You Can Be Happy Again

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Summary: Reader has feelings for Dean and made a plan to show him how she feels the only way he would understand. Cas has feelings for Reader but has to wait for her to stop thinking about Dean, he wants to be there for her to make her happy again. Will Dean understand readers feeling and what will Cas reaction be ? Will reader realize what’s good for her?

Request by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing : Can I have CasxReader where Cas comfort reader for any reason but use his wings to hug her like she feels them

Pairing: Cas x Reader, Dean x Reader (slightly)

Word Count: 2342

WARNING: Angst, smut, fluff

A/N: Here is a new fic. I hope you like it. I corrected myself if any mistakes remain in the text i am sorry

tag: @winchester-smut, @ariannnawinchester @bloodysideofhell, @apple-pie-na @aprofoundbondwithdean@19lynda81@sdavid09 . If anyone one else wants to be tagged in the future let me know about it.

(Y/N) Pov

Tonight was the night, the night you decided to admit your feelings, you had this in mind for a week now, and knew it was time to stop imagining you and him, to stop dreaming about him and his lips on you and to stop thinking maybe you could be together. Yeah, tonight was the night.

You took a step back to look entirely at yourself in the mirror; you had decided to wear something Dean would enjoy looking at. You wore a tie, pants and shirt tie on the side; your belly was showing a bit. He might not listen, but at least you would have gotten his attention, which was step one.

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