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@aftgexchange @kitshunette  i took some liberties with the perfect court au and it doesn’t really match your prompt but i still hope you like it! happy holidays! (and i got a bit carried away so you’ll get a part two haha)


robin hood meme → 1/3 locations → Sherwood Forest

     I’d forgotten how beautiful sunsets here can be. Sherwood… it’s home.


10/100 | 12 March 2016 | 5:14 pm

Firstly, I’d like to thank all the people in the studyblr community for reaching out to me when I was really stressed and down. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen or for anyone to send me messages, so this was beyond my imagination. This community is so supportive and everyone in it truly wants the other to succeed, which is crazy amazing/cool. I am very grateful to be apart of a community made up of such cool and genuine people. 

UPDATE: Life is still busy and I’ve been working on how to cope, which is good. I still have a mountain of things I need to finish, but I believe with time and effort I will manage to finish, if not all, a good chunk of it. On the semi-bright side I managed to score a 90% on my calc exam which I’m not content with (and also can’t fix) but will accept for now. I also started writing down dates to apply for universities and when to take my entrance exams in my planner, so that part of my life feels semi-sorted out… Now I just have to study -_- How are you all doing? Staying unstressed I hope?

  • Me, dragging my heathen ass to church this morning: dear God, please don't let it be a #real pregnancy. please make the twist™ a real thing. i know i've been asking you to sort out my actual real life, but forget about that for now. we can worry about that next year.
  • just please. save. robron.
Pet Project (Drax x Reader)

Synopsis: You are taken aboard the Milano while unconscious. When you wake up, you find out you’ve become Drax’s ‘Pet Project.’  

READ: So, here’s part one of idk how many. It’s also in your POV just after this first part. Ps. I’m watching GOTG Vol1 for the millionth time just to pay attention to Drax to try and capture his character a bit better. Hope it’s okay! (unedited for the moment)

Word count: 1.4k

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Work was so boring lmfao no wonder they can’t give me enough hours it’s constantly dead. Apart from Friday/Saturday nights I think. I spent 90% of my time doing very little, luckily creepy manager wasn’t in today, but another guy who we went out with the other night was being really cold with me and I can only guess that it’s because he tried to get with me and I was like um…. no. So that’s great! I love life. Men are the worst. I’m applying for better jobs and trying to sort my life out right now 🙄

I love you too - You’re the Worst s02e13

Holiday misfortunes - Part Six

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) and Conor don’t really get along, but she decides to go on a lads holiday. 


Conor’s POV

(Y/N) lay across the sun lounger on our balcony, her hand laced in mine as we both relaxed. We hasn’t really spoken much since the kiss, we both knew we had something but it was complicated and we just wanted to adjust to the change. 

“Hello, lovebirds. Wanna grab lunch?” Joe said from behind us, his hand rested on my back making me jump and let go of (Y/N)’s hand. 

“Don’t call us that, Sugg.” She smiled, standing up and walking into the hotel room. I followed behind her with Joe. 

We’d agreed to take it slow between us, she wanted to take time to trust me and I needed tome to sort my own life out now. 

“Guys, I just need to grab some stuff, I’ll meet you outside.” She said, we nodded and joined the rest of the guys in the hallway. 

“You told her yet?” Jack asked me, quickly I brushed him off and stuffed my phone in my jean pocket. 

“Look buddy, you know I’m happy for you both but if you hurt her I’ll hurt you. That’s a promise.” Caspar said, this side of him was rarely seen. I nodded before (Y/N) came out of the hotel room. 

“Ready?” Mikey asked, we all nodded and we walked to the warm breeze of the streets. 

“God, I’m starving.” Josh said, (Y/N)’s hand found her way to my own as we walked to a burger place. 

We sat down at a makeshift table the staff had to put together and ordered our food, it came quickly as the restaurant was fairly quiet. Probably because we’d gone for lunch at 2pm. 

“Look, I really don’t wanna sound like I’m complaining but it’s so weird not having to stop you two arguing.” Oli laughed, I nodded and sipped my coke as (Y/N) giggled. 

“Yeah well, he’s not so bad.” She smiled looking at me. 

“Well, that’s gross.” Jack said, taking a bite of his burger. 

“Ah, young love.” Joe laughed, but gave me a subtle look. The look that made my insides twist, I knew I had to tell her but I had no idea how to. I knew it could ruin us and everything we had and I wanted to stay in this little reality I’d built for myself. 

“Well, I’m thinking a quiet night in tonight?” Mikey suggested to the group. 

“Wow guys, you’ve had those a lot recently. You feeling okay, I mean you came here to party.” (Y/N) laughed, I nodded along with her. 

“Good point, let’s go out!” Jack said. 

“I knew you’d agree!” She laughed, Jack winked on. A fire started in the pit of my stomach. 

“Let’s all go get ready, its half three now so by the time we get back and ready it’ll be around six?” Oli suggested, all of us agreed and paid for the food. 

Once me and (Y/N) got back to the hotel room I knew I had to say something about Jack and her, my blood was boiling thinking about it. 

“What was that?” I exploded as she looked through her suitcase. 

“What?” She asked, pulling out a red dress. 

“What do you mean what? At the restaurant?” I said, she looked up at me confused as she began applying makeup. 

“Conor, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She said, honestly sounding confused but my temper was getting the best of me. 

“With fucking Jack, (Y/N), are you kidding? He’s my brother!” I shouted, she looked shocked while she picked up her stuff. 

“I’m going to get ready in Joe and Caspar’s room, come and get me once you’ve realised how ridiculous you’re being!” She said sternly. I watched her walk over to their room, shutting our door lightly as theirs opened. 

A few minutes later I had a knock at my door, opening it I revealed Caspar. I almost wanted to slam the door in his face but he didn’t look mad at all, so I opened it more and let him in. 

“Look, I’m not here to get mad. I’m here to get ready so (Y/N) can use our bathroom. But Conor, before I shower, you need to tell her tonight. It’s why you’re so on edge, you need to tell her before one of us do.” Caspar said, before walking to the bathroom. I nodded to myself. 

Pulling on some ripped black skinny jeans, a white top and leather jacket I slipped on some back shoes, knowing that she liked this look on me. it’s what she gave me when I forgot my clothes. Caspar came out of the shower in a grey top, a black bomber jacket and black skinny jeans. I smiled at him, and he nodded at me before we made our way to his hotel room. 

“Hey! Let’s go!” (Y/N) said once we’d gotten to their room, the other guys waiting outside with us. She looked stunning in her red dress, black heels and her hair curled, she was breathtaking. I was so lucky. 

“Cor, you look nice, (Y/N).” Mikey smiled, she smiled at him. 

“Aw, well thank you!” She said, walking with him and Joe. I guess me and her aren’t on speaking terms. 

We walked to the club, and got taken to the VIP again. It happens a lot but it still surprises me. Once we’d all settled in the booth and got countless bottles of alcohol. 

I drank myself to a point where I no longer could think about anything but (Y/N), I had to make up with her. She hadn’t spoken to me all night and before my brain could process what I was doing my legs were making their way over to her and Oli. 

“Can I talk to you?” I asked her, she nodded and I lead her to a seat no one was on, I felt all eyes on us as I held her hand. 

“Sorry for snapping at you before, I got jealous because Jack always gets the girls and I guess I was insecure that you’d want him over me.” I admitted, she sat stunned before she kissed me. 

“Don’t be sorry, I want you. Always, for years Conor. I finally have you. I’m not letting you go that easily.” She smiled, I kissed her again before we pulled away and she pulled me up across to the dace floor. 

Caspar gave me two thumbs up, and I returned before me and (Y/N) were dancing to the loud music together. We spent most of the night away from the lads, walking back to the hotel I used my arm around her waist to support her as I carried her shoes, she had my leather jacket around her with her dress. 

Once we got to the hotel she ran to the bathroom, the guys following me into our room. 

“So you told her?” Jack smiled, I nodded proudly. 

“Oh good! I knew you could. I’m glad you’re still together.” Caspar beamed at me. 

“Of course we all, I only had to say sorry.” I laughed, the boys looked at me confused. 

“Conor, you didn’t tell her about Brooklyn? Your girlfriend in London?” Joe said, anger in his voice. 

“Girlfriend?” her timid voice came from the bathroom doorway. 

I’ve fucked up. 


Hello!! There’s part six, I hope you all liked it! Feel free to leave feedback or request, have a wonderful day/night :)

Okay Part 3 - Requested (Luke)

Hey guys I got a few requests to write a part 3 to Okay. Please read part 1 and 2 first.

“Lissy? You’re home?” you drop your keys on the table by the door, you just got back from work.

“Kitchen!”, you make your way to the kitchen. “I’m making dinner”

You lean against the doorframe: “You are making dinner?”

“Don’t be so surprised!”

“Why are you cooking? You never cook”

“I just felt a bit guilty letting you go home alone”

“That’s okay babe. How was it?” you raise an eyebrow.

“It was good”, she continues cooking.

“Good, it was just good?”

“Okay”, she stops and turns to you, “it was great. That guy knows what he’s doing. They way that he can move and”

“Stop, stop please stop”, you interrupt her.


“It’s weird. You’re my friend and Michael is my friend and I don’t really want to know what you did. I don’t need the details”, you shake your head just thinking about them.

“Yeah that’s fair”

“What are we eating?”

“Spaghetti,”, Lissy stirs in the pot, “ in like five minutes. Can you please set the table?” You walk to the cabinets and take out what you need. “How was your night?”

“Fine, was good to see the boys again”

“That’s not what I’m after. How was things with Luke?”

“Uh yeah fine I guess”

“Just fine? Cause he looked very happy at breakfast”

“You had breakfast with them?” you can’t hide the shock in your voice.

“Mikey asked me to stay the entire night and then for breakfast. It wouldn’t be very polite of me to reject now would it?”

“When did you get so polite? I can’t remember you being like this”, you smirk.

“I’m always polite”, she rolls her eyes.

“See that. That’s not polite”

“Piss off”, she puts the food on the table and sits down, “and that was not the point. What happened with Luke?”

“Nothing really”, you don’t look at Lissy instead you take some spaghetti.

“You are lying! I can tell. Come on spill”

“Fine,” you take a deep breath and look at her, “Luke told me he missed me and that he wants me back.” Lissy doesn’t respond immediately. “And we kissed”

“You kissed!” she practically shouts. You shyly nod yes. “How was it?” you can feel her curious eyes burning on yours.

You look up. “It was amazing”

“Do you want him back?”

“I don’t know, yes, no. Lis I don’t know. We broke up because I didn’t make him happy anymore, what if that happens again? And my life is good now, everything is sorted out. I love my job, love my house, love my friends. I don’t want to give it up for nothing”

“We all need to take risks sometimes. You know they aren’t leaving till later, you can still go and see him if you want”

“No. if I see him now, I’ll just be sucked in”

“What do you want to do?”

“For now nothing”

“Okay, so what are we doing tonight?”

“I’m not really in the mood for doing anything”

“Night in it is. Let’s watch a movie, eat popcorn and ice cream”

“Sounds great”

You eat your dinner whiles chitchatting, then you clean up and do the dishes.

“What movie are we watching?”

“I don’t care, you can pick Lis. I’m going to change in my peejays”

You walk to your room, but you get stopped by the doorbell. “I’ll get it!” you yell to Lissy.

You open the door, Luke is standing in front of you. “Luke”, you let out surprised.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry that I just showed up like this, but we’re leaving in an hour and I just wanted to talk to you about yesterday.”, you nod in understanding, “And I wanted to see you.”

You give him a little smile. “Luke yesterday was …”

“Don’t say it was a mistake”

“No it was not. It felt good, it felt right. But Luke …”

“You need time, I get that. But know that I will wait for you. I love you (Y/N)”

You feel your heartbeat increase. “I love you too”, Luke steps closer to you.

“Can we please start over?”

“Luke please”

“I miss you, (Y/N)”, he puts one of his hands on your cheek.

“I can’t give you an answer right now. I need time, you get that right? You let me just walk away and now you are standing here at my door”

“I get it”, he says before putting his lips on yours. He slowly starts moving them, making you move with him. You step closer so your chest is against his. He puts his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him. And you put your arms around his neck, making sure not to lose contact with him.

“Luke”, you moan against his lips.


You pull back a little, so your lips are just apart, touching when you talk. “We need to stop this”

“Why? I like it”

You laugh. “How are we going to do this, starting over?”

“We’ll text and call and skype every day. And you need to come and visit us”


“What about next month?”

“Okay. Can I bring Lissy”

“Sure, Michael is going to love it. I have to go now”

“Okay”, you say when he pecks your lips before he leaves.