sort of a 3d gif

A puzzle solving animation for Flora, sorry if it looks a little rough around the edges, I’m still a little bit new to animating 3D models and this is probably the most interesting one I’ve made so far (The rest are mainly simple idle or walk cycles and all….)

Hopefully I’ll be able to take this further and use her for various personal projects that may become available for me to do at some point. SinceLevel5clearlyisn’tplanningtouseheranytimesoonapparentlycough…. :T

I think I should probably set up a YouTube account for this sort of stuff.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. ^^


No Drama

Great new music video for track by Cadenza featuring Avelino and Assassin put together by @pussykrevv is an energetic mix of 3D scanning and pixel sorting glitches:

Our aim was to create a piece beyond the standard performance video. We presented the artists as 3D scans and fused them with digitally created environment. The vibe of the track is intense, bit aggressive. We were trying to recreate this atmosphere as a visual experience and produce powerful imagery, where the invisible violence is transformed into personal strength.
The video may seem dark at first, but this darkness is not hopeless, it’s a state of matter where one can be reborn and reclaim their mastery. We were envisioning an aftermath of a battle, some sort of weird cathartic occurrence.
We decided to put the strong female characters at the front of the piece, as we thought they would be the best at translating the energy of the song and convey the message we wanted to communicate through the video. We feel that our work reflects the nature of current times in many ways, filtering everyday experiences and global issues into painting­-like scenes. 

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