ok i know we all wanted a big explosive hurray for jack and bitty but as a fellow gay i think the whole “we already know and we preemptively are 100% okay with it” thing is really important? like idk i was TERRIFIED of my mom making a big deal out of my coming out and it’s 90% of the reason i waited so long and for jack and bitty to have immediate understanding and acceptance to the point of no one questioning or doubting or acting shocked even for a second is really important and speaks to me a lot 

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Those jikook fan art drawn by jungkook's brother, do you know where are they from?Are they from the fan cafe? someone said there are more fan art by Jungkook's brother,like there's one with the jungkook's outfit from adult ceremony.

They’re from his bro’s instagram! I followed his acc but he deleted that and made a new one (I dunno the current username tho). He’d posted Bangtan as The Simpsons, A portrait of Bangtan in Wings, and Bangtan as Kakao Friends in his old acc. Now bc I’m such trash I’m gonna give my two cents bout Bro, Jimin and Jungkook (I had discussed this w my squad including @jikookielove and I told @neverbefake bout this last night and yes I still can’t get over it fghhgf)

So Bro posted his drawing.

The characters FIT each member PERFECTLY, like how Ryan is a loyal leader and how they can’t survive without him (Screams Namjoon!) or how Tube can get angry and upset and you wouldn’t wanna disturb him (So Suga) but JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK!!!!!

Bro drew Muzi as Kook and Jimin as Con. According to the description it says:

  • Muzi:This playful, childlike creature looks like a rabbit, but is actually a Korean yellow radish in disguise.
  • Con:vaguely resembles a tiny crocodile, is the most mysterious Kakao Friend. It’s rumored that Con magically brought Muzi to life, which explains why the two are always together. 

If you look at bro’s drawings, they’re very detailed. For example, in Bro’s The Simpsons drawing, he drew Kook, Tae and Yoongi in leather pants, Jin w broad shoulders, and Jimin’s eye-smile.

They’ve been given a lot of thought when drawn, which got me thinking, Muzi and Con couldn’t be a mere coincidence. Especially when he drew in such a way that seemed like he knew Jikook’s relationship dynamic. Con’s filming Muzi in that drawing and we know how Jimin has all the criteria needed to be a Jungkook fansite master haha. Why didn’t he draw Jimin as Neo? It could be coincidental but my jikook heart says he knows something. Maybe Jimin has visited Kook’s family several times when he’s in Busan and Bro’s fond of him and they’re really close.

Anyway if you see the MuziCon Stickers on Kakao they’re actually SUPER SWEET to each other. They tease, but they take care of one another. My favs include Con feeding him when he’s sick, Muzi hugs Con etc.

Is this reaching? I hope not haha.I’m truly glad my squad and I weren’t the only ones who noticed this bc as soon as the drawing got on twitter, k-kookmin shippers started posting a whole lot of MuziCon gifs and pics and tagged #kookmin hahaha. Oh the description’s here btw. (thank you Mina for the description!!!!)

“But you DO have friends, what about _____?”

No, I have acquaintances. I have people I sometimes hang out with for a few hours and leave. I have people I share my homework answers with. I have people who talk to me about their day and how their week is going. Friends to me are people you’ll spend 4am nights with, people who share their darkest pasts and beliefs and dreams. Friends are the ones who make you feel comfortable enough to open your mind and heart to, they’re the ones who make you feel vulnerable in the best ways. And they do they same for you. It’s hard for me to make friends because most of the people I meet seem so one-dimensional. They’ll talk about fake and materialistic things all the time, but I’m so tired of talking about drama and the weather. I want a group of friends who I can be my genuine self with, but those people are either in a new chapter of their life or far away.