sorsha aeducan


My innate dwarf appreciation gravitates to anything and everything nug-related.

Hence, the nuggalope rules them all.

Apologies for the scribbly reply. I want to draw ~all the things~ as replies to many asks I’ve received, but time really doesn’t permit lovingly-rendered ones 😟


Some background bits:

  • This is an alternate take on Lady A’s fade dream sequence in the Until We Sleep AU. My original headcanon is something else entirely, but I felt this kinda works for the purpose of answering this reply.
  • Anders was in a Rivalmance with my Warrior Rashida Hawke, so he was coerced by Justice to commit the act that started the Mage-Templar War. Hawke killed him out of a combination of shock and mercy.
  • Anders appears to Lady A as a combo between his Awakening-Dragon Age 2 selves. Why? Dreams are weird, yo.

While this isn’t exactly the answer you were perhaps expecting, I hope this works for you motherhen-bear :)