AVATAR AU. I know it’s been done before but here’s @onehundredpercenthouses ‘s and my take on it, though I’m not saying ~too much~ because I may write an AU fanfic ;>


He’s from the air nation. His Airbending Master is Samuel Holt, and he trains alongside his good friend Matt, Sam’s son. Shiro is spirit-sensitive (much like Jinora from LoK) and therefore, Master Holt takes it upon himself to bring Shiro and his son into the spirit world for some training. But, something goes terribly wrong and they get trapped inside the spirit world, Shiro emerging a year later with an ethereal, spirit energy right arm.

Just like her father and brother, she’s an airbender, though a prodigy, having gotten her tattoos pretty early on. She’s a genius just like in Voltron canon. Since her Green Lion’s all about the forest and life, I made her an Airbender since Air Nomads care a lot about nature and keeping the balance.

A tiny bit hot headed, and definitely fast and powerful, Keith is a firebender for obvious reasons.

Loveable Hunk ;w; He’s a total teddybear, looking out for his friends’ well-being. He’s got the element of earth, just like his Lion. ;v;

Again, like his Lion, Lance is water element. He’s from a warmer climate island rather than the southern or northern water tribes. He grew up knowing Keith from school, and is determined to best him in a bending match. 

Aaaannnnd…. that’s about it for now :> ExcepttheVoltronLionisaretotllyelementalLionTurtleswhat

Thanks for coming to the stream guys, hopefully I’ll do more with this soon ;>


In which Robbie Thompson speaks for all of us. (x)(x)

My ex and I split up a year ago . We still live together and he’s recently met someone . I’m so happy for him but there’s a part of me that still loves him and feels broken inside when he brings him over . I feel lost and alone

What hurts most is knowing I wasn’t what he wanted

I’m posting this online not for sympathy but to express what I’m feeling in an anonymous format , I can’t post something like this on FB