Drama (Sorry)

I know ive been posting alot of drama stuff today.I dont care if you are a fan of Ultima or not, but @starbotdubs is my friend. When i found out what had happened not only to her but other people i was furious. I had little respect for the guy in the first place. but now. fuck em. Best i can do is share the details around so people know and dont just believe his “i made a mistake” bs. 

Sorry if you arnt one for seeing drama on your dash. Hopefully today will be the only day i share it around.

  • Friend that is a Supercorp Shipper: Lol. How much you bet that Lena is gonna see Kara and Mon-El kiss and get really pissed
  • Me, also Supercorp Shipper: Omg. Probably. That's why she's gonna turn evil. Or she's gonna kiss Kara and Kara is gonna be like "but we r just friends I'm straight" and Lena is gonna go crazy. And later Kara will realize she loves Lena but L is gonna be bitter and be like "it's too late now" and pull a Morgana. And I'm gonna cry.