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UT/US/UF Skelebros with a S/O and they're both arguing about who should drive home, and the S/O is like "babe look!" and when the boys look at them, the S/O is downing a bottle of wine (I would do something like this tbh)

* Don’t down an entire bottle at once oh my gods
* I tried once during a costest and it was terrible


He gives them the biggest “wow fuck you are you serious” expression in the world. Some part of him is finding this mildly entertaining but he’s a salty shit who doesn’t want to lose petty bs. Also because he’s too lazy to drive. “i’m still not driving.” He says, tugging them close and teleporting home. They’re gonna feel the alcohol tomorrow morning for sure, and they still need to pick up the car. He’ll help of course, but he’ll be teasing them the whole way. 


He’s more concerned for their health when they down so much wine at once. That really can’t be good for them. He relents and drives them home without much further issue, tucking them into bed with water.


He snatches the bottle from them as they’re drinking and downs the rest of the wine in one breath. He grins, slurring, “’m nah drivin…” Dammit Sans, now both of them are drunk and he’s way too slurry to even try teleporting. At least the party was at Mett’s place, he’d let them crash for a night.


He knocks the bottle out of their hands, scolding them about such reckless behaviour. They can’t just drink an entire bottle like that, it’s not good for their body and the effects hit hard and fast. Checking that his S/O isn’t in too bad condition, he drives them home, grumbling and chiding the whole way.


He just kinda stares at them in silent astonishment because wow he was not expecting them to do that! He huffs, crossing his arms at losing the argument and gets into the car without another word. When the effects of drinking kick in, he gets really worried. At the hangover though, he goes full out I TOLD YOU SO, ranting about how bad drinking is for them.


He straight out laughs, watching them drink defiantly at him. He finds the whole thing really amusing, especially knowing how much they’ll regret doing that later. He relents, chuckling at how triumphant they react and hovers close behind to make sure they don’t hurt themself on the way home. When they’re hunched over the toilet, puking their guts out, he’s holding back their hair and rubbing their back. He hums a gentle, “it’s your own fault”, laughing more at the look they shoot him.

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