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i’m sorry for laughing but he’s totally fine lmao!! he was climbing in the bush bc he was fighting to get out of my hand so he can climb & i let him go bc i REALLY thought he had some grip & then this was the result ! don’t worry tho, i comforted him, made sure he was fine, & he was immediately wanting to get back in there. plus the bush & the ground didn’t have much distance in them whatsoever ! sooo just enjoy puff’s mistake & my voice which i purposely altered during this occurrence bc that’s how i talk to my animals when they do something funny ! (;

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I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing here. The above is the entirety of donations one can find, coming from the Nnobody to anyone, per FEC. This is serious and VERY official stuff, it’s the FEC.

The reason why I can’t stop laughing? You see that 2016 donation to Kaine? You see how in previous years he declared himself “self employed”? 2016, donation to Kaine, the Nnobody himself is telling you he is UNEMPLOYED.
Just in case his fan club insists. Mind you, there’s no LYING about this because taxes are a very serious thing.

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I'm not a fan or Harry Potter, but I'm so in love with your art, and I've seen a lot of your "Auror Potter", but I thought it was a real character, like an uncle, a father I did not know, and I played a game where I was supposed to list characters of the saga so I was screaming "AUROR POTTER on a loop, and, well.. I lost :') Anyway your art is gold <3 I admire you!

you have made my day! I’m sorry I’m laughing, but I had to read your message 3 times until I understand that I’ve given someone who are not potterhead the impression that Auror Potter was another character! (Auror as a first name doesn’t sound so bad, actually xD)

 To be honest, I think it was totally unfair that you’ve lost the game???? I mean, Auror Potter (or auror!Harry) is Harry Potter as an auror, just a little bit old & developed by fandom headcanons! I totally think you should have won! Anyways, I’m so glad you enjoy my art even though you are not a fan of HP. This message has brighten my day!

Stood Up

Pushing the hair out of his face, Joe’s eyes scanned the room, trying to find the phone that was ringing loudly.

Spotting it, he moved quickly around the piles of clothes to grab it, checking the caller id before answering it.

“Why are you calling me?”

“Oh, hello, Joseph! I’m doing wonderful, thanks for asking!”


“Yes, my day has been going good. You’re so kind for inquiring.”


“Alright, sorry,” Jack laughed through the phone, “But I was calling to see how everything is going.”

“Well….” Joe trailed off, glancing around the room that was half in a disaster.

“I can still come over to help, if you want.”

It was Joe’s turn to laugh, “You? Clean?”

“I know how to clean!”

“Sure you do,” Shaking his head, Joe nudged a pile of clothes with his foot, “But it’s going. I’m nearly there.”

“Meaning you’re nowhere near done.” Jack confirmed, “How much longer do you have?”

“Uhm,” Glancing over at his clock, Joe did a quick calculation in his head, “About four hours until she shows up.”

“Plenty of time!”

“If someone lets me get off the phone, sure.”

“Please, like you don’t want to talk to me while you clean,” Jack replied, the eye roll evident in his voice.

“But you’re distracting.”

“I think you’ve confused distracting with entertaining.”

“Right, entertaining.” Joe replied, tucking the phone between his ear and shoulder as he bent over to grab the laundry, “Did you finish your video?”

“Hey! You can’t switch the topic! We were talking about you and your mum coming to visit!”

“Actually, we were talking about me cleaning.”

“But it’s for your mum.”

“You say that like I don’t know that,” Joe threw the clothes into the washing machine, quickly turning it on before he leaned his hip against the machine, grabbing the phone again, “I very much am aware that my mum is meant to be here in four hours.”

“You’re still nervous.”

“I’m fine!”


“Really. I’m fine.”

Jack’s sigh carried clearly through the phone, and Joe ran his hand through his hair, knowing he was caught.

“Everything is going to be perfect, Joe. Stop overthinking shit.”

“I’m not overthinking anything…”

“It’s been years since you two have seen each other, of course you’re overthinking it.”

“Okay, maybe I’m a little nervous. But what if—“

“No. We went through this. No what if’s. Just enjoy the visit with your mum. Remember?”

“Yeah,” Joe smiled, “I remember. Thanks.”

“Any time. Now stop standing around and get back to cleaning.” Jack told him, and Joe couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.

“How do you know I’m standing around?”

“Because I know you.”

“True, you do.”

“Clean, Joseph!”

“I’m going!”

Five hours later, Joe swung open the door, blinking over at Jack.

“I got pizza. And wine.”

“You didn’t have to come…” Joe tried to protest as the younger man brushed past him and into the flat.

“Yes I did.”

“I would have been fine, Jack.” Joe headed for the kitchen to grab two glasses as Jack settled himself onto the couch, pulling up Netflix on the screen.

“Don’t bullshit me, Joe. I know you’re upset.”

“Not that upset…” The older man mumbles, shuffling over to the couch.

“Then why’d you text me to tell me she didn’t show up? You could have just not said anything, and I wouldn’t have been any the wiser.” Jack took the glasses from Joe as he sat down, shooting his mate a worried glance.

“Okay, so maybe I didn’t want to be alone.”

“I’m sorry, Joe.”

“Why are you apologizing?” Joe’s nose scrunched up as he picked up a slice of pizza, “You weren’t the one who stood me up.”

“I know,” Jack shrugged, “But you were looking forward to seeing your mum.”

“Apparently she wasn’t though.” Joe said bitterly.

“Which is why I’m sorry,” Jack told him, “Because I know how excited you were, and how much effort you put in to cleaning this place up. Everything was supposed to be perfect…”

“And look at that, it wasn’t.” Joe drawled sarcastically, even though all he wanted to do was cry.


“Can you just put on a movie, please?”

“Yeah, okay.” Jack nodded, looking over at Joe one last time before selecting a movie.

Halfway through the movie, Joe spoke up.

“Hey, Jack?”

“Hmm?” The younger man tilted his head to look over at him.

“Thanks. For coming over.”

“I wasn’t going to let you be alone.”

“But you could have…and I just…well, thanks.” Joe shrugged, offering Jack a small smile, “I appreciate it.”

“Any time, Joe.” Jack smiled back. “I’m always willing to show up with pizza and wine.”

“Good to know.”

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hey, i think you're rlly cool and if i went off anon i would ask u if u wanted to be friends but i feel like that's weird sorry ;;


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sorry im laughing so hard at that excerpt omg how like unaware do you have to be (but then i guess if he was good @ reading an atmosphere it never would've been like this in the first place)

yeaaaaaah tbh the part that made me go “YIKES” was actually the implication that critrole’s timeline is fluid like dw’s like……

Transcript for Keeping in Touch #6 - It’s Time

Tom: Well, let’s look at you. Don’t you look gorgeous? (suggestively) Are you that colour all over? (laughs)

Rachel: (laughs) Almost, decency permitting. We spent loads of time on the beach.

Tom: It’s…wonderful to see you.

Rachel: I’m sort of glad to be back. Venice was wonderful, of course.

Tom: Did you get my letters? Oh wow, of course you did, I got your reply.

Rachel: (laughs) Sorry it was only a postcard, I didn’t have time for more!

Tom: Altocello looks wonderful.

Rachel: Yes, it was. (pause) It really was. It made a lot of difference.

Tom: Did the system work okay? American Express, no hitches?

Rachel: No. Nothing serious. Nothing that hasn’t been, um, sorted.


Tom: Enigmatic.

Rachel: Oh, you don’t want to hear. (pause) It involved this rather lovely handbag, though. Look.

Tom: Oh, very handsome Italian handbag. It suits you. It suits your Italian man.

Rachel: (laughs) So tell me, how have you managed without me, without our meetings?

Tom: I’ve been…desolate.

Rachel: Ooh!

Tom: Like missing a limb.

Rachel: (laughs)

Tom: Did you know that you’ve become part of me?

Rachel: Yes, I think I know that. And now you’re part of me too.

Tom: And…I have a surprise for you.

Rachel: Oh, I hope it’s a nice surprise.

Tom: Oh, that’s for you to judge. (pause) I’ve found us a place…a place where we can be alone.

Rachel: How?

Tom: I have a friend who’s going abroad for a year who wants to keep up his flat, have someone else in while he’s away.

Rachel: And you mean us?

Tom: Yes darling, I do. Where we can visit instead of pubs and parks. (pause) I hope you do too. I think…it’s - time.

(long pause)

Rachel: I-I don’t want anything that threatens my family. You know that, don’t you?

Tom: No, no, of course not. Nor I mine.

Rachel: You know, while I was away in Venice, I had time to think. (pause) I had things to sort out. And yes, I agree with you. It’s time. It really is time.


!!! What’s this? lol jk it’s just a small teaser I did recently (oh nooo flashback train tracks!). I’ve been getting messages about the Zen Feels Train again despite it being in the FAQ already askjdhsakd does no one read FAQs anymore ;;-;;

So anyway, I was thinking of updating on April and I was thinking of updating per page whenever I finish one && upload it somewhere like tapastic (?) or something similar so I don’t clutter up your dashes. I will still upload sets on tumblr like before but for those who want to view pages as they are completed, the off-tumblr option (tapastic,webtoon,etc idk yet) is always there (…?) what sites would you guys suggest?