sorry.. i can't think of anything lol

Guys… You know I hate asking but can anyone give me money for food… I think I’m really hungry. I keep vomiting up stomach acid. It’s not good for me and I’m not going to get anything to eat today and it’s only 2 o'clock. My brother gets paid off next week and I get paid off tomorrow and as I’ve said we support a disabled dad. Like even £5 would be good. My PayPal is

So we’ve been pretty stretched for prompts lately, exams are coming up for Aubrey and I and they are doing us no favours lol

If anyone has any prompt submissions at all, please please PLEASE send them, I’m literally begging you, this blog has gotta stay on its daily content track 🙏🙏

Okay, I can’t put a read more, so I’ll try to keep this short.
First off, you can probably see that modgryphon got a little bit of an upgrade, this is mostly due to real life changes, so I thought it would be appropriate. It’ll probably change some more in the future, so don’t be surprised if that happens!
Secondly, I’m sorry for the lack of Autumn updates, but I promise that I have something in the works, and I’m hoping you will all enjoy it, even if it won’t happen for a while.
And lastly, I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately (which is one reason why I haven’t updated Autumn, sorry!) specifically, I’ve been playing a lot of Pokken Tournament, as well as a little bit of Splatoon and Mario Kart 8. So, basically, if any of you people play those games or anything, I’d love to know! Sometime I would like to try and set up a game party or something like that with you guys if it’s a possibility.

TL;DR- mod got a new look again, Autumn will return with something cool, and I want to know if you play WiiU games so we can play together!