I try to write about you
but it all comes out
sounding like
I’m sorry

I’ll avoid periods
and embrace commas,
it’s not over
unless I put it in words

I write about you
but each line ends up
crying out
please come back

—  I’m sorry, please come back // L.H.

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Hey! I have a kind of random question: what korean beauty products do u use?? I am really curious bc I need recommendations? Sorry; it's a weird question.

It’s a great question, don’t worry! I can understand that, I love finding something new (and if that something new fits me perfectly then I’m super happy so!)

Sweats, I have a lot of stuff though so it might be a bit long-ish…

I’ll just start with skincare because it’s always what I’m looking for first:

The Face Shop Rice water bright rich cleansing oil (from normal to dry skin). The first cleansing oil I actually tried. It’s a pleasure using it, the smell is amazing, I will definitely buy it again. Removes make-up well for me, but I’ve read people saying it has a bit of a trouble re-moving very strong make-up, but since I don’t use it I’ll give it an A+.

• I have a few foams; one from The Face Shop as well - Rice water bright cleansing foam. Smells amazing as well, I nearly finished it. I have one stored I want to try, so not yet sure if I buy it again, but I love this one too. Also I have one from Skinfood Egg white pore foam - I think I’ll buy this one. These two might be a bit drying to your skin if using without a uh..bubble maker? Not sure how that thing called in english. It dried me out, I made that thing that helps making richer foam, now I don’t have any dryness so! Skinfood will probably be great for oilier skin.

• Theeen I have The Secret key’s Milk brightening toner. Still not sure about it, I broke out a lot when I was using it, but I am not sure if it was from it or from..period, I’m sorry, Still haven’t retried it, so don’t have an opinion except that I think the smell is pretty good.

• UUH i bought a lot of creams in the search for the perfect one. I have Tony Moly Pure eco snail moisture gel (smells fantastic, used it for the face a lot, didn’t break out, nothing really changed nor for the worst nor for the better, now use it mostly on my hands); I also recently bought Mizon’s All in one Snail repair cream (because I REALLY REALLY want a few marks to fade); comparing to Tony Moly’s it does make skin very soft to the touch. But I’ve been using it for like, six days, so other than that I can’t say how effective it’s going to be. Doesn’t quite smell, pleasant to use. Depending on how it goes next, I think I’ll re-buy it. I also use Aloe Soothing Gel by Nature Republic. used it all the time before i bought Mizon’s, never broke out. for now uh.. I kind of use it after shaving. HUGE container. I wonder if I will be able to finish it before it expires. Next (GOd, there are so many) Skinfood Fresh Apple sparkling water cream. Use it before make-up. It’s supposed to keep your skin matte, I love the smell of it, nice to use. My skin is pretty normal, so I don’t know how much it actually does what it’s supposed to. I’ll try it in summer and find out:”D

• nooow MASKS. oh, my love. sweet, sweet masks. I think my AAABsolute favourite is Skinfood’s Black sugar wash off mask. A present from my friend. Basically a scrub that you let to stay on your skin after you scrubbed. Smells amazing, leaves skin suuuper soft afterwards, will definitely 100% buy it again. Theeen I have Volcanic ash pore pack by secret nature. After using it the skin seems a bit brighter, a bit softer. Nothing too outstanding, but it’s fairly pleasant overall. I wanted to try Holika Holika’s Soda Pore Cleansing Bubble mask BECAUSE O MY GOD. BUBBLES. ON. MY FACE. BUBBLES. I swear I’m a child. I WAS REALLY CURIOUS OKAY. Pretty much the same effect as with Volcanic ash pore. Probably one time fun for me. (I mean. one bottle time, ahah). Theeen I wanted to try Elizavecca’s Hell Pore Clay mask, I think it was the first mask I bought. Wasn’t painful for me, skin is pretty soft afterwards, but I don’t think it does much for my skin? Probably because I don’t quite have that much to push out. It doesn’t quite catch it. Can remove dead skincells though, I’m sure. God. IS this all? No. I recently bought Holika Holika Honey Sleeping pack (I have canola); I’m still not sure, I had quite a big zit when I went to bed with it, in the morning it was, like, much paler and didn’t feel on my skin. Was it the mask’s doing? was the zit supposed to fade away? Not yet sure, since I bought it very recently with mizon. For masks I think that’s all. Kinda sticky because of the honey, but smells nice.

• I have one emulsion by The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke. Moisturising, smells good, make-up goes smoothly on it.

• the last for skincare: Ciracle pore control blackhead off sheet. I only used it twice, and it’s quite tricky and I guess takes some used to. basically does the job of steaming the face without steam and probably works a bit better. Pushes out everything from your nose, you just have to remove it. Didn’t push out as much as I’ve seen on pictures and in reviews for me, but it does it’s job. Nose is as smooth as a jellyfish. SO SMOOTH afterwards.

FINALLY I THINK WE ARE DONE WITH SKINCARE. OH DEAR GOD, not a million of products have passed.

Nooooow up to Make-uuuup~~ 

• BB CREAMS. I swear on those. I. am. a nerd. Before I tried any bb or cc creams that are sold in our stores they never fit me ever. They always felt so greasy and dark for me. I don’t know, I had the curse of bb creams and now i think it’s finally gone. The first korean one I tried was Aritaum Full Cover. The coverage IS nice, can be a bit shiny in a certain lighting, and feels pretty heavy on the skin. I think my problem with it was mostly my dislike for powders, so it felt sticky, but I think with people who DO use powders it’s going to work better. After that I tried Holika Holika Petit BB (Moisturizing). MY LOVE STARTED. I love how it feels, in certain lighting it makes the skin seem absolutely perfect, pleasant on daylight, doesn’t fell like a mask on a skin. Has universal tone. The Last one is CC, actually, but not less amazing. I’ve been using mostly it recently, CC Color change blemish balm. This one is MAAGIC because it’s like greenish-white, and then you put it on the face, and it turns into your face and it’s MAGIC i swear I love how it feels(doesn’t) on the skin, the coverage is decent for me, Baaaarely noticeable on the skin. I’ll definitely buy holika holika and this one again.

• as for concealers I have Aritaum Full cover liquid concealer for undereye (the tube is huge for concealer, I’m not sure if I will ever finish it since it takes such a minimum for me); and Facetone Creamy Tip concealer for any spots. Good coverage, most likely I’ll buy it as well.

• I have Sweet Cotton pore cover base by Holika Holika, still not sure about it, doesn’t quite hide pores much, at least for me, but the make up does seem to stay longer with it. I’ve read the reviews for people to whom it really worked in regard of hiding pores, so! Might just be me, striving for absolute perfection.

• I have A’pieu Cheek Chok blush. Overall nice, but I think it’s a bit too pigmented for me and it seems to be a bit hard to blend. Creamy texture, but not quite as creamy as I wanted.

• last but not least… tints. Fresh cherry tint, pleasant texture, but I think I picked a bit of a wrong shade for me, though if I use it with The Saem’s Saemmul Real Tint (it’s orangish) it gives a fantastic effect. I also have the latter in dark purple. Love those tints, stay forever (especially the dark one - which is also quite hard to wash off) surprise, tint leaves a tint! :”D Love these, gotta buy again most likely. If I ever finish those, ahah.

I’ve been writing this message for so long. I’m sorry it’s huge. I’m sorry I’m a nerd when it comes to makeup and skincare. Goodbye, money, GOODBUY. ;)

How dan and phil probably broke up #41
  • Phil: *to dan* If I was an enzyme I would be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes ;))
Is it okay if I lay down with you?

Summary: When your period gets out of control, Sam surprises you.
Word counting: 760 something words.
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: Periods [which means blood], so much fluff

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Sam’s whole body stiffened when he stepped into the room you two shared, and he pulled his gun out.

There was a large pool of blood covering the sheets of your bed, right where you had been laid when he left for groceries.  He looked around and listened for what could have had happened to you. Stepping inside, he noticed how the floor also had blood spread there, this time large drops.

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  • Period during summer vacation: eh who cares I mean I'm just laying here with no plans. I'll sleep or something. This sucks.
  • Period during school: I hate you and me and everyone and am I fucking bleeding through my pants?! Maybe who knows. Everything hurts. Do I seriously have to walk again these cloths are too tight. I hate this universe. I wanna be a slug.

Wearing Mark’s t-shirts and hoodies . And seeing him smile and being all cute and squishy and a bit turned on because of that . *im not okay* *somebody call 911*

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the IASIP cast, evaluated as singers

Kaitlin Olson – a non-singer who can carry a tune surprisingly well, though her execution is inconsistent, with a tendency to come (”Frank’s Little Beauties”) and go (”The Gang Turns Black,” the live version of “The Nightman Cometh”)

Glenn Howerton – a trained singer who’s out of practice and who thus can be wildly impressive in short bursts (”The Gang Gets Quarantined,” ”The Gang Turns Black”) but whose voice was very obviously shot to hell after several months of live touring and barely survived the filmed version of “The Nightman Cometh: Live!”

Danny DeVito – a non-singer with an innate sense of rhythm and a willingness to practice and learn, which makes him a solidly dependable musical performer as long as he’s given the right music (”The Nightman Cometh,” “The Gang Turns Black”)

Rob McElhenney – a non-singer. Period. Sorry, Rob. We love you anyway.

Charlie Day – not a singer, per se, but something even better: a musician, with perfect pitch, who can make his voice do anything at all. His lack of specific vocal training is evident in his singing, but it’s hard to dwell on this when he’s, say, hitting and sustaining a high C for two whole bars (rehearsal footage for “The Nightman Cometh,” “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award”), or whipping out a harmonica for a long solo and then switching immediately back into belting with perfect breath control (”The Nightman Cometh: Live!”). His singing ability is all the more astonishing for how lightly he carries it: does he even know how good he is? If Glenn Howerton could play the harmonica, Dennis would be whipping out the harmonica every other episode and we’d never hear the end of it; whereas Charlie does it only in “The Nightman Cometh: Live!” and plays it off as a goofy joke rather than a hidden talent he’s been sitting on for years. What else is he secretly capable of? May we all take such vanity-free joy in our natural abilities as Charlie Day.

BTS Reaction: They figure out that you’re on your period

Anon said: i was wondering if you could do a bts reaction to the boys figuring out you are on your period. (lmao sorry if it seems awkward i just thought it would be cuteeeee) Also love your blog! Keep doing what you are doing ❤️

Thank you for requesting, anon! Sorry this took me so long, there’s WiFi problems in my house right now so I barely have Internet 😭 hopefully it will get fixed soon and I’ll start to post a lot again! ❤️

(Gifs are not mine, credits to the lovely owners 💝)

Kim Namjoon:

“Kim Namjoon! Are you serious?” You yelled as you looked at the pieces of the broken vase on your floor. “You’re such a mess! Why are you always breaking things? Yesterday, you broke my charger! Today you broke our vase! What’s next? You’re gonna break my heart?” You asked. You continued yelling at him until you realized that he looked unfazed by it.

“Why are you so calm? I’m yelling at you, Namjoon.” You asked. Without saying anything, Namjoon walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in for a hug. “You never yell at me like this. Even when I break stuff.” He says to you. “Then why are you hugging me?” You question.

He looked at you, arms still wrapped around you. “Are you on your period? Is that why you’re acting like this?” You pouted at his questions, and he took that as an answer. “Go sit on the couch and pick a movie. I’ll get us some snacks.”

“Clean up the broken glass first.”

Kim Seokjin:

“I don’t want this.” You groaned, pushing away the plate that Jin had set in front of you. Jin raised his eyebrow. “But it’s your favorite, isn’t it?” He asks, pushing the plate back towards you. You scoffed. “Jin, you don’t even know what my favorite dish is? Wow, what kind of boyfriend are you?” You rolled your eyes, pushing your chair back before standing up.

Jin looked confused. You just sighed and walked into the kitchen. When you were about to open the fridge, Jin wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, pulling you close to him. “Let go of me.” You scolded him, but didn’t try to push him away.

“You’re on your period, aren’t you?” He asks. You sighed and turned around to face him. “Is it that obvious?” You say. “I know that dish is your favorite, so don’t even try to say it’s not. You need to eat, so sit down and eat what I made for you.” He instructs, looking you in your eyes. “I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Min Yoongi:

“Y/n did you go in my studio? Why is everything so messed up? Where are all my papers?” Yoongi yelled at you, coming into the living room, where you were sitting. “It was messy in there, so I didn’t a little cleaning for you. You’re welcome.” You tell him.

“Cleaning?” He asks. “You messed everything up! Everything was fine where I had it! I can’t believe you y/n!” You stood up, looking at him while feeling hot tears start streaming down your face. Why was he yelling at you like that? You just wanted to help.

Once he saw the tears, Yoongi walked closer to you, putting his hand on your cheek and using his thumb to wipe your tears away. “Oh, come on, y/n. Don’t go all soft on me.” He tells you. “But you were yelling at me.” You pouted. Yoongi wrapped his arms around you. “You never cry like this. Why now? Is it that time of the month?”

You nodded, keeping your pouty face. Yoongi sighed, understandingly. “Let’s go out for dinner. I can make it up to you because I yelled.” His words made a smile spread across your face.

Jung Hoseok:

You wanted him to teach you a dance. That’s exactly was he was doing until you suddenly sat on the floor, clutching your stomach. 

“Oh my gosh. Y/n? Are you okay, baby? Do I need to call the ambulance or something?” He asks, crouching at your side. “It hurts.” You pout. “What hurts, baby? Tell me.”

The pain was so much for you, so you didn’t even speak. You just laid down with your back against the floor and your hands on your tummy. Hoseok just look at you, not knowing what to do. Then his face lit up, as if he finally understood.

“Cramps?” He asks. “It hurts so much. I think I’m dying.” You nodded. “I’ll go get you a heating pack, okay? Stay here. Don’t die on me.”

Park Jimin:

“You’re late.” You say as Jimin walked through the doors of your apartment. You were standing at the kitchen counter, eating ice cream. “Practice ran late. I’m so sorry.” He says, coming over to you and trying to kiss the side of your head. You moved away from him. “You don’t get to kiss me. You were supposed to be home 3 hours ago Jimin. I wait 3 hours for you. And you didn’t even text or call me to say that you would be late.” You tell him.

“I know. I’m really sorry, y/n.” Although he apologized, you kept yelling at him. Why would he not even call to let you know that he’d be late? You were so worried about him. Having enough of your yelling, Jimin left the apartment, leaving you in shock. You never thought that Jimin would just walk out on you like that. You had a stupid thought in your head that he wouldn’t come back. You regretted yelling at him and start crying. What if he never comes back?

About 20 minutes later, Jimin came back in the house, this time he was holding a bag. He walked over to you and put the bag in your hands. You opened it, revealing many things. Women hygiene things (which you needed) and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. “How’d you know?” You asked him.

“You’d never yell at me like that if you weren’t on your period. So eat that and relax. I know you too well.”

Kim Taehyung:

“Taehyung, leave me alone.” You sighed. You were watching TV and he kept bothering you. First he kept telling you about stupid conversations he had with Jungkook. Then he started playing with your hair. Then he kept trying to kiss you all over your face.

“Why won’t you love me?” He pouted as you turned to face him. “Because you’re annoying.” You sighed. “But you usually love it when I play with your hair and kiss you.” He says. Taehyung sat up on the bed and pulled you into his lap. “What’s wrong with you? Are you on your period? That’s why you’re acting so different, isn’t it?” He asked.

You looked at him and nodded, sighing. Taehyung kissed your cheek before speaking. “How about we get some ice cream from the freezer and you let me feed you? I get to do something for you and you get to feel better.” He smiles.

You smiled, liking the idea. This time, he kissed your lips before talking. “I know you so well.”

Jeon Jungkook:

Jungkook was in the middle of teaching you how to play a game. You sat on the couch, holding the controller in your hands while he told you what buttons to press.

A couple minutes passed before you dropped the controller and clutched your stomach, your cramps becoming too much.

“Oh my gosh, y/n! You’re gonna lose the game!” Jungkook says, rushing to pick up the controller and pause the game before your character died. After pausing, he looked at you, holding your stomach.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He asks, pulling your hands away and holding them. You closed your eyes, trying to endure the pain while Jungkook waited for the answer that you never game him.

Without saying anything else, Jungkook stood up and walked to your bedroom, returning with a bags full with pads and candy. “You need this, don’t you?” He asks.

You took the bag before looking at him. “When did you buy this?” You asked. “A couple days ago. I kind of remembered your cycle thingy. Go ahead, eat the candy. I know you want to, but there’s one condition. You give me a hug first!”

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you know how fanny comments to john that she's tired of how often he discusses margaret? do you have any headcanons as to how he brings up margaret all the time at home? i always loved that line.

I’ve always wondered what made Fanny imply that her brother is thirsty for Miss Hale. I mean, in this scene she’s ready to pop a blood vessel when her brother just wouldn’t stop talking about Miss Hale

#SAME Fanny. So here are some of my headcanons:

1. Invite the tutor’s daughter to the house party:

Slippery when wet. Careful Thornton, your crush is showing.

2. Who could forget his worried, “You’re ill?” line??? Hence, below:

3. And of course, Thornton speculating on Margaret and Higgins’ friendship:

He badly needs to know. For science ___〆(・∀・)

No wonder Fanny is 100% done. 

That’s all… Thanks anon!

How would the 97 line of Seventeen treat their s/o on her period.

Anonymous said:if you’re still doing reacts, could you do how the 97 line of svt would treat their s/o when they’re on their period? sorry if this is weird, i just think it can be sweet!


Mingyu: Your one aggressive girl on your period, so he tries to avoid any altercations with you. You are very picky about things, while on your period. That’s something he hates, he can give you something exactly how you wanted, but you would still refuse it. He would still try to make you happy, and keep making something, till it satisfies your taste buds. But, after your period is over, you apologize to him, for acting like such an ass, and being very picky. 

*So i don’t know what he was eating…look like a cupcake or brownie. But we gon say it’s a brownie, since most girls eat chocolate on their period.*

Him: “Gotta check to see if these brownies are good before I give em to y/n”

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*Him after he finds brownies excellent….you on the other hand don’t, and order him to go make another one for the 3rd time*

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The8: He loves you, he really does. But, he can not wait till this shit ends, he ABSOLUTELY HATES when it’s “the time of the month”. You act as if you have no legs or your too fragile to get up. But does he complain? He tries, but then you’ll argue with him about how horrible cramping pains feel, and you throw in some fake tears. So, yeah he takes good care of you, to avoid any trouble, but somehow he still ends up sitting down, listening to your complaints.

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DK: Literally if he avoids getting yelled, buy you your needs, he’ll think he’s doing a pretty good ass job at the whole “taking care of you” thing. You won’t even know he’s there sometimes. He’ll come by you a few times to ask if you need anything, like something from the store or a massage. His ass would always think he’s ahead of the game, when you go to ask for him to buy something like ice cream, and he already bought tons of it for you. Him: “Who’s the best boyfriend in the whole damn universe?”

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Hey guys! It’s a long time no see~ I’m so sorry for this absence period, but I’ve been very busy… So I decided to come back with some cocktails for you starting from the Orange Creamsicle of Hinata, hope you like it! ♥

(The speedpainting is HERE!)



Holy cow, y’all. See, I hadn’t even gotten to finish my 100 follower giveaway before this one was needed. And by the time I had gotten the 100 follower giveaway winner chosen, I already had well over 600. I can’t keep up! XD 

This giveaway, there will be 2 winners! One winner will get the SUN box, with a wood burned pentacle keychain, a copy of my first ever spellbook, various incenses, a small sun charm, an incense holder and a Sacred Home herb set. The other will get the MOON box, with a wood burned triple goddess keychain, a small palmistry book, various incenses, a small moon charm, an incense holder, and a sage and cedar herb set.

The Rules:

-No spam blogs, no porn blogs, no giveaway blogs, no bots. Period. Sorry, I just… can’t? 
-You must be following me. This is a giveaway to appreciate my followers, so it’d be silly if I just gave the prizes to anybody! 
-Do NOT tag this as a giveaway and spoil the fun. Seriously.
-You must be 18 or older and willing to give me your shipping information! 
-If you don’t respond within 24 hours of me notifying you of your win, another winner will be chosen. 
-Likes and reblogs both count as entries
-If you want one or the other, make it known to me by sending me a single, polite, private message. If you’re a jerk to me, you automatically get disqualified.

The giveaway will end on my honey’s birthday, April 8th. That means, any entries before 11:59 pm April 7th will be accepted (PST).

I’m super excited!! I can’t wait to see how this turns out! <3 Best of luck, witches!