or limits does not mean you’re a bad feedee. I am more than happy to sit down and talk about alternatives, fantasies, or different ways to incorporate what we like so that we’re both happy.

Pectinatella magnifica

…is a species of freshwater colonial Lophopidid bryozoan (Phylum Bryozoa) which is widely distributed throughout North America and parts of Europe. P. magnifica colonies can reach lengths of ~2 meters and are typically seen attached to some sort of hard object. Like other bryozoans P. magnifica is a suspension feeder, using a specialized feeding structure known as a lophophore to gather nutrients. 


Animalia-Bryozoa-Phylactolaemata-Plumatellida-Lophopodidae-Pectinatella-P. magnifica

Image: Triclops200