Somewhat belatedly for Trending 27th but early for your birthday, happy birthday, @crackmccraigen ! Thank you so much for creating Wander Over Yonder, The Powerpuff Girls, and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and all your contributions to so many other cartoons of my childhood and present.

I hope the years to come are great, and best of luck in your future projects!

That said, we are ever optimistic, so: @savewoy @disneyxd and petition for season 3.

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Your snarky-ness is seriously amusing. Your fuqs made me giggle like pervy sensei part iii. I was reading this kakasaku fic where you write about Sasuke traipsing off on his Atonement World Tour and I completely lost it. I wish I were that sarcastic...

Sasuke tries out a new outfit for his next Atonement World Tour. Featuring all of his greatest hits plus new tracks you’re gonna love!

  • Brooding
  • Everyone I Love Is Dead (And I’m Gonna Love You Next)
  • Revolution
  • Cancel the Revolution (Cuz Naruto Kicked My Ass)
  • (Anyone Got Any) Alternatives to Revolution
  • Apparently Nothing Is Actually Going to Change (Instrumental Ver.)
  • Brooding (Reprise)

(I’m glad you enjoyed my fic)

Ok, so I know absolutely no one in this fandom nor I have actually interacted with it that much, but somehow imagination kind of came to me today and I feel like I should share this with you all? 


I’ve got the feeling that once you win Mick’s trust there’s no way out unless you go and betray him for good, for it being so hard to win that you actually have to prove yourself over and over until he knows you’re trustful. And once you are under Mick’s wing you’re just, there. He knows so and he doesn’t need you to be happy about it nor even cares if you actually care about you being considered trustful by him. The same way a mother hen would see an abandoned baby duckling and say “this is my chicken now, not yours. Stay away.” 

I think something like that would also happen when it comes to relationships. He wouldn’t talk about feelings, he’s not a talkative guy, he would just see if he’s not imagining things, understand their chemistry for how it is, and give that person a place in his life, a place for the other to fit in. He doesn’t need to put it into words, he just finds where and how the other one fits in his life and says “ah, there’s that” and moves on.

Now, imagine that maybe Ray and Mick have been fooling around for awhile, Ray may think it’s nothing serious, Mick never talks about it nor shows anything about what they have going on between them. What happens in their rooms stays in their rooms, only them and Gideon are the wisers, and whenever they’re with the group they act as they usually would, as if nothing changed. Imagine that for this or that reason they have to go back to their time and talk to Lisa, and presentation time is up.

Imagine Mick saying “that’s the team, except for him. Haircut and I are together”. Imagine he kind of forgot to tell Ray that. Imagine Ray’s face. Imagine the group’s faces.

So of course Ray wasn’t even remotely aware of what Mick thought about him, about them, he didn’t even think Mick would consider them an item so when the words are out of Mick’s mouth the first thing he says is “Wait, what? No, wait. What?” because suddenly the woman in front of him looks very threatening, all sharp teeth and wild smirk much like her brother, and his teammates aren’t exactly helpful with their reactions:

“Wait a sec, they’re shagging?” / “since fucking when?” / “oh dear lord I didn’t need that mental image in my head, thank you Mr. Jackson” among others.

Cue for lots of awkwardness, weird looks, embarrassing chats, and meetings that last way too long for Ray to snatch a private moment to get to talk to Mick alone and without prying eyes around.

“I’m not saying that I don’t want us to be together, okay?” Is the first thing Ray says once he gets Mick all for his own “All I’m saying is that before you go around telling people that we are together you should’ve at least.. asked me, if I wanted to be with you. To… date you” and it’s incredibly stupid how jittery and nervous he has been feeling since Mick outed them just like that.

“But you want to, don’t ya?” 

And it’s also incredibly infuriating how passive Mick feels about it all, how calm he looks, as if the whole conversation was pointless, as if it were as simple as “you want to, I want to, where’s the problem?” …Maybe Mick does have a point though.

“Sure, I do but…” 

“Then there, problem solved.” And with a swing of his beer Mick stands up and leaves the room, not without giving him a firm pat on his shoulder. Maybe Ray’s overthinking it, maybe it was really that easy. Still he can’t help but sigh, feeling resigned about it all. Don’t get him wrong, the whole prospect of being an actual, facebook official couple makes him thrilled, he’s happy, he’s so happy he believes he won’t be able to stop smiling for decades. That’s not why he sighs though, it’s just that something at the back of his mind tells him that Mick’s way-too-forward ways will get him into a way lot of trouble.

He’ll remember exactly that thought when, five years from then on Mick comes to him, slams a ring into the table (an engagement ring in fact!) and leaves the room right after saying “We’re getting married”.

“Wait, what? Mick? Mick! What did I tell you about asking first!?” Ray asks while running after him, ring now secured in the palm of his hand. At least this time he told him first instead of doing so in front of the whole team, that has to count as a win somehow, right? Right?

You know, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I think a lot about that scene in “The Big Day” where Wander said the whole destruction thing started out as a ruse, only to dedicate to go along with it and that he was willing to die after seeing how happy it made Hater. 

At 1st, it freaked me out. But then it got confirmed that Wander is over 1000 years old, ancient basically, and it kind of makes me wonder how Wander’s age affected his perspective on death. Even his birthday song for Hater is kind of morbid, talking about how he’s not going to be around for long, so Hater better make the most of his life now.

But at the same time, we’ve seen Wander scared in dangerous or unfamiliar situations before. Like with Lord Dominator, for example.

I don’t know if it means anything. But I just found it interesting.

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There has been so much juicy rivamika content like how can people NOT ship them omg

To be fair, shipping is a personal issue and if a ship doesn’t resonate with a person, they just won’t ship it (there is this super popular pairing in one of my other fandoms that I just can’t get into - doesn’t mean it’s a bad ship or anything, just that it doesn’t appeal to my personal tastes and that’s perfectly okay).

On the other hand, the plethora of content should be enough to put to rest, once and for all, every single “it’s just a crack ship” argument.

In the upcoming season 2, we’ll see Levi and Mikasa talk to each other, argue with each other, trust each other and fight side by side. Several times. Platonic-wise, they are absolutely canon. Romantically? Not yet :p

Seriously though, I think there will be an upsurge in the number of shippers after season 2 starts airing. The manga itself builds such a great case for the relationship that even if people won’t ship it for reasons of their own, most of them will have to admit, that yeah, there is something there.

Personally, I’m delighted at how much our ship has been in the spotlight recently but even if it wasn’t, well, I ship it and that’s enough for me, content or not. Although having so much content sure is nice.


I was just thinking about it and realized for being a multi-fandom blog I literally only post about Sanvers and SuperCorp. (Admittedly my other shows have no new content, except for OUAT, but still…) So I’m going to attempt to post stuff for my other OTP’s. Like I’ve been in the mood for more WayHaught and Swan Queen recently. And when Turf Wars comes out you bet I’ll be spending some time in the Korrasami tag. And Couple-ish will be back at the end of April and I’ll definitely be eating up the non binary representation when that comes out. So yeah, the “multi” part will be a thing sooner or later. Lol

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I am the one who said that Jody would rise Luci Jr And I know I said It randomly but now I feel like I touch a nerve And I feel bad about it. Even if that's not the case And you just used It to explain what you explained... sorry It wasn't my intention

Hi, I’m sorry if I gave you that impression - I was not annoyed at all! I just thought - you know - I’m not really the gushing sort, and I’m not into fluff or wishing things would just go right. So with an ask like yours, my first reaction was Aaaw, of course that would be nice, but then I realized I’d seen other people dicussing this scenario already, so I felt there was little point about trying to develop that and maybe it was interesting to push it in the other direction? But it wasn’t meant to be against you, or anybody. I just like to think that way, like - It’d be great if Sam and Dean come clean to each other and find a way to save the Nephilim and Jody adopts him/her, but what if none of that stuff happens? What then? That’s, like, my default reasoning style - I mostly walk around thinking about what I would do if a friend was kidnapped, or if my train broke down and we were all stuck on it for 24 hours; if pigeons were suddenly the size of horses, if everyone over the age of 42 disappeared into thin air. If civilization broke down.

(And, yes, I actually have a plan for most of those things, and my zombie apocalypse list is getting alarmingly detailed.)

So, you know, sometimes I marvel at how chirpy everyone seems to be - because when it comes to the past, every single post in this fandom could easily be tagged OUCH and HOW VERY DARE and TOO SOON, right, because it’s all heartbreaking gifs about Dean crying and Sam dying and people spitting blood and feelings right, left and centre, and so I find it weird, actually - how optimistic and well-adjusted we seem to be about the future, because those posts, man - mostly Destiel ficlets - every single one that crosses my dash is Dean blushing as he bakes pie for everybody, and Cas buying books and bees and garden tools, and everybody hugs a lot and as much as I like to think about them that way - safe and happy and well-fed - I find it way more interesting to focus on the cracks and the pain and how to get them from what they are now to that future of quiet domesticity. And when I got your ask, really - part of me wanted to just answer with a ^THIS gif, but I like this about our fandom, that we can start conversations and speculate about bizarre things, so I just thought I’d seize the opportunity to express some traditional and endearing European pessimism.

I don’t know if I managed to explain? Really - I wasn’t upset, or anything else. Your ask simply gave me the occasion to write down a couple of things that have been lowkey bugging me since that ‘we’ll find another way’ speech - so, uhm - sorry if I hijacked it. For what is worth, I hope the kid doesn’t die.