09/05/17 - T-2 Days till School

decided to set up a calendar for the entire fall semester
but i only have syllabuses for 2 classes…… 
so it’s looking a bit bare……

 hey pals !!! it’s been a great year and i just wanted to make a post for all you beautiful people for being amazing and for constantly making me laugh !!!! i love you all very much !!! (also i send some of u weird anons so if youve been wondering who it was it was most likely me .. ur welc) 


 my beautiful gc.. uwu ( i WILL NOT stop saying uwu so if u have a problem i a m s o sorryry )

@hlvans ( grave) : wow binch .. i cant beleive .. we have come so far together.. ur my baby .. my fuckin cinnamon apple. … .  iwo ul d lay down my life ! for you ,,, we r the such good mates .. lads… gal pals… i cant belueve the universe has brought us together !!! you are the niall to my louis. .. .  xoxo uwu

@youngandbeautifulpdf (maddie): MY DAUGHTER!!!!! you make me laugh so much .…. i  l o  v e   y o u  s o m u c h  y o u  be  a u t i f u l b i t c h !!! u and leo are the only thing motivating me much love xoxo  uwu

@midwestharry (alli): my  o  th e r h alf….. can u believe that we knew each other in 2015 and I DIDNT EVEN REMEMBER WOW !!! i love housepartying with you everyday for 19 hours in a row :,) i also lvoe when u fall asleep on houseparty :-)

@acetheticlouis (mel): QUE TAL NENA QUE ONDA !!!! TE QUIERO MUCHISIMO CHULA !!!!!! we … r .. the same person .. the same taste in everything  and im convinced u r my  dominican equivalent 

@lesbianharold (liv):my british babie…. speak british to me ..  i lvoe yluo so much youre my purest babie and i would die for y o u i love u saoirse ronan!!! im a big fan

@lilacshaz (owl): ABSOLUTLEY SO FUNN  Y ICANT BLEIVE YOU … #1 jb fan and #1 post malone fan .. #2 adam lambert fan (#1 is P!nk) lo ve you so much pal :.)

here’s some more pals and people i like seeing on my dash !! congrats pals i love so much :.) 

(not in alphabetical order bc im lazy)

@gottagetbtter // @rosesau // @leiabitch // @foolsghld // @bihaz // @paisleystyles // @momfriendtm // @softboyfriends // @tightropeofhope // @lrrystyles // @larrysoulmates // @louisinyogapants // @eightiesau // @nosuchblue // @thegreenau // @thegayankle // @missyouhs // @saintlarent // @jewishqueer // @zourry2k17 // @friendsappreciation // @jimmytfallon // @leahswaffle // @wlwlarrie // @harryftvans // @dreamsmp3 // @babyhoneymp3 // @crossnecklace // @twofronteeth // @angelharry // @scintillalwt // @bardymum // @9194 // @harryisabean // @harrymodes // @erosau // @harryspdf // @jchnmulaney // @houie // @rainbowsboa // @cinnamonswirlhair // @stylesappreciation // @strongandsoft // @falleninhalf // @buckirk