• Kyouka: and to add a little despair to that I'll take away all your senses!
  • Erza: AAAAAaAaaaaaaa.... Oh
  • Kyouka: ...
  • Erza: ...
  • Kyouka: ...
  • Erza: ...
  • Kyouka: Yeah i didn't think that through...
  • Erza: not feeling and ultimate pain don't really mix you know
  • Kyouka: well that right hook was ultimate I tell you
  • Erza: true..why thank you
  • Lily: Ummm
  • Minerva: Hello? clock ticking here?

Alright soo Im scrolling through the twisted tag and I am seeing posts about Dacey, Janny, Rijo lol Janny is not happening sorry shippers but Danny sees Jo as a sister ; Now Dacey, that IS going to happen even though Lacey does NOT deserve it… From the beginning she wasn’t there for Danny smh BUT can I just say I do not ship Rijo lol That’s a bro/sis relationship…. Off topic, Am I the only one who ships Jo w/ Archie lmaoo I can see that ; Yea i know its crazy but can you just see it happening after Dacey happens *sigh*