OTRA Philly

Hello I am about to pass out but here are some thoughts

  • I had the best time dancing around with thisisjustk!!! And there were SO MANY PEOPLE WITH RAINBOWS IN OUR SECTION (all the way to the right of the main stage at the first level)!! Like at least a dozen little rainbow flags and people were waving them the whole time! 
  • The moment we got to our seats, people in front of us with rainbows saw us and we cheered at each other, it was adorable. Then we were walking around the concourse in between sets and high-fived someone else with a rainbow flag 🌈🌈🌈
  • They played the new Action 1D video before the boys got on stage! It was well received by the stadium
  • It was a pretty standard concert. I didn’t notice too much interaction between the boys, but I was not that close to the stage and was rather busy tipsily dancing and singing the whole time, so maybe they did talk a lot, who knows…
  • HL went backstage together alone like 5 songs into the concert
  • Harry tried to get the men in the stadium to yell together, and of course he picked on some men who weren’t participating until the cameras zoomed in on them
  • Harry also sounded a bit congested at the beginning? But I dunno, he seemed at his usual energy level. He also signed at least one person’s poster toward the beginning
  • They didn’t sing happy birthday though Harry did wish two twin girls happy birthday
  • LOUIS IS AN ANGEL and I stopped dancing every time he had a solo just so I could watch and listen 
  • Louis is the absolute cutest when he sings like I have no words to describe how petite and perfect he is
  • Louis absolutely NAILED all of his solos and No Control sounded incredible of course
  • Liam did some incredible note changes, also some I’ve never heard before, but alas I have forgotten which songs they were in sorry
  • I’m sorry Niall is great too and he seemed to be the stadium favorite. But I had my eyes on Louis and Harry the whole time
  • Toward the beginning Louis called Niall his “blonde Irish friend” or something
  • During 18, Louis looked at Harry SEVERAL times and K and I flipped out with each other each time. We were sitting at the perfect angle to see it, he was definitely looking at Harry 
  • Harry kept climbing on top of the big boxes (idk what they were? speakers?) in front of the stage and I feared for my son’s life 
  • They did the Fresh Prince intro and it was super impressive and I will let the Teenage Dirtbag teasing slide for this reason

OK that’s all, I’m sure people closer to the stage have more to say! It was a ton of fun and my ears are ringing!

Michael’s hand slid along your waist, down to your hip before he scooted closer to you, his front pressed to your back. “You awake, sweetheart?” he murmured, his lips brushing against your ear.

A shiver ran down your back at his touch, your eyes fluttering open. “Yeah,” you responded just as quietly, surprised he was even still awake. Both of you had finished smoking with the rest of the boys only an hour or so ago and Michael normally passed out once he got high. Moving onto your back, you found him holding his head up with his cheek, his elbow bent on the pillow. “What’s up?”

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Do you think they are in the tent talking reminiscing about the last time it was the last night shooting the xfiles? and how that final scene felt then and how it will feel now? and how they thought they were ready to say goodbye then but really can you ever say goodbye to something and someone you love? 

Just a thought.

I really hate the constant hate for Olivia blowfob on this site she literally sees every indirect you guys post about her idk what harm is she doing? making apps and memes? Plus half the stuff she said she said when she was 14/15?? I know for a fact Olivia has grown and people shouldn’t hold grudges against her. I don’t usually do this but I don’t like my friends constantly bullied.

Okay guys so like…I’m not even sure if I should even be saying this, or butting in because it shouldn’t  be my business, but it involves a couple of my friends, so it becomes my business if they’re being hurt.

Why did people suddenly decide to pick on frukmerunning? Like honestly? Do people have anything better to do than to send hate to someone or be salty about it and go on anon and tell other users about it? To those people that are being assholes, who hit you? I bring it up because it’s not fair to Rayanne for people to treat her like that. 

I hate it when there’s drama in this fucking website because it’s so easy to get people to join in the hate. I saw the call out post, I saw the responses to the post, I’ve seen A LOT of things, and let me tell you, that’s not right. It’s not right to call someone out and say they copied someone else, when they clearly didn’t. I’m not an artist, so I don’t know how long it takes someone to develop their own style, but really, why would anyone think she copied other people? She draws so many different things, and if people see her artwork, it’s unique and it’s her own stuff. I have no doubt she works on her drawings, REALLY HARD and puts A LOT OF EFFORT into it. I thought at first that the art styles of her and some other artist looked a little similar, but then I looked at the art again, and they’re not. They’re not similar. Rayanne’s art is great and it’s really cute and I want for others to recognize that and to give her nice messages instead of being assholes to her and giving her shit like she killed someone when all she’s done is draw nice fanart so she doesn’t deserve this treatment. 

I saw aphenderine get anonymous messages talking about drawings being similar and honestly??? Why??? Go?? And Tell???? Her??? That??? Oh this artist copied you blah blah blah??? Look at the drawings This is Rayanne’s and this Enderine’s. Hey man, I could have drawn some belaliech holding hands on the same day, don’t mean I stole it or whatever. Do people realize that these two ladies got requests to do these drawings? And they took time to draw them for those people? So what if they were the same request? It’s not fair for either Rayanne or Enderine to go through this shit. You know what we call those people that talk shit about peopole to others so they can give them a bad rep? In Spanish, we call it sisaña. That’s being stupid. That’s being immature. That’s being an asshole. Why is it so hard to recognize that artists can be original? And even then, artists need references!!! Artists use references!! Like I said, I’m not an artist, but I’ve seen so many of them use references or look at others’ art to get some inspiration or to try to draw a little like that to improve themselves. There’s nothing wrong with using references. But really, I’m fucking sure it’s taken Rayanne time to develop her art style so fuck anyone that says she’s stolen art or copies people. I admire her because she draws really well!! I’m impressed because even though I can’t draw to save my life, she can!!! She draws really cute things!! Have people seen her other works??? JFC like what the fuck is wrong with people wanting to do so much drama around here???? Why the fuck is there a need to like give people a negative view of a tumblr user?? Do people do this outside tumblr, just spreading rumors to pass their miserable time because they have nothing better to do??? I honestly don’t get it, I fail to comprehend this level of immaturity and stupidity and disrespect. Please respect Rayanne! She’s a really nice and sweet and great person!!! If anyone ever took time to talk to her, they’d know she’s a great person. There is no need to be this cruel or negative. Just appreciate the fact that she has a cute drawing style. Stop sending her negative messages. Stop sending OTHER PEOPLE/ARTISTS negative messages about her. At least have the gaul to go off anon and say it to their faces so they know who is being so bitchy about it. Oh, that’s right, anons go on anon for anon hate because they’re cowards, silly me. Honestly, though, just stop being assholes to her.