Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 373

Warnings: none?

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can I request a John x reader where the reader is John’s best friend and she is dating a guy and gets pregnant but her boyfriend doesn’t want anything to do with the baby and leaves and the reader is panicking and scared and alone and John promises to be there for her and stuff. Maybe they fall in love along the way? Whatever you want thanks so much :)

A/N: I chose a random male name sorry if anyone knows a Chris whoops, also this feels like a shitty story with another shitty ending I’m so sorry

PS After writing this I realized there wasn’t enough falling in love but I’m too tired to rewrite it again I’m so so sorry!!!

“I want nothing to do with this!” Chris roared, storming out of the apartment. The door slammed behind him, leaving you alone. Tears stung your eyes as you collapsed onto the ground, hanging your head.

The door opened, causing your head to snap up.

“Hey, Chris seems- are you ok?” John rushed towards you, immediately putting an arm around you.

“I-I’m pregnant.” You whispered; your voice barely audible.

“Oh my god. Is that why he…?” John trailed off, gesturing towards the door. You nodded, focusing on the ground.

John gently helped you to your feet, silently walking you outside.

“You can stay at my place until things are cleared up.” John proposed.

“Will things ever clear up?” You questioned, tears streaming down your face.

“I’m not sure.”

It had been weeks since the incident with Chris, and neither of you had seen each other since. John cared for you more than he did.

As you began thinking, worry started to flow through you. You were home alone, since John was at work.

Ten minutes went by before you heard the front door open from the room you were in. You rapidly tried to wipe away the tears that fell down your cheeks, but they kept dripping from your eyes.

“Y/N?” John’s voice echoed through the apartment. He stepped into the room you were in, immediately running forward to comfort you.

“I just keep thinking about-” You started, talking between your sobs.

“It’s ok.” John ran a hand through your hair, murmuring softly.

You wrapped your arms around him, thanking him quietly.

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