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Hey! Could you do a small fic with the prompts 15 and 46 where the reader and James used to be best friends and then they fell apart because of his ego please. Can there be a lot of angst? Thanks 💛

yay James!!!!! i am so happy!!! I know you said ‘small’ but i don’t know the meaning of the word and i can’t find it in the dictionary, sorry…

Oh, and I couldn’t possibly write a James x Reader with Lily involved in the story so she kinda isn’t? I’m sorry once again …

15. “I miss you, but then i remember what an asshole you are and the feeling fades.” and 46. “I hate that I still love you.”

On your one thousand and ninety-fifth day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you turned your back on James Potter and walked out of his life.

It was nothing personal except…well, it was personal. You had no idea what happened, but James transformed into someone else, someone you didn’t like. Someone who was rude and egotistical, an arrogant bully who thought of no one but himself. You put up with him until your third year, when you decided that it was best for him to remain a stranger.

Except, you never thought he’d let you walk away so easily. And perhaps that was what hurt the most. Because James was your first love best friend before he was the boy who broke your heart, and it may have not mattered to him at the time but it certainly mattered to you. You only get one heart after all, and though that heart can heal, it still bears the scar where you’ve stitched it together.

So, you left James Potter standing alone in the Astronomy tower, bitter tears in your eyes and your bleeding heart in his hands, and you never spoke to him again.

The end.

Except…not really. Your story doesn’t end here. This is only the beginning.

No, it really started sometime later, on your two thousand, five hundred and fifty-fifth day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“(Y/N), you are a vision of beauty! A sight for sore eyes” said a cheery, familiar voice. A wild Sirius Black had appeared beside you and your friends giggled girlishly “Welcome back to Hell with a capital ‘H’ for another year.”

“I’m so glad I have Satan to personally escort me into my seventh year,” you drawled, sardonically, and Sirius smirked.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he grinned, “By the way, congratulations on becoming Head Girl.”

Sirius winked at one of your friends, and she blushed bright red and slapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself from giggling. You rolled your eyes at your friend.

“Don’t encourage him,” you chided, before turning toward Sirius, who was grinning devilishly at you. “What do you want?”

“I want a lot of things,” Sirius smirked, “World peace, the end of poverty, Celestina Warbeck personally serenading me to sleep…”

“That would be nice if you were competing for Miss Universe,” you snipped, “but you’re not, so what do you really want?”

Sirius sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Your friends snickered and whispered amongst themselves as Sirius pulled you back so you walked behind them. “It’s about James.”

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Dating Negan Would Include...

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Request: Could you do the “dating would include” of Negan with a chubby s/o? And has self esteem issues? (If it is not too much could you include the fact that they are asexual?) I’m sorry if that is too much. I loved your blog, thanks! (Btw I hope it was ok to request twice I’m sorry!) 💞

Note: this is my first time doing a dating would include with changes and more facts about the s/o dating the person, so i couldn’t really think of much despite this had a lot of info, my apologies.

  • Y/N would be one of Negan’s lovers
  • Out of all of Negan’s wives, he would like them best
  • Not being interested in sexual activity with Negan and says no when he offers it
  • He respects their choices anyway because he’s fair
  • Some of the saviors mock Y/N for their self-esteem issues, so Negan steps up and scares the shit out of them to make sure they won’t do it again
  • Negan would constantly remind Y/N how beautiful and hot they are
  • At one point, they kiss but that’s it
  • Negan’s wives always remind Y/N they’re beautiful and worth it
  • During dinnertime, Negan would often come visit Y/N
  • He invites her back to his room and lets them stay the night if they feel uncomfortable or lonely
  • He lets them keep some valuables from his room

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Franny, I need your help for a thing. Could you link me (via YouTube or whatever) of your top 5-10 Karl!Rob scenes that represent young!Rob. I'm trying to get a general gauge of what he was like as a young and then slightly older teenager. My memory is shoddy at best and you are the queen of all things Karl!Rob. Thank you so much! x

RAE <3

I literally wish so hard I could be more help but Karl content on youtube is thin on the ground. Were are my Karl!Rob loving uploaders? I sometimes consider rooting through UK soap share (how far do they go back)? And uploading some vintage Karl feels. 

Here’s some stuff worth watching though (all of which I’ve posted before, so sorry if you’ve seen):  

Background (still Chris but useful for insight into Karl!Rob (and Ryan!Rob tbf)). Robert finds out about Andy burning the barn and Jack covering for him before he leaves for Spain:

“When people start to care about me, all of you, instead of just shutting me out of everything that’s going on… Then I might start to care about you alright?”

I am terrible with English accents but I also think Andy calls Robbo a “tart” 😂

[PART 2] - Robbo leaves 

Karl’s first episode as Rob (The Return from Spain):

Andy about Robert: “He’s got a right edge to him though, Robert, like everyone’s picking on him all the time. Even when he’s not here he wants my Dad mithering about him” 

School Boy Robert: 

“Oh yeah right! Kate Moss first thing in the morning, total dog!”

There’s lots of related videos of the OG ED Teen Gang - think Jacub and Gabby and Liv but more innocent. These were back in the days when Suggo discovered T’Internet in his local cafe. Robbo was truly a Lad. Well, he wanted to be. Before this travesty was committed: 

16 y/o Robert Sugden loses his virginity to Nicola Wheeler:

“I know nothing about women”

Honestly, one of my faves. I mean, thinking he’s Liv’s age is kind of creepy, but he’s trying so hard to be the kind of charmer that Ryan!Rob just so naturally embodies. It was always there. He just needed some time to let it shine.  

Katie and Rob get discovered en flagrante by a young Vic… (there is a fair bit of Katie/Rob youtube content, I just can’t find it right now, apologies):


Robbo loves a purple bedspread to this day

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Andy shoots Jack, cos his bro is a backstabbing little shite. And also, Andy is semi-deranged. Those Sugdens eh?: 

Katie: “It would be one big happy family if I weren’t in the way” 
Robert: “Well I wouldn’t be happy would I?”

Grade A OG Greasemonkey content tooooo! Locking up the garage where he’ll make things offish with the love of his smol life… Fate or something, I dunno.

[PART 2] - The Aftermath


I don’t know if this is the kind of post you were after - but there you go. Happy viewing!!! 

If you discover a hidden trove - let me know. 

Likewise, if anyone else has a supply of Karl!Rob content they are willing to share - I will legitimately LOVE YOU FOREVER.

You have been warned…


What can you do if you paid for a YCH, but haven’t heard anything in it for a while?

March 14th of 2017 I paid for a YCH for a dear friend of mine, @brucethespottedhotdog
The artist (Chocoteenie at the time) needed the money to sponsor her friend on getting on a trip somewhere.

The YCH was supposed to be Bruce’s birthday present, which was about 2 months later. Perhaps that wasn’t the best move I could do, putting the artist in a place where she had to finish it in 2 months, but I wanted to buy him a nice piece of art from this artist.

April 10th of 2017, I received a message that the sketch was getting transfered to the customers. That felt pretty good to know it was being worked on.

May 14th of 2017, 3 days prior to Bruce’s birthday I finally received the sketch, together with a message how truly sorry she was. Having the reason that she was completely drained by doing a earlier commission bought by another customer. But she claimed to have the time to finally focus YCH’s and other commissions.

I told her it was for a birthday present at that point, and she immediately asked if it was too late?
Sadly I had to reply she was, but that I already informed my friend on it getting later than expected.

July 30th of 2017, I asked if everything was alright with her, to which she didn’t reply and just said she was just started getting active again and thanked me for checking in on her. And told me she could stream it when she got home.

But in the end there was no stream… Only multistream (streams with other artists) and PWYW (Pay What You Want) streams, which didn’t add up with what she said.

That was the moment I started asking the other persons who were in the same YCH.
They didn’t know which YCH I was talking about, only after telling specific details of the piece itself. This indicated to me they weren’t much involved at all, other then having paid for the YCH…

August 6th of 2017, 1 week later I confronted her that the other persons didn’t know anything anymore of the YCH, and that I was getting wet feet over all this…

She replied the same day, stating that those streams were for collecting money so she could refund the people who bought “super old” commissions from her.
And she added she would make the YCH a priority today.

August 20th of 2017, I asked for any updates, since 2 weeks passed by after telling me she would make it a priority…

August 21th of 2017, I received a message with the updated sketch and her telling me it was ready for colouring after some little touch-ups.
The sketch was halfway done and didn’t looked ready for colouring…

October 11th of 2017, I didn’t hear anything in a while and looked at her profile again. She moved to a new account (Zamzi) and made a post on September 27th of 2017 that she was moving to the account and asked that if people wanted refund, they could ask for it.
She ended it with saying that there would be no excuses anymore.

So I asked her about my situation, since the piece was already in development.
She replied 1 day later that she would continue it and post it on both accounts.

November 11th of 2017, I talked about it with @brucethespottedhotdog and told him the whole situation. He wasn’t sure if it was a scam, since the artist did spend their time into the art, but then again… Spending time on half the art for the full price and not updating the customers in private how the YCH continues…

It all seemed very sketchy

November 18th of 2017, I wrote her a message, telling her that I spoke with my friend the YCH was partly intended for, and that this situation is giving me a nausious and anxious feeling.

I am nervously waiting for a response I don’t even know I will get because the communication between us is so bad.

I feel scammed, but I don’t even know if I am being scammed, and this whole thing really makes me anxious. I wasn’t even planning on making this whole post, only about asking what to do in this situation…

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Hey! I just wanted to say thank you for making such a radicool blog! Btw, could you tag ground beef? Thank you and have a lovely day! ^-^ <3

i didn’t do it in one of the previous posts, but i will change it right now and try my best in the future! than you for letting me know, and im sorry for such a delay. I’m trying to clear out some of the inbox now and add more to the queue. thank you all for your patience!

             Jacksepticeye {{ @therealjacksepticeye }} 

                    as the Joker {{ Heath Ledger ver. }}

I hope he sees it and likes it!! Sorry that it’s a very ‘basic’ concept but I was sooo late for the septic art week & … this was the best I could whip up ;_; i really wanted to draw him as Pennywise but i already drew someone else as Pennywise TT sigh, but I hope to do more of Jack & others in the future!! ❤️👀