THE SELFIE CHALLENGE and since I have kind of forgotten to post it I decided to give you all a few extra selfies from the past two/three weeks…

Thank you watching-the-lovely-rain-fall for challenging me, I hope you enjoy these pictures (sorry if they scar any of you for life, but remember: it could be worse. Trust me on this)

Also I send this challenge to these lovelies (just remember it’s totally up to you wether you want to or not, nothing will happen if you don’t do it) <3 vanessakje nesetto avoidingsurvival 

So I thought I just never got new followers on here.

But I get those stupid you have a new follower emails and I had like 100 today.-___-
So I was like wtf.
So I decided to actually pay attention to my activity for a day.
Turns out I lose as many followers as I gain everyday.
Best part tho,
the fluctuation only happens when I decide to reblog my body weight in precious Gay baby yaoi ships.

Oh, I’m sorry, Natasha Romanoff isn’t allowed to be classically feminine because she’s a badass assassin? Or maybe she isn’t allowed to feel bad about not being able to have a baby? Or maybe she’s not allowed to find literally one of the gentlest characters in the mcu attractive? Seriously, the romantic/ sexual tension has been present between her and banner since day one to me, so their romance isn’t all that surprising. Honestly I don’t get all the hate of her characterization in avengers 2. So she actually exposes herself as an emotional creature? Is that such a problem? She gets kidnapped by a literally inhuman creature, literally the most powerful and knowledgeable villain they have faced ever and sits in a cell until she can be saved by a literal superhuman who cares about her deeply and can, if push comes to shove, protect the shit out of her if ultron had decided to try and stop them. She did not, as people here want to say, simply wait to be rescued, she had a literal hand in her own rescue by providing her location in a badass spy kind of way that subverted ultrons control. I really just do not get the hate that her characterization gets right now. Like, maybe someone needs to explain it but I don’t get it. We’ve seen her as the capable spy and martial artist but when we get to see her as both badass and emotional and emotionally damaged (because she is, no one can deny that) we get pissed because she isn’t represented as an unemotional, quippy, sarcastic, badass? I don’t get it. I thought we wanted to see well rounded women. Wouldn’t her characterization as a “black widow” be just as misogynist as her emotionality and perceived weakness as a woman? But we’ve been handed a well rounded awesome woman who kicks ass and has deeper feelings and all anyone wants to do is bitch about her. I just don’t understand.

Carved top ‘71 proto in progress. Hard to see the carve, but it’s there! I must admit that I wish I could just blink and see it completed; I don’t know that I’ve been more excited about building a guitar in my life. #guitar #guitarporn #guitartalk #guitarbuilding #lespaulkiller #sorryLes #sorrynotsorry #betterthanagibson #sully71 #singlecut #whatsonyourworkbench


An Ereri twist to one of the vine I posted earlier. 🌝 #snk #AOT #AOTFunny #snkcrack #aotcrack #heichoulevi #ereri #sorrynotsorry

So apparently you aren't allowed to hit women unless you're a famous male celebrity like Floyd mayweather

5 domestic violence convictions and Las Vegas is still hosting his million dollar boxing match tonight.

I hope he loses hard to Manny P!

Colonel Sebastian Moran isn’t known to be sentimental. And he has only said the most sentimental sentence three times in his life time.
First, when he breathlessly held James in his arms after their first night together. It sort of just slipped out, and he couldn’t stop it. Jim was curled close to the man, and just glanced up as he spoke. It was returned with an annoyed “Shut up.” And the smaller form turning away from him.
The second time was when he stood on the altar, with a pair of smaller hands in his own. A proud smile had plastered on his lips, as he watched the man in front of him, whom had a confused, but still somewhat happy smile on his lips.
The words were whispered when he pushed the ring onto his finger. This time he did not reply at all. Instead he just turned to the priest as if though trying to ignore the colonel.

The third time, Sebastian held a smaller form in his arms. Jim’s blood stained his hands and his clothes, but he couldn’t care. Those large eyes which once had so much life was almost closed now, just about fighting to stay awake, to stay alive. He whispered it, despite that his voice were broken with sorrow. This time, a smile curled on the criminal’s lips. One he had never seen before. “I love you too.”